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Tuesday 4 September 2018

10 Health Benefits of Garden Egg and Best Time To Take it

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Garden Egg as it is popularly called is a common fruit in Nigeria.  It is also one of the seasonal fruits.  So many people love this fruit because of its low calorie status, however there are a few folks who complain of being constipated each time they consume this fruit.  Whatever group you belong, eggplant remain one of the few fruits without sugar that diabetics can eat without fear of sugar or calories, apart from this unique aspect of garden egg. 

The fruit come in varying colours, such as white, green, purple and some times mixed with white  and green. whichever colour, you find in this fruit, one thing is common among all  of them.  They are naturally sugar free and low in calorie.

Here are   Reasons you Should start eating garden egg

1.  It Rich and Natural Source of Antioxidants.

This fruit is rich in antioxidants which include phenolic acid anthocyanines, and flavonoid compounds that help to protect against stress, premature aging and other diseases/  Antioxidants helps neutralize free radicals and support our immune system. Once our immune stystem is strong, then no disease can defeat us.

2  Weight  Management 

Those aiming to loose weight can include garden egg as part of their diet due to its high nutrients and fibre which keeps you full for a longer period.  It is also low in calorie, it does not matter how much you consume, no likely to add extra pounds because of garden egg.

2. Protect Brain Cells From Free Radical Damage

According to Medicalnewstoday,  Findings form animal studies suggest that nasunin, an anthocyanin in the eggplant  skin is a powerful antioxidant that protects brain cell membranes from free radical damage.  It also assist in the transport of nutrients into the cell and moving waste out.  Research also show that anthocyanins help prevent  neuro inflammation and facilitate blood flow to the brain.  In one study, increased intake of anthocyanines was associated with significantly lower blood pressure

3. High in Fibre

High fibre diet have been associated with lower heart disease, controlled blood sugar, reduced cholesterol and several other benefits.  Garden egg is one fruit rich  in fibre which helps in maintaining healthy bowel and other benefits such as relieving constipation.

5.  Supports Liver Health

Antioxidants found in garden egg are beneficial for liver health, the liver are sometimes laden with fat and this reduces its function, including garden will help and support the liver with its unique antixodants

6.  Helps Prevent Cancer

According to, The antioxidants in garden egg help prevent cancer cells from forming  in the body by attacking the free radicals which cause tumours and cancers

7.  It is Anti Yeast

These are unfriendly bacteria that feed on sugar and sugary foods that enter our body, so many foods are laden with sugar, oranges, bananas, pawpaw, pineapple etc, whether the sugar is from natural source or artificial, yeast will feed on it, however, foods like garden egg does not provide food them, it starves them instead.  Would you rather feed or starve your enemies, starving them is better as this supports our overall health.

8.  Lowers Eye Pressure

If you have issues like pressure around your eyes, it is necessary you include garden egg into your regular diet as it contains nutrients that can help reduce pressure around the eyes and again it is low in calorie

9.  It Improves Skin Health

Whenever this fruit is in season and I consume more of it, improvement is noticed on my skin colour and general complexion. 

10  Source of Potassium

This mineral is so important due to its effect on heart and blood pressure, so if you need foods to support your heart, go for garden egg.  If you are looking for potassium for blood pressure, then include garden egg.

We can go on and on,  so many reasons why you should not ignore this fruit more so, it is a seasonal fruit.  So enjoy it best when it is in season, when it is out of season you must watch out, so you do not buy the ones  that look so big and attractive but are not the organic garden egg.  I always go for the organic.

Best Time to Eat Garden Egg

We all know this fruit is healthy, but did anyone tell you its a brain food and is best eaten in the morning?  If you eat garden egg at night, it may affect your sleep, although some may not experience this effect but it is common and I do experience it.  So enjoy your garden egg best in the morning or during the day so as to enjoy its good side. 

Best Way To Eat Garden Egg

Garden egg is best taken on empty stomach, and it  goes well with nuts like roasted peanuts or peanut butter, It is traditional in the Eastern part of Nigeria to entertain your visitor with garden egg and peanut butter, it is also served during ceremonies like traditional marriage.

Some enjoy it best being cooked with yams and other starchy foods, especially people from Western Nigeria, others enjoy it being added to stews containing oil and served as a vegetable with other starchy foods, whichever way, I enjoy my garden raw like that or occasionally with roasted peanut.  If you experience constipation with garden egg, taken more water and buy the younger ones not over mature.

Ref:  MedicalNewsToday


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