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Monday, 11 February 2019

Foods that Heals Stomach Ulcers, (continuation on ulcers 2)

In part two of this important subject  of  stomach ulcers, we are looking
at :
Symptoms of stomach ulcers
Complications and
Foods that Heals ulcers

1.  What are the symptoms of ulcers? Symptoms off ulcer may vary depending on the stage and location of the ulcer, how ever most common symptoms are:

1. Gassy feeling:  urge to burp most times

2.  Heart burn:  This is a burning sensation in the chest that can even mimic a heart attack. If it frequent regardless of you eat.  It may be a stomach ulcer.  Also, frequent burp or hiccup especially after eating

3.  Dark or black bowel movement, in some cases, blood in the stool.  If this occurs, there may be need to carry out tests to rule out other life threatening issues.

 4. Feeling of hunger:  Hunger  that is so uncontrollable sometimes accompanied by feeling of fainting or almost falling down due to lack strength to move any one inch further may be an obvious sign that a
wound has occurred or about to occur in the stomach.
5.  Vomiting
6.  Pain that radiates to the back
7. Difficulty in swallowing
8.  Pain that does not go even when you take medications, rather gets worse.Some 9.Weight lose, without known cause could be traced to ulcer.

Complications of Stomach Ulcer:

 Malnutrition: You can become deficient in vitamins and minerals due to low food intake. Immune deficiencies, bone weakness, and skin fragility can all result from malnutrition, but may not be noticeable at first. However, malnutrition is not common in today's world as a complication of peptic ulcers.

Perforation: An ulcer can eventually wear away at the lining of the stomach or small intestine, causing a perforation (hole), which can leak gastrointestinal fluid into the body. This is an emergency that requires urgent medical treatment.

Obstruction: An ulcer can become inflamed, blocking the passageway of digested food and causing severe dysfunction of the small intestine. Like perforation, this is a medical emergency, in all cases of suspected ulcer. It is best to get adequate knowledge on foods to avoid  foods to eat and other healthy lifestyles to enable ulcer Heal naturally.

Foods that heals ulcer:

Here are a few of the foods the helps ulcer Heal fast:
1.  Natural foods:  the summary of the foods to help ulcer Heal is anti inflammatory foods and alkaline diet, top on the list are :
Eggs - boiled
Bananas in moderation because it's heavy
Coconut oil, red palm oil, and olive oil
Good yoghurt with probiotics
Iru. Ogiri and other fermented condiments
Millet pap
Cayenne pepper
Black eyed cowpea
All Green vegetables lightly cooked such Ugu, spinach, okro. Ewedu etc
Moringa leaves
Sweet potatoes
African oil bean seed, (ogbono)
Alkaline fruits including eggplant
All anti inflammatory  foods are beneficial to ulcers too.

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