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Friday 21 August 2015

Welcome Message

You are welcome to Grace Ngo Foundation's blog.  It is home for information relation to natural foods especially traditional Nigerian foods, their nutrients and health benefits. The founder herself will be sharing experiences on how she triumphed over health challenges naturally.  We believe a healthy body is your right and not a priviledge,  our core values are:  Leadership, Integrity, Knowledge and Education (LIKE)  Once again, wellcome to the First Natural Food Enlightenment blog in Nigeria.   Let Food be thy Medicine and Medicine by thy Food ... is our slogan, a popular quote of the father of natural medicine Hippocrates.

Follows and begin to take charge of your health using natural means.  We have tasted it and found it to be true.  Discover to Natural Foods to Recover.  Every man's ignorance is his devil, Ignorance is actually the vehicle that takes you to captivity, Under ignorance, you could have the best medicine at your backyard and yet die of a disease it could cure.

The Foundation advocates disease prevention through natural foods, and our most important tool is education, and we try to achieve this through this blog.  The disease of ignorance can only be treated in the school of knowledge.  You must know the God-given natural foods around you, their nutrients and health benefits.  This is your first step to wellness.  God wishes above all things that you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers.  YOU ARE WELCOME


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