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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

8 Health Benefits of Garden Egg Leaf

Health Benefits of Garden Egg Leaf

Garden Egg also known as eggplant is a popular seasonal and low calorie vegetable in Nigeria.   Particularly in the eastern part where the Igbos use it in preparing various forms of raw salad.   At times it is mixed with other protein buffers (Ugba)  as a protein back up in the salad.   The older generation  love it so much due to its bitter taste.    I have personally consumed the vegetable on various occasions but found it more of a medicine than just vegetable.   It is strong and quick acting. the more reason It should be taken in moderation despite its health benefits.  

Here are 8 Health Benefits of Garden Egg leaf.

1.  Acts as a Detoxifier.

Our constant exposure to all kinds of toxins in our environment  requires that we include foods like garden egg leaves occasionally  to help clean and detox our key internal organs like kidney, liver,  pancreas and the colon.
Garden Egg leaves is also beneficial in this regard.

2.   I have no doubt in the cholesterol lowering  ability  of this medicinal herb having consumed it myself.   It is only advisable to guard against consuming  this food in large quantity if you are on cholesterol lowering drug, because the cholesterol may drop below  the normal range.

3.  Good for Pregnant Women:

Expectant mothers are always advised to eat right because of the life of the foetus.   Some have testified of its benefits.   One pregnant woman testified that she cooks with it and squizzes the juice to drink which serves as her blood tonic.

4.  As an Immune Booster:

According to a popular newspaper in Nigeria,  investigations  show that garden egg leaves are rich in phytochemicals which protects the body from cancer formation.    It is also a source of potassium, a necessary  salt which benefits the heart and the entire blood pressure.

5.  A Source of Folic Acid for Foetus

As earlier mentioned, this bitter herb benefits mother and child.  Pregnant women are always advised to be selective in the type of food, they eat and this is one of such foods they should eat.   Dr Bright Chimezie Anwacha of the University of Uyo  Teaching hospital explained that the leaves provides women with nutrients which improve blood level for baby formation due to folic acid.

6.  Helps With Weight Loss

Those making efforts to reduce weight can include occasional garden egg leaves in their foods especially, the starchy stuff as it will help boost metabolism and bring overall reduction in body weight.

7.   Particularly beneficial  for Kidney Cleanse:

It is advisable to cleanse this vital organ occasionally  due to the huge work it is doing in keeping us going.  Someone has advised that in using it for kidney cleanse,  we should follow this rule:

just cut the leaves in pieces little quantity say a handful,  rinse I. Clean water,  boil for about 10 minutes,  filter in a bottle and allow to cool and take a little glass cup.   When you
urinate, go check it out.

8.  Naturally rich in Vitamin  B,  C,  potassium, calcium and other important nutrients like folic acid.

It is best eaten raw or squeezed a little so as to get all the nutrients. 

Do not overdo it. Because it is said to be high in oxalates,  if these are too much in the body it could  also  damage the kidney that it is expected to repair.   So moderation is the rule.

Ref:  fb Prohealth Awareness



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