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Wednesday 21 February 2024

Reasons to Always have Dark Palm Kernel oil at Home

Palm kernel oil is one oil to have at home always. Though it  may not look attractive but it can save a life threatening situations like convulsions, stroke and other complications arising from other factors or inflammations.

Here are some Reasons why you Should have this oil always at home

Palm kernel oil is rich in antioxidants. Many people have
discovered that the active substance may have the ability
to reverse blockage of the carotid artery and platelet
aggregation thereby reducing the risk of life treating

Palm kernel oil which is extracted from palm fruit and have a strong black color with a strong taste. It is mostly used in the eastern region of Nigeria. Palm kernel oil have a lot of benefits and can be used for different purposes.
It is used to manage convulsion in children and can be used to reduce the effect of epilepsy attack .

For Constipation: 

Palm kernel oil is also used to soften the anus of a person who find it difficult in toileting. i.e experiencing pain during passing out stool. I have personally found it beneficial in this regard. Just a little on the fontanel releases the stool for me.
Black oil is used in children during delivery. It is traditionally believed to help avoid body odour when they grow up and make the skin of the baby

For Cough: 

Palm kernel oil is used to soften the throat during the
first stage of cough.
It can also help manage stroke and retard tumor progression.
Arteriosclerosis and other heart disease problems. This is thus one of the health benefits of palm kernel oil as it is rich in unsaturated fatty acid. Tocotrienols present in palm oil may also inhibit certain
types of cancer.

For Cholestérol Réduction: 

Palm kernel oil increases ‘good’
cholesterol as compared to other saturated oils such as red palm oil. Thus the health benefits of palm kernel oil also include promoting health of people with cardiovascular issue.  Even when massaged on hands and feet, it still brings reduction and relief to cholesterol.  I personally noticed that if a wound or certain infection such as athletes foot  is taking to long to heal, sometimes, it may be due to much bad cholesterol which may reduce blood circulation to the area and using black kernel oil is beneficial also in such cases.

For Massage during recovery from stroke

Always use it cautiously or mixed with Afrian Shea Butter for massage in case of stroke and other inflammations,  You can rub it around your belly button to relieve you of constipation and several other benefits

For Nerve Pain,

 You can also mix it with shea butter for massage around the affected area.

For Feet, Hands and Joint Massage 

If I suspect poor blood circulation or general sluggishness around me, I put few drops in my hands and massage both hands and feet and can Feel the heat as a result of the lauric acid content in the oil as it travels around the entire body, lowering cholesterol and getting things working again generally.

In Summary:

There are times when you feel you don't need the oil even around you like during diarrhoea, if you use or rub the oil, it may get worse because of the way it works.  So use it only when needed and you realise its an oil to always have at home, best during emergency and confusing situation 🤔.   It works.

Monday 5 February 2024

Here are the only two supplements I take and why

Nine Best Foods To Eat on Empty Stomach

When it comes to wellness through nutrition, it is important to mind how you start each, what you eat in the morning,  I mean the first foods that goes into your stomach determines how the entire day will go for you.   So be selective in your breakfast,  be cautious on what set of foods you start your day.  Some foods will make you sluggish throughout the day.  Remember that Water therapy should always be the first and you can make it warm as it may help lower blood pressure for those with high blood pressure:

Here are Nine best foods on Empty stomach:

1.  Lemon juice with honey and warm water: 

This liquid on empty stomach is not only Calming on you throughout the day but help settle several health issues such as:

- excess acidity
- excess body weight
- lowers blood pressure
- kills bacteria and other harmful microbs
- kills fungus
- treats Insomnia and
- kills deep rooted pains

2.  Fresh Pineapples

Fresh pineapples is another healthy food best in the morning on empty stomach, though acidic in taste, it's great when you start your day with fresh pineapples some of its benefits includes:

-  Burning unhealthy fats
-  hydrating your down to the cells
-  providing more nutrients and antioxidants with no fat
-  killing pains and inflammations
-  fibre to kick start your day
-   provides  alkaline environment to ward off microbes, and harmful bacteria etc

3. Cold pressed Olive oil

After your water therapy, another best food on empty stomach is cold pressed pressed olive oil.  This is particularly required if you are battling chronic Constipation.  It is usually my last resort and rarely fails.

Another best benefit of this oil on empty stomach is that it destroys yeast and fungal.  These cause a host of problems unknown to many.  If you can take a teaspoon of this oil on empty stomach.  You would have taken you heart healthy fat to kick start your day and avoid weakness of unknown origin.

4.  Fresh garlic soaked in Organic Honey

Another best good on empty stomach is fresh cloves of garlic soaked in honey. It will benefit you if you:

- Suffer frequent infections
- malaria and typhoid fever
- inflammations and pains
- yeast infections including vaginal infection, sore throat, earache, cold and cough
-  kills most drug resistant bacteria
-  heals ulcers and many more

5.  Cold Pressed Coconut oil

This another power but silent antibiotic best in empty stomach as it kills yeasts.  Other Benefits of this oil on empty stomach include:

- Burns stomach fat
- heals ulcers
- kills bacteria and other microbes
- heals sore throat and reduce inflammations
-  provides you with quality energy to kick start your day.
-  Boost metabolism

6.  Apples

Green apples isxa great detox food which is best taken in the morning after water therapy especially when you need to detox your body od toxins or during chronic constipation, it is rich in fibre that helps deal with constipation.

7.  Cabbage juice with carrot 🥕 

Carrot and cabbage juice in the morning is particularly great for those experiencing stomach ulcers. However, this remedy is better for those without insulin resistance.   It can help  also heal ulcers. Tackle constipation and strengthen stomach walls and reduce cases of intestinal bleeding .

8.  White Garden Egg

I noticed lately that this particular fruit works well for prediabetics and diabetic, as it is low in calorie, rich in fibre and soft.  Most raw vegetables are good to start your day with but make sure it is soft.

9.  Fennel Tea

Fennel tea helps with stomach acid production, it helps prepare the stomach for digestion, tackles constipation and is a source of important nutrients like calcium and iron.

Apart from the above, there are several other foods that can help give you a good start especially when taken on empty stomach such as watermelon, lime with honey and warm water, ginger tea, pawpaw, apples, Bananas, kudin tea,  lemon grass tea, tumeric,  black seed tea and many others.  It is important to avoid excess of any of these as that may give another unpleasant result.

Saturday 3 February 2024

Top Foods to Help lower Bad Cholesterol


It is quite common these days to hear people complain of high cholesterol especially bad cholesterol.   This is obviously due to our food choices and lifestyles especially consuming more of animal protein more  of highly  processed foods and a stressful lifestyle that we live, that is devoid of exercise.   All these have contributed to the increase in the number of people with high cholesterol.  it is a good idea to try as much as possible to avoid being diagnosed of high cholesterol because cholesterol is not easy to pull down when eventually they gather cholesterol are actually  sticky wax that takes time to accumulate and so as they accumulate gradually over time,  once they begin to pose problem to our health or present symptoms, Seeking medical attention is not a bad idea but most times after the medical laboratory tests  and other investigations we may likely be placed on cholesterol lowering drugs which usually come with its own side effect  though we may not be told about the side effect most times.  High cholesterol may also trigger some other health problems like heart issues,  symptoms of stroke, and even affecting other internal  organs without our knowledge, organd like our liver and our kidney although sometimes high cholesterol may present no physical signs and symptoms but if we are alert to the warnings that our body normally send to us and signals,  we may discover or suspect when our  cholesterol is high and this is particularly common among older adults who are sensitive to what the body is saying to them.  Sometimes the cholesterol actually may  block  blood from flowing to some important areas or organs as you can see in the above image in the diagram above,  that is how bad cholesterol behaves they may block the heart or reduce blood flow to the heart, it can  also reduce blood supply to some organs in the body and that is why we must make conscious effort to ensure that we do not consume foods that will buildup cholesterol along our arteries which is usually the location where these bad fat usually clog arteries,  to avoid these things we must include high antioxidant-rich foods in our daily diet, and  other healthy lifestyles.

Here are some  common foods that can help lower cholesterol if we suspect high cholesterol,  this is also in addition to regular exercise:

1.  Avocadoes:  

 Consuming the fruit or using the oil is one of the top foods that can help to lower blood pressure because of its antioxidants and potassium content potassium is one of the nutrients that most people suffering from high blood pressure and fortunately fruits like avocados supply most of the nutrients that are missing in the diet and yet, it  is a raw food because it's not cooked so the body uses it effectively to manage high blood pressure supplying nutrients needed especially when it's taken in moderation because it's a source of Calorie and such  foods that are high in calorie must be taken cautiously when managing high cholesterol.  High calorie  food will not support fight against bad cholesterol when it's much  so consuming eat moderately especially using it to replace carbohydrates temporarily temporarily in the diet is  another way to deal with high bad cholesterol, it is a smart way to tackle high blood pressure too.

2.  Olive oil 

Cold pressed olive oil is another very powerful oil that supports good blood circulation and is very high in antioxidants and those who are managing high bad cholesterol must  also be careful of fats in their diet because when the arteties are  already tensed,  bringing in  more  fats will push on the walls causing the blood pressure to continue to escalate, due to cholesterol blockage, so oils in the diet should be monitored and replaced with only healthy oils especially cold pressed like those found in olive oil the  profile that supports good blood pressure and prevent incidences of stroke and other complications arising from  clogging of arteries as a result of bad cholesterol.

3. Sardines and other fatty fish

Do not just consume fish, be  selective about the fish you consume if you are managing high cholesterol  and high blood pressure,  you should be deliberate to consume only fatty fish with beneficial nutrients, beneficial anti-inflammatories to fight inflammations which is usually on the high side when managing high blood pressure, sardines without the oil if you can get the fresh  sardines fish, good but if not occasional sardines specially sardines in olive oil helps because it's a source of Omega-3 fatty acids which in most cases are missing in the diet and not only that , other fatty fish contains antioxidants that helps to support the building of cells and source  of protein too, protein is the building block and the kind of protein in  fatty  fishes like sardines contains the heme type of iron, which is easily absorbed by the blood and utilised to repair the body so if you are working to lower your blood cholesterol, be selective about the fish.  don't just consume fish some fishes can also contribute to clogging of arteries,  example of such fishes are cat fish, home-bred catfish Catfish and other common fishes like Titus is like Titus  will not help you reduce bad cholesterol.

4. Green Tea: 

 Inclusion of green tea is also another thing,  green tea is very high in antioxidants and polyphenols that helps to break down,  bad cholesterol  does not happen overnight. takes over some  years and breaking them down or  taking them out of the body requires heating  foods green tea   has not only anti-inflammatory properties but also antibacterial properties and that is exactly what you can find in green tea,   I will also  suggest you get the loose  leave than those bags if you can find green teas that are separated in loose leaves or like rolled tea leaves, it  a better choice but in the absence of that you can also take the green teas that comes in tea bags,  but don't take green tea regularly, don't take it everyday because it is a source of caffeine and  much caffeine in the body can increase chances of stroke that is the disadvantage when taken too much, but in moderation or occasionally it is a blood thinner naturally,  so it will not thicken the blood in this way, it may prevent risks of stroke which also will work in favour of preventing stroke and other complications arising from high cholesterol and high blood pressure but when you overdo it also it will reduce the  the amount of oxygen in the cells which can also predispose the individual to complications such as stroke too.

5.  Fresh tomatoes

 fresh tomatoes is an arteries  clearing food so it's important to include it in the diet,  it has fibre that can helps to clean up the arteries and reduce building up of plague and other sticky materials like bad cholesterol around the arteries.

6.  Apples and apple cider:

Including apples, especially green apples, it contains  pectin, vitamin C and other uncommon nutrients that supports fight against high cholesterol.  It is also a source of fibre  and also helps to destroy yeast activities,  if there is too much fungus in the body,  that may  also help to strengthen the build up of cholesterol in the body but occasional consumption of green apples in particular or adding apple cider to your warm water in the morning on empty stomach, will reduce chances of building up of cholesterol along the arteries as is always the case.

7.   Lemon juice:

Lemon juice and other citrus taken  in moderation like half a lemon in warm water  water therapy will also prevent the buildup of cholesterol along the arteries with other complications that may come up with it.  Lemon juice is a source of vitamin C but if you are not okay taking lemon juice in the morning as some people believe they have ulcer,  ensure that you have citrus in your diet at least one of the citrus fruits, like the lemon juice orange,   or lime because they contain vitamin C which may  contributes in breaking down bad cholesterol.

8.  Oregano tea 

There are several other teas apart from green tea, that works well too.   Oregano tea is one  I have discovered recently that will not support high cholesterol buildup too,  I don't really need to know how your own  body response after taking oregano tea because it's a very warming tea. Love particularly because it is naturally caffeine, so those with high blood pressure may not find it interesting if they take it frequently because it exhibit an effect similar to that of mint oil that is it tends to remove toxins in the body  not only removing toxins.  It's an expectorant.  

8.  Oats:  

Oats  is a source of soluble and insoluble fibre and we are  already aware of the role of fibre when dealing with cholesterol, cholesterol may not easily come out without the presence of such fibre helping   to pull them out where they are sticking on the walls of the arteries and so fibre like those found in foods like oats,  some studies have found out that it contributes to lowering cholesterol and there are other foods with fibre  that can help lower cholesterol especially naturally occurring fibre but when taking such foods you must also remember to follow it up with lots of water to avoid it feeding constipation or supporting constipation and when constipation is allowed cholesterol will take advantage of it to remain while suffocating the healthy cells with other toxic materials from the body.

9. Pure Cocoa 

Pure cocoa is another healthy food that you need to list out if you are trying to tackle bad cholesterol because it is  also a blood thinner and is rich in nutrients with a few healthy fats to support the individual that is managing bad cholesterol only remember not to add milk when you are consuming your pure bitter cocoa for the purpose of lowering cholesterol you can add other spices like cinnamon,  or ginger to your cocoa, other things to taste like dates can also be  added,  tigernut powder if you have it also.  It works well when you add some of these spices moderately to your cocoa as a boost, sometimes I do add a little soyabeans powder for added protein, though not always.

10.  Nuts like Hazel Nut, 

Almond nut, Walnut: we know that nuts generally contribute to a lot of nutrients in our daily diet.   Most nuts are good sources of healthy fats,  vitamins and minerals and common minerals like zinc, selenium, copper and a  host of other  minerals that we need for a healthy body when managing cholesterol, you need also to be selective about the nuts if you have already been consuming peanuts which is also a source of healthy fat then you need to switch to nuts  with profiles that have been shown to help reduce bad cholesterol like hazelnut which is a source of the mineral  copper.   when you are dealing with cholesterol, almond nut is also good because it also attacks  constipation and is a source of magnesium and calcium and a lot of other nutrients that can help to push out bad cholesterol .   Another category of the nuts that are those  source of omega-3 fatty acids and Omega 3 food sources whether in nuts or fishes  whichever category have been shown to show positive effect when dealing with bad cholesterol.

11. Chia seeds

 Chia seed recently is one seed  that has been trending because of its numerous health benefits including reducing bad cholesterol.   One interesting aspect of the seed  is  not only that  it is a real food,  it is rich in calcium, vitamin C other even proteins, it is just naturally a  dense seed nutritionally that helps to open up  detoxication pathways and deal with constipation if you take enough water after consuming it it helps to fight with them and strengthen your bones and in this way cholesterol will definitely not have a place where the pathways are opened up, no constipation, stronger bones and then no cholesterol in it naturally occurring.  cholesterol and saturated fat which are found in some foods but instead is loaded with nutrients that supports fight against bad cholesterol.

12.  Beans: 

Another important food is beans when you are dealing with cholesterol you need to include beans.   All in the Beans or legumes  family could be eaten safely and in moderation because it's a source of protein.  sources of fibre, and most of the fibre are such that helps to pull out cholesterol.  beans like black eyed cowpea, chickpea,kidney beans, pinto beans pigeon pea,   green beans,  and other category of beans   all support fight against bad cholesterol.  if you are tackling bad cholesterol and you cannot win any fight against cholesterol without the inclusion of protein in the diet especially plant based protein, because protein is the building block.  

13.  Soyabeans 

Soya beans is also a complete protein which we can include moderately because it's   inflammatory,  I do not support high consumption of soyabean whether the powder or the milk for older adults because it will lead to  cause weight gain and weight gain may open door for things like cholesterol and other health issues like high blood pressure, arthritis and diabetes.  when foods that are dense like soyabeans  is taken in moderation it will help to supply most of the nutrients and being a  heart healthy food because of the phytochemicals and other nutrients in it, helps support and protect the heart against the effect of bad cholesterol, but must be taken cautiously in order to fight cholesterol.  one of the major role of of soya beans is to supply complete nutrient and with  protein  and  complete amino acids and so,  in so doing you will not be lacking in the beneficial nutrients while avoiding some of the other foods all because of effort to lower bad cholesterol.

14. Green Vegetables,

 All  green vegetables including spinach are  all good because they are  high   fibre and not only, high-fibre, they are mostly soluble most of these fibre and green vegetables should be top among the foods that we should focus on when tackling   or working to reduce cholesterol.    Some of them could be taken raw or  could be used in salads safely like  kale, celery that are low calorie vegetables that can help to reduce bad cholesterol we should also include  other foods like green cabbage, cauliflower,are  also great in helping to reduce bad cholesterol.

15 Garlic:

 Spices play very important role in tackling bad cholesterol and my top one on the list is garlic,  garlic is a source of Allicin, source of sulphur and this components and compounds are quite toxic in environment where cholesterol is found and so if you can be consuming raw garlic about two or three purple garlic on empty stomach in the morning few times in a week, you may not have room for bad Cholesterol build up.  It is also a natural blood thinner, if you have been diagnosed with high cholesterol you will definitely notice a reduction if you do it for over a period of 20 days or even two weeks you may notice that there is a reduction or that your cholesterol is not increasing and besides this, it helps  to protect your heart, I have found out through regular use of raw garlic  that garlic is one of the hearts best friend,  so if you have been diagnosed with high cholesterol have garlic always around you, do not mind the smell,  use it to spice up your meals instead of bouillon cubes and other artificial test enhancers.  You can use garlic apart from  adding it to your meals to Spice it up,  other spices like ginger, tumeric and anti-inflammatories that can help to reduce the buildup of cholesterol. Add peppers like cayenne pepper to protect your heart to support your arteries,  peppers like black pepper and other spices in moderation to help prevent the plaque buildup often caused by bad cholesterol 

16. Exercising:  

we must not under rate the role of moderate exercise daily if you are trying to reduce bad cholesterol cause when we exercise and sweat most times bad cholesterol are broken down and so if you have been diagnosed with high cholesterol, try  short workout in the morning. Ensure to do some rigorous exercise regularly to help the bad cholesterol because they will contribute to weight gain when you are  exercising.  weight is lost, fat is burnt and in the process bad  cholesterol is also broken down.


 In conclusion we do not actually have to be worried too much about cholesterol because the body has cholesterol it's own good cholesterol,  and cholesterol  will always exist in the body and then if we follow these lifestyles and include these foods in our regular diet with moderate exercise it's not likely that we will  have high bad cholesterol although there are other factors such as stress that have been found to contribute sometimes to bad cholesterol ,sleep deprivation also can support buildup of cholesterol because  sometimes when we are asleep the bad cholesterol are also being destroyed.    These are some of the common things that can contribute to our cholesterol levels but we must be careful or conscious to know if there is sickness that our body is showing us or  indicating.   Bad cholesterol presence such as occasional dizziness,  sluggishness, frequent headaches,, pains most times on the muscles such things can also be signals   of bad cholesterol and we may begin to make dietary adjustments instead of running for medications which most times also comes with side effects

Tuesday 30 January 2024

Detox your body and Prevent Infections

What is Detoxification:   This is simply a process through which your body gets rid of toxins, pesticides and other harmful chemical naturally by the help of key organs.  Major organs involved in detoxification are the liver, kidney, pancreas, skin, colon, and  lungs. Our bodies are expected to naturally remove these toxins naturally without assistance, however as we age and the toxins increase in our systems, the organs are nolonger getting younger and the toxins are increasing at an alarming rate due to exposures which  brings an overload of these toxins upon our organs.  When they accumulate over a period of time, the entire body begins to feel sick.

When  Do We Need Detoxification

Constipation: It is expected that we pooh daily or every other day depending on the individual, however, if constipation becomes persistent over a long time, then their may be need for us to bring in natural ingredients to assist our body get rid of these waste that may soon choke our organs.


 If we discover frequent break outs our, skin problems that refuses to heal.  Then the skin may be sending a message to detox.  The skin will always report correctly what is happening inside.  If all is well within,  then you will have a clear glowing skin.

Weight Gain:

When gain continues with much effort to loose weight and not getting result, it may be a sign that there is overload of toxins whithin.

Other signs of need of detox includes:  Not sweating for a long time, poor appetite, sluggishness, lack of sleep for a long period of time and other unfamiliar symptoms.

How Toxins Enter Our Body

Whether we believe it or not, our exposure to toxins today has never been so alarming in history:
A brief look a how and when they enter our body

- Through the food we eat, many of us enjoy processed  and packaged foods and drinks laden with sugar and other chemical preservatives and the liver must work hard to get rid of these preservatives when they get inside

- Drinks:  

These includes carbonated beverages containing gas and other harmful agents to our body.  Drinks include hard water, from poor sources. 

-  Body creams, 

Soaps, detergents, perfumes, powder and other beauty products.

-  Our Physical Environment:  Usually when generators and other machines are in operation, they release fumes into the air, making even the air we breath sometimes toxic.  when we live in environments with so much toxic waste in the surrounding, when we live in industrial areas with large generators and machines, we take in toxins through the air we breath.

Ways to Avoid Toxins

-  Go for organic foods whenever possible
-  Ensure your water is purified, avoid water from tanks, dirty bottles, cellophane bags , reservoirs or other unhealthy sources.
-  Reduce exposure to chemicals from beauty products, whenever possible make your own soaps, creams and other products.  I make mine own bathing soaps, kitchen soaps and body creams for several years and it has been helping me reduce toxic expossure.
- Maintain healthy lifestyle and ensure personal hygiene
-Reduce junk foods and natural foods
- Stay closer to nature.  Gardens, flowers and home grown trees. 

Benefits of Detoxifying your System

-  Helps slow down aging
-  Glowing skin, hair and nails
-  Boost your immune system.  Your body is stronger to resist infections.
-  Energy Booster.  You feel increased energy after a good detox
- Aids fertility both in men and women
-  Reduce frequent bacteria infections, including fungal
-  Helps in achieving weight losss
-  Helps prevent tumors and reduce their spread.

Simple Detox you can Do at Home

You can combine any of these fruits for a liver/kidney cleanse

Cucumber or Green apple

You can also include any of these herbs:

Nettle leaf tea
Bitter leaf juice
Raw Vegetable juice
Olive oil

Eat Walnut, green vegetables  and cabbage

For Natural Blood Cleansing.  Use any of the following:

Mistletoe tea
sorghum tea
Golden seal root
Cayenne pepper with red clover
Dandelion or garlic

You can make a tea or tincture from any of the above items and drink and ensure to take more water during your detox


You can make a detox drink for your whole body cleans by making use of any of the fruits mentioned below especially citrus fruits - lemons, limes, oranges, etc

Cucumber slice
Mint leaves
Fresh ginger or garlic
slice of lemon or lime
Citrus fruits


You can make use of any of the following:

- water
- Apple cider
- Lemon and lime
- Cucumber slice
- Cinnamon

Common Detox  Hot Drinks -  General

-Lemon + Ginger + Honey
 Tumeric + Green Tea
 Ginger + Tumeric
  Green Tea + Lemon/Lime

Cold Drinks
Lemon slice  + Cucumber slice with water
Lemon juice or slice with water
Carrot + Orange juice plus ginger powder
Cucumber plus aleo vera

In summary, 

it is advised we do a daily simply detox or include these detox  food to our regular meals instead of allowing a heavy build up of toxins requiring rigorous detox that are some times difficult and stressful.

Monday 29 January 2024

I Will be 60 this year, Here are New Additions to my list (part 1)


  Later this year, I will clock 60 years living on this earth, All glory to God Almighty for healthy body.   However, there is something I have noticed about aging, each age comes with expectations and challenges which we must match with diet.
So in this new age there are some changes that I have already put in place although these  foods featured less  in my list of foods to eat before, but as with this new  age, more is added and frequently too. It is these changes that guarantees a gracious aging with someone who is not on any kind of medication or supplementation it is necessary for me to make a few adjustments to my diet to match this new age .

No 1 is cabbage
This new age demands low calorie foods it  demand foods that helps to fight cancer the demands food that are rich in vitamin K.  it also demands foods  that can help build collagen,  foods that are rich in vitamin C E and A.  Cabbage is a source of sugar which never featured more in my diet but because of the demand of this new age,  it has come into my list and it's even not really  spiking up sugar as expected due to some combinations,  Cabbage is a bone strengthening food too  and then also helps to  avoid weight gain  because weight gain is  something we must guard against always, cabbage is also a healing food it helps heal stomach ulcers and prevent ulcers from growing in the stomach or any other part of the body

Carrot 🥕: 
 Carrot is another food that is vital power eyes power skin for heart health and for various other benefits it's also a local vegetable it's a healing food for things like ulcers and so though it is also is source of sugar it has been brought into my diet more than before so as to prevent loss of sight or to support collagen and also to help to heal stomach ulcers and other users in the body this is a disease fighting food that I think 60 years is a man to and change this needs to be made to match this new age

Peppers like cayenne pepper 🌶: 

Peppers are are digestive aids, purpose like cayenne pepper is needed to increase or boost blood circulation also.  Peppers are needed as digestive aids as the digestion is also being slowed down as we age so we need to boost it, One of the foods I try to ensure it goes into the intestine are peppers on a daily  basis because of this,  besides this benefit, it has some nutrients too helping to improve blood circulation and this is one of the challenges that faces people of this age so we need to ensure that at least once a day we consume something that comes with pepper either black pepper or cyan pepper of course black pepper has its own special benefits and Hotness which is unique also we can combine it as I sometimes do combining it with other hot papers too.   This is  something that is necessary to continue to support digestion 

Non caffeinated Teas:  
 More Teas due to low calorie and less solids, especially teas low in caffeine, Teas with red colour like berries, zobo, soghurm tea,are great to support heart heart.   Oregano tea, lemon grass,  ginger and tumeric, pomegranate tea, and occasional green tea.

Watch out for part 2 of changes to my diet to match the new age.

Thursday 25 January 2024

Better Consume your starchy vegetables these 6 Ways

Starchy and particularly root vegetables are better options for older adults when they need energy, but it seems diabetics, prediabetics and others with health concerns faces the challenge of insulin resistance.  But recently I noticed that consuming your starchy vegetables these 6 ways can offer  better insulin response.  

I.  Boil them by sprinkling some cinnamon powder during cooking and  a sprinkle of sea salt too.  The cinnamon powder helps with insulin resistance. 

3.  Boil by sprinkling tumeric and ginger powder during cooking which turns it to slightly yellow colour.  It helps reduce inflammatory responses which is common with most starchy foods.

4.   Consume it with healthy fats like avocados, olive oil, red oil,  cold pressed coconut oil, peanut oil or other healthy oils you know.

5.  Consume with green vegetables.  It helps add fibre and  support digestion and reduce insulin resistance arising most times due to lack of minerals and nutrients in the foods.

6. I noticed also that if you allow starchy vegetables like unriped plantain, sweet potatoes, local rice and any other starchy food to cool very well before consuming. It has better blood sugar effect.

7.  In case you forgot or you could not wait for the starchy vegetable to cool before eating, after eating. drink a little cold water, not iced water.  I notice it works too.  

Those with high blood pressure should try these too because all mature adults must pay attention to their blood sugar. and check it occasionally.  We believe in prevention.

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Wednesday 24 January 2024

12 Top Foods that helped me heal of stomach ulcer

 Here are my top 12 foods for healing stomach ulcers. Nowadays, there are so many cases of stomach ulcers and the reason is because of our lifestyles and food consumption habits, so it is important to let us know that stomach ulcers are curable. You can be healed by changing your lifestyle and incorporating these 13 foods into your diet in moderation. I have tried it, and it worked for me.

 1. Fresh carrot 🥕 carrot is an alkaline food, as we all know that most ulcers are worsened if not caused by acidic environment in the stomach so carrot contains nutrients that helps especially vitamin A and other nutrients including iron that help speed up the healing of stomach ulcers it is also an anti-inflammatory low calorie veggie. it is best when even when blended with cabbage fresh cabbage and taken on an empty stomach before having your major meal but you must ensure that the next food should be protein rich because protein is the building block it is protein that the body needs to repair the dead cells, so combining fresh carrots and cabbage is a great combination if you want to be healed of stomach ulcer 

2 Boiled egg, boiled egg talking of chicken eggs is another anti-inflammatory food so many people have been avoiding eggs because of cholesterol and Misinformation but research is showing that boiled egg not fried egg is one of the top anti-inflammatory foods very high content of vitamin A and other nutrients including protein again it has complete amino acids is a great food for healing stomach ulcers I used it and I am still taking it. One boiled egg in a day is okay. Moderation should be the rule though it is a source of cholesterol but not bad cholesterol research has shown that the cholesterol from eggs does not increase cholesterol as we are made to believe. 

  3. Green vegetables: Green vegetables is another alkalizing foods again and they help to heal stomach ulcers whether the ulcer is gastric ulcer peptic ulcer or duodenal ulcer whichever. Green vegetables lightly cooked has so much of the nutrients and minerals to help heal stomach ulcers I prefer to take it as last thing at night prepared to take it as an evening as a dinner meal before going to bed, you ensure to add garlic. 

 4. Garlic: Garlic is another alkalizing food that helps to heal or speed up the healing of stomach ulcers when you take raw garlic in an empty stomach it help to kill bacterias that that can help or contribute to increased pain and inflammation which does not help the healing of stomach ulcers including garlic helps to strengthen the bones as well and what is alsk important is helping to reduce the activities of yeast and other fungals that may try to make the condition worse. 

 5 Cabbage:  Another food is cabbage cabbage and has already been highlighted. It goes well with carrot cabbage juice if you are overweight and that may have contributet. The excess weight may have made the ulcer to be worse, garbage will help to alkaline the body, will help with weight loss too and then when you combine it with carrot also they are great. the synergy is great for healing because cabbage is a source of vitamin K which helps to stop internal bleeding and speed up healing if it was a bleeding ulcer to help to heal it and provide nutrients needed like vitamin K heal it and stop the bleeding and other food. 

6 Cayenne pepper:  Yes, we have been misinformed all these years that the real cause of ulcer is Peppers. Yes, too much pepper, if there is too much of everything it is bad for you c but Cayenne peppers when taken in moderation is a super food for healing of stomach ulcers I have benefited from it. it could be fresh cayenne pepper it could be dry but whenever you have the opportunity make use of fresh cayenne pepper it's a great food to improve circulation it's also a source of vitamin A and it also helps alkalize the body and delivers so much nutrients without calorie. note that the absence of calorie is one of the positive points of this foods that are great when you are healing stomach ulcer it's not good to include food that are heavy and does not have nutrients. 

 7  Yoghurt:   Plain Yoghurt is another super food for healing, talking of plain unsweetened yoghurt without sugar and high flavoured yoghurt that you see everywhere today in the market but if you can get plain yoghurt non-sweet yoghurt with real live cultures I mean probiotics and take. It makes a great addition to help repopulate the gut to enable you stand against stomach ulcers and to heal existing stomach ulcer. plain non sweet yoghurt has nutrients that is easier to absorb than ordinary regular milk. So as much as many of us resorted to using milk because we were also misinformed that milk is the healing food for stomach ulcer which we tried including myself but now we know better that though it may provide a symptomatic relief something like that but it does not in the long-run provide the needed healing that we need but it provides something like a covering a covering temporarily on the face of the ulcer or the wound but it is  not easily digested and is. inflammatory. But Yoghurt is a better food because of the fermentation that it has gone through, get a good one include it in your diet if you are going through stomach ulcers.

8 Sweet Potatoes:  Though sweet potatoes  is a starchy food but is dense in  nutrition. It is anti-inflammatory and a source of vitamin A when we are talking of healing stomach ulcers we must consider seriously the antioxidant vitamins A vitamin E and vitamin C and these are the power points of these foods  that are have mentioned including sweet potatoes which is a powerhouse of most of these nutrients.

9. Cold Pressed Coconut oil:   Coconut oil which is also a alkalizing  oil is great for healing ulcers because of the healthy fats and so most healthy fats are also great when you want to heal stomach ulcers but cold pressed coconut oil is particularly good because it's a source of lauric acid papric acid and medium chain fatty acids and these are rare in nature so they help to kill bacterias, reduce  activity  of yeasts ans help strengthen the cell wall talking of the cell membrane that will help you to stay healed it is  also an easily digestible oil and then it's one food that gives you quality energy I mean energy from  real fat resource.   So include it in moderation because too much of it may not give us the expected  result.    

10  Black Eyed Cowpe:  A member of the Legumes family  one of the top foods that help to heal a lot of ailments because of its an anti-inflammatory nature and properties where precisely I love this food  because  It is a source of protein.  Protein is not so common I mean plant-based protein.   Protein is needed for healing and black eyed cowpea is  loaded with other nutrients that help  to fight stomach ulcers and stop the reoccurrence. 

11  Fermented Millet:  Fermented Millet another top foods for healing ulcers , there could be other fermented foods we already talked about yoghurt, others are on form of condiments for soups and stews.  Yoghurt is made with  milk which we know is animal-based but this millet  is a superfood when you ferment it like corn and others cereals.  Maximum of 3 days fermentation,  it does not produce gas. It is easily digestible and above all It is a source of protein.   and  contains all the B group of vitamins which is needed for energy production  except vitamins A and C so you may even have to take it conveniently with egg and then back up with vitamin C or the vitamin C food sources to help you get complete nutrients for the healing of your stomach ulcers.

12 Plantain:  Unriped Plantain. the latest people have a described is taking  the peels also and all of that but whichever way you take a ripe plantain or unriped plantain I tell you it has nutrients like  resistant starch so it's not so easy to digest but if you can blend it or find a way it's a super food you can make porridge out of it you can take it in any way. It is  super food for healing of ulcers. Moreso  it's a good source of vitamin A and vitamin B6 

13 Ripe Banana:  Banana is a super food you can take it because it is a raw food, but should be taken in moderation especially if you  are   sugar conscious. It contains  substance that helps to cover the stomach ulcer and  is easily digestible and provides strength because it's a source of the B group of vitamins.  There are other foods like Okro soup, blackseeds and water therapy that helps speed up healing of stomach ulcers.

Summary.  It is important to reduce stress and other lifestyle that may increase or reduce or delay the healing of stomach ulcers but above all besides all  these including all these with water therapy will ensure that you are healed and not only dled you will remain healed as long as you take these things in moderation moderation is our rule

Wednesday 17 January 2024

Are You Still Consuming Wheat products?🍞



Are you still consuming Wheatbread because you think it is healthy or you just love the taste? if you have been consuming it especially storebought or processed wheat bread from the market then here are five reasons why you may need to reconsider your decision because recently I tried to enjoy the Wheatbread because  it's been quite a while that I have been off it  and of course it is very nice and quite filling especially for older adults and pre-diabetics even diabetics and so it went that I enjoyed it again then again. Here are the top 5 reasons why I may not want to try it again unless just a bite

1.  It comes with Preservatives:  

Store-bought or supermarket with bread comes with a lot of sugar preservatives and even sometimes added milk and other ingredients so if you are trying to clean up your body from toxins or you are managing some elements it's important to control the amount of toxins that goes into the body and with bread especially processed with bread from supermarket but store bought wheat bread should not be in the list because it will increase toxic overload in the body which will not help your fight against that ailment.

2.  It contributes to Weight Gain

It contributes to weight gain some people have resorted to Wheatbread ignorantly with the hope and mind that it is high in fibre and will contribute to weight loss or may not lead to weight gain but the answer is No.   A trial will also convince you that it is not the choice to make if you are trying to lose weight wheatbread  should not be  in your list because it will ultimately contribute to weight gain because of several other factors including the sugar added preservatives and sometimes milk that are added to enhance its taste for commercial purpose.

3.  It raised my blood sugar. 

 It also has a tendency to raise blood sugar for those who are susceptible to it,  if you are an older adult or you are conscious of your blood sugar or you're pre-diabetic or diabetic it is important to be very careful with wheat bread because it will not help or support the fight against that disease except once and  you are taking a bite just like  less than half a slice but anything that is high to say you are taking it for maybe your breakfast up to two or three slices continuously may not give you a desirable blood sugar.

4. It increases toxic overload

This may be due to several additives  in the bread because most of the chemicals and other additives preservatives added toit tends to increase toxic overload in the body and if adequate water is not added it definitely will even lead to constipation instead of relieving constipation which is expected to be the hope of fibre consumer and in this case it does not really work that way probably because of the presence of gluten in it too.

5. It does not support brain Health

If you are  consuming  it frequently, You  will soon notice or discover that it's not a brain food.   if you are someone that listen to your body and listen to how your body is  communicating, what your body is saying or how is communicating to you you will discover that is not a super food for the brain although it contains some vitamin B group of vitamins which helps to give energy,  that is you feel energetic to do whatever you want to do because of the vitamin B group and that vitamin B group of vitamins is what actually contribute to its ability to lead to weight gain and don't we need the vitamin B in it? maybe we may just take a bite which is not very common with a lot of us


In  conclusion,  consuming wheat once in a while in very small amount may not really cause health problem.  But frequent consumption of it like in  this case just consuming it for a whole week maybe four times or three times in a week may not give a good health result as observed in this case we should as a matter of fact reduce wheat and all its derivatives because of the gluten.   Reduced it as much as possible it is obvious that it does not help when we are managing ailments and it's not only wheat  but most of the grains comes with the same character of leading to weight gain and not really supporting fight against some degenerative diseases.

Wednesday 20 December 2023

Cows Milk, Should we take or Avoid? My View



There are varying views and opinions about milk,  talking of cow's milk, either  the full cream, the milk powder, instant milk powder, or the non-dairy creamer.  A lot of us are not cleared about these  milk. Milk is a biblical food that we started our life with and I have come also to think that we most likely will do better towards the end of our life if we include  milk in moderation,  that is my personal view after experimenting for several years to be or not to be with milk.  Here is an important fact with that we must understand about milk,   that is cow's milk it is a rich source of nutrients,  however today we have all varieties of milk especially the non-dairy creamer that has flooded our market which is not really made with cow's milk and it's a cheaper milk to use with not much nutritional value or content as the cow's milk,  the cow milk is a food that a lot of people have abandoned because of the opinion of others, there are ugly side of the cow's milk but there are also  the good side, too. Every food has its good and ulgly side and milk is not left out.  Among the ugliest side is the fact that it helps to feed yeast when taken in large amount and consistently, it also feeds inflammations,  if you are  already going through inflammations and pains and then because of the sugar content then it is also a food that helps to build up insulin resistance, so continuous consumption of milk over a long period of time may  sponsor early onset of diabetes or make the management of diabetes more difficult if it's taking on a daily basis in large amount.    Over the years I've abandoned milk several times because of the ugly stories around it and have also return milk over again, and several times off and on.  but I'm beginning  also to come to the conclusion that as long as you take milk in moderation and take the real milk  and not non dairy creamer but  the full cream, years back I  was an advocate of the low fat milk and instant milk but I have come to realise that the low fat milk is  far more acidic especially those that has zero fat  more acidic than the full cream it is in view of these that each time I want to take milk now which is not daily,  I go for the full cream milk and here are a few of the reasons why the full cream milk is my latest addition to my diet:

1.  A Source of Vitamin K: 

 It seems that the older we get the less vitamin K we seem to have because of food choices including avoidance of milk  and other vitamin K rich foods. Vitamin K is actually a group of fat soluble vitamins that plays important role in the synthesis of protein and other aspects like supporting our bones, blood clotting, regulating blood sugar, preventing internal bleeding, preventing osteoporosis,  our immune system and several other roles that vitamin K plays but over time we tend to avoid or not include in our diet most of the vitamin K food sources like oregano,  cabbage, kale, eggs,  as we get older we tend to stay away from most of these foods for health reasons and for other advices and as a result of this there seem to be a shortage of vitamin K and so many of us complaining of symptoms or feelings of stomach ulcers especially older adults complain of such symptoms  like stomach ulcer, some may sometimes be due to absence of nutrients like vitamin K and other nutrients that can help to support wound healing as well and so realizing this aspect of nutrients in full cream milk has made me switch to full fat cow's milk each time I decide to take milk and it also manifests in a sustained energy that is derived  each time the full cream milk is consumed, no wonder the full cream milk is priced higher than other milk like the instant filled milk which is the other side of the milk whereby the natural fat in the milk is removed and replaced with vegetable fat as you can read on their labels so it's now the vegetable fat that is used in the instant milk powder whereas in the full cream it is just the pasteurized milk and so it is for this and its higher content of vitamin K which many of us are sometimes missing in our diet, that the switch became necessary. 

2.  Complete Amino acids:

 It is a source of complete amino acids which sometimes are needed for the full absorption of other nutrients we consume because some of them are use less until the complete amino acid is available and so we need this complete food.  It is great or our brain health too. If we continue to avoid it for too long we may suffer some mineral deficiencies because in this part of the world we  do not have too much varieties of food to eat to give us all the vitamins and minerals.

3.  Because of thyroid health thyroid

Our thyroid needs to be pampered and protected and a lot of people are ignorant of this fact that milk especially full cream milk contains important and protective nutrients that supports thyroid health including zinc.  I have met several people with thyroid issues who declared  that they have been off it for a long time and not likely to return to milk, Cases like this allow uncontrolled inflammation of the thyroid which need some of these nutrients to protect it and to pamper it because the thyroid needs pampering as a matter of fact and milk and other dairy products with zinc is an important food to include in moderation to help protect this sensitive organ.   

4.  Brain Support:

It is a brain food and we need to protect the brain as we get older because of the peculiar nutrients found in milk especially the full cream milk which is the real milk we need to support our brain health  by increasing foods with nutrients to back it up and full cream milk have all of that though the other milk is also part of it but full cream is the one with 💯 💯 hundred percent milk

5.  Smoother Skin

if you are observant and you are controlling, other carbohydrates in your diet you will notice that you will experience a smoother skin if you take milk moderately especially full cream, not all the time but moderately because of its balance of nutrients, It  is needed by the body.  This was my experience and findings when full milk was returned to my diet in moderation though not a daily bases.

6.  Reduces Depression 

Depression is real and a lot of people go through depression but including brain foods and food that helps to reduce depression like milk is a great way to manage such stress relating to the brain which if not controlled could lead to suicidal Tendencies as we hear of cases of suicide today it's not something that started off immediately but may  have lingered over a long time. Until it got to the point of suicide.

7.  Healthy Body weight

 Managing diabetes sometimes experience weight loss due to an imbalance of nutrients and it tends to bring on them more aging signs and symptoms when milk was taken out completely accompanied by other depression tendencies because of imbalance of this nutrients which some of them are found in milk and sometimes weight loss but full cream milk taking in little amount and occasionally will help to restore the body weight at a healthy level without unnecessary loss of weight and unexplainable weight loss or weight gain because when most carbohydrates are removed especially along with all the processed foods, it only makes sense to return milk in moderation.  Bearing in mind that exercising are  part of the requirments for managing diabetes, taking milk  out with a lot of exercising which is needed to manage diabetes, may trigger symptoms  like low blood sugar,  low energy and weakness which are common with diabetics.  and even the blood pressure will be difficult to manage because of the number of nutrients that are missing as a result of  leaving milk out completely.

8.  Anxiety attacks:

When milk is avoided for a long time without adequate replacement to it,  feelings like anxiety attack,  are also on a higher level especially with menopausal women but a little quantity of milk occasionally may help restore internal hormonal  balance and reduce feelings of anxiety attacks.

9.  Helps Manage Diabetes 

Managing diabetes requires a lot and not just about taking medication but balance of nutrients including complete amino acids which comes from adding a little milk because when you are trying to lower your sugar with a lot of herbs if you are going herbal or medications whichever,  the bones needs protection and milk full cream milk in small amount  helps give  the bones support and integrity.  Creating  a need for the body to require most of these nutrients and they are not there managing of the blood sugar become difficult and even research has shown that consuming full cream milk is better for blood sugar.   if you take it in small amount those who have managed diabetics can give this a try just a little and compare with milk powder, it  has  better ability because of the natural fat that is in it than our so-called milk powder which is overly acidic especially those with zero fat,, I've been on it for several  several years  back and finally discovered,  it is more acidic even with zero fat and full fat is closer to natural when compared with instant milk powder or zero fat.   but it took  a long time for me to realise that it's actually more acidic and farther from nature than the full cream milk.


The first rule about milk is best to listen to your body, it has its good side and ugly sides just like every other food has its good sides and ugly sides but the good side of the full cream  milk is that when you take it in moderate amount and it is the real milk not non-dairy creamer it is a real milk that you are taken and you do not take it daily you will definitely notice a healthier and stronger  stronger body than when it is avoided altogether as is being talked about by another school of thought,  Maybe after several years I may do a review but as at now once or twice in a week or as often as  I feel  like taking milk I do take full cream about  2 tablespoons is okay for me.  I don't  have to finish a whole pack because once it is too much sugar will rise, sometime blood pressure too rises, acidity in the body increases, moderation is our rule and I prefer it in the morning because its energy lasts longer. if you want to get the best result and if you want to continue to retain it in your diet and not bringing out the inflammatory aspect of it and all the other ugly sides, then let it be real milk and not daily consumption.  Moderation is our rule.

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Monday 18 December 2023

Signs we need Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Top Food Sources



Omega 3 fatty acids are essential nutrients need by our body for optimal health, there are other fatty acids such as omega-6 Omega 9 and others that are still being researched but what is special about the omega-3 is that our body cannot produce omega-3 you must have to consume foods that contains omega-3 in order to have it and that is why it is very very important also to know the foods where you can find them as I shall be disclosing some of the common ones in this post omega-3 is so important especially as we are aging  in a lot of bodily functions ranging from, but not limited to the following:

Bone health

 A lot of bone related issues could be avoided or the onset of bone issues could be delayed if we knew the importance of omega-3 and include them in our diet moderately but because of this ignorance a lot of older adults come up with  series of bone related problems which could be avoided just by consuming Omega-3 fatty acids rich foods in our diet in the right amount the absence of this fatty acid makes a lot of us suffer due to the ignorance of their function  and where to find them, it is not only calcium that makes bones strong as  some of us have been made to believe,  there are  other trace minerals and nutrients that are not even common in our daily foods such as omega-3 and we need to be careful especially as we eat to ensure we consume omega-3 rich foods for stronger bones.

Better Joint:

It  is one thing to have stronger bones it is also a different thing to have very good joints and tendons where the bones meet.  That is the joints the bones meet and there are very few minerals that are not needed in large amount that help with this connective points and Omega-3 fatty acids is one of such nutrients that help with this connecting points in various parts of our body like the joints  wondering why you are experienced too many joint pains even when you were taking medications, it  doesn't seem to even be reaching it most times it may be likely due to absence of Omega-3 fatty acids and if not addressed they developed to go out and all the more painful conditions inflammatory, conditions around the joints if it is not attended to as the body is degenerating the joints are degenerating the bones and a lot of other parts of the body so we need important nutrients like omega-3 in the small amount that they are needed to help this connecting points in our joints so we do not develop joint problems joint pains and similar conditions.

3.  Reduce Inflammations

On a daily basis inflammations occur in our body, and is caused by many factors some are caused by excess sugar some by excess body weight some  may be caused by infections,  some are caused by high blood pressure and just continue on like that.  Most of these inflammations are not seen with the visible eyes they are happening internally and some of them are even the cause of heart atta, k heart failure,  stroke and several other complications that happens but the presence of Omega-3 fatty acids in the foods we eat may  reduce such occurrences.   Remember that this particular fatty acid cannot be manufactured by our body like some other fatty acid omega-6 for instance can be found in most of the vegetable oils and one of the leading cause of inflammations today may be related to  too much of omega-6 without the presence of omega-3 because when we consume vegetable oils and most of the processed foods they are prepared and most times   preserved with this oil and all of them contain omega-6 so sometimes when the  omega-6 becomes too much in the body and there is no omega-3 , it  creates an imbalance in the body and that imbalance leads to inflammation that is to say the body responds to the imbalance by creating inflammation so if we need to reduce inflammation in the body generally.    We must endeavour to include Omega-3 fatty acids rich foods so as to reduce too many inflammations. 

Reduce Autoimmune Disease

When the body begins to attack  itself as a result of certain imbalance or health issues that have not been addressed then we refer to such attack on as autoimmune and  most times it is even difficult to manage medically but when there is Omega-3 fat in the body it may reduce such incidences where the body turns again and attacks its own self for various reasons this happens,  even though we may not be aware of what will be going on internally but it's only when we begin to manifest symptoms physically, symptoms that such diagnosis could be made that this is an autoimmune disease and this is usually   difficult to manage or even diagnosed but if we consume Omega-3 fatty acids in the right amount it could delay or  stop such occurrences.

Support Heart Health

I personally have no doubt in believing the effect or importance of this rare fatty acids in supporting a healthy heart when we are aging especially women we are often faced with cases of heart attack, heart failure and other   heart-related issues,  the heart is a delicate organ and we must take care of it by taking the foods that will support the heart muscles we must avoid too much of fat especially bad fats , fat one of the worst enemies of the heart, I have personally experienced it if you take too much of fatty  foods even though the fact may be a healthy one.  Omega-3 can help to strengthen the heart and then make it to be able to be resilient in case of such occurrences.  We have to make efforts in maintaining  a strong heart with good muscles,  strong muscles omega-3 is one of nutrients that helps to support the heart health and  may reduce incidences of heart attack stroke or heart failure.

Reduce Depression 

Consuming consuming Omega-3 fatty acids which foods may also reduce severe cases of depression even if we  are already managing depression.   The case of depression is difficult for some people to really understand, many people are going through it unknown to them but if you have not been taking this seriously it's important to understand that most older adults,  and youth go through one form of depression or the other and in order to manage some of these things we can include such foods with omega-3 is in our diet so as to reduce or delay such occurrences and avoid complications.

Support brain Health

 This is also one of the few brain supporting foods which we should include in moderation here are some of the common food sources since it is not so common in our local market we can supplement with occasional fish oil to meet the requirement of this important nutrient that must come from what we eat.

Common food sources of omega 3 fats.

African walnut




African bread fruit

Some fatty fish

ChIa seeds



Moringa leaves 



Hemp Seeds

and other foods including some green  vegetables too

Moderation remains our rule

Thursday 14 December 2023

My Renewed Interest in Onions Benefits

Onions is a popular low calorie vegetable with numerous health benefits.  Though I had always known it as a great natural taste enhancer in soups and stews, but never considered it beneficial even when applied topically.  Recently, I was woken up at night with unusual weakness and tiredness which was unexplainable, worsened by a pounding in my heart which I could hear myself.  Wondering what was exactly the matter, of course the dinner was a low carb. with vegetables.  however, considering that much contact had been made with cold water, I began to wonder, could this be cold?

As the weakness, continued, I noticed a small onions by my bedroom which I was experimenting for mosquito repellent.  I quickly tore the inner juicy portion open and used it as cream to massage my both hands as I also noticed my right palms were swollen, a sign of inflammation.  As soon as I applied the onions juice, massaging deeply on both hands, the heat travelled immediately to my pounding heart and it stopped, in a few minutes, the swollen palms returned to normal and off I slept in minutes till morning.

If you ask me, Without a laboratory test, it seems to me, that onions can prevent a heart attack when massaged on the palm topically.
Onions can also quickly remove symptoms of cold and inflammations that occurs occasionally at night.

I believe we need more research on purple onions.  It is not a bad idea to keep fresh purple onions in your bedroom at night if you are over 45yrs.

Saturday 9 December 2023

No Cold and Or Flu till December, Here are my Secrets



It may sound unbelievable but it's true from January till December 12 whole months and no cold and or flu, it's a true story, and the writer is the beneficiary. There are some secrets behind this story and healthy life. A  lot of people suffer cold  and flu almost quarterly, some go for treatments monthly,  They blame it  on the weather, the season and several other factors but if you understand, how our body works, you will actually blame it on yourself.  Some foods that can help you come out of it in case you are battling cold and flu frequently.  It is possible also for you to stay from January to December  without cold and or  flu.  Mother Nature has made available several foods  that can make this happen even in  your own life in case you are a regular patient when it comes to cold and  flu, then read this testimony to the end.  

It  all has to do with our immune system, a weak immune system is a good ground for frequent cold and flu.  The major things that contributes to a weak immunity includes but not limited to these:

1.  Low Iron leading to  insufficient oxygen circulating in the blood.

2.   When there is too much acids in the body.

3.  When there are no sufficient antioxidants in the body and what are the antioxidants, they include vitamins A, C, D, E and several others that works uniquely to help neutralize free radicals.

4.  Insufficent Protein in the diet.  Protein we know is the building block.  

5.  Too much sugar and processed foods are immune suppressors.

These and several other factors contributes to a weak immunity. 

Once the immunity is down, then the regular customers include cold and flu.  it's not a disease only for kids as kids are often the ones at risk of cold  and flu.  We have older adults also having cold and flu due to a suppressed or weak immunity.  

I have stayed from January till this December without Cold or Flu, and others such as malaria and Typhoid treatment, simply by living a lifestyle that does not give room for cold and flu.

Firstly the glory goes to God Almighty, the Giver of life and our Sustainer, for His  creations and the things he has made available in nature and then the knowledge of it,  it is one thing for a food to be available in nature or as God has made them available then it's another thing for you to have knowledge of it knowledge is so important, no wonder, that the Bible says seek knowledge and pursue it, it's so important in our life.  In this write up, Follow me as I share  some of the   secrets that has helped me enjoy such healthy  body up to this last month of the year without any conventional treatment of cold and flu or any visit to the hospital for malaria and or typhoid treatment, here are some of my secrets throughout  the year and  some of the things that I do regularly:

1.  Managing Stress:  

Managing stress has not always been easy especially with some of us who are not good stress managers, again especially if your own kind of stress is the type that you are not easy to control, some kind of stress  are actually within our  immediate control while some stress are not easy to control.  Pepending on the type, Mine is usually more of physical and mental stress and because we have physical stress, emotional stress, financial stress, marital  sress a lot of other stresses and then if this stresses are not managed well , they also bring us down and today in the country today there are so many stressors physically and emotionally and as as for me whenever it's getting to the point of affecting my health.  I focus on my health. I drop the work and the phone then I Focus specifically on regaining and restoring my health,  one of the ways is to go early to bed and because I do not sleep most of the time in the afternoon our body usually behaves in the way it was raised up or trained to behave so if you are not the afternoon sleeper, it  is not always easy although I find time to also rest during times of stress whether sleeping or not just closing the eyes and resting the body helps to restore the immunity at least for 45 minutes or maximum of 60 minutes during the day in order to cool the body and this makes night sleep easier and faster yo take off.  so I go out of it forcing myself to to lie down and ocassionally have some sleep  put down all work materials,  phone calls with the phone on silence  which is not usually common with me, but I do it when the stress level is high, a lot of people do not also know that we all  are  affected by stress too,  the stressing aspect is and remains   one of the most dangerous aspect,, resting too much is also another kind of stress especially when it is  too much, it  also contributes to  stress and so everything should be done moderately including daytime relaxation.  don't oversleep, don't overwork.   Do a little work and then rest to balance it,  In this  way my  immube system will be restored.

2.  Daily Water Therapy

Observing water therapy  that is starting my morning with lots of water, volumes of water on empty stomach and sometimes with a dash of lemon juice and at other times a tablespoon of apple cider.This  has been a long standing  culture that has been on for several years now and it's one of the secrets because water is one of the top healing drinks that a lot of people are yet to  discover.   Talking of clean water because most of the activities in the body needs water to be carried out, such as  transportation of nutrients,  metabolism,  cleansing, detoxing, balancing of electrolytes.  Almost everything including the brain needs water to function optimally. the Liver, the kidney and the skin all need  a lot of it so the practice of water therapy has been on for several years and still working so one of the secrets is starting the day with a lot of water in order to cleanse the internal organs, remove toxins, relieve constipation and toxins.   Only  ensure that the water you are taking is good one because there are so many acidic water all over the place ensure that the water is not acidic, less you get more acids by drinking water.

3.  Occasionally checking on blood sugar:

Checking  on the blood sugar is essential for all older adults,  it is not okay to assume that you are not diabetic and then neglect checking your blood sugar because a lot of older adults are already living with diabetes unknown to them and so I usually check my blood sugar knowing that there is a family history of it makes me even more mindful to check my sugar level at least once in a week.

4.  One Orange daily:

  It was popular, to hear people say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but due to too much adulteration of apples, I fare better with orange and use occasional apple cider in my water therapy to get the sour taste benefit of green apple, because each time I am going for fresh apple, I go for green apple, but more comfortable using occasional apple cider as it relieves constipation and does have negative impact on blood sugar like some apples do especially after they must have been sprayed with some preservatives, 

5.  Dietary Changes: 

Making dietary changes by listening to your body is one of the things I practice and based on the what the body says, changes are made so I have been making dietary changes changes from time to time to suit the messages I receive

6.  Regular Consumption of Garlic:

Garlic is my top spice for enhancing taste of all my meals.  Using fresh garlic and most times I chew it raw on empty stomach after water therapy to help thin the blood, reduce inflammations, kill off yeast and reduce viral load of bacteria in my body.  I believe regular garlic consumption is one of the top reasons why cold and flu are off me  👌 

7.  Occasional Bitters:  

Bitters in moderation helps tone the liver, bitterleaf occasionally in my soups, bitters like neem powder are always in my cupboard, making tea occasionally out of it helps keep malaria away too.  Waiting until malaria and typhoid attacks fully will not give me victory as I have tried it some years back on someone with full blown malaria and it could not clear it until hospitalization.

8.  Daily consumption of Green Vegetables

 To reduce too much acids in the my body and get most of the essential nutrients especially magnesium, green vegetables feature daily in my diet.  Greens are healing foods and I include variety of green vegetables as they are not all the same.  And cooking it lightly makes them better, 

9.  Regular eggs in my diet:

Chicken eggs are loaded with nutrients and its a top anti inflammatory food in my diet.  Egg features almost daily in my diet.  Occasionally these I consume 2 eggs, Eggs are low in calorie and complete in amino acids.  It supports my  eyes, reduce belly fat and heals ulcers too.

10.   Omega 3 Rich Foods:  

Omega food sources are rare and in order to meet up up, I take occasional fish oil supplements and sardines without the oil as this helps support brain Health and reduce inflammations in the body.

11.   More Sweet Potatoes and less bread:

In 2023. I made an important change I my diet to support my aging skin and eyes, I embrace more of sweet potatoes, it features almost 5 times in a week in my breakfast and its my major carbohydrates presently because of its rich content of vitamin A and other anti aging nutrients.  I boil it and spray cinnamon on it while it is still on fire and also sprinkle tumeric and ginger mix on it to make more anti inflammatory. 

12.  More Ginger and Tumeric tea:

 Fresh ginger and tumeric are powerful anti inflammatory and liver supporting tea.  I take this combination regularly as they help with wait loss too and reduce pains if any.  Consumption of this tea which I occasionally add small amount of milk is also the reason of no cold and flu.

13.  Avoiding Late Meals: 

This is almost difficult to get 💯 percent but as much as possible I avoid any heavy meal after 6 pm.

14.  Occasional gargle with sea salt: 

As a result of pervious toothaches experience leading to removal of one tooth, I occasionally gargle with sea salt and warm water to help strengthen my teeth with minerals and reduce bacteria activities in my mouth.

15.  Occasional Detox Drinks:  

Once in a while I take some herbal detox drinks if I suspect my system needs help.

16. Daily Exercise:

 Morning exercising is also part of my recent addition to my routine.  Exercising is important more to me compared to previous years, the older we get, the more serious we should take exercise.  It is as important as my nutrition presently. 


These are just some of the top habits that keeps more going, I will share additional things I do regularly because there are still more.

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