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Monday, 22 April 2019

My Renewed Interest in Onions Benefits

Onions is a popular low calorie vegetable with numerous health benefits.  Though I had always known it as a great natural taste enhancer in soups and stews, but never considered it beneficial even when applied topically.  Recently, I was woken up at night with unusual weakness and tiredness which was unexplainable, worsened by a pounding in my heart which I could hear myself.  Wondering what was exactly the matter, of course the dinner was a low carb. with vegetables.  however, considering that much contact had been made with cold water, I began to wonder, could this be cold?

As the weakness, continued, I noticed a small onions by my bedroom which I was experimenting for mosquito repellent.  I quickly tore the inner juicy portion open and used it as cream to massage my both hands as I also noticed my right palms were swollen, a sign of inflammation.  As soon as I applied the onions juice, massaging deeply on both hands, the heat travelled immediately to my pounding heart and it stopped, in a few minutes, the swollen palms returned to normal and off I slept in minutes till morning.

If you ask me, Without a laboratory test, it seems to me, that onions can prevent a heart attack when massaged on the palm topically.
Onions can also quickly remove symptoms of cold and inflammations that occurs occasionally at night.

I believe we need more research on purple onions.  It is not a bad idea to keep fresh purple onions in your bedroom at night if you are over 45yrs.

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