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Friday 25 September 2015

11 Surprising Health benefits of Milk

Milk is one of the most popular foods in our environment today,  but have recently  been receiving bad comments for a few of its negatives like feeding of yeast and  its  mildly inflammatory nature, apart from this.  Its among few foods consumed at childhood and even encouraged at old age.  Most elderly individual would confess they would love much milk if not for their doctors or dietitians advise.
Milk is found in many other preparations, including bread, some biscuits, chocolates, sweets etc.  It is a food you almost cannot avoid completely.  Also due its numerous health benefits.  The bible talks of a land flowing with milk and honey , have ever wondered why so much talk and emphasis about milk even in the Holy book?  It is beneficial to both growing children and adult as well.

 It is not a food known only for stronger bones and proteins with complete amino acids, it is loaded with various other nutrients vital for a healthy body.  Milk usually taste delicious, gives instant energy and is a food that could be carried along even on a journey, and would also be ranked in our view as a near natural food.  They are good not only for babies, but for the growing children, teenagers, youth, adults and even the elderly.
Milk come in various forms and from various sources, but the milk we speak of here is the widely known cow milk.  There are goats milk, which is also very good, and some nutritionist recommends it to be better  than cow milk especially non organically raised.  We have the liquid or full cream milk, we have the powder milk, and then the low fat version.  For purpose of clarity, let us look at the regular liquid milk cow milk and its health benefits.

Milk provides strength to bones, muscles and blood vessels that increases  and strengthens our immune system and a healthier body.

There are different types of milk such as soymilk, goat milk, coconut milk,  cow milk, camel milk and various others.  Even in this division, milk come in various forms, including:  full cream, skimmed milk, yoghurt, and cheese.  The milk we speak of here in this write is  regular cow milk used sold either as full cream or skimmed.    Though all milk provide almost similar nutrients, the regular cow milk is however higher in calcium and protein in most cases.
Here are 11 Surprising health benefits of milk.
1.        Source of Calcium
2.     Helps with Depression
3.     Helps reduce blood pressure
4.    Provides High Quality protein
5.    Brain Food due to the presence of calcium and nutrients like zinc
6.    Natural Multivitamin
7.    Energy that Lasts
8.    Source of Fats
9.  Source of Potassium
10. Source of Vitamin D
11.  Benefits Skin and Hair

1.  Source of Calcium

Benefits of Calcium

Did you know that the most abundant mineral  in your body is calcium?, calcium is critically important  for maintaining  the balance between you sodium and potassium and for regulating your blood pressure?

Other sources of calcium includes:

  • Peanuts, Almonds and Coconut
  • Skimmed milk is particularly high in calcium
  • Soya bean milk  
  • Millet and other grains

As we are already aware, calcium is a very important mineral that must be replenished every day.  Women in particular need more calcium than especially  during the Menopausal years when then cessation of their monthly circle is about to take place.  There us need to consume more calcium to avoid the risk of osteoporosis and other bone related diseases.It is a healthy food for especially for growing children

7.  Lasting  Energy

1.  Calcium is required for strong bones in children and at old age.  The brain, the nails, the stomach walls, the blood, teeth,muscles and even the currents of our body, electrolyte requires  continues supply of calcium for proper function.  Yes, some may say what of other sources, definitely there are other sources of calcium, however, calcium is not a water soluble nutrients, it is a nutrient that requires others to work along before its proper absorption and milk is a perfect source providing all the requirements, vitamin D, zinc and others.  This is one way milk stands out as a good source of quality and usable calcium by the body.  If calcium is not properly absorbed, it can easily go toxic.

  •  Calcium benefits the Heart :   Did you know that even the muscles of your heart requires a great deal of calcium to function properly?  when people complain at times of palpitations and other related problems, It usually occurs to me that it may be calcium they need.  For in actual fact most things that manifest as symptoms of disease may actually be just a deficiency of one nutrient or another, or even toxicity.  If you want to maintain a healthy heart, then make milk part of your daily food.

  • .  Calcium for Strength:  If you often complain of extreme fatigue, there is the likelihood that you need calcium.  from where do you get a better calcium ready for absorption if not from milk.  It provides immediate source of calcium.

  • .  Calcium for Weight Loss:  This may come as a surprise to many of us .  Calcium actually helps you burn fat fast. especially the skimmed milk version,  It much later I found this out,  if you are working to look fat, do not leave milk (Skimmed Milk) out of it.

 2.  Milk Helps With Depression
Depression is a state of low mood and negative response to activity manifesting also in behaviors, and general feelings.  It is usually a mental issue in most cases difficult to diagnose.  Where depression exists, no most pharmaceutical drugs and even supplements may not be of much help, until the source of the depression is identified and removed.  When depression sets in for reasons of aging or not even known, its time to make milk your friend  because mood lifting properties especially the full cream milk version if you are not weight conscious is usually of great help.  It is a source of Serotonin for mood.  Serotonin gives you a feeling of well being and helps you sleep.  You can increase the amount of serotonin in your body by eating tryptophan, which is an amino acid found in foods like milk.   Other food sources includes cheese, legumes, cashews, dates, bananas, and spinach.

3.   Helps Reduce Blood Pressure:  It is surprising, when you see BP patients trying to avoid milk in all forms,  yes, too much milk especially the full cream milk may not be a friend of such patients,  however moderate consumption of skimmed milk on a regular basis is definitely part of the medicine on the part of recovery and management. Magnesium is vital for healthy blood pressure and a robust cardiovascular system.  "This powerful mineral is linked to more than 325 different enzyme reaction. If you body is deficient in magnesium, you could be predisposed to developing hypertension and other cardiovascular problems says  Don Colbert M.D author of " The Biblical Cure For High Blood Pressure
 and milk is a source of this important mineral.  Other natural sources of Magnesium includes: Nuts, Seeds, Leafy green vegetables, Legumes and whole grains.

4.  Milk is a source of Quality Protein
By quality protein here, I mean with complete amino acid.  Unlike Carbohydrates and fat, Protein is a "macronutrient"  meaning that you need relatively large amounts of it to stay healthy.  (Vitamins and Minerals, which you only need i small amounts  are called micronutrients. your body does not store protein in most cases, so it has no reservoir to draw from when you are running low.  So you have to get a daily dose of it and milk is on hand to supply this important nutrient .

  Other benefits of protein includes:

  • Speeding recovery after exercise
  • Building lean muscles
  • Reducing muscle loss
  • Curbing Hunger
5.  Milk is a Brain Food
The brain is a very important organ of the human body and must be nourished at all times with proper nutrition.  If you have young children,  it is wise to always nourish their brains with milk and their diets besides milk tastes delicious too.  If you are in you golden years, then nourished your brain too with addition of milk in your diet.  Nutrients like Zinc and fats are found in milk to help nourish and calm the brain.  It is a healthy food for growing children

6.  Natural Multivitamin.

If you are like some of us who rely on natural foods to get most of our daily nutrients, then milk must make the list.  It is a food I have discovered may not be out of my list for more then 4 days, even during occasional  mild detox programmes.  Milk is rich is important minerals that must be supplied daily for a healthy body.  If you are relying on foods for your nutrients,  the list will almost be incomplete without milk in one form or the other.  It goes well with most foods, oats, tea, cocoa, pap, or just with honey.

7.  Lasting  Energy
 Milk is a source of lasting and quality energy, In this case it is usually preferred in the morning hours by most people to carry them through to mid day in most cases

8.  Source of Fats:
 are aiming to gain weight, full cream milk should be in your food list.  This is an aspect where milk plays roles with a two edged sword manner.  Not only is milk a fat burning food, in the form if low fat skimmed milk, it helps you gain weight fast as well, especially if you are recovering from illness and that is the full cream version.  Good enough the kind of fats found in milk are also healthy for the brain.  Did you know that every brain cell is covered by  a cell membrane  composed mainly of  two layers of fats  called phospho lipidsYour brain cell membranes must be flexible and pliable to communicate easily and accurately with other cells in the brain.

9.  Source of Potassium

Milk is a source of this important mineral necessary for regulating blood pressure.  Potassium plays a role in dilating the blood vessels and thus allows free flow of blood and reduces blood pressure.  Replacement of sodium in place of potassium your risk of cardiovascular diseases.  Milk helps balance your need for potassium in a day.

10.  Source of Vitamin D

Although vitamin D is not common in most foods,  it is however found in milk due to its fortification.  Vitamin D is important for normal development of bones and teeth.  The most obvious benefit of vitamin D is to help the absorption of calcium. and help build strong immune system. 

11.  Benefits the Skin and Hair
It may be surprising for you probably to read that milk is a beauty product.  Milk  and honey offer the best combination for making your skin radiant.  Take 2 tablespoons of powdered milk, a tablespoon of and 2 tablespoons of warm water to mix well and make a paste.  Use this paste to apply all over your face and neck.  Leave it on till it dries off completely and becomes stiff.  Use warm water to wash it off.  Regular application makes your skin fair and radiant .  Consuming milk on a regular basis makes your skin radiant naturally from inside.  Milk contains lots of proteins, minerals and vitamins,which makes your skin fair and radiant.

Use a milk scrub on your face to get rid of all dead skin cells and make your skin glow naturally. Take some boiling water and dissolve  a pinch of salt in it.  Add 4 cups of instant non-fat milk to this.  Let it soak for about 20 minutes.  Use the scrub and clear off your skin.

Instead of using a shampoo conditioner for your hair you Wash off milk from hair after 10-15 minutes

Remember however that you are in your golden years, milk must be consumed in moderation, so that it does not begin to feed yeast in your body.  Milk is good diet in the morning and at night,  It is also a good food for glowing skin.  It is also a source of sugar especially with added sugar by some industries.  It is also mildly acidic and inflammatory.

         Biblical cure for High Blood Pressure by Don Colbert M.D


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