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Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Nine Essential Oils For Pain Relief

When pain strikes whether it is headache, backache, arthritis, rheumatism or whichever, the first thought to our mind is usually over the counter drugs, though they may provide  some relief, but if used consistently overtime, their effectiveness begins to decline and of course, they do leave us with side effects later in life. 

One way to continue to enjoy their effectiveness is to reduce the frequency of their usage and good enough, nature gave us even better alternatives in the form of essential oils, used also in aromatherapy.

Essential oils not only reduce pains, but also have other health benefits with virtually no side effect if used moderately and in adequate proportions.  The analgesics, sedative and anti inflammatory properties in essential oils are very useful for alleviating pains and other inflammatory symptoms.

Here are 9 Essential Oils that alleviates Pains:

1.  Peppermint Oil

This essential oil has antispasmodic compounds which helps relieve stomach pains and painful spasm.  Applying it diluted on area of pains helps in relaxing the muscle in the lower back pain, due to fibromyalgia, relieves headache, stomach and other body stress.

2.  Ginger Oil

This oil is good for autoimmune conditions, including rheumatism arthritis, multiple selerosis and lupus, reduces headache and stomachache.

3.  Rosemary Oil

This essential oil alleviates Pains like headaches and migraines.  Topical application reduces muscle spasm and joint pains, rheumatism and other pains.

4.  Eucalyptus Oil

This possesses a warming and soothing effect, calming affected areas such as sore muscles, joint pains, throat and chest congestions.  Good for inflammatory conditions.  Best diluted in coconut oil or other carrier oils but for insect bites you can use the undiluted pure oil for better effect.

5.  Chamomile Oil

This is effective for abdominal pains, back pains and PMS in women.  The deep blue German chamomile appears more effective than the Roman version.  Both are however great in treating headaches, muscle pains and neuralgia.

Chamomile has a carminative and sedative effect that helps to relieve bloating, gas formation and pains associated with  the abdomen.  You can inhale it from the bottle, rub on your palms, apply or put a drop or two in a warm water and drink to get result.

6. Lavenda Oil

This is one of the best natural oil for nerve pain, migraines,  and headaches.  Produces a mild sedative effect that is beneficial for tension and stress which causes headache and migraines.

Contains both anti inflammatory and analgesics properties.  Exceptionally useful in reducing pains.  Unlike some essential oils, does not cause irritation and adaptable  for beginners.

7.  Marjoram Oil

Used for treating headaches and flu.  Good for muscle spasm.  Dilute in olive oil or coconut oil to relieve pains from muscles.   Toothaches and gum sufferers will benefit from this oil.  Good for diarrhea pain.  About 2 drops in warm water may offer relief.  Possesses mild sedative effect needed for pain relief.

8.  Clove Oil

This oil is good for instantaneous relief of toothaches and gums .  Good for sore throat too.  You can reduce pain at the joint by massaging the affected area with clove oil diluted in jojoba oil or coconut oil.  Clove can calm down pain from insect bites by rubbing the venom area with the oil.

9.  Cayenne Oil

Good for reducing pains from shingles.  Contains anti inflammatory and analgesic properties.  Helps with  general pains management.  Hot and spicy.  Should be diluted in a carrier oil for external application.

Mix 1 or 2 drops of Cayenne Oil in carrier oils like coconut or olive oils and massage inflamed joints to reduce pains.  Also relieves pains from arthritis, rheumatism and neuralgia.

Essential oils are highly concentrated and are best diluted with carrier oils.  It is better to get a guide or do some study before using essential oils.  Applying some directly may cause irritation and other skin issues.  However if used properly, they provide positive effect to most diseases that ail us today including high blood pressure.


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