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Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Complications of stomach Ulcer, Foods To Avoid

Complications of Stomach Ulcer:
 Malnutrition: You can become deficient in vitamins and minerals due to low food intake. Immune deficiencies, bone weakness, and skin fragility can all result from malnutrition, but may not be noticeable at first. However, malnutrition is not common in today's world as a complication of peptic ulcers.

Perforation: An ulcer can eventually wear away at the lining of the stomach or small intestine, causing a perforation (hole), which can leak gastrointestinal fluid into the body. This is an emergency that requires urgent medical treatment.

Obstruction: An ulcer can become inflamed, blocking the passageway of digested food and causing severe dysfunction of the small intestine. Like perforation, this is a medical emergency, in all cases of suspected ulcer. It is best to get adequate knowledge on foods to avoid  foods to eat and other healthy lifestyles to enable ulcer Heal naturally.

Part 3.
Stages of Ulcers:

1. Fresh Ulcers: 

At the fresh stage of ulcers, ignorance makes many run to hospitals where medications like Zantac, tagnet, and proton pump inhibitors are given to use which cause more harm than good.  In some serious cases, they recommend antibiotics.  This is the worst way to address ulcers, in fact most ailments. Never, Never use antibiotics to address health issues except in life threatening cases and that should be just for the dose to save life and return to natural health, even medical doctors are now embracing this truth

Fresh ulcer could start suddenly anytime of the day, some with very severe pains on a particular sport most times radiating to the back.  Mine started as a warning when I was placed on antibiotics all the time to clear typhoid that never cleared, they will always come, the individual will never be free, doctors are helpless too.  It is knowledge of what is going on inside you and how to manage it that sets you free.  The Bible says "ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. That is the reason for a seminar like this. My  own brief testimony shall be added while on this part 3 of the   stages of ulcer

It started with a sudden fainting feeling after being severally on antibiotics for typhoid and Malaria coupled with intense and prolonged stress.  That fainting feeling kept occurring and going. Then I Ioved green tea a lot. the fainting feeling  occasionally wakes me up suddenly at night leaving me confused about what was happening to me.  Until one occasion after the antibiotics, I was given iron tablets, coupled with Insomnia.  That faithful day discovered I was not having appetite for food and I thought there was no serious problem.  My hubby then bought this spicy hot pepper Soup and suggested it may open up the appetite, though not hungry, I took some and tried eating the goat meat (longthroat) ­čśü ended up with serious heartburn and decided on getting home to wash it down with hot green tea with out milk,( ignorance) after the tea about 30 minutes. All that happened landed me on hospital admission. 

2.  Beginning-to - Heal ulcer:

What the ulcer needs to heal is mainly protein like in eggs, yoghurt.  I mean quality yoghurt with life cultures, black-eyed cowpea, cayenne peppers, green vegetable lightly cooked, garlic, garlic.  Remember that at the first or fresh stage. Ginger is a No go area, however at this stage, no to teas, coffee, caffeine, etc. When the ulcer is beginning to heal, occasional ginger is needed.  Garlic will always be a part of your daily diet to avoid bacteria from infecting the wound and to discourage inflammations, so also is ginger.  At this stage and all the stages. It's no, no to carbonated drinks and beverages except on very rare occasions if you are so pressed to take it.  At this stage more protein and fresh fruits and vegetables are  needed to rebuild dead cells fast

3.  Scare of an ulready healed ulcer
This is the location where the ulcer occurred, from time to time, you will feel it if you eat spicy or hot foods. This is not to say that the wound is still there, it is only reminding you to avoid those foods and stuff

Main foods to avoid if you suffer ulcer or suffered ulcer include:

Carbonated drinks and beverages
Too much sugar and salt
Too peppers especially black pepper, cayenne is okay
Going for too long too frequently on empty stomach
Unhealthy fats and vegetable oils
Too much spicy food
Too much tea without milk.
Excessive coffee and caffeinated beverages
Too much medication especially pain killers ibuprofen etc
Too much blood thinners whether in  food or drugs
Too much hot food
Too much stress
Fried foods
Citrus  especially for fresh ulcers and too much tomatoes
No fried foods
Acidic foods, go low on pastas semovita, noodles, spaghetti, etc.

It is also important that you reduce salt, if possible avoid bouillon cubes and artificial taste enhancers.
Reduce sugar too especially simple sugars

 How to void re occurrence of stomach ulcers.

After being healed of
 ulcer, it is necessary, you stay healed by being well informed about ulcer,  know the foods to avoid and triggers of stomach ulcer.

Some of the triggers are:
Fried foods
Spicy hot foods
Too much teas especially containing caffeine
Prolonged stress
Acidic environment
Lack of Probiotics in the diet

In summary, here aree Some healthy habits and lifestyle to help you retain your healing of stomach ulcer:

Regular but smaller meals
Reduce alcohol and drugs
Consume more natural and organic foods.
Say No excess salt, sugar and other stressors

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