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Tuesday, 26 September 2023

The Bad Sides of Green Tea, You Never Knew

Taking green tea has numerous health benefits,  helping to increase the body's antioxidant reserves to help neutralize free radicals, however despite all the  good things about this health drink, has anybody told you that too much of it is bad too?  Have you been told that it has some ugly sides too?  Here are 12 ugly sides of green tea, you may not hsve been told.

1.  Contains Tannins

The presence of a compound known as tannin in green tea inhibits the absorption of iron in foods that we eat. consumption of green tea after an iron-rich meal can make main compounds in the tea bind to the iron and if this occurs the green tea will lose its potential as antioxidants. Consuming green tea immediately after food can give this effect and if continued over a long period of time.  The individual may suffer from low iron  deficiency anaemia which will weaken the immune system.  To reduce the effect of tannins in iron absorption.  It is suggested we allow one or two hours between meals before taken our green tea or alternatively, about two hours before meals containing iron.  This includes supplement. 

2.  Caffeine

We are all aware that caffeine is a stimulant and can cause other health problems if taken in excess over a long period of time.  Caffeine increases the quantity of acid involved in digestion  and ultimately can cause pain.  Additionally, caffeine being a stimulant is addictive and if addicted to caffeine, other problems such as stomach issues, low water at cellular levels, leading to dehydration at the cell points could arise

3.  The main active  compound in green tea is EGCG,  It is also known to inhibit an enzyme known as myeloperoxidase, which may cause inflammation. But if tea is consumed with an iron-rich meal, EGCG loses its potential to prevent the inflammatory action of myeloperoxidase, thus  leading to inflammation.

4    Headaches

 This is usually  due to caffeine in  green tea.  This  may cause mild to severe headaches.  Excessive consumption of green tea by individual who are already mildly anaemic could cause mild to severe headache.  Apart from headaches, it also causes dizziness. Some  studies show that the maximum consumable dose of green tea in the human body is 9.9 grams every day, which might be equivalent to 24 cups of the tea per day.

5.  Insomnia

one of the problems of caffeine is a problem with sleeping.  This can be avoided by limiting the consumption of green tea or taking the tea only during the morning hours, as the fatal consumption dose of caffeine in it is estimated to be 10-14 grams per day. Drinking green tea too late in a day may also cause this negative  side effect. Obviously, this is due to caffeine which encourages the nervous system and may interfere with sleep.  Patients or individual who suffer insomnia should be cautious about taking green tea as it may make the condition worse.

6. Irregular Heartbeat

Again this is due to caffeine in green tea. Caffeine causes your heart rate to speed-up this may cause irregularly fast heartbeat this situation is known as tachycardia. This situation makes you feel like your heart is pounding in the chest. You are more aware of your heartbeat than usual, it is also known as palpitations this situation could result in pain in chest or angina. An abnormal change in your heartbeat could results a serious health problems.

7. Vomiting

One Indian study is suggesting that green tea polyphenols can cause oxidative stress.  An excessive intake of green tea can cause nausea and in some cases vomitting.  Moderation is better when indulging in green tea.

8.  Heart Burn

Green tea is mildly acidic and can irritate the esophageal lining giving rise to heart burn or acid reflux.  According to a Japanese study , green tea consumption has been linked to GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease.  The caffeine in green was also found to increase stomach acid which  can lead to gastritis.

9.  Tinnitis (Ringing in the ear)

According to the American Tinnitis Association, teas like green tea with caffeine are known to aggravate the condition

10.  Bleeding from ulcers

This is still linked to its caffeine  and high antioxidants.  Persons with stomach ulcers should be cautious with green as excessive intake can aggravate the condition and cause bleeding in severe cases

11.  Risk of Glaucoma

Teas like black or green tea increases pressure in the eyes.  This is said to occur about 30 minutes after taking the tea and lasts as long as 90 minutes.  It advised not to drink green and black tea together as this will increase this effect.   Women already with glaucoma are discouraged from taking green tea or its extract.

12.  High Blood Pressure

High flavonoids in green tea with caffeine, studies are showing that these two when absorbed suddenly upon taking the tea could lead to a sudden rise in blood pressure which may later settle.  So green tea is said to work both ways, for those with low blood pressure it could regulate it, but individual with high blood pressure should beware also of green tea sudden negative effect on the blood pressure.

It is important to state that despite all the above, green from a good manufacturers are still among the safest tea to take by most people due to its antioxidant and no sugar benefits.


Taking in moderation won't do any harm, it is addictive to always want to take green because of its health benefits but always take a break after about 2 or 3 days especially those managing high blood pressure, stomach ulcers and arthritis.  


Monday, 25 September 2023

Home Remedies to get rid of trapped gas.

Gas is a normal part of digestion process. If gas builds up in your intestines and you’re unable to expel it, you may start to feel pain and discomfort. It is quite a painful experience often leading to stomach cramps, bloating, heaviness and heartburn. Infact, I have come to realize that most stomach problems begins with a build up of gas. Anytime you notice gas building up in your tummy or finding it hard to expel gas, try home remedies before bacterias take advantage of the gas build up.  Here are some natural remedies to try.


Fresh garlic works great for those with regular indigestion problems, especially gas. The heating qualities of garlic stimulate gastric fire. You can eat one or two cloves empty stomach with a glass of water or prepare garlic soup.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar offers fast and effective respite from many ailments, especially indigestion and other digestive system-related problems. Drink apple cider vinegar mixed in a glass of warm water to get instant relief in gastric problems.


Turmeric is rich in polyphenols, polysaccharides and sterols which relieve digestive and inflammatory medical conditions. It stimulates the liver to function better and regulates bile flow, thereby improving digestion.


Ginger works great in helping one get rid of gas. You may either eat it raw or add a few pieces into boiling tea kettle. You may also sprinkle small amount of ginger in your food to prevent gas. A teaspoon of fresh grated ginger before your meal will keep gas problems at bay.

Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds are rich in mucilage, a substance responsible for formation of a protective coating on mucus membranes and improving digestion. It not only relieves gas and heartburn, but also strengthens the digestion process. Don’t consume fenugreek if you are allergic, are pregnant or taking anticoagulant drugs.

Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea has relaxing and sedative properties. It is the perfect home remedy for digestive problems. The herb helps to relieve intestinal gas, diarrhea, chronic heartburn, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and motion sickness. Drink two to three cups in a day.


Lemon can be used in many ways. Drinking lemon water or lemon tea is a good way to get some relief from gastric trouble. Adding a pinch of black salt, cumin powder, to your warm water makes a great drink for gastric troubles.

Mint tea or mint oil

Mint oil or mint leaves either by inhalation through steam or direct from your palm also works well in expelling gas.

Fennel tea 

This is another top seeds for eliminating trapped gas, if you consume foods like beans or other gas forming foods better to follow up by drinking fennel tea, it will help in stomach acids production and reduce gas and is accompanying discomforts.

You must also avoid foods that aggravate gas and indigestion or are related to its cause in any way. Those with indigestion problems must abstain from fried and processed foods. Stay away from foods that cause gas, such as wheat products, milk and high-fat foods. Watch out for foods such as beans, brussels sprouts, yam, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, onions, apples, corn, oats, potatoes, pears, prunes and peaches.

 Figure out your sensitivity to foods that are causing gas. Be observant and proscribe those foods from your diet for a while.  We believe in prevention fans.

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Saturday, 23 September 2023

Complications of stomach Ulcer, Foods To Avoid

Continued from part 2

Complications of Stomach Ulcer: 

 Malnutrition: You can become deficient in vitamins and minerals due to low food intake. Immune deficiencies, bone weakness, and skin fragility can all result from malnutrition, but may not be noticeable at first. However, malnutrition is not common in today's world as a complication of peptic ulcers.


An ulcer can eventually wear away at the lining of the stomach or small intestine, causing a perforation (hole), which can leak gastrointestinal fluid into the body. This is an emergency that requires urgent medical treatment.

An ulcer can become inflamed, blocking the passageway of digested food and causing severe dysfunction of the small intestine. Like perforation, this is a medical emergency, in all cases of suspected ulcer. It is best to get adequate knowledge on foods to avoid  foods to eat and other healthy lifestyles to enable ulcer Heal naturally.

Part 3.

Stages of Ulcers:

1. Fresh Ulcers: 

At the fresh stage of ulcers, ignorance makes many run to hospitals where medications like Zantac, tagnet, and proton pump inhibitors are given to use which cause more harm than good.  In some serious cases, they recommend antibiotics.  This is the worst way to address ulcers, in fact most ailments. Never, Never use antibiotics to address health issues except in life threatening cases and that should be just for the dose to save life and return to natural health, even medical doctors are now embracing this truth

Fresh ulcer could start suddenly anytime of the day, some with very severe pains on a particular sport most times radiating to the back.  Mine started as a warning when I was placed on antibiotics all the time to clear typhoid that never cleared, they will always come, the individual will never be free, doctors are helpless too.  It is knowledge of what is going on inside you and how to manage it that sets you free.  The Bible says "ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. That is the reason for a seminar like this. My  own brief testimony shall be added while on this part 3 of the   stages of ulcer

My Stomach Ulcer Story

It started with a sudden fainting feeling after being severally on antibiotics for typhoid and Malaria coupled with intense and prolonged stress.  That fainting feeling kept occurring and going. Then I Ioved green tea a lot. the fainting feeling  occasionally wakes me up suddenly at night leaving me confused about what was happening to me.  Until one occasion after the antibiotics, I was given iron tablets, coupled with Insomnia.  That faithful day discovered I was not having appetite for food and I thought there was no serious problem.  My hubby then bought this spicy hot pepper Soup and suggested it may open up the appetite, though not hungry, I took some and tried eating the goat meat (longthroat) 😁 ended up with serious heartburn and decided on getting home to wash it down with hot green tea with out milk,( ignorance) after the tea about 30 minutes. All that happened landed me on hospital admission. 

2.  Beginning-to - Heal ulcer:

What the ulcer needs to heal is mainly protein like in eggs, yoghurt.  I mean quality yoghurt with life cultures, black-eyed cowpea, cayenne peppers, green vegetable lightly cooked, garlic, garlic.  Remember that at the first or fresh stage. Ginger is a No go area, however at this stage, no to teas, coffee, caffeine, etc. When the ulcer is beginning to heal, occasional ginger is needed.  Garlic will always be a part of your daily diet to avoid bacteria from infecting the wound and to discourage inflammations, so also is ginger.  At this stage and all the stages. It's no, no to carbonated drinks and beverages except on very rare occasions if you are so pressed to take it.  At this stage more protein and fresh fruits and vegetables are  needed to rebuild dead cells fast

3.  Scare of an ulready healed ulcer

This is the location where the ulcer occurred, from time to time, you will feel it if you eat spicy or hot foods. This is not to say that the wound is still there, it is only reminding you to avoid those foods and stuff

Main foods to avoid if you suffer ulcer or suffered ulcer include:

Carbonated drinks and beverages
Too much sugar and salt
Too peppers especially black pepper, cayenne is okay
Going for too long too frequently on empty stomach
Unhealthy fats and vegetable oils
Too much spicy food
Too much tea without milk.
Excessive coffee and caffeinated beverages
Too much medication especially pain killers ibuprofen etc
Too much blood thinners whether in  food or drugs
Too much hot food
Too much stress
Fried foods
Citrus  especially for fresh ulcers and too much tomatoes
No fried foods
Acidic foods, go low on pastas semovita, noodles, spaghetti, etc.

It is also important that you reduce salt, if possible avoid bouillon cubes and artificial taste enhancers.
Reduce sugar too especially simple sugars

 How to void re occurrence of stomach ulcers.

After being healed of
 ulcer, it is necessary, you stay healed by being well informed about ulcer,  know the foods to avoid and triggers of stomach ulcer.

Some of the triggers are:
Fried foods
Spicy hot foods
Too much teas especially containing caffeine
Prolonged stress
Acidic environment
Lack of Probiotics in the diet

In summary, here are Some healthy habits and lifestyle to help you retain your healing of stomach ulcer:

Regular but smaller meals
Reduce alcohol and drugs
Consume more natural and organic foods.
Say No to excess salt, sugar and other stressors
Reduce leafy teas without milk
Reduce caffeine 
Occasional fermented millet pap or yoghurt 
Reduce stress
Get sufficient daily protein, it is the building block
Occasional coconut oil as a therapy on empty stomach
Reduce spicy foods
Cabbage and carrot should feature Occasionally in the diet but be careful because of sugar. Too much sugar is also bad for stomach ulcers, and could trigger 

Friday, 22 September 2023

Foods that Heals Stomach Ulcers, (continuation on ulcers 2)

In part two of this important subject  of  stomach ulcers, we are looking
at :
Symptoms of stomach ulcers
Complications and
Foods that Heals ulcers

1.  What are the symptoms of ulcers? Symptoms off ulcer may vary depending on the stage and location of the ulcer, how ever most common symptoms are:

1. Gassy feeling:  urge to burp most times

2.  Heart burn:  This is a burning sensation in the chest that can even mimic a heart attack. If it frequent regardless of you eat.  It may be a stomach ulcer.  Also, frequent burp or hiccup especially after eating

3.  Dark or black bowel movement, in some cases, blood in the stool.  If this occurs, there may be need to carry out tests to rule out other life threatening issues.

 4. Feeling of hunger:  Hunger  that is so uncontrollable sometimes accompanied by feeling of fainting or almost falling down due to lack strength to move any one inch further may be an obvious sign that a
wound has occurred or about to occur in the stomach.
5.  Vomiting
6.  Pain that radiates to the back
7. Difficulty in swallowing
8.  Pain that does not go even when you take medications, rather gets worse.Some 9.Weight lose, without known cause could be traced to ulcer.

Complications of Stomach Ulcer:

 Malnutrition: You can become deficient in vitamins and minerals due to low food intake. Immune deficiencies, bone weakness, and skin fragility can all result from malnutrition, but may not be noticeable at first. However, malnutrition is not common in today's world as a complication of peptic ulcers.

Perforation: An ulcer can eventually wear away at the lining of the stomach or small intestine, causing a perforation (hole), which can leak gastrointestinal fluid into the body. This is an emergency that requires urgent medical treatment.

Obstruction: An ulcer can become inflamed, blocking the passageway of digested food and causing severe dysfunction of the small intestine. Like perforation, this is a medical emergency, in all cases of suspected ulcer. It is best to get adequate knowledge on foods to avoid  foods to eat and other healthy lifestyles to enable ulcer Heal naturally.

Foods that heals ulcer:

Here are a few of the foods the helps ulcer Heal fast:
1.  Natural foods:  the summary of the foods to help ulcer Heal is anti inflammatory foods and alkaline diet, top on the list are :
Eggs - boiled
Bananas in moderation because it's heavy
Coconut oil, red palm oil, and olive oil
Good yoghurt with probiotics
Iru. Ogiri and other fermented condiments
Millet pap
Cayenne pepper
Black eyed cowpea
All Green vegetables lightly cooked such Ugu, spinach, okro. Ewedu etc
Moringa leaves
Sweet potatoes
Black seeds
Edible cassava root
Turkey meat
Fatty fish
Red palm oil in moderation 
Older adults should occasionally chew about 2  cloves to reduce acidity in the body 
All green vegetables are good for healing stomach ulcers
African oil bean seed, (ogbono)
Alkaline fruits including eggplant
All anti inflammatory  foods are beneficial for ulcers too.

Remember to try and include  all natural foods that are caffeine free because this list is not all there several other foods that are beneficial but ensure that its caffeine free and does not carry much preservatives and flavours.

Thursday, 21 September 2023

Heal Stomach Ulcer Naturally part 2

We have discussed the issue of stomach ulcers at various forums in this blog, however due to frequency of its occurrence among us, it became necessary to look at stomach ulcer again and to Continue to look at various facets of managing Stomach ulcer naturally.  In this part two, we want to look at it under the following headingOuutline
1.  Introduction
2.  How Stomach Ulcers Occur
3.  Most Common Signs, it may be an ulcer

4.  Common beliefs on what causes Ulcer and how long they take to heal

5.  One important factor to look out for 'ACIDITY'

6.  Signs that your body is acidic

7.  List of acidic and Alkaline Foods

8.  What is eating you or What are you eating?

9.  My Stomach Ulcer Story
10.  Miraculous Cabbage and carrot juice - Remedy
11.  Fermented millet and why it works - Remedy
12.  Cold Pressed coconut oil - Remedy
13.  Your Stomach Ulcer Story - from participants
14.  8 Best Foods  to keep stomach ulcers away by the older adult
15.  5 Foods to Avoid by Older Adult to Remain Free from Stomach Ulcer.
16. Questions and Answers

1.  Introduction.  If  you are battling health issues like stomach ulcer or similar ailments and have been on various medications like anti acids.  Do not despair, such was the case of some of us.  No matter the cause or age of your ulcer, one thing more obvious to me now than ever before is the fact that no disease is incurable, including stomach ulcer as long as you identify the cause, withdraw from it and include proper nutrition. You will heal again and remain healed.

2.  How Stomach Ulcers Occur:

The lining of the stomach is a layer of special cells and mucous. Mucous prevents the stomach and duodenum from being damaged by acid and digestive enzymes.
If there is a break in the lining (such as an ulcer), the tissue under the lining can be damaged by the enzymes and corrosive acid. If the ulcer is small, there may be few symptoms. The wound can heal on its own.
If the ulcer is deep, it can cause serious pain or bleeding. Rarely, acids in the digestive juices may eat completely through the stomach or duodenum wall.
Peptic ulcers are very common. They become more common as people age.

3.  Most common signs you may have an ulcer

Indigestion or frequent heartburn
Stomach pain
Burning or dull pain in the stomach, sometimes described as biting or stabbing
Frequently feeling hungry or improved stomach pain when food enters the stomach
Weight loss that is unexpected
Lack of appetite
Constant burping
Frequent need or desire to take antacids
Symptoms of stomach ulcers can also change over time, or in severity.

4.  I have always heard and believed that ulcers are caused by fasting  or going without food for long periods of time, until recently, It is now clearer than ever that so many factors could be responsible for an onset of ulcer. There are different types of ulcers.  Some are internal, some external, such as diabetic foot ulcers which are usually external. In this seminar however, we are concerned with stomach ulcers which are usually internal.  Under stomach ulcers, there are yet varying names used in defining them such as peptic ulcers, gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers or esophagus ulcers.  No matter the cause or location of the ulcer, It is always an unpleasant experience.   In some cases an ulcer may be in existence internally unknown to the affected person.  Usually a strong trigger comes in contact with the part affected, then the symptoms becomes very obvious and the individual feels the ulcer just started.   Many individuals are moving about unknown to them that the have stomach ulcers until a trigger comes.

There are so many beliefs on the cause or causes  of most stomach ulcers.  It is indeed interesting to note that most of these popular beliefs are actually untrue.  Here are some interesting facts about stomach ulcers, which in some cases are not true.  The points listed below are  made based on my own findings and personal experience:

Popular beliefs on causes/management of stomach ulcers.

1. Fasting or going without food is not the only cause of ulcers

2)  On the contrary some form of fasting are beneficial to ulcers  to give the stomach some rest to enable healing take place.

3)  Eating frequently is also not the only main approach to treating your ulcers, it depends on what you are eating or they contribute to stomach ulcer.

4)  Ulcers are not hereditary or running in families as I was made to believe
5)  Stomach Ulcer could  be eating within unknown to you

6)  Stomach ulcers  are curable with adequate nutrition and knowledge

7)  Many factors are responsible for stomach ulcers, most importantly, insufficient protein intake, too much refined carbohydrates and stress.
8)  some knowledge about nutrition is important.

A lot of people have suffered and are still suffering due to ignorance of what exactly they need to do to get healed.

Uncomplicated gastric ulcers take up to two or three months to heal completely. Duodenal ulcers take about six weeks to heal. An ulcer can temporarily heal without antibiotics. But it is common for an ulcer to recur or for another ulcer to form nearby, if the bacteria are not killed.

 Continue from next page.

Wednesday, 20 September 2023

Healthy Foods to Beat Insomnia

Among the nutrients needed for beating insomnia is  vitamin B6.

Food Sources of Vitamin B6

A wide range of foods contain vitamin B6, but meat, fish, and potatoes are particularly rich in this vitamin. Also, breakfast cereals and other types of foods are often fortified with this nutrient. As low levels of vitamin B6 can cause both physical and mental problems, it’s of high importance to consume enough foods rich in this vitamin.

Others are:

Green Peas
Tuna  Salmon
Beet liver
Moringa leaves

Also cereals

Pls Take note that bananas. the yellow fruits have everything going for them. They’re rich in sleep-promoting carbohydrates and tryptophan, but that’s not all. Bananas also contain potassium and magnesium, which can help promote muscle relaxation.

But you must take bananas in moderation because of sugar and calorie.  At times at night. I take just half a banana when insomnia arising from stress comes knocking on my door.

You may try this banana recipe for insomnia

Recipe: Banana tea
Banana peels are rich in potassium and magnesium, but can you imagine eating one? Making a tea from a whole banana is a remarkable way to get all the benefits of these nutrients deliciously. Drinking banana tea helps the blood vessels, as well as the muscles, relax and helps you fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep longer. After drinking the tea, try eating the banana, peel and all – it’s surprisingly yummy.
Simply boil water in a pot.
Cut off the ends of one banana and place it in the water.
Boil the banana for 10 minutes or so, until the peel is soft.
Pour the water through a strainer into a mug and serve with a dash of cinnamon and half spoon of Honey.  Remember, it must not be much.

General Tips to keep insomnia away

Foods to avoid

1. Caffeine beverages, coffee. Black tea, green, cocoa. in moderation only in the morning or afternoon

2.  Avoid brain foods, yams, garden eggs, apples etc

3.  Too much spice and foods that produce stomach acids like ginger

4.  Too much sugar and carbs

5.  No fried foods at all

6.  Tomatoes in not okay for some people at night

7.  Too much onions

More Tips to help with Insomnia


Wake up at the same time each day.

Eliminate alcohol and stimulants like nicotine and caffeine like teas
Limit naps.
Exercise regularly. ...
Limit activities in bed. ...
Do not eat or drink right before going to bed
Make your sleeping environment comfortable.
2.  Eliminate alcohol and stimulants likeg nicotine and caffeine

3. Limit naps
Exercise regularly especially in the morning

4. Limit activities in bed.

5.  Do not eat or drink right before going to bed
Make your sleeping environment comfortable
6.  Do not go to bed hungry or too full at least 3 hours apart from your last meal

7.  Include some healthy  fats or carbs in moderation if you avoid them too much.  Insomnia may show up

8.  Reduce spices especially at night.

9.  Take some soaked almonds just before bed to supply magnesium and calcium needed for quality sleep.

10.  Put off lights in your sleeping room when you want to sleep

12.  Keep your beddings as clean as possible

13.  Meditate on the word of God if you are a Christian or any meditation that suits you.

Moringa leaves whether fresh or dried is one of my best remedies for sustained sleep.  But it should not be taken regularly because the nutrient density is too much.  It is a blood thickener and could raise blood pressure if too much.

Use Moringa in soups and stews as vegetable.  Just a handful.  Wash a little with salt and pound into a paste.  Do not allow much heat just like other green vegetables.  You can also take the dried one as tea.  The dried one is higher is calcium and some other nutrients.  Just half a teaspoon in boiled water in a cup.  Add honey and milk for a rich nourishing drink.

In summary, it is important we always maintain a stable emotion to enable you triumph over insomnia.

Saturday, 16 September 2023

Signs of Acidic body and what to do

Acidic and inflammatory foods like bread, too much starchy foods  store bought vegetable oils, transfats from butters and magarines, carbonated drinks, biscuits etc produces acidic body.  Common signs of acidic body include;

Frequent burping 

Low energy levels 

Spitting blood or blood in sputum especially in the morning

Frequent hiccup that goes and comes again


Weight loss without reason

Difficulty loosing Weight

Frequent headaches


Aches and pains especially around the joints

Frequent heart related issues

Frequent insomnia and other unexplainable symptoms.  If you suspect acidity, then check these tips to help regain your balance, an acidic body is home for most ailments including cancers:

1.  Observe your water therapy with a good water and include a dash of lemon

2.  Include walking exercise moderately at least 30 minutes to help open up the arteries 

3.  Include top alkaline foods, cucumbers without the peels, green vegetables, include raw foods like cabbage, onions, garlic, carrots, bell peppers, green beans and similar veggies, most times they are best consumed raw,

Change your oil, cold pressed coconut oil is best alkaline oil, cold pressed olive oil is good too, but beware of fakes, almond oil is great too.  If you get avocadoes and walnut oils, they are good, but make sure its a good one.  Oils are the most deadly foods if you go wrong in choosing, so be careful in choosing them.  

Get enough  rest and sleep as much as you can.  Insufficient and poor quality sleep produces an acidic body.

Reduce milk in your meals, reduce grains, reduce red palm oil and all processed foods if your body is acidic.

Stay away from carbonated drinks and beverages too

Food is our medicine but moderation remains our rule.

Friday, 15 September 2023

Health Benefits of Turkey


Protein, Protein Protein, I never thought that Protein was scarce until I grew older, Getting enough daily is one of the biggest challenge of our bodies.  In search of Protein, I just remembered turkey meat over the weekend which I  had abandoned for couple of months now.  Here I go, you won't believe it, its my best meat in the animal kingdom fie now,  if there is a change, I will update us.  Here are top reasons why I consider it better that other including chicken.  These are not just what I read but What I found out before going to read and confirmed some of them too:

Weight Management:  

If you  need to lose weight in a healthy way  or weight conscious, it is really difficult to find the right food to help, but  here is a food that can help you lose weight and boost your  immunity as well.   Turkey  meat is light when consumed, it is rich in protein which is needed for weight loss and is also a source of selenium, zinc and a lot of other vitamins it will make a great great addition and the presence of B vitamins also helps it keep your energy level high and normal. Below are  my findings and observations after consuming  the turkey  meat over a 3 days period.  I think  as we grow older our body becomes more sensitive so when next you want to buy meat or you're thinking of  making a choice of protein to include in your diet, you  may consider turkey  meat and then also tell us how you felt after consuming it.


There is a general feeling of calmness throughout the day after consuming the turkey meat especially the brain.   The mind and energy level even quality of  energy after consuming it, there is calmness in the brain there's no need for anyone to come thinking maybe there's something to do for you to find out these feelings, when your own body will tell you just  as mine does too.


 Also  the presence of B6 from the B group and  other B group vitamins makes the entire day or even night calm and most importantly also consuming it in the evening and in the morning also was a test to find out how acidic compared with chicken that this turkey meat will be and it was still great even though following the  next evening it should not be desired if it were chicken. These  speaks volume concerning the  turkey which to me behaves  like an alkaline in the body, being easily digestible.


Symptoms  that tend to distress is also something that menopausal women can benefit from by including turkey in their  because, as it can reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety attacks, tiredness,  insomnia and reduce weight gain, supporting heart health too, enstrogen activities and so many other unpleasant feelings associated with it consuming Turkey  will make a lot of difference to the health of the menopausal women I believe because of its general  calmness in the body.

Great for Blood Sugar:

 It was actually consumed with rice in this case and I remembered the last time I ate rice  in the evening with fish the next morning I checked my sugar it was high, precisely 185 and the same rice was cooked and consumed with this turkey meat  just like in the other case but in the morning I check my blood sugar, it was 95 showing that it has a positive effect on blood sugar and for pre-diabetics so that these health concerns could be helped by including it in their diet, as  even the price difference is not much and switch to  turkey meat and also tell us how you felt or if you were able to check your sugar to find out just like I did before confirming this.  I checked it I said let me check this my sugar because I had a beautiful night sleep yesterday I saw my sugar is usually normal by the time the night is troublesome the sugar will rise up that is always my case, may not be the same with some  other people. 

Great for Blood Pressure 

 As already stated , it is good for high blood sugar and most likely  great for high blood pressure as a result of similar reasons and nutrients. it's because of the protein content and  B vitamins and then the selenium and even the Zinc all these are immune boosting and minerals that most times we are lacking. Thank God for mother nature putting  these peculiar nutrients in it.

Good for Liver Health:

 I am almost   sure  of this benefit due to its relatively low fat  low sodium and  almost zero cholesterol it's a great support for the Liver .  Those who are trying to look for how  to get complete protein, can include  turkey because it will definitely improve their health.

Boosts Immunity:

 Being low in calorie especially compared to chicken  makes it a good immune  booster if you're fighting any disease or trying to boost immunity. consider including turkey.

Easily digestible:

As we get older we are continously searching for foods that are easily digestible.  This appears one of the best aspect of this food, it  is easy to digest you don't expect stomach  gas in the stomach helping relieve constipation though in this case even the skin which sometimes they said don't consume chicken skin and whatever skin I consumed everything with the skin.   

Clean Meat

 Another interesting aspect is not adding to existing  toxic overload, maybe because it's not a common meat.  that people rush  for like chicken because  most of these chicken are already injected with chemicals but I don't think there is much of that in the turkey  industry because not everybody is into Turkey business so maybe this one may be more organic and turkey meat may also be more organic because it's not usually reared  like chicken in mass production whereby injections are being given en mass for them to produce eggs and begin to  hash immediately,  so this may also have contributed to its none toxicity and other benefits which I will recommend for those who are health conscious. It  may also be necessary to vary  it at all times,  chicken, Turkey and all the others even Guinea fowl and others let us be  interchange it because moderation is our rule.


It is a food worth trying and if you are living in your compound, you may consider rearing it too as another stream of income and educate others too.


Tuesday, 12 September 2023

When not to massage your Feet



It is no longer news regarding the benefits of massaging our feet and how it affects our health especially older adults using coconut oil or cold pressed olive oil or any other oil of your choice to massage your feet has great benefits, however, there are few occasions when you should avoid massaging your feet, but before going to that, as a quick reminder, here are some of the benefits of foot massage  before looking at occasions when  we should not massage our feet:  

Foot massage helps improve blood circulation 

It helps reduce pains and inflammations

May help reduce blood pressure 

May bring relief to nerve pains

Improves sleep quality and quantity 

Helps reduce Stress

Helps Reduce Menopause Symptoms

Relieves constipation 

The list of what foot massage does and  other benefits can go on and on especially when combined with the right essential oil, we are already aware that, there are essential oils for various occasions when you want to massage, for instance,  if you are dealing with stress  there are essential oils for that, like  Jasmine oil,  lemon oil,  and then Rose oil lavender oil there are the ones for pain especially those ones that can help like celery oil for pains, mint oil and several other oils that you can use. Oregano oil, ginger oil, Rosemary oil,  to reduce pain, Although most  essential oils work well in reducing inflammations generally, some have similar effects,  whichever occasion you need it for whether you want to reduce your blood sugar for instance if I suspect blood sugar I  normally use mint oil to inhale, yes it helps to tackle insulin resistance I do use it occasionally even midnight and it works in  helping  to relieve gas.  if you are dealing with gas, too much gas in the stomach, it  is good if you use it and massage on foot,  it works and so when you use the right essential oil for foot massage it delivers result very fast and those who have been using it to  massage their feet will testify that it  improves health generally but it is important also to know that there are very few occasions when we should not massage our feet I have personally observed this and thought to share it with us.   Here are few  of the occasions when to avoid foot massage in spite of all the benefits. 

1. Diarrhoea 

when you should avoid foot massage number one diarrhoea during boots of diarrhoea when the body is very sensitive and tender it is risky and dangerous to begin to massage the feet because I have noticed that during diarrhoea if you try to massage your feet you will figure eat more or it gets worse and so when you are managing that area it's advised to not massage the feet so that it does not get worse or trigger more stooling.

2. Vomiting 

 Do not massage your feet also if if you are feeling like vomiting do not massage defeat in my opinion because it may eventually trigger it and cause the vomiting to continue or to take off if it is it about to start so it's during those time is important to leave the legs alone and to pamper it

3.  After a Previous Massage using Essential Oil or any oil

 Another occasion that I have noticed not to massage your feet do not massaging your feet if you had massage your feet before with an essential oil do not massage your feet again on until you have washed off using one water the old massage if you do so you may push back some of the toxins that  are already outside as a result of the massage because the massage also help to support  detox by improving blood circulation some of these things may come out to the surface of the skin and so when you try to massage again you you ,make room for  them to return  back,  yes  they may tend to go back so if you have massaged your feet before and ensure to wash off the first massage because it has carried out some job and you need to wash it off before massaging again or else you won't feel better after that massage again.

4. After Surgery:  

After surgery whether on the foot or other parts of the body, it may be necessary to  foot massage, because the body needs pampering.  Although professional mild form of it could help but must be done by a professional.

5.  During Pregnancy 

Foot massage should be avoided during pregnancy especially the first trimester to avoid miscarriage.  Out foot are so connected with nerves, veins and capillaries that may trigger abortion or forced labour if the foot is massaged.

6.  Varicose veins 

If there is varicose veins especially with the older adults, massage the foot may affect some veins and damage nerves in some occasions.  If at all, caution must be applied.


Foot massage works to improve wellness when done at the right time especially with relevant essential oils mixed with carrier oils in good proportion, avoid foot massage under certain conditions as listed above

Monday, 11 September 2023

Are You Still Consuming Wheat bread🍞



Are you still consuming Wheatbread because you think it is healthy or you just love the taste? if you have been consuming it especially storebought or processed wheat bread from the market then here are five reasons why you may need to reconsider your decision because recently I tried to enjoy the Wheatbread because  it's been quite a while that I have been off it  and of course it is very nice and quite filling especially for older adults and pre-diabetics even diabetics and so it went that I enjoyed it again then again. Here are the top 5 reasons why I may not want to try it again unless just a bite

1.  It comes with Preservatives:  

Store-bought or supermarket with bread comes with a lot of sugar preservatives and even sometimes added milk and other ingredients so if you are trying to clean up your body from toxins or you are managing some elements it's important to control the amount of toxins that goes into the body and with bread especially processed with bread from supermarket but store bought wheat bread should not be in the list because it will increase toxic overload in the body which will not help your fight against that ailment.

2.  It contributes to Weight Gain

It contributes to weight gain some people have resorted to Wheatbread ignorantly with the hope and mind that it is high in fibre and will contribute to weight loss or may not lead to weight gain but the answer is No.   A trial will also convince you that it is not the choice to make if you are trying to lose weight wheatbread  should not be  in your list because it will ultimately contribute to weight gain because of several other factors including the sugar added preservatives and sometimes milk that are added to enhance its taste for commercial purpose.

3.  It raised my blood sugar. 

 It also has a tendency to raise blood sugar for those who are susceptible to it,  if you are an older adult or you are conscious of your blood sugar or you're pre-diabetic or diabetic it is important to be very careful with wheat bread because it will not help or support the fight against that disease except once and  you are taking a bite just like  less than half a slice but anything that is high to say you are taking it for maybe your breakfast up to two or three slices continuously may not give you a desirable blood sugar.

4. It increases toxic overload

This may be due to several additives  in the bread because most of the chemicals and other additives preservatives added toit tends to increase toxic overload in the body and if adequate water is not added it definitely will even lead to constipation instead of relieving constipation which is expected to be the hope of fibre consumer and in this case it does not really work that way probably because of the presence of gluten in it too.

5. It does not support brain Health

If you are  consuming  it frequently, You  will soon notice or discover that it's not a brain food.   if you are someone that listen to your body and listen to how your body is  communicating, what your body is saying or how is communicating to you you will discover that is not a super food for the brain although it contains some vitamin B group of vitamins which helps to give energy,  that is you feel energetic to do whatever you want to do because of the vitamin B group and that vitamin B group of vitamins is what actually contribute to its ability to lead to weight gain and don't we need the vitamin B in it? maybe we may just take a bite which is not very common with a lot of us


In  conclusion,  consuming wheat once in a while in very small amount may not really cause health problem.  But frequent consumption of it like in  this case just consuming it for a whole week maybe four times or three times in a week may not give a good health result as observed in this case we should as a matter of fact reduce wheat and all its derivatives because of the gluten.   Reduced it as much as possible it is obvious that it does not help when we are managing ailments and it's not only wheat  but most of the grains comes with the same character of leading to weight gain and not really supporting fight against some degenerative diseases.

Athletes Foot. My Experience, Cause and Natural Remedies

Athletes foot
Athletes foot


it is import to take good care of our feet. because of the unique job our foot does on a daily basis just like most organs of the body but over the years I  have equally  realized that the older we get the more attention we must pay to certain parts of our body and the feet is one  of such place we should pay particular attention to because it controls a lot of nerves in the body.  Unlike our oral health, our feet hardly host bacterias and germs especially if kept neat and dry at a times with adequate nutrition.  The foot plays very role in our entire well-being and body it is important to take adequate care and pay attention to it.   especially our toes,  as we age we should not ignore any sign whether is painful  or not painful or any change in its  colour whatever.  We must per attention  to  it.  

 I had an experience with my toes in between the toes something like an athletes foot.  This time around. It surfaced again.  another one which I am sharing in this blog the first time the previous had healed using garlic essential oil. This time again, I suspect tight shoes, as a result of a particular shoe that I was wearing,be very more careful with tight shoes and I suspect peanuts and local African breadfruit. dry fried.  These nuts only make it to itch and I had to really reduce the nuts.  and then after I went on  again for  several months so each time I tend to wear shoes that are covered that does not allow air   in between my toes, It starts to show up again. 

Have you wondered why there are so many references to our feet in the Bible the book of Proverbs, Genesis,  Psalms almost all the books including the New Testament has several bible verses talking about our feet.  Example, how beautiful are the feet of those that bring the good news.  wherever the sole of your feet shall thread upon,  He has given to you for your possession and several other places even  Moses, the servant of God was admonished to take off his shoes because the place where he was standing was a Holy Ground why the taken off of the shoes it is important once in a while for us to reflect on some of these verses and occurrences and then realize that our foot  is not justice  any part of our body but plays special roles far more than we can imagine. 

Here are some of the functions of our feet I have identified.

It communicates to us in more broad terms and faster too than any other part of our body.

Blood seem to flow from the leg 🦵 to other parts of the body.  And if the blood flow to and from the leg is  not okay or righ, it affects all the entire body does not function including the heart even sleep at night is not going to work well.

It helps us make a living daily,  taking us to and fro to get our daily living and so once the feet stops working we become  dependent on others most of the times to provide for us

Provide us with balance for the entire body and once that balance is there, every other things seem to be working.

It carries some Power that are so unique and so special both seen and unseen powers because if we step on anything and or  say something about it.  it becomes more binding than when we have not stepped on it so stepping on something save-a-lot in addition to saying something once we speak and our feet steps on it becomes double binding that it must be done and that is why wherever the sole of your feet shall thread upon very importantly is where God says He has given you for your possession and so these are  some of the reasons and various other reasons abound  why we must pay particular attention to our feet.

 Now there are some diseases that affects the feet most times, some time due to carelessness or just other reasons like tightly fitted shoes,  sometimes,  other health reasons that may begin to affect the legs like diabetes,  high blood sugar and others, even nerve problems due to high blood so when buying shoes be careful to buy shoes that will not damage your nerves, or reduce blood flow,  particularly buy the ones that will allow air  to move in and out of your toes even if you are still young. This caution is necessary because of the special work it does for us, like in this case I actually noticed another itching  in between my toes and it was actually an athletics foot mostly caused by wearing tight shoes shoes,  dampness, particularly.  Another likely cause  maybe  due to wearing one tight shoe for several hours or  for a long time, these may  have been responsible in this case and some sugar fluctuations in the body because when  you experience such a thing you will notice that whenever the sugar is high it also begins to itch or give trouble and so managing blood sugar is important if you experience athletes foot or other foot problems, this is to ensure that it heals promptly 

What are the symptoms of athletics Foot: 

The symptoms may  vary, and may also p depend on the health status  of each person affected  but most times, its itchiness  mostly in the evening like in this case it's mostly in the evening my itching between the toes and gradually turning white, in between the middle toes and itches when stress is involved, this goes a long way to say how stress affects our health.  that white colour is an indication of fungus,  that is fungus and these  fungus come from the food we eat sugary foods and all the other foods because we definitely cannot do away without eating sugary foods because most of the food we consume are finally converted to sugar at the end of the day so it continues like that. Itchiness, and white skin between the toes are the main symptoms in this case.

Remedies I used

Essential Oils, Tea Tree Oil and Garlic Oil

So what are the the remedies I have tried, my first encounter was treated using garlic oil, So this time  tried tea tree essential oil which seemed okay for a few days like 3 days but I later went back to garlic and to me it seemed to deliver more results.    Switching to garlic oil seemed to deliver better result.   garlic oil showed  more  positive effect to the tea tree l had its own effect  appeared more powerful, both are powerful antifungal, but I preferred the effect of garlic more because the heat and effect moves down as far as my liver as I usually fear it, though the tea tree oil also worked but in comparison,  I prefer garlic oil.  

Foot Soaking in salt warm water in the morning for 30 minutes

 Another remedy that followed was foot soaking using using sea salt and lemon oil occasional ginger powder to improve blood circulation there because when this thing's occurred  the most important thing is to ensure that the place is kept warm coldness  also contributed to this if the place is kept warm and dry it's definitely going to heal with sufficient antioxidants in the diet and controlling of blood sugar and blood pressure.  It  is going to heal but where these things are not controlled it may take longer time to heal and this is in addition to changing the shoes to wear shoes or sandals that allows in air  and in addition to this exercising the foot  is also part of the therapy that I used before then I always wear slippers both inside the house most times wearing it and then the doors are closed and of course some people have naturally closed toes by nature of the shape  just like mine but that is not the reason why the athletes foot should be allowed to grow there or should occur,  but you must find out your own cause of the athletes foot . If you ask me  to  explain or identify in this case it was caused by tight shoes.  closed feet foot and then coldness.  sometimes.  nuts  also contribute to it from experience because  whenever. I consume nuts especially peanuts. It seems to itch in the evening.   showing that is actually not okay for to take much nut when trying to heal so it's important to also reduce the consumption of nuts generally if you experience athletics foot usually not painful but it's not ok to ignore it as  I don't like to ignore things like that you should  continue to pursue it until it goes away, it is this determination that necessitated including  foot soaking in the water applying some antifungal essential oils as I do not recommend over-the-counter medications mostly in this type of situation,  some dried foot  powder may also suffice.

Reduce stress:

Taking a nap in the afternoon is one of the remedies that helped to reducing itching and stop swelling, also raising the legs fir few minutes during the day also being's relief.

Vitamin C

Finally, Vitamin C was added to speed it up and dry the surface, high potency vitamin C occasionally during the week to raise antioxidant level prevent swelling and speed up the healing.


Athletes foot heals fast if followed up with home remedies especially when it affects older adults, we must monitor sugar, blood pressure, reduce stress, reduce nuts, clean the feet, change shoes if too tight or reduce frequency of wearing tight shoes and massage with essential oils. Despite that it does not come with much troubling symptoms, if neglected, it will continue and may bring in complications as the foot is connected to several nerves in the body.

Sunday, 10 September 2023

Avoid Peanuts 🥜 if You have these Health Issues


 It is difficult to tell lovers of peanuts to stop consuming this delicious and healthy nuts.  that has so many reasons why peanut is a food that is almost indispensable beginning from the time of growth as children up to old age we continue to consume peanuts, apart from being tasty. It is added to many other snacks to enrich them.  It is a source of healthy fats,  it's handy too.  You can take it along as you go.   There are so many foods and snacks that you can make out of peanuts apart from the peanut which is also very healthy you can make a local snack  kuli kuli, and various other peanuts nuts or you can equally pair it with some other grains to make cereals for growing children. as it contributes to added protein.   So it is difficult to tell lovers of this nut to stop consuming it but that is not the purpose of this write-up the purpose of this write-up is to highlight a few things that nobody may have told us about peanut I am a lover of peanuts but recently I am slowing down seriously on it but not total abstaining from eating it but right now I have reduced its consumption by forcd yes by force because if you don't it's going to be causing a lot of inflammations in the body the reason why I have also taken this step and thiughtv to share it  are  stated below but if you are still doing well or going on well with peanut maybe you are enjoying peanut butter which is good also homemade peanut butter is better, it's okay you can make it at home adding  dried pepper or other spices to help it but apart from this it creates a lot of inflammations in the body which is sometimes difficult to manage unless you reduce its consumption or stay away temporary for a season for the body to offload the excess first.

Here are the category of people that should be more cautious with peanuts and its derivatives: 

Overweight Persons:  

Though  peanut may work in both ways in some cases if you take very little amount it can give you a sustainable energy which is needed for weight loss but this is not usually the case with peanuts consumption.   Most times we tend to consume more than the body needs leading to weight gain so if you are trying to lose weight it's important to be cautious with peanut and its derivatives because it's inflammatory and will likely add to your weight gain or spoil your weight gain goal unless you take it very cautiously, it will definitely increase your weight.

Pains and Arthritis and other inflammations:

Those going through pains, arthritis or any form of inflammation including toothaches should avoid peanuts and its derivatives until they are okay.

Those with High Blood Pressure:

 As a result of its  inflammatory nature, thoss with high blood pressure do not enjoy consuming peanuts because it usually result in elevated blood pressure after taking it in addition to the fact that it's a bit difficult to digest it's a food that does not open up arteries instead it tends to clog it,  rather than opening it up which is needed for high blood pressure but that is not to say that if you have a strong urge to takw a few peanuts, you should resist it.  Like after working out, a few peanut is not a bad idea,   but once you take extra blood pressure may be up and may not usually be  immediately that you consume it but later after a few hours you will notice  the elevation in the blood pressure caused most likely by the too much peanuts consumed earlier in the day because what some of  are not aware of is that most of the food that cause high blood pressure do not actually cause it immediately we consume it.  that is where some of us get it wrong,  it is several hours later when it may have settled  like an acid which is what happens in the case of peanuts and its derivatives.

Heart Problems:  

Those with heart problems should actually not consume much peanuts. Though  it is a source of vitamin E which is an antioxidant for the heart but once consumed in large amount,  the ugly side  surfaces.  I've actually had a few experiences with too much peanuts consumption with my heart and so I have also decided to make it known to some of us who are managing one ailment  or the other or diabetes to  be careful with peanuts, its okay to take very little like 4 or 5  as I do these days, but not daily and not in large amount in order to get the benefits of that vitamin E but once you take it in large amount later in the evening maybe when you are about to sleep,  it becomes too heavy for the heart to pick up because of the acids  it has created in the stomach.  This is actually my experience especially if I start my day with it.

 Stomach ulcers:  

If you suffer stomach ulcer you will notice that each  time you consume peanuts or it's  derivatives.   The ulcer pain hurts obviously because it's inflammatory and not only that, if is harder to digest and those who are managing stomach ulcer needs easily digestible foods and not food that are too sticky and difficult to digest like peanut or peanut butter and other derivatives of peanuts.

Oily Skin 

Those with oily skin tend to complain of pimples,  blackheads and similar conditions if they take peanut but I still will may attribute it to consuming excess because if you experience pimples or  blackheads a lot, you should also be careful with the amount of peanuts you consume but most times I find it hard to tell people to abstain completely except you have noticed serious peanut allergy which is also not too common but it does occur with some people so if you notice it then you may have to stay away totally from peanut and all its derivatives and then look for alternative sources of the nutrients that you may be missing by avoiding peanuts and peanut butter.


Some people have actually asked when is the best time to consume peanuts I will say afternoon after a workout but there is nothing also wrong if you consume a few peanuts in the morning especially for diabetics who need fat some form of fat in their diet in order to control blood sugar spiking up, though some people take it at night maybe in the evening before going to bed it helps for a smoother sleep being a brain food  but I have noticed personally that as the year  went by, I no longer feel comfortable consuming it at night because it may contribute to weight gain which may not be good for older women or older adults and for those that are equally managing high blood pressure taken it before going to bed because it may contribute to high elevated blood pressure in the morning  but you  should not make make a better choice if you really need good fatts o support your brain for a good nights sleep then you can go for  some cashew nut. It  works also for diabetics or almond is the first choice for diabetics to help control  blood sugar, though it  is not all the time that you may  feel like soaking  almonds it happens to me that at times you just like to go for cashew nut or just a little peanut but as for taking the peanuts  at night I do not recommend it for older adults because of the effect it will have in the morning if you ever desire to take the peanut go for it in the afternoon or in the morning, but after a work out.  Moderation remains our rule.

Saturday, 9 September 2023

Infections! what are they? Are there Natural remedies?

Infections! what are they? Are there Natural remedies?


The subject before us sounds more scientific, but we will not attempt to go deep scientifically as, we are not scientists, but I shall endeavor to focus on the following during the study:


1. what is Infection
2. Types of infections
3. How do they get to us 
4. Symptoms of Infection 
Our defence against them -

5. Signs of a weak immune system and what to do 
6. Foods that fights infections 
7. Foods that feed infections
8. Foods that cause Mucu
9. Simple ways to boost your body's natural defense
10 Foods reduce mucus
11. How to stay strong during this Pandemic by including common Antiviral foods that helps fight infections
13. Healthy Body All the Way
14. Summary
15. Questions and Answers

1. What is infection

In my own definition, infection is said to occur when a foreign living organism invades our body in the form of pathogens, overcomes all our natural defencies and deters our organs from carrying on its regular functions/ activities resulting in disease.

2. Types of Infection

There are four most common types of infections, namely:

Viral infections. (Viruses are very tiny infectious organisms).

Bacterial infections.
 (Bacteria are single-celled microorganisms)

Fungal infections.

Parasitic infections.

3. How do they get to us? 

Microorganisms capable of causing disease—or pathogens—usually enter our bodies through the eyes, mouth, nose, or urogenital openings, or through wounds or bites that breach the skin barrier. Organisms can spread, or be transmitted,

4. Most common Symptoms of an Infection are:

Common cold
Strep throat
Stomach flu, diarrhea, cramps, vomiting, etc
Ear infections

Remember the symptoms of viral and bacterial infection may resemble but antibiotics won't work for viral infections.

5, Our Defence against them

When we are infected through any means, most times we are unaware, why, because cause our defence system are working 247 to defend us. We have three main lines of defence, before symptoms occur in form of either pains, swellings, fever or other means. What are these lines of defence?

Our body's three lines of defense are:,

1. Skin:
The outer barriers like skin,

2, the second being non-specific immune cells like macrophages and dendritic cells, and

3. the third line of defense being the specific immune system made of lymphocytes like B- and T-cells.

6. Signs of weak immune system and what to do.

*Signs of a Suppressed immunity* 

A. Frequent cold, sneezing, flu like symptoms

If you are always battling with cold. Obviously your immune is low

 *What to do -* include more garlic, ginger, Tumeric, onions, greens, eggs, raw foods and citrus fruits. Reduce carbs and sugar. Stay away from transfats, especiall fried foods.

B. You always have tummy issues, like constipation, diarrhea, gas, stomach noise etc,  

 *What to do -* Include probiotics foods, fermented foods like millet, yogurt, African oil bean seed, iru etc to help support gut health. Also avoid too much sugar and sugary drinks including carbonated beverages and highly processed foods, 

 C. Difficulty in wound healing** 

Your skin goes into damage control mode after you get a burn, cut or scrape. Your body works to protect the wound by sending nutrient-rich blood to the injury to help regenerate new skin.

This healing process depends on healthy immune cells. But if your immune system is sluggish, your skin can’t regenerate. Instead, your wounds linger and have a hard time healing.

 *What to do -* include fruits rich in vitamin C and quality protein, soyabeans, moringa leaves, eggs, carrots, vitamins A and E rich foods, peanuts are rich in protein and vitamin E, but must be taken in moderwtion. 

D. *You Have Frequent Infections* 

If you seem to battle frequent infections, your immune system might be sending you red flags. If you are always treating typhoid and malaria, then, that's a strong signal that your immune system is low.

 *What to do -* take garlic regularly, take fresh paw paw leaves tea, include bitter leafs, especially the water of a freshly washed bitterleaf, moringa leaves, reduce sugar. Honey is OK in moderation. Green foods, nuts and legumes. Chicken soups, black peppers and raw fruits in moderation due to sugar.

7 Foods that fights infections naturally 

Honey. Honey is one of the first natural anti-microbial medicines to be used.

Garlic. Garlic is a powerful anti-bacterial that can fight yeast infections, fungus and candida overgrowth. ...
Coconut Oil. 
Grapefruit Seed Extract. 
Vitamin C.
Manuka Honey. 
Apple-Cider Vinegar.

8, Top foods that feed disease in our body

If a micro organism enters, our body, it needs food to survive, if you supply its food, it will grow and begin sharing nutrients with you until it takes the upper hand to the point of starving you the host of nutrients leading to death of the person, but if we have this knowldge, the moment you sense an infection is present in your body, you feed it by consuming these foods:

Processed foods.
Foods and drinks high in sugar.
Refined carbohydrates.
Alcoholic beverages
Transfats and animal proteins like milk

9. Simple Ways to Boost Your Body's Natural Defenses

Here are simple ways and habits to help boost your body's Natural defence and avoid infections. 

Get enough sleep.
Sleep and immunity are closely tied.

Eat more whole plant foods.
Eat more healthy fats. Like cold pressed coconut oil, olive, peanuts, walnuts and avocadoes oil

Eat more fermented foods, like millet pap, iru yoghurt. 

Limit added sugars.

Engage in moderate exercise.

Stay hydrated. Water therapy is our culture 

Manage your stress levels.

Include vitamin C rich foods like lemon and other citrus

Include sufficient daily protein. Protein is the building block

Include foods with antibacterial and antiviral properties daily, such as honey, garlic ginger, cloves and peppers

10. Foods that cause mucus and Foods that reduce mucus 

Mucus is part of our body's defense. The body produce its mucus naturally, however when mucus is too much due to the consumption of certain foods, microbes take advantage of it. Here are some top foods that encourage excessive mucus:

Red meat
Ice Cream
Corn and corn products
Soy products
Sweet desserts
Alcoholic beverages
So what’s left to eat?

Foods That Reduce Mucus

While it may seem like you can’t eat anything because all of the major food groups have already been wiped out, there are actually some foods left that have the ability to reduce your mucus production.

Here are 21 of them:

Pumpkin seeds
Honey or agar
Cayenne pepper
Olive oil
Decaf tea
If you or a love

11. How to stay safe during this pandemic.

We know that safety is of the lord but as Law abiding citizens, we must follow and abide by all safety tips in addition to trusting God to keep us.
Here are some safety tips to help stay free from infection during this pandemic.

Firstly, we must note that there are several other viral infections including Sars, but the latest among the virus is Coronavirus, which is said to be founded in 2019, the reason, it is cod named Covid-19. As a general rule, all viral infections have similar symptoms, such as flu, and Coronavirus is one of them with similar symptoms.

Here are some popular tips you should observe:

Wash your hands frequently;
Avoid/reduce touching your eyes, nose or mouth;
Avoid eating raw meat and unnecessary contact with wild animals;
Thoroughly cook meat and eggs;
Avoid close contact with anyone with flu-like symptoms;
If you develop a fever, cough, or difficulty breathing, there are remedies and herbs with antiviral properties you can try at home, but if symptoms persist after three days, or one week, better to seek medical attention
Include herbs that reduces mucus like onions, garlic, Tumeric, ginger in your daily diet, excess mucus will feed a viral infection and make the organism more powerful against the host. We already listed the foods that cause excess mucus production 
Take particular precaution while travelling.
Use nose mask in large crowds
Maintain simple hygiene while at home.

12. Common Antiviral foods


This is known to have powerful antiviral qualities and commonly added to teas, extracts, and tinctures meant to naturally treat viral infections.

Its leaves and essential oils contain active components, including menthol and rosmarinic acid, which have antiviral and anti-inflammatory activity


Basil has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties that can help fight several viral infections. A study revealed that basil contains compounds like apigenin and ursolic acid, which is effective on herpes, hepatitis B and enterovirus. 

The main compound of fennel seeds is trans-anethole, which is found to be quiet effective against herpes viruses. The small seeds also boost your immunity and decrease inflammation in the body.


Garlic is a superfood and is used for preparing medicines for various health conditions. Studies suggest that garlic can be effective against influenza A and B, HIV, HSV-1, viral pneumonia, and rhinovirus.

Other antiviral foods include:

Lemon balm
Cold pressed coconut
and many other common and uncommon foods.

13. Healthy Body All the way

This is a shot piece on a few of my secrets and how I have remained healthy since 2012,till date without any dose of antibiotics despite that I could not stay one or two months without taking typhoid or malaria drugs. To God be the Glory, all that is history now. Here are some of my daily living habits to beat infections.

1. Water therapy

Water therapy is our culture and for over ten yrs, have been observing it with my entire family. A simple secret to healing and restoring healthy body

2. Regular consumption of raw garlic and honey on empty stomach, it is one of my strongest natural antibiotics against many ailments, including viral infections.

3. Occasional bitters like bitterleaf, bitter cola, coffee, cocoa, pawpaw leafs tea and all bitter foods are part of my regular foods to control sugar, high blood sugar is a feeder of disease

4. More liquids especially in the morning. Teas like cocoa, ginger and tumeric, Cinnamon and blackseeds. Honey is an everyday addition to any chosen tea each morning. These are all anti inflammatory. Occasionally, oats and millet are part of the breakfast with nuts.

5 Manage Stress

Stress affects almost everyone, women, old and young. For me, I have seen the extreme side of stress. Comes with insomnia that persist for several days with not even one hour of sleep. Now I try to avoid/reduce foods that makes my stress level high, like sugar, bread, starchy foods and go for bananas, with cashews, cucumbers helps fight inflammations that comes with extreme stress. So I include it in moderation. If stress is not managed properly, it is the worst enemy of our immune which opens door for infections. So I am mindful of this.

6. Include Green veggies especially
 seasonal veggies like waterleaf, okro, etc in my daily diet especially evening meals, they are healing foods. I try to include antibacterial spices in my daily meal. It helps fight infections, and reduce yeast activity.

7. Fresh Foods daily

This will shock you, but it's true fans, My family members only can testify to this. It is stressfull and appears a bit expensive, but one way to avoid infections and stay healthy all year round is that only me🙄 cooks my meals and that of my family till date, zTrh reduce cooking plenty soups and stocking in fridge as much as possible. Some even cook beans too. it is not surprising we do not visit hospital for several years now. It is our secret. Our ancestors practiced it and lived to ripe old age. It's all to the praise of the Almighty God.

8, Include Raw Foods

Each time we eat cooked foods more digestive enzymes are released to digest these food. One of the hardest job our body does, is digestion. If only we can supply ready foods in liquid raw form. Our immune will be stronger. So I ensure to include at least two raw foods daily. it could be citrus, cucumber, limes, garden egg, avocadoes, coconuts, etc. These are ready foods and fully utilized when consumed and helps preserve these enzymes too. So it's one of my secret. I also try not to overdo it because of thyroid health. Too much raw foods affects thyroid and can lead to goitre.

9. Moderate exercise

Though my work of writing, blogging requires sitting, I am always mindful of this and therefore try standing up and moving or doing something else intermittently. It is one secret to my wellness all the way.

10. Fermented foods

Absence of fermented foods in our regular diet is the reason typhoid goes and keeps coming back with its cousin malaria🙄. I try to include iru, daily, take fermented millet occasionally like twice or once in a week. Sometimes it could be up to three times especially when constipation comes.

11 Daily Protein

I love bread😜 yes you heard me, it is acidic and inflammatory. But I find a way to add my own fortification. Though my bread is usually fortified bread, but bs, blackseed and honey, boiled egg, but I take just a bit or slice these days because of my blood sugar, Cinnamon and honey and other yeast fighting foods usually accompany my bread during breakfast. Even if you give me any other food in the morning. I will still ask for hot water and tea in the morning, who else does this?  To be continued