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Sunday 3 December 2023

Have You Tried this Natural Drink that lowers Blood Pressure Fast?



Pomegranate fruit may not sound familiar too many of us because of where we live.    The fruit is not so common in our local markets talking of the fresh fruit but you can get dried fruits ground to  powder made from the fruit and use it to brew tea by adding about half teaspoon of the powder , add boiled water and allow to brew and your tea is ready.   this is a tea that can do almost everything for you and yet naturally caffeine-free. I have tested the tea and it  is my favourite especially when it comes to cleaning of clogged arteries, and then supply the body with essential nutrients like iron vitamin C and other antioxidants needed for healthy body. 

Here are the top reasons why I will recommend pomegranate tea made from the dried fruit for you especially if you are managing high blood pressure to help him improve your health,  to support  diabete or  to reduce inflammation and these are the key things that trouble most elderly persons and what more this tea is even able to calm the brain and reduce insomnia let's see some of the reasons and benefits I have already observed while using pomegranate tea as part of my healthy teas.  If you can get the fresh fruit, it is even better.

1  Cleaning of Clogged Arteries 

It is common to notice clogged artery especially among the elderly,  although some people may not observe it but I usually notice it around my feet my lower feet when the arteries are clogged and what are some of the common things that actually lead to this.  when you consume biscuits,  processed foods, breads too much sugary foods and drinks if you take these foods coupled with  not exercising for some time and other inflammatory foods,  shortly you will notice some dark blood areas around your feet and these are signs that the arteries are really clogged because of the things you  consume.  You can start checking  your feet if you have not been doing so it is good to check.   I usually notice mine when it is  clogged and it is difficult to find food to unclog it in the way that pomegranate does, though rigorous exercise helps too, but when you take pomegranate last thing at night next morning the result will be very visible you will notice a clearer skin around the areas that were  clogged or dark before, showing that the yea has begun to clean up the arteries, if  they are actually allowed to stay  for a long time it affects overall health causing blood sugar rise and control blood sugar even blood pressure heart is related issues faster aging and several other unhealthy conditions including cholesterol buildup so this is one thing that you can include in your diet if you want to avoid clogged arteries or yours has been blocked and you are not aware you can include this tea to help unclog the arteries and clean it up  so as to improve your health generally.

2. Lowers Blood Pressure:

If you are managing high blood pressure or you want to prevent ailments  like that then you should consider including pomegranate tea.   Some people can get the fresh pomegranate fruit which is even better but in this case I have not laid my hands on the fresh fruit but I am  using the dried fruit ground as powder  as tea and is delivering so much result for those I have recommended for and then wondering how the fresh pomegranate will perform if the dried leaf teas from the fruiy is so potent it's one of the top teas that can  tone down blood pressure or you want to just include it as a healthy way to avoid rise in blood pressure.  Good news, is most of the things that causes rise in blood pressure are usually addressed by the pomegranate tea.  The tea is also a source of potassium which may be responsible for its blood pressure lowering benefit.

3.  Fights Insomnia

We all know that sleep is medicine on its own so anything that can help you sleep will definitely improve your health.  This tea is one of such things that helps to support quality sleep at night if you are wondering what to take or drink before bedtime and  will not keep you awake midnight or keep you feeling hungry some teas are good in lowering blood pressure and doing a lot but somehow they may keep you feeling light or even hungry midnight but this tea has some kind of carbs  that supports the body while it is also supporting  in your sleep so you do not have to wake up feeling hungry or feeling light, this is one aspect of this tea that I really admire. whenever I take it, it keeps you sleeping and sleeping and you never feel as if you have exhausted the food in your tummy and needs to wake up because it has some own form of complex carbs that helps to support you this is something I have  experienced and it has a lot of other nutrients  and anti-inflammatory nutrients that also fight and reduce inflammation which tend to keep some people awake unknown them,  it reduces inflammation at all levels.

4.  Fights Inflammations 

By this I mean fighting inflammations at all levels including helping me prevent adding weight which is common amongst menopausal women.  It reduces pains and improves Oral Health, It supports strong teeth and reduces gums disease too. Probably due to its high vitamin C and antibacterial properties.

5.  Helps Support Damaged Nerve:  

If you survived a stroke attack or you have nerve issues.  This tea offers support because I have used it on someone who suffered nerve damaged due to high blood pressure which almost resulted  in a stroke.  It worked well in supporting the nerves.

6.  Memory Support

An important aspect of our health especially when we are aging is the memory the brain support, we should not neglect foods that offers support to the brain or memory because of its work we can regain a lot of things after we lost it but it is difficult to regain the memory when it has gone beyond recognizing people around you or knowing what is happening it is important to include foods that helps to support brain and pomegranate happened to be one of such rare fruits even while  drinking the tea you will feel it that's my experience and that is what I have also been told by those using it. you will notice if you are sensitive to your body you will notice the link that the tea have towards the brain making you to know or believe even without doing any  laboratory study that this tea shows positive effect and  support or  for the brain.

7.  Fights Constipation:  

This is one of the best benefits of pomegranate tea.  If you have access to the fresh fruit use it or use the dried.


 The health benefits of Pomegranate tea are much including raising your iron level, vitamins, and minerals, supporting digestive health and making your skin look youth full. We should still consume in moderation.

Saturday 2 December 2023

Reduce these 4 Foods if you think its blood Fat


The one block fat it's actually used to describe when the blood is quite thick and if you can bring out a sample of your blood when the blood fat is said to be in there, you will notice it's unusually thick and dark and not easily flowing and so there is no way we can bring out this blood out in order to take out the fat.   It is actually the food we eat that contributed to the fat in the blood and it is again the food that will take that will reduce the fat in the blood or melt the fat and so what are some of the main food that contribute to blood fat I will mention a few of them and then some of the foods that we should consume regularly to reduce the fat in the blood occasionally in the next article. Pratically speaking, when I try to check my blood sugar especially when I am  feeling unwell each time,  I  often notice that the blood is thick,  that is actually what may have contributed to the feeling of being unwell, and so it's time to begin to include blood thinners in the diet to help to change the blood because if the blood continue to thicken it can lead to blocking of arteries like the heart valves and it can even lead to serious cases like stroke talking of blood fat.  So it is necessary for us to ensure especially older adult that we continue to  include blood thinners daily in our diet to reduce excessive thickening of our blood which gives room two infections and sometimes heart problems and even stroke.  In my view here are 4  top blood thickness that we should reduce as we get older,  most of them are also good sources of iron.

1.  Soyabeans:  

Soyabeans is a healthy food whether the powder or liquid form it's better for growing  children and sometimes the  adult needed to it in small amount to complete our nutrients especially when we suspect that we are not taking enough food to give us all the nutrients we need especially also for heart health too.  Soyabeans contains some phytonutrients  that supports heart health and it is also important to include it moderately and occasionally in the adult diet in order to support our heart to support our health generally especially blood sugar, but when we suspect fat in our blood we need to reduce blood thickness like soyabeans and take it out completely till it thins again,  because soyabeans will add more iron to the blood making it  sticker and that is a good environment for bacteria to thrive,  too much iron in the blood is not good for older adults some of us go as far as buying iron tablets and capsules, this is very very unhealthy for older adults.

2.  Leafy Greens:

This may come as a surprise to many people because there is so much positive talks about including leafy greens in our diet but when we know that most of the leafy greens are blood thickness and so when we suspect that our blood is too thick we should be very selective about the type  of  green vegetables we include in our diet. Some leaves like Ugu should be reduced.  We  should be very selective okra is a good vegetable and is more of calcium and ewedu is a good one too.  They are  better in calcium and other nutrients that may not thicken our blood as that of  most  leafy greens.

3.  Meat and Some type of fish

Meet should not be avoided completely but it's also a blood thinner.  Blood  thinners are good source of iron it's a good source of some other essential nutrients but when you suspect that your blood is quite thick it's important to reduce your meat consumption because it will bring in more iron into the blood and more iron will be more thickness in the blood and that will not help your effort to reduce blood fat or fat in the blood.  Some fish especially some common fishes we consume thickens our blood, fishes the popular shawa thickens blood too but fatty fish are better blood thinners but we hardly get such fishes around.

4.  Processed Foods

Processed foods whether they contain fat or not contribute to overall fat in the blood because of the chemicals and other preservatives added to these  foods when we consume them in large amount they contribute to overall fat in the blood and so if you suspect that  your blood is fat or there is fat in your blood it  may not necessarily mean that you are eating fatty meals but these type of processed foods can contribute to overall fat and thickness in the blood, as long as they do not contribute to the thinning of the blood reduce the meat until the blood thins  again.


When we have high red blood cells,   white blood cells,  and platelets are generally high in the blood,  the blood will obviously be fat and that is what I  describe as blood being too fat,  too loaded in another way to describe it and that is not good for older adults . Growing children can use it for growth and  other things but the older adults does not have any way to use some of these things  elements and so bacteria  thrive  on it and diseases also thrive,  that may not work well in our favour , it invites  diseases including stroke and blocking or  clogging of arteries.  so I will talk about remind do a reminder concerning blood thinners, talking of  common blood thinners that we need to start consuming if we suspect thickness in our blood  and this includes exercising moderately all these contribute to reducing the fat in our blood.  

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Friday 1 December 2023

See why Tumeric is the only spice I use in soups and teas


Some 10 years ago not much was head or known about turmeric we know garlic we know Ginger and other spices but not much though it has been in existence but recently turmeric is becoming a familiar name in most homes because of its ability to fight diseases and numerous other health benefits.  I Began to use Tumeric for a few years now and since then it has been  the only spice I use to add to my  soups and also add in my tea with  ginger tea or lemongrass. it goes well with ginger and lemongrass and occasionally I add a little milk why I  occasionally feel like adding a little milk is  because  tumeric is quite sharp, lemongrass is quite sharp and ginger is quite sharp so whenever I'm consuming sharp foods together I consider it necessary to put a buffer by adding  a buffer like a little milk to avoid triggering feelings of stomach ulcer or hurting the intestinal walls which needs protection and need to be pampered and so recently I have developed much interest in this spice  because of the way it affects my health positively.   Here are some reasons why I use it almost daily in my cooking and use in teas as well.

Improves Blood Circulation 

Improving circulation of blood to all the body parts and cells is very important every day and here is one food that does it well with no calories or fat indeed that is tumeric  I usually pair it with ginger  several times in the week.  It is a great boost for those who are having pains and inflammation, menopausal women who have issues with circulation you need to start including the spice in soups and teas in order to reduce menopausal symptoms which comes with poor blood circulation and other unpleasant feelings  tumeric  belongs to the same family as ginger but I usually like to pair  it together because  research has shown that they work together and Ginger helps its full absorption some prepare to pair it with black pepper but I prefer to use ginger and I'm doing very well with it.

Fights Inflammations 

It helps manage and  fight inflammations at all level, it is one of the biggest challenge we have being able to reduce level of inflammation in the body  some arising from too much sugar consumption, some from fat accumulation and some are even caused by bacteria and so we need to include foods that not only fight bacteria but fights the inflammation and one of the top food spices is turmeric.  Turmeric is a great one when it comes to warding off inflammations and reducing accompanying pains some of the inflammation comes with pains so when  you experiencing pains, you can just make a tea with turmeric adding a little ginger or black pepper whatever you desire but you must be cautious when pairing two foods that are sharp together because of signs or feelings of stomach ulcers it may trigger such feelings like  ulcers pains or the one that has already been  healed may also be working for a come back.

Supports Liver Health

This is one of the best benefits of turmeric.  It is a great  support for  this important organ that is involved in fat metabolism and oils doing other jobs as well.   We need to support it with foods like tumeric that  will help to reduce fat in the liver it will also help to destroy some bacteria,  viruses and fungi is as well.

Reduce Blood Pressure

I also personally noticed a drop in blood sugar when we consume turmeric,  ginger and maybe lemongrass I also do  add turmeric,  ginger and cinnamon on some occasions as tea and it's normally also shows drop in  blood pressure because all the anti-inflammatory foods also has a way of toning down blood pressure and tumeric is one of such top anti-inflammatory spices and the effect of this  is to reduce high blood pressur,  high blood sugar and other inflammatory conditions.  We know that inflammation actually helps to fuel disease and makes condition worse or cause complications so any food that helps to fight inflammation is always a boost for the health of the individual and that is why I always include it in my soups and then take it as too as well

Taste Enhancer for Soups and Stews

It is also a powerful kitchen taste enhance for my soups and stews.  You do not have need to look for bullion cubes or other artificial taste enhancers.    if you have tumeric powder mixed with ginger powder and add cinnamon powder it's a great test enhancer and offers  a boost to our health as well and it helps to manage a lot of other conditions when you pair these three together and add to your soups and stews, you will surely notice an improvement in your  overall health your blood sugar and  in your blood pressure and your immune system generally.

Aids Digestion:

Aging and supporting digestion is another aspect of this spice that I love so much as we age and get older our digestive system is slowed down and most times may need assistance and support, so adding to your  in the  soups  or taking them as tea after the meal is also a great way to support digestion and that is one of the reasons I use it daily because our food must be digested for it to be absorbed and because this is an important part of our life I use it daily,  it helps digestion and then in the process is also help to support colon health by not allowing the food to stay long it helps to move the bowel as a matter of fact so that the waste  goes out i good time. In this  sense it supports  detox and helps the body to move out the toxins. and it all begins with digestion after the food is digested and is also carried around through circulation which tumeric is also involved in and then at the point of excretion also the ability to push your stomach to move and then push the colon as well is very important in maintaining a healthy body because without a clean colon. We cannot enjoy a healthy body.


Tumeric offers a lot of boost to our health in almost all areas, such as brain health, heart health, reducing aging, improving sleep, warding off cold symptoms and numerous other benefits but we must still consume moderately, too much is bad and may hurt the kidney.

Thursday 30 November 2023

6 Food Categories to Avoid, as you Shop this End of Year


The end of the year  is a period of Celebrations and a lot of shoppings go on and by the end of November a lot of shops and stores at home are  already filled up with goods bought for the family members, for visitors, for pets and for various other entertainment purposes.  It is also a period when most people fall sick, it  is a period when a lot of people also visit hospitals for various treatments and complaints, the reason is obvious you are what you eat.   During the period of your  shopping, there are important things to bear in mind, know things to buy and things to avoid and so in this short article, here are six items to avoid or buy less this season in order to avoid visiting the hospital and to improve your health and that of members of your family.

1.  Bouillon  Cubes:  

Bouillon cubes come in different shapes, sizes and brands and they are mostly used to enhance the taste of our meal and nothing more than this as claimed.  A lot of us have also  come  to the conclusion  that their meals are  never palatable unless sweetened with this artificial taste enhancers mostly especially Bouillon cubes.   There are very various ways to make your food palatable without using or including bullion cubes.   These artificial taste enhancers  are loaded with salt, preservatives and sometimes flavorings and other additives that trigger inflammation or suppress our immunity and that is why we should avoid bouillon cubes.   if you have already started shopping for your end-of-year celebration take out these cubes and other artificial taste enhancers and replace it with lots of garlic,  ginger, tumeric  fresh or dried, Sea salt and cinnamon.   Several other spices are great for you including onions.    These are healthy taste enhancers  that can naturally bring out the taste of your meal without any of these dangerous chemicals put together in form of taste enhancers.

2.  Carbonated Drinks:

These  drinks are filled  with lots of sugar,  chemical, and   carbon to preserve it.  The main ingredients is water and people usually rush for it to quench thirst.   They do not actually have nutritive value to enhance or better our health but a lot of people like them as a refreshment as a fast food or drink something over-the-counter you can easily or quickly use to quench your thirst but during this season also a lot of people stock  them  in their refrigerators,  in their kitchen stores and everywhere for all to drink freely including children.   These carbonated drinks are sponsors of inflammations, if you're already going through any kind of pains or inflammations you will observe that each time you take these drinks because they are usually quite high in simple sugars, your pain increases these are obvious signs that they are not healthy for you and so why stock them during the season.   Do not even give them to your children, some people say I won't take it but let the children take them no my dear if you cannot take it don't give to your children let their body start getting used to healthy foods you can make your own homemade drink using natural ingredients like hibiscus flower tea which is anti-inflammatory and you can also flavour it with your pineapple juice or pineapple barks or other natural sweeteners and stock them in your fridge and use it to refresh yourself and your family while also adding nutrition to your body instead of chemicals this and other natural juice can help you avoid the temptation of drinking the carbonated drinks.  You can also make your orange juice, you can make a lot of juice at home and enjoy with your loved ones  for the season and avoid these carbonated drinks they come in different forms, sizes, brand,  packaging and all kinds of beautiful Commercials to make it appealing to our eyes and so if you want to enjoy hospital free end-of-year then stay away or stop stocking these carbonated drinks, they are not your friends they are immune killers and  suppressors.

3.  Vegetables Oils with Transfats:

We all cook with oils on a daily basis and we need it,  it makes our food to taste nice and now that  the holiday is  approaching talking of the yuletide season the end-of-year holiday at the period of celebration a lot of people are also focused on buying vegetable oils and a lot of these oils are pushed out into the market with beautiful labels and packaging but you have to open your eyes and shine it this season.  Avoid vegetable oils with trans-fats they are stressors they are difficult to digest they also sponsor inflammations they are not your hearts friends as is often written. On some of them you syllabus like heart-friendly, cholesterol friendly it they are neither of these you need only healthy fats if you are in doubt of the oil to buy go for red palm oil you can get olive oil if you are managing any health condition because it has  better profile for  managing diseases you can also get organic peanut oil and cold pressed coconut oil around you in case you think you need oil and other oil you can also buy fish oil .  If you can't get fish oil you can get the supplement and when you must have taken your meal and you think you need some  fat, let it be only the healthy ones. Fish oil  is a good one and you can also stuck around you to support your cholesterol levels to  help your bones, your teeth, your heart too instead of these vegetable oils with trans fat

4.  Refined Table Salt

Yes, this fourth one may look like a surprise to many but it is possible for you to stay away from refined table salt for this season even if it's to give yourself a treat and look for a better salt that is not acidic like white refined salt.  You can go for  sea salt or Himalayan pink salt because salt is so important in our diet it is also something that a lot of people are already stocking and buying to stock  in their kitchens to use in cooking why not look for seasalt with over 82 micronutrients instead of just refine table salt  that looks more appealing to the eyes but has just  2 nutrients as against 82.  We believe in prevention you can go for a better salt.   if not all the time but for this season and then have a taste of it to see what it looks like, you use it to cook,  it brings out the natural taste in your meal without adding chemicals, it has several other benefits including supporting your body with the micro nutrients that  it needs for a strong immunity.   Due tonits numerous health benefits, you need to have sea salt always at home it's an electrolyte and sometimes you may need it also as a home remedy during this season.  It  is a home remedy for a lot of things including chronic constipation, weakness, oral problems, toothaches and oral problems you can use it to gargle with warm water so it's one of the foods that you also  need to keep around you this season as you shop around go for sea salt instead of refined table salt.

5.  Canned  Tomatoes 

Canned tomatoes is another canned food,  much more convenient to buy, to use and to stock but truly speaking they are not your friends too and so you need to buy less of them and if possible avoid stocking canned  tomatoes during the season go for only fresh tomatoes you can buy the fresh tomatoes blend or grind them and stuck them in your freezer if you have in plastics for as long as two weeks or there about instead of buying canned tomatoes because this canned tomatoes  have this chemicals from the cans as BPA and they are very dangerous for our health if you are  already managing any  disease you should stay away from canned tomatoes because they do  not deliver what we expect of this healthy food.  Our much loved  healthy low calorie vegetable.   but this time you should avoid  buying and stocking canned tomatoes.  Some are in  sachets.   Additionally, you will be having more of sodium,  more of these chemicals that leaches from the cans and from the plastics and whatever package they have used to stock it they are not our friends though,  they are convenient as much as possible go for fresh tomatoes, fresh peppers instead of buying this canned foods that are also other canned  foods also several of them that are in the  market are loaded  with salt and salads creams. Avoid them, avoid  canned vegetables and even canned soups and mayonnaise,  they are all inflammatory  as much as possible stay away from these can foods because they are not our friends, reduce their consumption as much as possible or  avoid  them to keep you and family free from  inflammations or reduce existing inflammation if any.

6.  Noodles and Pastas

Noodles, pastas, spaghetti, macaroni are  the other category of foods to avoid as you shop around because these are not natural foods. Children seem to love them because of easy preparation and sometimes because it is what their parents thought them to eat.  some of them may be fortified but they are all inflammatory and does not support our immube system.   Some of us buy cartons of these noodles which are the reason why most children have developed appetite for them but you can make a decision this season not to stock them in your stores at home and reduce their consumption by replacing them with natural healthy  foods like sweet potatoes, plantains, bananas and other healthy foods like yoghurt  for the children instead of noodles, pastas and  biscuits You will be making a good decision to avoid these foods for yourself and for your children because they are immune suppressors.


Finally,  it is possible to go to market with your money and still  buy something that will hurt you with your money.  Fresh Foods are best for you.    Go for fresh meat if you are buying meat,,go for fresh fish if fish or  you can go for fresh chicken.  It is better as much as possible to always  go for fresh things or  Fresh Foods this season in order to suppress the chance of contacting disease or sponsoring or feeding existing diseases.   Remember to take more water and to continue to observe water therapy, more fluid and moderate exercise for a lovely and joyful yuletide season

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Wednesday 29 November 2023

8 Top Caffeine Free Herbal Teas to help you loose weight



Excess body weight is gradually becoming a global problem,  the men are  affected too.  Before now it was common to see  mostly women with excess body weight but today because of our lifestyle and food choices, you will see women, both old and young, youth and even children that are overweight and so it is important to include some fat burning foods daily especially teas since they mostly have  zero-calorie, such  teas  can help us loose weight in a healthy way.  starving ourselves or avoiding food is not really the best way to loose weight, the best way in my view is to eat healthy balanced diet,  reduce your carbohydrates,  engage in exercise and include low calorie teas that can help to boost your metabolism and they  also will help you to maintain a healthy body weight as they will also control your cholesterol levels. Most of us are familiar with black tea, green tea and some common teas that have caffeine like coffee,  these are all good even when you are trying to lose weight but all the adults who are conscious of their health and for those who are already managing health problems it is important to control the amount of caffeine in their ,diet because it has its  own side effect and it also contributes to anxiety attack that may not be good for those with ailing health already, especially the older adults.

Here are 8 common teas that you can easily consume to help you lose weight without adding caffeine to your blood.

1.  Fennel Tea

 Fennel seeds is a healthy  naturally caffeine-free seed that you can brew tea out of it.  It helps you to lose weight without side effect like adding caffeine into your body, it is also a source of iron,  calcium and some other important nutrients.  it can easily be brewed  using the dried seeds  or the ground dried seeds powder.   It is best to keep the seeds so that it will last longer for you if you are using the seed just take a handful like half teaspoon of the seeds and brew it in freshly boiled water, sieve and drink.  Take it  once or just be sipping it during the day like up to three times you can take  it in the morning because it helps to activate digestive juice it is also good at night I've tried it both times because if you had  and the tea before bed, it will help to digest your food so you will have no  digestive issues which may interfere with your sleep.

2. Oregano

 Oregano is a powerful  herbal tea with anti bacterial properties, antifungal and antimicrobial properties that  helps you to burn fat in a very healthy way.   it reduces viral and bacterial load and keeps you warm.  If you are warm inside,  it is rare for bacteria infections to overcome your immune system and most importantly also  oregano tea helps to reduce acne it helps reduce acne and even cholesterol. I  particularly like the Oregano tea  because of its antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties.  if you are someone that is always having bacterial infections, suffering typhoid and all the stuff it's good to include this tea in your diet as  it also helps to burn fat in a healthy way while  strengthening and boosting your  immunity. It is also a source of vitamin K which is very good especially for those suffering stkmach ulcer.  Most dried yeas  are quite sharp.  Oregano tea is also sharp  and hot but the presence of vitamin K helps it to reduce things like internal bleeding or prevent bleeding from stomach ulcers which are common with such teas.  The caution on caffeinated teas is becausd they can be too hot to even hurt the intestine.   I like to take the tea before going to bed because of its natural detox properties.  it also seems to have some muscle  relaxant at properties  and it has a calming effect generally on the body.


Thyme  is often used in cooking by many people, and others to season their food their solstice but many are not even aware of its other health benefits being a source of iron in your helping to burn fat aiding digestion several other benefits and additionally you can even make tea out of the dried leaves as most times Time comes in dried leaves and the dryness does not affect the security light the most dried foods time is very common you can still see time around can you still make tea out of it because only if you want Amy to lose weight and that is actually the best way to take it so that it won't come along with oils and other things I'm a correct bring in cal to your diet if you want to lose weight with time you can just make or bring your tea out of it as it is naturally caffeine-free to and it's also in Cannington

4. Rosemary 

Rosemary is another strong tea that is great for weight loss, so those who are aiming to loose weight can also make tea using this herb. It is a common Spice used in  sauces, it is also used in cookings like soups and stews but when you are trying to lose weight with this herb, it is best to make tea out of it so that you get the best result for your weight loss because when you try to mix or add it to other foods, it will add calorie,  though you can still use it in cooking and still achieve some result and other health benefits.   but still make tea out of it because it is the tea that will  help you burn fat without adding calories to you, It is great for those who are also having frequent infections as it  helps to ward off colds and boost your immunity generally. 

5. Cumin seeds

Cumin is another  great seed that works to lose weight while keeping you beautiful and youthful.   It is easy to make tea out of it, you can use the seed which usually look like the fennel seeds or you can  grind the dried seeds to powder,  and then make tea out of it and take it.  It  is particularly helpful if you are experiencing Insomnia you can also make this thing before bed to help you sleep as most times the unhealthy fats are actually burnt while we are sleeping. Cumin is also a source of iron and other minerals that boost immunity.  It is a calming tea, which  helps you to burn unhealthy fats without adding caffeine to your blood.

6.  Tumeric 

Tumeric is another great tea that helps to burn fat very fast. specially when combined with ginger and  combining ginger has been known to help its  full absorption I prefer to use the fresh tumeric, Although the dried tumerix powder is also potent but in the absence of the fresh  one you can use the dried ground powder to make your tea.  Remember that it is also a powerful anti inflammatory that particularly supports liver health and reduce inflammations generally in the body, it a great tea after a workout or hectic activity like shopping that may trigger inflammation.   Quickly make tea with fresh tumeric and ginger and you will be surprised at the result, definitely no need for analgesic. If you can have access to the fresh one  it is better  to use it .  If you want best results jujust crush one large root or 2 medium sized fresh tumeric root .  It  is almost available throughout the year and then put in a cup  your crush your  fresh ginger as well sometimes I like to add the pinch of cinnamon to  add to the fat burning effect because cinnamon powder also have fat burning properties and helps  to speed up metabolism and has other benefits so sometimes I like to add a pinch of cinnamon and then you cantake it with a little honey if you like honey but for diabetics is can go like that especially after an oily meal or at other times works better when good fats like coconut oil or olive oil is added or taken after or before the tea.  Sometimes I do add a little milk but only occasionally as it tastes quite nice and helps prevent injury to stomach ulcers.  because it's also a digestive aid it will help to digest your food fast and cleanse your body it works like a detox as well

7. Ginger 

We know Ginger with Its powerful anti-inflammatory properties and particularly for those women who are have stopped childbearing they can benefit by including this anti-inflammatory spice to avoid ovarian cysts and other inflammations and even for younger women they can take ginger eithef the fresh or dried to help reduce painful menstruation. make tea out of it and then use it frequently especially to burn  belly fat.  It  is great for overall inflammation reduction and then particularly targets belly fat which makes it a good tea for those who want to prevent or avoid onset of ovarian cyst which is common among menopausal women too.

8.  Soghurm tea 

Soghurm tea is made from Soghurm Bicolour and  may not be known to many people but it's a great one without caffeine you can take it is it helps enrich your blood  cleanse your blood and then because of its  zero calorie content helps you to lose weight as well most of these teas are naturally caffeine-free.  Most times people try to lose weight but they depend only on coffee, coffee is a great one also but because of its  caffeine, those who are managing some elements already should be careful with coffee because the caffeine has its own side effects  because of the caffeine such as anxiety attacks, poor sleep especially when consumed frequently.


If you are really working to lose weight,   you need to also engage in moderate exercise especially outdoor activities, reduce overall carbohydrate consumption, and then ensure you are always properly hydrated, Most times you feel as if you need food  may be it is  actually water that your body is asking for. Including these teas will also help to speed up your metabolic rate and then give you a healthy weight which will also boost your immunity because  excess body weight is an immune suppressor and it also triggers inflammations.

Photo credit:  SI

12 Health Benefits of Fresh Tomatoes


You A low calorie seasonal fruit that older adults can enjoy freely but moderately because of its numerous health benefits.

An interesting aspect of tomato history is the classic debate: Is the Tomato a Fruit or Vegetable? . By definition, a fruit is the edible plant structure of a mature ovary of a flowering plant, usually eaten raw; some are sweet like apples, but the ones that are not sweet such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, etc. are commonly called vegetables. 

Botanists claim that a fruit is any fleshy material that covers a seed or seeds where as a horticulturists point of view would pose that the tomato is a vegetable plant. Until the late 1800’s the tomato was classified as a fruit to avoid taxation, but this was changed after a Supreme Court ruling that the tomato is a vegetable and should be taxed accordingly.
When it is all said and done, the history of the tomato has classified as a poisonous beautiful plant, a tax-avoiding fruit, and a taxable vegetable. Nonetheless, the tomato is one of the most popular vegetable in Nigeria  and enjoyed by millions all over the world.

Here are 12 reasons to include fresh tomatoes in your list:

1. Tomatoes are good for your skin. Tomatoes contain a high level of lycopene, which is a
substance that is used in some of the more pricy facial cleansers that are available for purchase over-the-counter.

2. Tomatoes help prevent several types of cancer. A number of studies have been conducted that indicate that the high levels of lycopene in tomatoes works to reduce your chances of developing prostate, colorectal and stomach
Lycopene is a natural antioxidant that works effectively to slow the growth of cancerous cells. Cooked tomatoes produce even more lycopene,

3. Tomatoes help maintain strong bones. Tomatoes contain a considerable amount of calcium and
Vitamin K. Both of these nutrients are essential in strengthening and performing minor repairs on the bones as well as the bone tissue. 

4. Tomatoes help repair damage caused by smoking. However, tomatoes can reduce the amount of
damaged done to your body by smoking cigarettes especially the lungs.
Tomatoes contain coumaric acid and chlorogenic acid that work to protect the body from carcinogens that are produced from cigarette smoke.

5. Tomatoes provide essential antioxidants. Tomatoes contain a great deal of Vitamin A and Vitamin C. This is primarily because these vitamins and beta-carotene work as antioxidants helps  to neutralize harmful free radicals in the blood. Free radicals in the blood stream are dangerous because it may lead to cell damage.
It is important to note, the redder the tomato you eat, the more beta-carotene it contains. In addition, you also want to keep in mind that cooking destroys the Vitamin C, so for vitamin C benefits, the tomatoes are either taken raw or lightly stewed.

6. Tomatoes are good for your heart. Because of the Vitamin B and potassium in tomatoes, they are
effective in reducing cholesterol levels and lowering blood pressure. Therefore, by including tomatoes in your regular
balanced diet you can effectively prevent heart attacks, strokes as well as many other heart related problems that may threaten your life.

7. Tomatoes are good for your hair. The Vitamin A in tomatoes works perfectly to keep your hair
shiny and strong. In addition, it also does wonders for your
eyes, skin, bones and teeth. 

8. Tomatoes are good for your kidneys. Adding tomatoes without seeds to your diet has been proven
in some studies to reduce the risk of kidney stones. 

9. Tomatoes are good for your eyes. The Vitamin A found in tomatoes is fantastic for improving
your vision. In addition, eating tomatoes is one of the best
foods to eat to prevent the development of night blindness. 

10. Tomatoes are good for diabetics. Tomatoes are packed full of the valuable mineral known as chromium. It works effectively to help diabetics keep their
blood sugar levels under better control.

11. Lung Friendly: Research Shows Tomatoes and Tomatoe-Based Foods May Lower Risk of Lung Damage Caused by Environmental pollution.

12: Low Calorie – Fresh tomatoes is among calorie foods for individual on a cholesterol lowering diet.

A unique point about tomatoes worthy of note is that cooking does not destroy the lycopene content and strength of tomatoes, but rather strengthens it. Tomatoes could be eaten as a raw vegetable or cooked.
As for processed tomatoes, the problem is always with the can. ie container and other chemicals added to preserve it. I therefore suggested that health concious people stay away from canned tomatoes,as for me I have since removed it from my list, and the result is undeniable.  Moderation remains our rule.  I have noticed thar consuming too much tomatoes 🍅 affects my sleep and it is not best at night, it is more of a brain food.

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Tuesday 28 November 2023

Select Your Clothing Materials Carefully After 50



Our skin is the largest external organ and it also does so much for us,  the type of dress we put on for babies or adult also affects the wellness of the individual.   The younger people always may not really feel the discomfort that comes with wearing wrong fabrics or materials but children definitely do and another group of people are the older adults and so the purpose of this article is to highlight to the older adult of the need to choose their clothings materials wisely because it also has a lot to do with our wellness.   Thr older we get the less we should wear heavy clothings,  that are tight, materials that are heavy and does not allow oxygen to get into our body, materials that can expose us to cold, materials that can put will  not constitute extra load on us while moving around these are the things to have in  mind when buying materials because it also affects us and how well we feel.  In  this short article it is about what you put on for your clothings,  not really about the style you choose to make because we all know that it is how comfortable you feel that matters as you get older and not really how fitted that you should be  concern about.  You should be concerned about  the type of materials you are using to make your clothings.  Using different type of  materials  materials over time have brought broke about the subject.   In my view, the best clothing materials for older adults should consist mostly of pure cotton, linen, poly blends and other lighter materials especially if you live along the hot regions like Nigeria and most other African countries, you will notice that putting on heavy clothings are no longer comfortable whether it is for fashion of whatever reason but the comfort of the older adults is what matters most  so most of the clothing that you may have enjoyed 40 years ago may no longer be interesting to you after several years because your body may no longer be able to carry those weight, that is why the choice of materials you put on becomes so important so also are the styles that you choose in order to protect your health and to preserve your health as well.  

Here are three reasons why the choice of your clothing materials should consist mostly of pure cotton, linen, poly blends and other lighter materials as you get older:

1.   Light curtains linens and poly blends allows your body to breathe, allows your body to get oxygen sometimes you may notice that wearing  certain clothes makes you feel some discomfort and even sick. I have personally noticed this and that is why I thought to put it down that older adults should be careful on what they put on, what they wear during  special occasions, wear  things that makes you comfortable and most importantly choose the materials like curtains that allows your body to breathe because the body is breathing even as you  walk around, sometimes you wear certain things you feel suffocated on the road, you may be wondering why you're feeling that way, some tension around your head,  not knowing that the address you put on is the culprit because we need to allow our body to breathe we need to allow in oxygen, it is one important reason we should use cotton, linen and  other lighter materials for clothings as we age.

2. Our body may not have the strength to cope with materials that are heavy.   There are materials that are quite heavy for us, they may restrict our movement we may not be able to move freely so in order for us to move freely and not feel additional load placed on us it's important to choose a cotton, linen and lighter materials to enable us  not feel an extra burden or load on us while moving about.

3.  One of the reasons of wearing clothes generally is to cover and protect is also from the weather and other harsh conditions and so this clothing material and choice will also keep us from cold and then protect us from hash  wheather without necessarily exposing us to heat.  Specially those that are living in hot climate, the choice of this type of material actually has to do with those living in hot climates like ours because if we are wearing heavy clothes, Cottons and similar materials will not hurt us because some hard  materials may  even inflict injury on the skin.  Cotton, linen and poly blend materials are also cooling and this reduces stress in a way, while alsk protecting the skin from injuries.  It is important to choose soft lighter materials by older adult that not only provides warmth, but cooling .  Achieving this, will reduce overall stress on the body.


It is best also to consider the world and environment where you reside because that also affects in a great way the choice of materials because those living in very cool weather will always find it convenient to wear clothings that covers the body very well but yet they can still have tick clothings that are specifically targeted at the  older adult without suffocating them or preventing them from free movement.  So depending  also on the weather or the environment where you find yourself.  Choose clothing materials that suits that environment and that will also suit your age because the clothing material that is people will convenient may not be tolerated by the older adult and we must begin to adjust to these changes in terms of the choices we make concerning the clothing's we put on and this also affects what we put on as our shoes or foot coverings I will do another post on the foot aspect too.

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Monday 27 November 2023

15 Tips To Deal With Weight Gain During Menopause

Image result for avoiding weight gain during menopause


I have seen skinny ladies, slimmer than myself who are now far more obese at menopause and post menopause, why.  The reason obviously is because they neglected the issue of weight gain during menopause.  They were not conscious of weight gain during these years.

Here are habits and Foods that helps with weight gain.

1.  Rely on healthy fats for fuel and energy.

 If you do.your tendency to get fat will reduce.  Fats like those in coconut oil and olive oil actually helps you loose weight.  In terms of general weight loss, olive oil is best, while coconut oil specializes in burning belly fat.

2.  Exercise more.

If you love driving, reduce it and create time for physical exercise, or else you will gain more weight.

3.  Never neglect a little weight gain.

The body has a switch.  Once it is switched to fat storage. It will require strict disciple to switch to fat burning again.  This is how it works.

4.  Whenever possible, keep standing. 

 I particular love sitting down even in church, when we are asked to stand. I occasional go my way and sit.  Until I found out, the body does not want to use calorie but to store it.  Now I make effort to stand even when tired.  In so doing. The body is using calorie to keep you standing.

5.  Begin your day with water therapy: 

 It is also important t start with foods that will steer up stomach acid production, foods that will discourage fat storage such as lemons, ginger, garlic, guava tea, green tea, black seed, cinnamon and honey.  All these on empty stomac

6.   Avoid early breakfast

So many have advocated to the contrary based on their on perspective.  Obviously, your digestive tract function also reduces at menopause, allowing your system clear any leftover fat or calorie will reduce tendency to weight gain during menopause fat challenge

7.  As much as possible avoid fried foods

  They are your worst enemy during these yrs especially in terms of avoiding weight gain.  They carry too much calorie and hardest to digest among all foods are fried food.

8.  Resist constipation.  

Main causes include, low water intake, insufficient exercise, low fibre and vegetables, poor sleep, lack of oils  to lubricate the intestine. Like avocadoes. Olive oil, coconut oil etc.   These are secrets nobody told me and I suffered the problem of constipation.  Some, days like 4 days then, but it is all over now. In chronic cases, you will have to drink a teaspoon of cold pressed olive oil on empty stomach to help loosen the stool, and lubricate the anus to help smooth passage.

9.  Avoid simple Sugars like those found in carbonated drinks: 

 Too much bread  is number 1 sponsor of weight gain.  This include biscuits, sweets.  It may surprise you to know that some mature women still take sweets until problem comes.  Never engage in unhealthy eating waiting for your doctor or somebody to ask you to stop.

10.  Mind the foods you start your day with, 

Also mind the last food you eat before bed.  They determine the total fat deposition for that day. Always start with fat burning foods, foods that helps the stomach produce  acid for digestion, I mentioned them earlier.  End your day with low calorie foods like eggs, cucumbers, cabbage, green veggies, peppers, garlic, etc. Avoid foods that trigger stomach acid production at night.  They will rob you of sleep and insufficient sleep, contributes to weight gain at menopause and post menopause.  Weight gain will invite diabetes. High blood pressure, heart attack and stroke.

11. Include Protein

I have always told us that protein is the building block.  It is your bodies building material.  Never, Never compromise it.  Healthy fats are your best friend during menopause/postmenopause. They are for fuel and energy and not building material, like protein  (Remember that healthy fats also have a  portion, depending on your height, weight and other factors including work, eat everything in moderation). It is one of our rules on our platform)
Consuming sufficient daily protein will help your bone and muscle mass.  They support fat loss too.

12. Use  spices to flavour your meals.

Switching to healthy cooking using spices also supports weight loss.  Their presence in your meals Supports, metabolism and food absorption.  ( Remember too much spices will increase menopause symptoms like hot flashes and anxiety attacks.  Spices like ginger, garlic, turmeric, cinnamon, black  peppers. Cayenne peppers etc.

13.  Whenever  possible eat fresh foods

Avoid leftover, overcooked and dead foods.  They add noting to your wellness journey but weight gain.  Since, the menopause journey, I rarely repeat soups, I avoid leftovers.  Children and youth may eat them.  As much as possible, I avoid them.  Too much refrigeration of cooked meals must be avoided as well.  Though it is convenient, but it is not about convenience. but your health and happiness. You may call it mindful eating.

14.  Do not forget Water. 

 Proper hydration Supports Your colon and other organs responsible for metabolizing fat. Always start your day with plenty of water followed by exercise.  Exercise is best in the morning.  Too much exercise after 4pm will rob you of sleep and lack of sleep will contribute  to weight gain.

15.  Include bitters.  Never forget that bitter foods like bitter leaf, garden egg, bitter cola, bitter melon etc.  Supports weight loss also.  They actually cools the liver which is the main organ for fat metabolism and in so doing, it is able to do its work and avoid Weight gain.

In summary,

 It is better to monitor weight naturally, preventing fat storage is easier than trying to loose weight after fat accumulation.

Sunday 26 November 2023

Health Benefits of Lemon Grass Tea



One of my top teas these days is lemongrass tea.  The tea is naturally caffeine-free and has numerous health benefits too.   Several years ago I usually feel that lemongrass tea was too strong or harsh to my body but recently I have discovered it has become one of  my top teas for maintaining a healthy body and here are the times when I love to take this tea and the  health benefits I observe while taking lemongrass tea. So if you are looking for a tea that will help you lose weight, tackle malaria with several other benefits you should consider consuming lemongrass either with milk or without milk it goes well and that is one of the reasons,  if you are one of those that love milk once in a while you can also add milk to your lemongrass tea except when you are experiencing fever or other cold symptoms then  milk must be out of it just boil it and take like that or you can also boil it and add other herbs like occasionally I add green  tea or Hibiscus flower tea to it personally you can add herbs like soursop leaves if you are trying to lower blood pressure you can also add tumeric  and ginger once in a while they all go together I have tried them in various ways even with hibiscus tea.   

Here are my top health benefits of lemongrass tea.

1. Digestive Health:

 If you are experiencing low stomach acid and you are experiencing sluggishness in your digestion then you need to consider consuming lemongrass tea as it helps the stomach to produce acid for digestion and in this way aids   digestion.

2.  Respiratory Health:  

 If you are experiencing respiratory issue or problem breathing, You may also consider including the tea because it helps to improve the long is supposed the lungs and then also respiratory health.

3.  Cold and  fever symptom:  

If you are feeling cold and feverish or you suspect malaria lemongrass tea is also best to consider first before you start going for medications because it helps to support health and improve immunity in a lot of ways that puts down malaria symptoms such as fever. 

4.  Excess body fat.  

 if you are desiring to reduce your body mass or overall weight consider also including this non-caffeinated tea as it helps to boost metabolism and also burn un healthy fat while preserving the body.

5.   Insomnia:   

If you having problems sleeping at night.  You should also including lemongrass tea in moderation in the evening. either before night food or after but I usually prefer it before food, to avoid being hungry again as it boosts metabolism  and  you  experience sleep quality and quantity.

6. Tackles Constipation:  

It is able to tackle constipation also especially when you include fibre and healthy fat in the diet this has been my observation while using lemongrass tea you should consider it if you suffer frequent constipation because it is also good for clearing the colon.

7.  Menopause Support:  

Menopausal women should consider taking this tea as part of their fluid to reduce weight gain associated with menopause and support a heal thy body.  I'm of the view that this may be one of the reasons why this tea suddenly began to be good for me whereas before now I didn't use to like it because it appeared to be too harsh several years ago  but maybe these changes that has taken place in the body as a result of menopause has made the tea relevant.  My advise is to stop avoiding certain foods such as lemongrass or other foods for too long or indefinitely.  Try consuming them after a long time of abstinence  to know whether your body needs them at that time or not because some of us after testing and experiencing the negative or not getting result  expected we just abandon the food permanently and say it's not good for us.   Today I'm enjoying this tea but some years back I didn't use to like it at all because it was  too harsh  for me.

8.  Kidney problems 

It helps to remove toxins the body and  in this way supports  kidney health because it als acts as a diuretic  and helps you to urinate some things out.   If you need food that can support your kidney, consider also including lemongrass tea.

9.  Supports liver function

 It is also good for liver  function.  not only the kidney, support the liver in helping it remove some bad fat and cholesterol and  in this way the liver begins to do its job and when the liver and the kidneys are doing their job the entire body is revived and that is how I believe this tea is able to do a lot when we consume it at the right amount and the right time

10.  Toxins Removal

If you are feeling that toxins are too much in your body consider including or consuming this tea.   it is very easy also to prepare you just take some few leaves whether dried or fresh but don't let it be too dried 10 or a tea bag of it but fresh one always deliver best result if you have access to fresh lemongrass use it, just boil some fresh leaves, you may quiz it a little to allow the green colour show a little.

11.  Fight Inflammations:

If you are suffering inflammation or pain   this is one of the best benefits of this tea because during such experiences  it is almost always difficult to find tea or food  that will not increase the pain or  inflammations .  lemongrass tea is great for reducing pains or ward  off in time an impending pain.  it helps to reduce inflammation at all levels and this is one of the reasons I recommend it especially for older adults who are experiencing inflammations of all kinds .

13.  Fungal Infections

 If you are fighting fungi, this is one of the top foods that fight fungal, just boil the tea and drink and you will experience a reduction in the activities of fungus in the body.  It also reduce activities of some bacterias and viruses   causing disease and other infections in the body.  So if you are experiencing frequent bacteria attack,  frequent fungal infections then it is time to  consider consuming this tea regularly to reduce these activities and then  kill off  some of them

14 It supports Heart Health 

It is one of the teas that supports heart health.   If  you have heart related issues, then consider  including this tea  moderately to support your heart health, moreso that it is caffeine free and does not encourage cholesterol build up.

15.  High Blood Pressure 

 Those going through  high blood pressure can also include this tea moderately in their diet  like I say always, it is not only one food that is really needed to fight disease such as high blood pressure we must also know the cause of our own rise in  blood pressure and tackle it too, Additionally, this tea is a blood thinner and not only a blood thinner it also has other nutrients that helps to lower blood pressure. Diabetics and prediabetics can also benefit from this tea because of its numerous benefits in boosting immunity, fighting inflammations and several others


Lemon grass tea ,  it boosts immunity generally.   it that support fight against disease including cancers, cold flu,  headaches,  stress, and several other inflammatory conditions.  general.    I recommend any time you are feeling under the weather just prepare a hot cup of lemongrass tea but if you are not loving your feeling after the tea like I used to feel before if you feel it's too harsh or too strong for you you may also stay away for some time and then after some few months or years you try again it's a healthy tea that helps to fight disease but remember that moderation is our rule it has its own oil and flavour that also helps to reduce things like odour.

Saturday 25 November 2023

28 Health Benefits of Alligator Pepper


Have you noticed that tiny seeds or tiny things are usually loaded especially edibles like alligator pepper seeds?.  They seem to be often more loaded than the bigger fruits, so it is with alligator pepper many people may know  the alligator pepper for various uses as it is often said that some use it for spiritual purposes although I am only familiar with it as a food,  as a seed that benefits health but it is better to  consume alligator pepper just as I have done before talking about it, to enable you understand how it affects your health.  Alligator pepper as  the name implies is a hot spicy seed said to belong to the family of ginger and has existed for many many years, the alligator pepper has many other sides but on the health aspect here are some of the ways that this tiny seed can benefit your health and I've also known it only for chewing.   I have not used it to cook or use it in any other way except to chew it occasionally as a raw food about 4 or 5  seeds depending on my need for the hour.  

Here are occasions and ailments that can benefit from alligator pepper

1. Asthma: 

Asthma affects a good number of people being a respiratory disease.   Most sufferers are  born  or contacted it at a   tender age and as they grew up,  they started experiencing the asthmatic attacks so in some cases it's like a childhood disease that usually  starts at childhood it is very rare to see an adult who started experiencing asthma at old age.  It usually starts from the Childhood for the most times and for most of the people that I have known and this seed benefits the respiratory tract muscle,  it has antibacterial properties too. those who are going through asthmatic attack may not have to wait for an attack. Chewing the seeds helps remove excess mucus which if not checked may trigger an attack.  It  help reduce inflammation, kill off some bacteria and fungus that sponsor an attack.

2. Indigestion: 

 Chewing  a few seeds of alligator pepper after an oil-rich meal or after a meal that you suspect may  be difficult to digest, it can aid  the digestion and reduce incidence of indigestion because it helps the stomach to produce digestive juice, that is why it is not good to consume it on empty stomach. It is best  when food is available those who are experiencing stomach ulcer will be careful when to consume the alligator pepper, they must ensure that food is available or  better still avoid it.

3. Body ache:

 It benefits all kinds of body aches and pains, joint pain will also benefit from this low calorie seed with its  anti-inflammatory properties and naturally occurring nutrients that kills pains naturally.  So if you suffer pains  frequently whether itteeth pain, muscle pain, joint pain you can get relief by chewing a few seeds.  It works best when suspect pain at the early stage, chew it before the pain increases.  

4. Anti inflammatory:

  Alligator pepper produces anti-inflammatory properties for those who are experiencing inflammation they can also chew it occasionally to reduce inflammation generally in the body.

5. Aphrodisiac: 

Menopausal women who are already experiencing low libido including men can chew alligator pepper to boost their libido. It  can benefit both men and women who are experiencing low libido or reduce sexual energy.

6.  Stimulant: 

It is also a natural stimulant and it has no caffeine like coffee but it has properties that stimulates the entire body,  keeping  you active and happy. if you are feeling sluggish, chewing it can actually stir you up to work with energy, reducing signs of depression and that is exactly one of the ways it benefits especially older people.  You may notice that most older people seem to be more interested in this tiny seeds.  You will observe that most of the old people selling it in the marketlooks smart, slim and energetic because they know the benefits they are making from it most of them are skinny too.

7. Malaria

 If you suspect malaria symptoms you can also choose some of it but not really work as a total Curr  in serious cases of malaria but if you suspect some signs or feeling like loss of appetite, inflammations, pains and all the initial signs that comes with malaria typhoid you can start to chew the  seeds to ward it off because it's better used when the attack is not in full swing like helping to prevent it from turning a full-blown attack of malaria.

8. Weight loss

If you are desirous to  lose weight in a healthy way, this is also one of the seeds you should be chewing  regularly and it will gradually burn off all the unhealthy fats and cholesterol without affecting the the healthy cells, it reduced bones density loss too,  making you look smart and agile.

9. Energy booster:

It is a  good energy booster,  if you are looking for energy especially when you experience low energy arising from too much inflammation in the body if you chew a few of these seeds, you will notice strength and a boost to your energy

10. Sperm booster

 Those experiencing low sperm count will also benefit by including this tiny seed in their diet.  

11. Worm expellan

It  is also a natural warm expellant. if suspect worms or fungus, such as candida  you can start chewing the seeds to limit or reduce their number especially as it is not so possible or easier to eliminate all the worms  but chewing it can help  you reduce  their number and  restore your health and energy.

12. Heals Gonorrhea 

Uncommon ailments like gonorrhea will also benefit from the antibacterial and antiviral, antifungal and antimicrobial properties that are found naturally in alligator pepper.

13. Heals vomiting

 if you suspect vomiting, you can also start chewing it, some cases of the vomiting may be due to worms or yeast activity in the body ,  it can help to reduce their number and  kill   off some of them more so  that it is not a source of sugar sometimes if there is too much imbalance of some nutrients in our body we may feel like we  want to vomit. Excess toxins also can trigger the urge to vomit,  if you have consumed certain foods a large amount that appear to be toxic, chewing  this  seeds will definitely push back the inflammation and then aid digestion if it's indigestion that wanted to cause the vomiting and  restore your immune system back.

15. Anti cancer:  

It  possesses anti-cancer properties too with  its  anti-inflammatory effect and disease-fighting properties, the  seed can be a great support to starve cancer cells of food, and cause death or reversal especially when back with proper nutrition.  if you  suspect things like a growth in the body, an abnormal growth you can starve that growth and reverse it by constantly chewing on alligator pepper this will not only starve the disease of food it will also strengthen your immune system and strengthen the healthy cells why weakening the unhealthy cells.

16. Heals muscle pain:

 Some muscle pain may be due to malaria symptoms,  some may be due to low antioxidant level in the body including or chewing on this tiny seeds may raise antioxidant level in the body to be able to ward off muscle pains.

17. Heals arthritis 

Those suffering from arthritis will also benefit from this low calorie tiny seeds especially at the onset.  Best at the  initial stage, it is important to also include healthy food, protein-rich foods to help while consuming the seeds because it's a healing seed it will not be beneficial to consume much carbohydrates while on this seed, avoid processed foods  and other foods that are causing the problem including other healing foods especially protein in order to get the best benefits.

18. Boost immune system:

The low calorie nature of the seed with Zero cholesterol makes it a powerful immune booster,  so you feeling cold or feverish, you can start chewing on alligator pepper to heat you up and boost your immunity. 

19. Heals Flu or common cold 

If you suspect cold and flu it's also a good seed to ward off cold I'm feel most times when cold and flu comes is the sign of low immunity and even during the season when people are prone to experiencing code you can chill this sit regularly to strengthen your immune immune system and avoid contacting the cold and the flu

20. Helps blood flow: 

 Those who are experiencing poor blood circulation,  who are experiencing high cholesterol, and clogged arteries can start including or chewing on this seed to help open up the arteries and improve blood flow.

21. Calming Inflammations: 

 Sometimes some inflammation cannot be seen physically with our eyes but they are ongoing internally in our body and so when we are often sick and any little thing we are experiencing pains it may be a sign that,  there is inflammation going on in our body and so we may need to start to include alligator pepper in moderation to reduce inflammation generally at all levels.

22. Cardiovascular Health: 

A good cardiovascular support.   Those who are having cardiovascular problems can chew the seed moderately to reduce bad  cholesterol, unhealthy fats and other things in the body that may try to weaken the heart function when there is too much fat in the food when there is high cholesterol and a lot of other microbes in the body they may contribute to heart or cardiovascular problems and so including this will help reduce most of this agents of unhealthy fats and cholesterol and then strengthen the heart  muscles.

23. Protects Body at cellular level.

 These tiny seeds  has also  shown to provide cellular support at cellular level. it is a warming food, very hot and so our body is expected to be warm at all times, l and so anything that brings about coldness will not support our body at cellular level and so this tiny seed is a warming food, warming foods  provides warmth for the body all over, and in this way the cells  are  also protected.

24. Remove harmful bacterias and allow helpful bacteria to thrive.

  The seed is able to do this  because it has antibacterial properties and so as it works against the harmful bacteria,  it  supports the healthy gut bacteria, for this reason if you are suspecting that there is an overgrowth of harmful bacteria you can start to chew the seeds to reduce the number of harmful bacteria because when they   outnumber the healthy bacterias,  our immunity will be suppressed.

25. Body detox 

If you suspect  toxic overload in  the body you can also start chewing on the tiny seeds, it Relieves constipation and helps to reduce toxins or help the body to detox of waste.

26. Treat depression:  

A warming food which is great for circulation and those who are experiencing depression can also benefit by chewing few seeds  during the day to help reduce symptoms and  feelings of depression, it also acts as a stimulant.

27. Heals menstruation cramp.

  Those who are experiencing menstrual cramp can also benefit by including it or chewing  it especially towards the period of a menstruation when the blood is too thick they can start to chew it at that point to help dissolve some of the clots  that may be contributing to the cramps or cramping.

28. Burns belly fat:

It makes a great food for those who want to lose fat belly fat .  It  has nutrients that targets belly fat being  a warming food and this aspect is one of the most important positive side of the seed.


 Alligator pepper is great for fighting and starving diseases, however those with fresh stomach ulcers, must be cautious with the seed because it quite hot.  It is best taken when food is available and it should be taken in moderation.  Maximum of  6 or 7 seeds are usually okay for me.  Those managing high blood pressure should also be cautious with the seed as frequent consumption could trigger elevated blood pressure

Photo Credit:  Naija shop.