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Saturday, 3 June 2023

You can still have Calcium without Milk


We all know that calcium is essential for our everyday well being and we have grown to learn that one of the top sources of calcium is milk and then incidentally it is something that we all love to eat because that is what we are wined on,  so we tend to love it so much that it becomes difficult to go off it, especially as we also read several posts that it is the best source of calcium but today several researches and testimonies about it are saying that we can actually stay without milk and still have enough calcium in the body I have  also noticed this since I began to reduce dependence on milk.

  Here are my top calcium sources instead of milk today:

1.  Chia seeds.  Yes it is one of the best sources with other important nutrients such as omega-3 and nutrients that help to reduce body weight and reduce sugar as well just by soaking a teaspoon spoon of it or  halve a spoon of this seeds and take several times in a week in the morning or afternoon is all  you need and you will notice that you have stronger bones and stronger body without that  spike in blood sugar that comes with consuming cow's milk which is always very high in sugar and may trigger   signs or symptoms of type 2 diabetes as it also help to feed insulin resistance, if you are someone that loves it you will notice that each time you take it your blood sugar rise is showing that it has a negative effect on blood sugar and that is why we must as much as possible reduce our dependence on it as the years goes by.

 2.  Tigernut:  Tiger nut is a gluten free food which is not so easy to chew  because it is hard but you can make milk out of it or can also make the powder out of the nut.   These are all available for those who may not have time to make at home.  Truly it is difficult to chew the hard tigernut as  it is naturally hard.  it is easier to incorporate the milk and or  the powder of it into your diet and get calcium without that spike in your blood  sugar which usually accompany cow milk consumption. 

3. Soyabeans: Whether it soya beans milk or powder,   soya beans  is a great source of calcium ,  it is also rich in protein as we all know it's one of the most complete protein amongst the grains.  Talking  of complete amino acids making it a complete food that the body can easily make use of and access in addition to this is, it is also a source of fibre and all the phytochemicals that supports heart health which is also lacking in milk which most of us depend on for calcium.  Though there are a few people that are that have allergy  for it, if you notice that you are allergic to it for one reason or the other you may have to take it out and take other sources but most times if taken I moderation majority of people find it okay.   it's been part of my protein and calcium sources for several years now and also it helps to provide other nutrients that support heart health and manage premenopause, menopause and postmenopausal years in women.  

4.  Fennel Seeds:  Fennel seed is also good source of calcium which I will  encourage us to embrace because  it is rich in calcium, iron and other important nutrients and besides it  does not come with sugar.   It is also a food that supports digestion and tackles things like bloating,  does not  encourage weight gain and these are dangerous factors that feeds diseases. when you're managing an ailment especially at the older age,  it is important to ensure that there's no additional weight gain and that calcium level is maintained and sustained because these are important minerals we  need daily to keep us going.

5.  Oats:  Oats  is also a good source of calcium, magnesium and other important minerals. Oats is an important meal for those who want to switch to plant-based calcium and other calcium sources. You can even prepare your oats for breakfast and add soyabeans powder,  tigernut powder and soaked chia seeds.  Sometimes you can also add cocoa for an anti inflammatory effect.

6.  Okra:   Okra is a great source of calcium that you can also rely on especially for diabetics and pre-diabetics and other health conscious person if you are looking for other sources to get your calcium, okra is also easily affordable, though it is a seasonal food. We can always enjoy it when it is in season.  Those looking for foods to heal stomach ulcers can also take okra either as soup or remedies by soaking overnight.  It also helps to fight other diseases including regulating blood sugar levels, as it also comes with fibre.  and  these are the things that are missing in our much-loved cow milk  which we enjoy a lot.

 7.  Millet Grain : Millet,  Sorghum bicolor, Soghurm jowar are all good sources too especially when fermented and a lot of other grains they are good sources though they are not complete meaning they do not have complete amino acids like soyabeans. It will make sense to always pair them up with something that brings out the completeness for their full or better  absorption.

8.  Almonds:  Almond is another important and good source of calcium especially for diabetics and pre-diabetics, it  is better to soak a few almonds say like 5 or 6 that you like to take in a day that is how I take it. It is a great source of magnesium too.   It is  great for both diabetic and for those with high blood pressure.  It  also contains  other important minerals and is necessary to ensure we get a daily dose of calcium. We can also make  almond milk, this  is for those who have the time to prepare it but if you do not have time or you don't know how to do if, you can soak  the nut for a few hours even six or seven hours is okay and then just eat after  removing the peels.

9. Onions, Garlic and other Cruciferous Veggies :  These are good calcium  sources that we can get calcium from without resorting to cow's milk we can get it from a lot of different green  vegetables like moringa leaves too, these may  not be  common with many people but when you are looking for calcium  you need to begin to include them in moderation because of our bones, and our need for calcium in almost all parts of the body and is also an important electrolyte.  Most  green veggies are good sources of calcium,  so we can also enjoy them moderately as we seek to ensure that our bone minerals are not depleted 

10.  Exercise:   It is  also important to  engage in exercise.   exercise is an important part which must not be  undermined because not exercising also contributes to  demineralizing of our bones.  If we must maintain our bone mineral density, then we must include moderate exercise..

11. In Summary,  Exercises especially working  is essential, other things that can help us to ensure that we do not suffer a lack of calcium is by including  foods and  spices like cinnamon, sesame seeds, sea salt, ,pumpkin seeds cumin seeds and a lot of other uncommon foods, nuts and seeds most  nuts are very high and  good sources of calcium and magnesium also. other nuts peanuts, coconuts, walnuts, avocadoes, oranges, cashews,  macadamia nuts, a lot of the nuts are good sources of calcium and magnesium ,but we must consume them moderately because they are also high in calorie.  We must depend less on cow milk as we get older because cow milk sponsor all kinds of inflammations, and feeds yeasts too.

Friday, 2 June 2023

If you are Pre diabetic or Diabetic, then do this one thing



Now if you are pre-diabetic or a diabetic you must do this one thing which may save your life.  Cases of diabetes  and  Pre diabetics are  on the increase daily because of our lifestyle and various other factors, but  interestingly, mother nature has  provided a lot of foods that can help us out no matter how bad our situation maybe and if you are already in your 40s or 50s and thinking that diabetes is not for you,  you may be wrong because it has a lot  to do with age, meaning that  the older you get the more conscious you should be and the more aware of  it is  also important to get  all the information and knowledge as much as possible on this matter in case you may need it at any time fie yourself or a loved one.  Here is one secret oil that you need to keep at home because for  various reasons.   

When people have diabetes symptoms. Majority  tend to  ignore it and are  not even careful to go for test or other investigations because of the damages that this ailment  does to the body and organs most time before they are even detected but this very oil can help you in a lot of ways  because I have tested it, I have used it though not on a daily basis  but on  rare occasions and it has proved to be effective in managing some conditions or symptoms which may not even be understood but are linked to high blood sugar and the oil I am  talking about is fenugreek oil.   Here are the reasons why you need to keep this fenugreek oil at home always as I do:

1.  Severe Indigestion:  there are sometimes indigestion hit the prediabetics or diabetics mostly  to too much of fibres, we have been told that everything about  fibre is good but no-one told us that too much is bad too,  but everything has its own limitations.   Sometimes we tend to overdo it and that is when this oil comes in. when a pre-diabetic or or a diabetic has gone overboard to take some fibrous foods that have become too much in the body and the heart begins to give signs or the body becomes  begins to show signs that it is too much, fenugreek seed oil will be needed as this point.    Just a teaspoon or less taken directly without any other thing if you like to take  warm water as some do, okay but just take a  teaspoon, sometimes  a  half capful of the cover depending on size of the bottle or container you are using the  but it is the size of just about a teaspoon taken directly and you will notice how it will circulate and begin to settle it.  if it is excess weight or non-availability of the oil  to digest the food,  it supplies it. 

2.  Chronic Constipation: Another best first time when you need fenugreek oil  constipation is severe in cases of  severe.  constipation, constipation may sometimes also be  linked to indigestion but in a way they are different, because some constipations may be due to insulin resistance, lack of exercise, excess body weight, lack of enough oil in the diet and several other factors may be responsible for some forms of constipation including lack of fibre in the diet and in that case fenugreek oil still comes to work and provide most of the nutrient lacking to make provide  relief for  constipation.    You may give it a try, it works very well to clean up and tackle those agents that sponsor constipation including yeast high sugar and other factors which in some cases are not the case with indigestion especially when the indigestion is linked to too much fibre in the diet.

 3.  Insomnia:  Insomnia is common with older people and diabetics and pre-diabetics are not left out.  When sugar is high in some cases it can lead to insomnia,  with some people and then with  some  other persons. It  is the other way but whichever way,  if fenugreek seed oil is taken in small amount it helps to support the gut and then to balance the hormones and other things that has kept the body out of balance making sleep un pleasurable.

4.  Weight Loss:   Finally when there is need to lose excess body weight, which has always been one of the major problems of pre-diabetics and diabetics and as a matter of  fact most other ailments.    if only we can put our body weight on the healthy part, you will agree with me that most diabetes and diseases including high blood pressure will be easily controlled.  Usually,  when there is increase in the body weight,  sugar level also begins to rise, though this is my  own observation. now if you noticed this that the sugar is rising because of body weight increase, you  may also need to begin to take fenugreek seed oil on an empty stomach.   On a few occasions it has helped, it will help to bring down the body weight and when the body weight is reduced,  high blood sugar also is  easily controlled.   If you have not been using this oil you may need to give it a try and give us your feedback how it worked  for you.  

 Summary:  Remember that moderation is our rule don't take too much because  when the sugar is too low it also has its own problems and consequences.   

8 Health Benefits of Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is extracted from the seeds of the Mustard plant and is an ancient oil used both internally and externally, however I want to focus more on the external use of Mustard oil since this medicinal oil arrived my box.

The oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acid, polyunsaturated and a  small amount of saturated fatty acids.

Major Health Benefits of Mustard Oil are:

1.  Improves Blood Circulation

This benefit particularly affects the elderly population and children.  The is most times used to massage affected areas to improve circulation and reduce symptoms of pains. 

2.  Decreases Inflammations and Pains

Those who suffer arthritis and other inflammations  conditions could benefit by just massaging the oil on their palms and rubb on to the affected region to get relief.

3.  Could Help Reduce Body Temperature

Mustard oil when rubbed on the skin simulates the sweat glands. In this way, it reduces body temperature and fever .  If you suspect a fever or dullness, rubbing some of the oil on your palm to massage could make  change.

4.  Removes Toxins

When massaged into the skin, improves blood circulation, enlarging pores through healthy sweating and in this way helps removes some toxins through the pores.  So if you feel too toxic,  you could massage some of this oil to help get some of the 'BAD GUYS'. out.

5.  Relieves Numbness

When massaged to the affected area, stimulates sensations in the muscles and brings relief to numbness which is common with old age.  So if you have an elderly folk at home, do him or her some good by giving or keeping a bottle of Mustard oil around.

6.  Relieves Cold and Cough

Mustard oil contains a heat property that clears up the congestion in the respiratory tract.  Could be mixed with garlic and massaged on to the chest or you can steam inhale the oil in hot water during cold.

7.  Source of Selenium

This nutrient particularly benefits menopausal women and those of post menopause as it discourages inflammations and pains.  Occasion massage with this oil will provide some comfort during those difficult years.

8.  Anti aging Effect

The abundance of antioxidant vitamin E makes it an important part of  anti aging regimen.  Vitamin E is excellent in reducing wrinkles and other signs of aging. 

It is Important to have this oil on hand during cold especially due to its circulatory benefits.  Young children could also benefit from the massage.   The oil could be taken internally but in very small amount. Half a teaspoon is usually okay for me whenever I taken it. Have used it. Do let us know through the comment on your experience.?


Thursday, 1 June 2023

Top Health Benefits of Guava Leaves Tea


 Many years ago, not much was known of the benefits of guava leaves tea.  Only the fruits were  eaten  but today research has revealed that the leaves is as rich as the fruit and particularly for managing certain elements that will be narrated in this post , so if you have been throwing the leaves away and consuming only the fruit,  here are top reasons why you should stop and start consuming guava leaves  tea as one of your immune boosting low calorie teas.

1.  Lowering blood sugar:  This is one of the best benefits I have known recently of the uses of guava leaves whether fresh or dried leaves.   Just adding a few of the leaves in a pot of freshly boil water or just boiling  for about 5 minutes  in the water boil as you would other teaa and then allowed to cool and drink,  a glass is okay or even half a glass is enough, you will notice after few hours a drop in your blood sugar, if you have diabetes or you are a pre-diabetic, you will notice a drop in your blood sugar and you will feel better generally.  

2.  Reduces Weight:  if you are working to reduce weight, this is one of the fastest and safest drink to burn fat  because also a source of iron.  it is great as a fat-burning tea for those who want to lose weight but there is something important you need to know which is the inclusion of rich protein diet when using this tea to burn fat, rich protein especially plant based protein provides  a great support for the muscles while the fat goes out.

3.  Balancing hormones:  This is particularly important for women who are in their pre menopause,  menopause or post menopause years.   This tea is beneficial for so many reasons because of its  ability to balance hormones and to reduce inflammations generally in the body.

4.  Source of Iron:   It is a source of naturally occurring iron for those who need a food to boost their iron, it is better to use natural foods like guava leaves tea which is easy to get and also no side effect just boost your iron using this tea you will notice a difference if you go and check it is a source of  non inflammatory, non synthetic and natural  iron with other nutrientsthatvwill support its absorption.   synthetic/ pharmaceutical  irons is not advised for all, especially for older adults.  

5.  Improve Sleep:   When sleep is disrupted, healthy body is affected.  For those who suffer insomnia, this is one of the teas to embrace. I particularly love this tea for this particular benefit but you must take it in moderation.   Just boil a few leaves whether fresh or dried but if it is dried don't allow it to dry for too long especially when it's exposed I noticed that when it is exposed and been open for  more than 10 days, the effect will not be there and when the flavour is gone I noticed also that the potency is almost gone, so it is best to use it fresh but if  dried don't use it when the flavour is still there I have personally tried it in the house and noticed that once  it is no longer having that beautiful and inviting flavor it doesn't always feel good again as you take it. 

6.  Wards off Cough:  It also fight cough,  yes I have tested it in this area too if you have a feeling of cough or time maybe have consumed something that may trigger cough something like on or some greens and you are having that tickle in your throat is better to quickly go check this thing if you have it around boil and drink it will it will work it off back it will melt away all the tears and all the a fibre or whatever that is there that is trying to give rise or to trigger the cough it works specially when the cough is just about to take off it also kills

 7.  Improves  Oral  Health: Oral bacteria is a health problem often neglected by many.  Many bacteria that attack us while we are asleep actually reside in the mouth, drinking guava leaves tea or using it as a mouth rinse will reduce oral and dental issues, such as mouth odour, tooth, and gum disease.   Besides the tea tastes  and naturally comes with its own good flavor.  Additionally has natural antibacterial properties.

8. Anti diarrheas' Properties:    Diarrhoea is one of the ailments that is so difficult to find a home  remedy  when it strikes.  It seems easier to manage constipation than to manage diarrhoea especially for older adults, like diabetics ans prediabetics.   Yes.  younger adults can easily find home remedies   but this tea  is known to contain natural properties that kills bacteria s that  may make diarrhea worse. Sugar which is often also destroyed by the tea is one of the major feeders of diseases.  

9.  Fights Acne and Blackheads:  Yes acne and blackheads is not only for young people, before now I used to think it was only younger people or  teenagers but now I know that older women also are affected by acne and blackheads this may be due to hormonal effects or activities  drinking a few cups in a week may help reduce cases of acne and blackheads especially in mature adults.

10.  Fever : When a fever is suspected . boiling and drinking this tea may help reduce severity especially when combined with lemon grass  The combination works well at the early onset of  malaria or feverish conditions:  when you add a little to lemongrass it works very very well to reduce  fever and to strengthen the immune system again.

Summary:  In addition to the above, it has numerous other health benefits such as relieving indigestion, signs of aging, reducing bad cholesterol, supporting liver and gut health generally, it is however good to take moderately/  Because too much ,may destroy the positive health benefits of the tea.

Tuesday, 30 May 2023

Health benefits of Avocado Seeds


Have you been throwing away you avocado seeds,  if yes then reconsider it.  Your delicious creamy avocado is not loaded with nutrients on the skin but the seed also.  Your avocado seeds can help your health in many ways as well?

Dr. Paul Spagnuolo, who spearheaded the research project, has applied for a patent in the hopes of using avocatin B in a forthcoming cancer-fighting drug that could change the face of AML treatment forever, if effective in vivo.

Other Surprising Health Benefits of Avocado Seeds

That it is high in properties that combats some deadly  forms  of cancer is impressive enough, but did you know that avocado seeds can help your health in other ways too?

Antioxidant properties

The antioxidants contained within the avocado seed can help lower blood cholesterol and blood pressure, keep diabetes at bay, and boost the body’s natural immune response.
A  by the National University of Singapore published in Food Chemistry on December 2004 concluded that avocado seed has an even greater level of antioxidant activity than the more commonly eaten parts of the fruit, and the seeds may contain more than 70% of the antioxidants found in the entire fruit.

Anti-inflammatory properties

The antioxidants in avocado pits can help reduce inflammation, which can help to heal joint pain and keep other inflammatory conditions in check.
A research done by Pennsylvania State University and published in Current Pharmaceutical Design on 2013 the phenolic antioxidant compounds in the seeds may lower high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and reduce inflammatory conditions. The research also found that the seeds have insecticidal, fungicidal, and anti-microbial properties.  Anti inflammatory properties gives it the ability to reduce inflammations and improve immunity.

High fiber content

Avocado seed has a very high content of soluble fiber which is important for digestive health as well as to heart disease patients as it helps lower cholesterol levels. High fiber diet is one of the best way to prevent constipation

High potassium level

Avocado seed is very high in potassium which has a great importance for our body (read more about this mineral in my article about  do The level of potassium declines as the fruit matures and is higher when the avocado is not yet ripe.  Persons managing high blood pressure will benefit by including avocado seeds I moderation in their diet

Avocados Tea

I have observed individuals with high blood oressure as they make tea or add the dried ground seed powder to their cereals and do testify that their blood pressure is controlled in doing this.  

It is important to ensure you dry the seeds at home and grind it yourself so as to ensure that it is free from other additives or contaminants.

Ref:  Healthy and Natural World 

Sunday, 28 May 2023

10 Nutritional and Life Lessons from My Pet Gigi

Yes, Pets are friends to many, interestingly, more and more people are beginning to find interest  in Pets especially dogs, for various reasons especially Security.  There could be many reasons and benefits why you should reconsider your decision in not wanting a pet or puppy around you.  If there is anybody that hated them most, I was one.  Today however, that has changed.  I am a pet lover, infact, I consider them one of man's best friends.  My pet Gigi 3 months ago gave birth to a puppy we call him Bofi.  After her delivery, have continued to learn life lessons every day from these pets both from the puppy, her mother and the way they both live their lives especially Gigi

1.  Would Never Eat anything, she Meets Dead.

It is most interesting to observe that Gigi would never eat a dead animal, though she appears excited if she happens to do the killing herself, but she is never interested in dead things.  I learned and concluded this when we moved to a Suburb in the city and on an occasion I happen to kill a lizard and brought it to her with hope would eat as I learned that they a scavengers by nature.  She showed no interest even when hungry.  It then occurred to me also that the bible admonished us to stay away from dead animals and should not eat such.  Despite this warning, many are not deterred, they still eat such dead animals either due to poverty or other reasons known to them.  These beings, Gigi in particular will not feed on such.   

2. Would Always Desire a Walk after any heavy Meal

 Why would a healthy fellow go straight to bed immediately after dinner or some heavy meal, of course some of us are  guilty of this on the excuse that we are tired.  We never bother to go for a walk or exercise to aid digestion, yet these beings, these pets, these lower creatures are careful to observe this nutrition and wellness rule.  Gigi would always bark a kind of bark indicating, she wants to go for a walk after a main meal.  This is a lesson I think we should learn and in fact observe.  

3.  Goes on low Carbs. always

As earlier observed in my previous posts on my pet.  She would alway prefer more protein, less carb.  Why, the reason is obvious.  Proteins are for body building, they are needed to repair tissues.  Surprisingly, humans
are not wiser in this regard.  Some are ready to consume carbs throughout the day in different forms, they do not mind the content of what they are consuming, yet these lower beings appear to be wiser, I think we should learn from them, I have gained a lot from Gigi in this regard.  Consider your daily intake of food and as much as possible let your protein be more especially if you are not burning the carbs as much.  

4.  She will always consider her puppy first when it comes  to food .

As a young mother, Gigi is so passionate about her puppy, whenever it comes to food, she quickly allows her puppy to go first.  I began to wonder, how is she so passionate about her puppy and some humans are a bit careless about such precious gifts.  We have heard of some ignorant young girls abandoning their babies or even exchange them for money.   Yet, Gigi is so caring, never selfish and would always consider her puppy first.  Well are your puppies being treated like that?  May be this one is just different, but I definitely love this character of Gigi about life and I think we should learn from it, especially the women folk

5.  She is Quite hostile to strangers

I am actually beginning to reason that being friendly to strangers may not be fashionable any more.  I should be more confident with familiar faces. " It is better to walk with the Devil you Know than the Angel you Do not know", goes a popular maxim .  But what is there in being friendly  with someone unknown to you.  Methinks, there is something here for us as well.  Never be in a haste to befriend strangers.  Study them and their motives first before you give them your heart or else they will betray you.  That is a message and lesson learned from Gigi.  Let us learn from it.
6.  She Learns Mostly by Watching you.

I remember the bible enjoins us to do more of listening than talking, yet we do not take heed to this instruction.  We talk more and listen less.   But come to consider the life of this lower being, they watch more, pay more attention and most times learn by so doing.  She is so eager watching you and ones she watches you do a particular thing with her for at least 4 times, she takes it over and would never be reminded about it, rather she will be the one to remind you.  This is one of the best traits I love in Gigi, and how I wish that all human behave that way.  Despite scoldings several times, we make the same mistake and most times would deliberating not want to change.  We talk more instead of listening or watching like Gigi.

7.  Whatever her Nose detests, Her mouth rejects

Gigi will always sniff whatever comes her way, if her nose would not take it, then, her mouth would neither taste it.  With humans in most cases, the story is different.  when pressed by hunger, we would not bother how it smells but go ahead to eat, only to start running to the doctors few minutes later.  If only you listen well to your instinct, your nose and other organs meant to notify you of danger, perhaps many may be averted.  However, pets appears Wiser in this regard.  Let us learn from them.  They seem to me to be obedient to their creator more than humans.

8.  Gigi is Very Loyal to me and feels Confident also by my Presence

 If you will be very sincere if you are a dog owner, you will confess that your pet appears excited with your presence at  times than your own children, your spouse, your parents, or your best of friends out there.  These are the ones that reveals your secrets.  No  wonder the bible says, a man's enemies are members of his household.  It is no longer news, when you consider various testimonies of faithfulness shown by pets to their owners even in death surpassing  that shown by humans.  Are you loyal to your Maker?  Are you confident in His Presence, Are you loyal to your spouse, parent, employer etc.  Let us learn from them.  Loyalty is a virtue.

9.  She prefers Natural Foods as against Processed Foods.

 Do you prefer natural foods or highly processed foods?   She prefers fermented Garri to bread, she prefers rice to noddles, she prefers beef to other processed foods.  She seem to have added force to my belief that unprocessed foods are best for us.

10.  She and her puppy would always prefer to stay under my seat or a shade.

Why is Gigi and her puppy always preferring under seats and sheds, well the reason is unknown to me, however, I may think it has to do with protection and security consciousness,  I consider this as a lesson also. We should  be security conscious at all times.

The points stated are peculiar to my pet Gigi.  Gigi is a German Shepherd, yours may be different.  I have chosen to share this here because they are interesting lessons about life which may be overlooked by many including pet owners.  You may wish to share your own experience or lessons if any from your pet, it may benefit us as well.

Saturday, 27 May 2023

My Top Gut Healing Foods



One of the fastest way to recover from any element is to to heal our gut first.   Life is actually in the gut, if our gut health is healthy it is difficult  for any disease to overcome us no matter how bad our situation may be, a  healthy gut ensures proper digestion, absorption and excretion of the waste generated when we consume foods.  With  such a gut,  we can resist any infection or any attack on our health.  Having realized this truth, I decided to pay particular attention to my gut health especially when my immune system is down.

 Here are my top gut healing foods in the recent years :

1.  Cold Pressed Coconut Oil: This is one of my best oils, whenever I want to fight and recover or take  my health back,  I always work hard on my gut health  by introducing cold pressed coconut oil moderately.  It is always my first choice because it is a disease-fighting oil, it kills yeasts,  reduces bad cholesterol, and bacteria activities .  I usually take on empty stomach about one teaspoon first in the morning or last thing at night as it enhances quality sleep too.

 2.  Green Bell Peppers:  Green bell pepper is low in calorie and is also a disease-fighting food I use it also whenever I'm struggling to get my immune system back though slightly more expensive than other peppers,  but I usually go for it because our health comes first.  

 3.  Fresh Carrots: We know  carrotπŸ₯• is rich in vitamin A,a powerful antioxidant for fighting diseases including cancers bell pepper is also high in vitamin A so all vitamin A rich foods are also good when trying to recover my gut but the most common and available ones are bell peppers and carrots.

4.  Okro:  Okra also  known as ladies fingers is not among my favourites but when there are issues with my gut including ulcers, I consume more okro.  Some people  soaks the okra overnight mostly for managing high blood sugar and other conditions but I usually use in my cookings, it does not really taste nice to me when soaked, except when one is extremely sick and need it to recover.  Sometimes I also as add other green veggies to the  okro soup or  few other  green veggies.  It is great for bad cholesterol probably enhanced by the mucilaginous nature of okro.

5.  Fresh Tomatoes:  This low calorie veggie is also helpful but usually in moderation.  It is also one veggie I cannot consume daily for several days, unless mixing it with greens or else, it seems quite sharp when taken alone in stews over a long time, though this experience may vary with persons, but that is how ir goes with me.    But it's low calorie and digestibility makes me go for it when the gut seems sick, or needs help. Best when it  is in season.

 6.  Boiled egg: This is another nutrient dense low calorie, vitamin A rich food I consume regularly especially when my gut needs support.  Low calorie fat free foods are best when our gut is weak and chicken is one of such foods and easily available, though guinea fowl egg is okay too but it is seasonal, comes and goes.  It is great for diabetics, reducing belly fat, healing ulcers and many other benefits without increasing bad cholesterol as was erroneously believed before. 

7.  Apples: With me the Old adage that an apple a day keeps the doctor away still holds true.   when it comes to recovering  my gut, apples especially green apples are usually included,  one apple a day helps in pulling out even long standing toxins out of the gut and  removing them though the colon.  Here is  something I have also been doing to avoid contacting chemicals which usually accompany some of this much love fruits which Apple is one of them, I wash well and check the body to remove any rot or blemish.   Also we know some people spray all kinds of preservative for longer shelf life. So I very well remove part of the peels .

8. Cucumbers:  This  is another easily digestible food fruits or vegetable as some choose to call it., which helps to tackle constipation, contains no sugar,  that is one reason I love the Cucumbers  but also usually remove the peels because the peels s are harder to digest and a few times I tried taking  it caused irritation for me so I tell my followers also to remove their own pills because so many things are sprayed on the cucumber before it is matured to avoid pests, though I am aware that without the pills  I am missing out on some of the nutrients.

 9. Cabbage cabbages another fat-burning food that is not Known to many as another food that is rich in vitamin K rich Alicia suspect if I suspect that something like ulcer is showing up some feelings like that and it attacks and then I just have to include cabbage moderately because it's high in sugar so I normally include it for a few days and I stop the content is her younger adult can take it but other adult should be wear of sugar another food is onions Conan's is another super food for recovering got held for me because it helps also to use a prebiotic food just like cabbage to is a prebiotic helping to feed the Elder gods the healthy bacteria is he have to feed them so I took it lightly put a plenty of it in my mouth and before whenever I feel my God said is under attack attack cause constipation as well another food is 

10. Chia Seeds:  This seed may not be popular with some people but since I began consuming it.  I am really loving it, though it does mot taste nice but when recovering health is what matters, I go for Chia seeds, usually soak for a few hours about half tablespoon or a teaspoon and half and consume in the morning before or after breakfast since it lowers blood sugar too.  I really recommend it for diabetics and prediabetics.   Since it reduces sugar in the blood, It makes the seed even more beneficial  because sugar in the body is one of the top feeders of disease so it helps to reduce the activity  of bacterias and supplies uncommon nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids, calcium and even protein.

11.   Garlic:  Garlic is another food often  used whenever I want to recover my gut health, and already know  that is a superfood when it comes to  fighting bacterial especially the resistant strains of it.   I eat raw garlic  on empty stomach or two or three cloves  and these days I Chew and swallow  it instead of just  chewing since it is quite hot.  This is  in addition adding garlic  in my cooking to enhance the taste of my meals and other benefits:  Mostly ripe bananas, in moderation, because riped bananas are eaten raw.  I take both  the unriped and riped bananas,  they are both great for gut health and boosting immunity.  Being good sources of B6.  However. I take more of the unriped these days and the riped bananas less frequently though I try not to leave it entirely out of my diet but with caution because of its sweetness.   

13.  Avocados:  avocado is a seasonal food we all know is a superfood and  dense in nutrition too. With powerful ant inflammatory, antifungal and anti diabetic properties. most of the time I use it moderately to to heal my gut because it is packed full of healthy fats. vitamins and  nutrients that fight disease and resist infections.

14.  Sweet Potatoes:   Another food is sweet potatoes I love to take it whenever I feel my moon system is under attack or not, it is one of my favourite carbs especially the pupple sweet potatoes. though its not so common here.  Sweet Potatoes is rich in Anti oxidants Vitamins A and E, also potassium and fibre which all support gut healing and immune boosting generally.  It also does spike my blood sugar which I take in moderation with other greens.

15.  Black Eyed Cowpea:   This  is a form of beans in the Legumes family and rich in protein which is more easily digested when compared to most legumes.  It is also good for managing blood sugar and blood pressure in addition to providing nutrients for gut healing.  I usually cook it with onions, garlic and sometimes add green beans and little red palm oil, cayenne pepper and it taste great.

16.  Fermented Foods:  Fermented foods in moderation especially millet or soghurm are great for gut healing as it helps increase the number of healthy bacterias, hoevet we must beware of consuming too much fermented grains because it eventually gets converted to sugar.  Yoghurt is great too, but it is better made at home because most supermarket yoghurts are filled with flavours and sugars which are bad for our gut. However, if we can find a good supermarket yoghurt with live cultures and low in sugar, its okay too, but I hardly find a good one.  Plant based in always my first choice for gut healing.

17.  Bitter Herbs: I have also noticed that sometimes,  all the gut is asking for is little bitters.  In that case, I always go for bitterleaf, sometimes I boil the washed leaf and take as tea or use to make our traditional "Ofe Onugbu" Occasionally, I also chew bittercola.

18.  Cayenne Pepper:  This is one of my everyday pepper and healing foods.  Cayenne pepper is for blood circulation and contains nutrients like vitamin A, in addition to these, it is a yeast killing food.  Too much yeast sometimes reduces and weakens gut health too but peppers like cayenne kills off some while improving blood circulation which makes nutrients reach all the organs resulting in healing.  

Summary:  There are various other fermented foods and bitters, greens and other foods that helps restore our gut balance, if there is anyone,  you are currently using, kindly drop at the comment, someone may gain from it.  In all, moderation is our rule.

Thursday, 25 May 2023

Top Health Benefits of Corn Silk


Resorting to natural means in solving health issues is no longer  news today  because most natural remedies and herbs has proven to be more Potent not only in providing relief but provides more lasting solutions to most  ailments that trouble us these days.  One of such emerging herbs is corn silk,  before now  not much was known about corn silk as it was usually thrown away as a waste, but today, that has changed,   we  know that corn silk  is a very important aspect of our much loved corn,  so when next you get your corn, preserve the silk neatly and also use as tea because of its numerous health benefits.

Here are the top health benefits of corn silk  irrespective of the colour because some come in purple,  some come in white but not much has been told about the varying colours of corn silk but generally these are the benefits that have been confirmed by most  user of corn silk for health:

1.   Prostate issues:   Prostate enlargement and prostate cancer is becoming quite  common amongst our men, middle age. older men alike and it's always difficult to find something that can minimize the pains or the discomfort of prostate but thanks to God for this low calorie light anti-inflammatory natural drink that has proven as testified by users that it helped to shrink or reduce further enlargement of the prostate due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties

2.  Managing of High Blood Pressure:   Blood Pressure also has shown a lot of positive signs and improvements when corn silk  is boiled and taken because it's a source of potassium, vitamin C and other beneficial nutrients that helps to support High Blood Pressure.  In addition, it is naturally caffeine and sodium free which benefits high blood pressure.

3.  Weight loss:  If you are looking for how  to lose weight, this drink is  very good because of its low calorie and antioxidant-rich components which benefits overweight persons.  Overweight person can take advantage of it  especially when it is in season, it has numerous other benefits.

4.  Malaria Attack:   Another area that  It is beneficial is treating malaria.   Malaria is a common ailment in Africa and when treatment is not total it keeps reoccurring because of low immunity, but  consuming or making tea out of corn silk just a tablespoon of it will usually minimize the discomfort always associated with malaria including pains , headaches and other uncomfortable symptoms, It will also help reduce inflammations and fever which usually accompany malaria attacks.

 5. Urinary Tract Infections:   It is also great for those who are managing  Urinary .  tract infection or such ailments like bladder related issues.  It helps in increasing quantity of urine and pushing toxins out in the process.   UTI are becoming common even among our youths and older adults as well.  We can occasionally take this drink when in season to help support these organs even if we do not have the disease.

6.  Kidney Problems:  Corn Silk is also great  for those managing kidney problems, It  is so beneficial because, it it is a caffeine-free drink and has a lot of antioxidants that helps to dissolve things like kidney stone.

7.  Managing Gout:  Gout can be very distressing when it strikes,  It is also  another form of  arthritis pains.  Usually,  when we eat more of meat, proteins and other  uric acid forming foods and they crystallizes around the joints and becomes swollen and painful.  Taking this tea can help  reduce the inflammation and pains as well as other uncomfortable discomfort that comes with it.

8.  Managing Diabetes:  Those managing diabetes will also benefit from taking this drink because it helps to reduce weight gain and body mass which is common among diabetics which are part  of the things that leads to complications or may make diabetes management difficult. So taking it will reduce weight and provide antioxidants needed to improve immunity and resist diabetes and other diseases.

9.  Heart Health:  Those who are dealing with heart-related issues will also benefit from this low calorie drink rich in Vitamin  C and potassium.  Vitamin C in this  natural drink helps also in neutralizing free radicals which makes heart problems worse.   

10. Help Fight Inflammations:   at all points and at all levels these are just a few of the ways concert support and boost our immune system there are several other ways you may boil it and drink it just give it a try to improve health generally.

11.  Reduce Bad Cholesterol:  Persons with high cholesterol can safely include occasional tea made with corn silk in their diet to help improve health and reduce bad cholesterol being low in calorie and with zero cholesterol. 

12.  Manage Stress and anxiety:  There in increase in stress, anxiety and several other ailments worsened by our lifestyle and bad food choices.  This seasonal food  will surely improve and reduce stress as it has zero sugar, sodium and fat. These make stress and anxiety worse.

13.  Boosts Immunity:  In fighting inflammations, reducing body weight and supplying essential antioxidants like vitamin  C, the immune system is stronger and better positioned to resist and fight diseases.

Summary:  It is important to wash our corn silk properly better in a running tap to  avoid sand and dirts  which may accompany it  it.  It is also best to use fresh silk when it is in season though we can also room-dry it and store in a cool dark place with a container and close tightly.  

Preparation is easy, a tablespoon of fresh or dried corn silk. Add freshly boiled water, allow to brew and drink after sieving.


Wednesday, 24 May 2023

12 Top Foods that helped me heal of stomach ulcer

 Here are my top 12 foods for healing stomach ulcers. Nowadays, there are so many cases of stomach ulcers and the reason is because of our lifestyles and food consumption habits, so it is important to let us know that stomach ulcers are curable. You can be healed by changing your lifestyle and incorporating these 13 foods into your diet in moderation. I have tried it, and it worked for me.

 1. Fresh carrot πŸ₯• carrot is an alkaline food, as we all know that most ulcers are worsened if not caused by acidic environment in the stomach so carrot contains nutrients that helps especially vitamin A and other nutrients including iron that help speed up the healing of stomach ulcers it is also an anti-inflammatory low calorie veggie. it is best when even when blended with cabbage fresh cabbage and taken on an empty stomach before having your major meal but you must ensure that the next food should be protein rich because protein is the building block it is protein that the body needs to repair the dead cells, so combining fresh carrots and cabbage is a great combination if you want to be healed of stomach ulcer 

2 Boiled egg, boiled egg talking of chicken eggs is another anti-inflammatory food so many people have been avoiding eggs because of cholesterol and Misinformation but research is showing that boiled egg not fried egg is one of the top anti-inflammatory foods very high content of vitamin A and other nutrients including protein again it has complete amino acids is a great food for healing stomach ulcers I used it and I am still taking it. One boiled egg in a day is okay. Moderation should be the rule though it is a source of cholesterol but not bad cholesterol research has shown that the cholesterol from eggs does not increase cholesterol as we are made to believe. 

  3. Green vegetables: Green vegetables is another alkalizing foods again and they help to heal stomach ulcers whether the ulcer is gastric ulcer peptic ulcer or duodenal ulcer whichever. Green vegetables lightly cooked has so much of the nutrients and minerals to help heal stomach ulcers I prefer to take it as last thing at night prepared to take it as an evening as a dinner meal before going to bed, you ensure to add garlic. 

 4. Garlic: Garlic is another alkalizing food that helps to heal or speed up the healing of stomach ulcers when you take raw garlic in an empty stomach it help to kill bacterias that that can help or contribute to increased pain and inflammation which does not help the healing of stomach ulcers including garlic helps to strengthen the bones as well and what is alsk important is helping to reduce the activities of yeast and other fungals that may try to make the condition worse. 

 5 Cabbage:  Another food is cabbage cabbage and has already been highlighted. It goes well with carrot cabbage juice if you are overweight and that may have contributet. The excess weight may have made the ulcer to be worse, garbage will help to alkaline the body, will help with weight loss too and then when you combine it with carrot also they are great. the synergy is great for healing because cabbage is a source of vitamin K which helps to stop internal bleeding and speed up healing if it was a bleeding ulcer to help to heal it and provide nutrients needed like vitamin K heal it and stop the bleeding and other food. 

6 Cayenne pepper:  Yes, we have been misinformed all these years that the real cause of ulcer is Peppers. Yes, too much pepper, if there is too much of everything it is bad for you c but Cayenne peppers when taken in moderation is a super food for healing of stomach ulcers I have benefited from it. it could be fresh cayenne pepper it could be dry but whenever you have the opportunity make use of fresh cayenne pepper it's a great food to improve circulation it's also a source of vitamin A and it also helps alkalize the body and delivers so much nutrients without calorie. note that the absence of calorie is one of the positive points of this foods that are great when you are healing stomach ulcer it's not good to include food that are heavy and does not have nutrients. 

 7  Yoghurt:   Plain Yoghurt is another super food for healing, talking of plain unsweetened yoghurt without sugar and high flavoured yoghurt that you see everywhere today in the market but if you can get plain yoghurt non-sweet yoghurt with real live cultures I mean probiotics and take. It makes a great addition to help repopulate the gut to enable you stand against stomach ulcers and to heal existing stomach ulcer. plain non sweet yoghurt has nutrients that is easier to absorb than ordinary regular milk. So as much as many of us resorted to using milk because we were also misinformed that milk is the healing food for stomach ulcer which we tried including myself but now we know better that though it may provide a symptomatic relief something like that but it does not in the long-run provide the needed healing that we need but it provides something like a covering a covering temporarily on the face of the ulcer or the wound but it is  not easily digested and is. inflammatory. But Yoghurt is a better food because of the fermentation that it has gone through, get a good one include it in your diet if you are going through stomach ulcers.

8 Sweet Potatoes:  Though sweet potatoes  is a starchy food but is dense in  nutrition. It is anti-inflammatory and a source of vitamin A when we are talking of healing stomach ulcers we must consider seriously the antioxidant vitamins A vitamin E and vitamin C and these are the power points of these foods  that are have mentioned including sweet potatoes which is a powerhouse of most of these nutrients.

9. Cold Pressed Coconut oil:   Coconut oil which is also a alkalizing  oil is great for healing ulcers because of the healthy fats and so most healthy fats are also great when you want to heal stomach ulcers but cold pressed coconut oil is particularly good because it's a source of lauric acid papric acid and medium chain fatty acids and these are rare in nature so they help to kill bacterias, reduce  activity  of yeasts ans help strengthen the cell wall talking of the cell membrane that will help you to stay healed it is  also an easily digestible oil and then it's one food that gives you quality energy I mean energy from  real fat resource.   So include it in moderation because too much of it may not give us the expected  result.    

10  Black Eyed Cowpe:  A member of the Legumes family  one of the top foods that help to heal a lot of ailments because of its an anti-inflammatory nature and properties where precisely I love this food  because  It is a source of protein.  Protein is not so common I mean plant-based protein.   Protein is needed for healing and black eyed cowpea is  loaded with other nutrients that help  to fight stomach ulcers and stop the reoccurrence. 

11  Fermented Millet:  Fermented Millet another top foods for healing ulcers , there could be other fermented foods we already talked about yoghurt, others are on form of condiments for soups and stews.  Yoghurt is made with  milk which we know is animal-based but this millet  is a superfood when you ferment it like corn and others cereals.  Maximum of 3 days fermentation,  it does not produce gas. It is easily digestible and above all It is a source of protein.   and  contains all the B group of vitamins which is needed for energy production  except vitamins A and C so you may even have to take it conveniently with egg and then back up with vitamin C or the vitamin C food sources to help you get complete nutrients for the healing of your stomach ulcers.

12 Plantain:  Unriped Plantain. the latest people have a described is taking  the peels also and all of that but whichever way you take a ripe plantain or unriped plantain I tell you it has nutrients like  resistant starch so it's not so easy to digest but if you can blend it or find a way it's a super food you can make porridge out of it you can take it in any way. It is  super food for healing of ulcers. Moreso  it's a good source of vitamin A and vitamin B6 

13 Ripe Banana:  Banana is a super food you can take it because it is a raw food, but should be taken in moderation especially if you  are   sugar conscious. It contains  substance that helps to cover the stomach ulcer and  is easily digestible and provides strength because it's a source of the B group of vitamins.  There are other foods like Okro soup, blackseeds and water therapy that helps speed up healing of stomach ulcers.

Summary.  It is important to reduce stress and other lifestyle that may increase or reduce or delay the healing of stomach ulcers but above all besides all  these including all these with water therapy will ensure that you are healed and not only dled you will remain healed as long as you take these things in moderation moderation is our rule

Tuesday, 23 May 2023

When to Boil Soursop Leaves as Tea and Drink


Here are some  occasions when you can buy or pluck some soursop leaves tea, fresh or dried boil  and drink due to these numerous health benefits: 

1.  Treating cancer:  Thanks to its high  antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties.  One of the fastest way to kill a disease is to starve it, Soursop leaves tea is one of such foods that Starves cancer and similar diseases because it has zero calorie, no sugar, salt or caffeine.  It also Starves yeasts which also help feed cancer.

2.  Stomach ulcer:   it is also great in managing cases like stomach ulcers because it has no caffeine and it helps to reduce pains also that may be due to the stomach ulcers and if bacteria are worsening it, can also reduce their number. 

 3.  Infections and Parasites:  If you are managing infections of all kinds, and it is frequent, Boiling few leaves of soursop whether fresh or dried leaves locationally to drink may help reduce frequency, mostly due to it's antibacterial, antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties that are naturally occurring.

4.  Managing High Blood Pressure:  High blood pressure is common these days and a lot of people are on medications but many are not aware that common tea made by boiling about 5 fresh or dried leave of in a cup of water and drinking can help lower their blood pressure. It is becoming very popular among those suffering high blood pressure because of its efficacy efficacy in  bringing  down blood pressure and preventing complications arising from frequent rise in blood pressure including kidney related diseases 

5.  Arthritis and Gout:   Arthritis those is common amongst  older adults , usually associated with wear and tear around the joints.  Being overweight may increase the risk, some are  genetic.  Gout is also a type of arthritis caused by build up of uric acids crystal in the joint.  Diet high in purines, usually meat , seafoods or obesity can predispose us to gout.  Certain medications such as diuretics can increase the riskof gout by increasing uric acid levels in the body.  Whatever be the cause, those who suffer arthritis and gout  have also testified of positive results while drinking soursop tea so taking this thing occasionally will reduce inflammations and reduce symptoms of gout and similar conditions generally.

6.  0steoporosis:  Osteoporosis is a disease common amongst women, a kind of  sudden cracking of the bones and it usually  occur during the menopause years, low calcium is often fingered as part of the cause especially leading to complications, low calcium and other minerals that supports supports bone strength makes Osteoporosis worse.  Also excess body weight and mass.  Soursop tea has shown great benefits in this regard also as women who are drinking soursop the  tea have testified lower incidence or lower cases of menopause issues  or bone related problems.

 7.  Menopause Problems:   Women at menopause do have a lot of health issues. complications and all kinds of ailments  most of them due to weight gain which follows the menopause and comes with its own challenges but including soursop tea occasionally will reduce weight gain  and other reduce  most ugly symptoms during menopause such as constipation.   I have personally experienced it that  whenever I  take soursop tea it helps to cle my colon and releases constipation.

8.  Control Diabetes:   We all know thatc when the body is not able to produce insulin as it is  expected, then type 2 diabetes is on ground.  Type 2 diabetes  affects men and women alike but  appears common among older  women.  and including a low-calorie tea with anti-inflammatory benefits and other antioxidants like sour tea goes a long way in reducing cases of complications of high blood sugar in both type 1 or type 2 diabetes.   It has shown positive results with   those who are taking the tea 

9.  Managing Fibroids:  One of the most frequently occurring sicknesses among  mature women is fibroids a lot of women also have testified of positive results regarding the fibroids especially after taking the t several weeks and then going for the test they have realised that the growth have not only reduced but the symptoms also that accompany it including paint have also reduced so a lot of people have also been aware that

10.  kidney Problem:   Those who suffer kidney disease have also benefited by drinking soursop tea this also extends to bladder related issues and are you passing of urine or less urine you can also include it one of the powerful points of this thing is that better it is naturally caffeine-free and then it has a low calorie wait and this are the strong points that makes it able to find it has no sodium or sugar these are the things that helps to fight disease and they're all in this one particular thing it's also got supposed god helps those who suffer gut issues in digestion and leaky gut malabsorption syndrome and all such problems also have shown positive results when they started taking soursop leaves tea it also helps to boost immunity generally why do you not love this

11.  Anti Aging Benefits:   I have personally noticed that each time I take soursop tea, I do usually feel good.   I feel well and  strong and  my system is free, when I go to the loo,  I usually  notice an improvement in my skin look, usually  looking more youthful and  more vibrant because the soursop tea.  It help to clear a lot of things out of the body which cause disease for us.

12.  Conclusion:  it's important to also highlight that those who have low blood pressure should take this  tea cautiously because it is very important in reducing blood pressure so we have noticed that those who have normal or usually have case of low blood pressure have observed unusually and on inadequate level of the blood pressure which is not at the healthy point so we should take it cautiously especially if you are  in this category.  You  should beware  of soursop leaf tea and take it once in a while taking it frequently may  drop your blood pressure which may require even treatment to bring it up again.   Moderation remains our rule.

Monday, 22 May 2023

Top Reasons Why I use only Fresh Tomatoes πŸ… ⁶

Introduction: Here are top  reasons why I use only fresh tomatoes instead of the canned ones and it  is actually important to always opt for natural foods and we all know the health benefits of fresh tomatoes including increasing our iron level in the body.  Though canned tomatoes is becoming more popular with some in satchets  and others in cans but many are not aware that these sachets or  packaged tomatoes contains harmful things by reason of the containers used in the packaging.  Tomatoes on its  own is a very healthy low calorie vegetable that we should enjoy moderately. 

Here are  top reasons why I have resorted to use the only fresh versions of tomatoes to cook my meals so as to enjoy all the benefits of tomatoes. 

1.   Reduce the risk of Gallstone:   gallstone is not so common but can be very very distressing when It strikes,  including fresh tomatoes has been known 2 support the pancreas and other internal organs in order to avoid the risk of gallstone which may affect us especially the older adults.

2.  Prostate Problems:   Fresh tomatoes as we all know makes a great addition for those who want to avoid ailments like prostate enlargement and similar inflammations all due to its high potassium content and other nutrients such as lycopene or if you're already going through prostate  health problems,  including fresh tomatoes in your diet regularly will definitely help you to reduce the symptoms and prevent further complications.

3.   Diabetes Management:  It is  also great for diabetes though it is a source of naturally occurring sugar but fresh tomatoes is a source of fibre it's a low calorie food and contains a lot of nutrients that support diabetes management.

4.  Cleaning of Arteries:   if you suspect  clogged arteries and you want them to clear, I have personally observed that consuming fresh tomatoes shows physical signs that the artiers are ckeared by merely including fresh tomatoes.

5.   Reduce Signs of Aging:   It helps with  the making of collage by supplying nutrients needed to make the skin  look fresher, younger and firmer.   Everyone loves this benefit as no one wants to look older than their real age.  

6.  Source of Iron:  iron I have said before that iron tablet iron capsules are not advised for older adults because of the fact that they are easily toxic when not absorbed  for various reasons. and. may even be inflammatory in  most cases.  So one of the foods you can rely on to get iron naturally is fresh tomatoes.

7. Fighting Inflammations:  Those battling with inflammations  at any level or part of the body including  cancers  can moderately enjoy your tomatoes because it has a lot of antioxidants that will reduce  inflammations which makes things worse when facing health challenges.

 8.  Supports Heart Health:   It is a great source of heart supporting nutrients, more so that it is low in calorie and a source of fibre, as a result of this, those who suffer heart issues or who want to prevent or avoid heart problems can include fresh tomatoes in their regular diet to strengthen this part of the body.  

9. Colon Health : Try including  fresh tomatoes if you need to to support your colon as this makes a healthy addition.    It provides fibre needed to clear the colon by  removing waste. When  toxins are much in the body the constipation and other toxic feelings  tend to be worse, making my system slow, but the including  fresh tomatoes helps the body to clean up or put all these waste out of the body through the  colon with the help of the fibre.

10.  Helps with Cholesterol:  it also helps in  to clearing or reducing  bad cholesterol. All due to the presence of fibre and its zero fat.   The bad cholesterol needs fibre to be pulled out of the body especially fibres like those found in fresh tomatoes it's a great source of food for those who have high cholesterol.

11.  Liver Support:  It makes a great addition for liver support being low in sodium and zero fat.  It is a good food for liver health, again it is naturally caffeine free.  it does not contain fat on his own unless  fats comes in through added oils or fries.

 12. Reduce weight:  Those trying to loose weight can also add fresh tomatoes moderately due to its rich antioxidants and low calorie.  It is also a source nutrients to helps reduce free radical activities in the body, however only when it is taken as fresh and not from cans or other packaging that introduces harmful agents in the body.

 13:  Surprisingly, it supports fight against Diabetes:  Fresh tomatoes is naturally sweet and may seem like a bad idea to suggest it for diabetics or prediabetics but surprisingly,  it contains antioxidants needed to fight diseases reduce weight gain and ward of diabetes when taken in moderation.  It is best to use only fresh foods especially fresh tomatoes if managing any ailment such as diabetes.

14;  Avoid Harmful Chemicals:  This is actually my top reason for avoiding canned tomatoes and most canned foods in my home, BPA and other harmful chemicals contamination which affects our health negatively.

Summary:  It is important to take every thing in moderation because too much of everything is bad including the healthy foods too.

Saturday, 20 May 2023

How and Why I Returned Rice to my List of Foods

Introduction: If you are prediabetic or have a family history or diabetes, rice is one of the foods you try to avoid, by avoiding rice especially unpolished local rice or brown rice makes you loose out on all the health benefits. you will actually continue to avoid foods and its endless until you acquire more knowledge on the way out and besides, rice is one food we enjoy eating apart from its numerous health benefits. 

With a family history of diabetes, I deliberately avoided this food for some years but recently found a way to return it to my list and here are some of the reasons of How and Why: so if you want to enjoy your rice without the expected spike in blood sugar, there are several ways you can do it and  that is what I have been doing lately.   Here are some of  the ways I consume my rice without the expected rice in blood sugar:

 1.   Chia seeds:  I take soaked chia seeds  before the rice  meal or after the meal, usually half a tablespoon soaked for a few hours or just 1 hour is okay. 

2.  Cinnamon powder:  While cooking my rice, I usually add a sprinkle of Cinnamon powder to my rice especially towards the end of the cooking.  It has nutrients to support the body with natural insulin production which supports type 2 diabetes.

 3.  Cloves:   I also take some cloves.  Cloves is one of the spices that shows positive result when it comes to managing blood sugar.  I have personally tested it and found it really works, this is in addition to other benefits including fighting viral infections, strenghtening bones too.  

4.  Adding  My  turmeric, ginger and cinnamon  {Anti inflammatory mix}: I  sprinkle or add to the white rice or to the jollof rice.  This home made combo is highly anti inflammation and the synergy of these three spices that fights inflammations helps make my rice diabetics friendly.

5.  Lots of Leafy Greens: Adding plenty of green vegetables and also  ensure that there is chicken or enough protein in it makes it less likely to affect blood sugar negatively.

6.  Using Healthy Fats:  I usually prefer the unpolished rice or brown rice which has a lower glycemic index using only healthy fats  when cooking your rice also helps  in blood sugar management I prefer to use my organic peanut oil or sometimes coconut oil in small amount in absence of coconut oil you can use the red palm oil in moderation.  Olive oil is good but does not stand heat like peanut oil though both are almost similar in terms of profile.

7.  No Frying it:  Remember  that frying your stew is not good for diabetics,  pre-diabetics or if you are health-conscious you should  not fry your stew, do not use artificial taste enhancers or bouillon cubes.   Use only natural ingredients, sea salt, cinnamon, turmeric, garlic, ginger to bring out the natural taste of your rice adding local condiment fermented condiments like our local iru or fermented locust beans or whichever fermented foods you have around you,  adding it will also improve the protein in the diet making your rice well friendly for diabetics and prediabetics.

 Summary:  These are some of the ways I consume my rice lately and here are some of the reasons why  I decided to return rice again,  I noticed that rice is a great source of serotonin which is needed for the brain when you needed sleep especially for menopausal women each time I consume rice, It helps improve my sleep I normally sleep perfectly and refreshingly too.   I also normally feel good energy because it is  a source of B group of vitamins  which is needed for energy generation and other nutrients.  It  does not  clog arteries it does not contain resistant starch like some other starchy foods so if you have been avoiding rice, here are some of my reasons why it's back in my list.

Additionally, it doess not produce gas , or cause gas, easily digestible too.  If taken in moderation   it is relatively moderate in terms of calories so remember that moderation is always our guide and our rule so take moderately and you won't have or notice that spike in your blood sugar. 

My Top Health Benefits of Tamarind


Introduction:  It is important to daily explore ways of improving our health through natural foods especially by including vitamin C rich foods like tamarind.  Here are my top health benefits of tamarind juice which I consume moderately adding spices like clove so as to avoid spike in sugar which we should be mindful of as we age:

 1. >Fighting constipation: Tamarind is great in fighting constipation especially chronic constipation, which is being unable to go to toilet for several days, making toxic level very high in the body which can cause many illnesses. Including tamarind as a juice helps to clear the waste and reduce toxic level in the body thereby improving immunity generally. 

 2. Liver Health: One of the best health benefits of tamarind is supporting liver health. It is a rich source of vitamin C which helps the liver to remove unhealthy fats, reducing cholesterol and all the free radicals that may want to suffocate the liver and prevent it from doing its work. it is a rich source of vitamin C. vitami C is one of the most powerful antioxidants for fighting diseases including cancer and other viruses.

  3.High in Vitamin C< Tamarind is one of the top sources of naturally occurring vitamin C which is readily absorbed in the body and helping to tighten the skin improving sight, improving health generally including tamarind in the diet helps to boost immunity and reduce the activities of yeast and other bacterias that attack us. .

 4. Anti inflammatory Properties: It is a great source of anti inflammatories  By this, it is able to ward off inflammations at all levels. Several inflammations occur in the body body some are known some are unknown some are seen  others are not seen but the high antioxidant level in tamarind helps it to fight inflammations and reduced those things that cause pain make us sick.

5. Anti-aging benefits< It  contains anti-aging properties and by this benefit help to reduce signs of aging this is particularly due to the high antioxidants in this fruit.

6. Cellulites: It  also helps. cellulitis this is one of the  skin-related problems that may occur when we  tend to take too much of fermented foods especially grains.  There  are some other unknown cause of cellulites but those who had taken excess  fermented grains tend to come up more with the complain. they stand the risk of suffering cellulitis on the skin.  if they start drinking tamarind juice regularly,  it usually hasten their recovery from the disease.  

7. Heart Health:  Tamarind supports heart health all because of the high antioxidants in it reducing cholesterol and all the unhealthy fats that tend to cause heart-related problems, heart attack and similar conditions, consumimg tamarind is a great addition for those who have heart related issues or who are susceptible to suffering it, may be due to excess body weight or excess stomach fat because it helps also to reduce excess body weight and overall body mass.

 8.Cold, Cough and Immune Boosting: Tamarind is another remedy that is good for cold, tamarind is great for cold, cough and asthma too, those who suffer these conditions will benefit by including tamarind in their diet moreso that it is a raw food  makes  it to work faster and absorption is almost total as raw foods are usually better absorbed than cooked foods.

9. For Weight Loss : Drinking tamarind juice  for weight loss works well as its high antioxidants ensures that a healthy weight is achieved.  Those who are aiming to lose weight can  include tamarind juice in the dietas  it helps to reduce overall body weight and mass body mass.

10. High blood pressure: It also benefits high blood pressure by including tamarind juice in their diet all due to its high potassium content and zero sodium. These two if in good ratio helps ensure a healthy blood pressure.

11.Stomach Ulcers:  It  also help  heal ulcers especially stomach ulcers.  It  is a known to be a good food for those with stomach ulcers as it contains small amount and other nutrients including vitamin C that helps speed up the healing of stomach ulcers.  

12 Diabetes management:  Surprisingly  it benefits diabetes despite its sweetness but it is better to add spices like cloves or other  blood sugar reducing spices or foods like cinnamon when drinking tamarind juice because it's actually very  sweet if taken alone by diabetics. however, it will make a great addition for diabetes management because of its  low calorie, high vitamin C and other weight reducing and disease-fighting nutrients.

Summary:  In  summary, it is important to note  that because of the high vitamin C content, use of straw is better or recommended because of our teeth it may hurt the teeth if taken frequently without the use of straw so that we do not  develop sensitive tooth due to the acids.

Friday, 19 May 2023

My Anti inflammatory Mix

Tumeric: Tumeric is one of the top anti inflammatory spices with numerous health benefits. it is great for liver health, improving digestion, managing high blood pressure, reducing obesity, reducing age related brain issues, managing diabetes, supporting heart health, improving blood circulation and numerous other health benefits. It is best paired with ginger or black pepper for full absorption. Ginger Ginger is known for its gut benefits, improving digestion, reducing risk of ovarian cyst. improving blood circulation and fighting various inflammation such as arthritis. It is even more effective when combined with tumeric. Cinnamon: Sweet Cinnamon as it is refered to by the Holy Book helps to enhance the taste of foods and helps in diabetes management. Cinnamon also supports heart health, natural insulin production by supporting the body to do its work. Considering the benefits of these 3 spices. I decided to combine the three and the end result is a powerful anti inflammatory mixture which supports my health in various ways, in addition to bringing out the natural tastes in my meals. I add it also to my millet pap,oats and other teas for breakfast. This is in addition to using it in my soups and stews making it palatable. Moderation remains our rule. Despite the benefits, we must take moderately.

Wednesday, 17 May 2023

When you Need to Support your eyes

Introduction Our eyes is one of the most cherished part of our body and most people if they have a choice would rather loose one hand or leg than to loose the eyes. We must therefore consume foods that supports our eyes especially as we age. There are also habits we must desist from in order to preserve our eyes. Here are top foods to help support our eyes

 1. Leafy Greens: Kale, spinach, and other dark, leafy greens are high in lutein and zeaxanthin. These antioxidants protect the macula in the retina of your eye from damage.

 2. Fatty Fish: Salmon, tuna, and other oily fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These reduce inflammation and help prevent age-related macular degeneration. 

 3. Eggs: The yolk of an egg is rich in lutein, zeaxanthin, and zinc. These protect against night blindness, cataracts, and age-related macular degeneration. 

 4. Nuts: Almonds, walnuts, and other nuts are high in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, and zinc, which help reduce inflammation and lower the risk of age-related eye problems.

 5. Garlic is also great for our eyes. Try consuming 1 or 2 cloves of raw garlic before going to bed especially if your eyes needs support or had been under stress. you will notice how the mucus are gathered around the eyes by the time you wake up in the morning 

 6. Citrus Fruits: Oranges, lemons, and other citrus fruits are high in vitamin C and antioxidants. These protect the eyes from free radical damage. 

 7. Carrots: Carrots are high in beta-carotene, a type of vitamin A that gives the vegetable its orange color. This vitamin helps keep the eyes healthy and prevents night blindness.

 8. Whole Grains: Brown rice, quinoa, and other whole grains are high in vitamin E, zinc, and niacin, which help protect against cataracts and age-related macular degeneration.

 9. Mangoes and Pawpaw fruit: These are both high in vitamin A which supports the eyes

 10. Bitter cola: This is is not known to may but each time, My eyes are going through serious stress worsen by poor sleep and screens effect, I go for bitter, just one medium size bittercola for 3 days and it settles it and boosts my immune system. 

 11. Water: Being properly hydrated at all times is another great way to suppport the eyes especial in the morning as water therapy.

  Summary: It is important endeavour to get as much sleep as possible as this also helps reduce stress and support the eyes.