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Monday 21 September 2015

5 Ways Your Body Speaks - Learn to Listen, Its Smarter Than You

Regaining Your Health Begins with Listening to Your Body

Regain and Retain your Health Naturally
 One way to regain your health is to begin to take charge and understand what is happening inside of you.  You must begin to listen to your own body.  Without understanding your own health and particularly how your body works, it is absolutely impossible to be able to regain your health.  You may of course never experience total happiness until you get to this point.  You will be basing all your actions on what people say.  You will apply what worked for others and it may or may not work for you.

The earlier you being to take charge of your own health the better and healthier you will be.  This of course begins by listening to your own body and what exactly it is saying.  You may have a symptom, such as headache, fever, or other similar signs of being unwell.  The easiest and fastest thing is to go for prescription drugs.  In most cases, this is actually not what the body is asking us to do for prescription drugs will only suppress the symptoms without going to the root cause(s) of the problem..  This may seem to suppress the symptom, like most pain relievers do but that is not to say, it is over.  These quick fixes are good as a life saver in my opinion, however a most lasting solution is always preferred and advised.  Regaining and Retaining your health begins with listening, understanding and obeying your body.  They are smarter than you think.

A Look at Health
According to an article by  Mike Adams  titled "how to heal yourself in 15 days" Your body strives to heal itself automatically every single day.  The only thing that really needs  happen for your body to begin healing itself is to remove barriers  that are preventing it. And let me add that you must start supplying the right building materials as well.

His write up which is in series stated that  "Health is not defined by a range of numbers, It does not mean merely shrinking the  physical size of a tumor while the patient continues to waste away.  Health is not measured solely by the number of days someone is kept alive on life support equipment.  Health means quality of life.

I see health as being happy with yourself, particularly the way you feel, it includes a balance of your soul, spirit and body, health is a body not conducive for germs and bacteria to thrive, a body without pain or disease.  Health means loving what you are doing and doing it, going to where you want to go without being assisted, eating without being begged to eat, i.e enjoying your food, that is health.  Ask yourself, are you in HEALTH or in HEAT, you only need to remove the L and H and you have heat.  Such are the cases of many

Do Not Be Deceived - All that you need for your Health are Within You
It may be easier to rush into taking a medication that masks or suppress the symptoms, sometimes because you can afford it.  Use the symptom instead as a clue to look for the root  cause{s} that can be corrected through more  holistic,natural means.  In doing this, you are on the path to  regaining and sustaining your health.  Most of the prescriptions especially the expensive ones can only be of help as long as you can afford them.  Regaining your health is one thing and sustaining it is another.  Using Natural means ensures sustainability.  Masking symptoms is a childish adolescent approach to medicine,  but listening  and learning from symptoms in order to take a more holistic approach to health is characteristic of an intelligent adult. 

  Listen to your cravings

Whenever you have a strong urge to eat at a particular time may be a clue to your craving and your craving have much to tell you about what is happening on the inside..

For example, if your body craves salt -- real salt, not the processed sodium found in junk foods --


Is your body crying out for water?  Listening to understand it.  Water shortage could manifest as nervousness, fever, high blood pressure, hunger, heart problems, stomach cramps or even internal heat
Drinking more water on a regular basis, especially at the right time  (and avoiding dehydrating beverages such as sodas) can solve these underlying problems, and you may actually see many of those symptoms vanish within a few days, weeks or months.  Craving for chocolate may be your body crying out for magnesium.  Your body sends you the message. These are facts becoming clearer to us by the day.

Cravings for chocolate may often be just your body crying out for magnesium. Your body sends you the message, "Eat more magnesium!" but your conscious mind mistakenly thinks you just need more chocolate. The problem is that most of the processed, store-bought chocolate on the market today is overly processed and has little or no magnesium left in it.

.  These are 5 common Ways Your Body Speaks - Listen,  Its Smarter than You

 1.  Mouth - mouth odor, bad breath, butter, medically known as halitosis  is a common problem with many, sometimes caused by tobacco, alcohol, poor oral hygiene, gum disease, poor digestive health or  other infections:   Usually when mouth odor or bad breath occurs,  checking internally to find the cause will no doubt help in procuring a cure.  In most cases, dairy products or large quantities of milk are the cause of bad breath or mouth.  Identify the cause and discontinue feeding it and there you have the cure.  Do not ignore it or start spending on expensive mouth wash as your first line of solution.  Your body is speaking, Pay attention before it is late. 

2.  Hard stools or soft -  Each time you experience hard stool or overly soft one.  It is another time to listen to what your gut is saying and do something.  Some go for pharmaceutical laxatives to quickly fix the problem.  Your gut is complaining that all is not well, It may be saying in times of hard stool.  I need more water to ease my digestion or more fiber or even more raw food or even probiotics.  Listen to it Remember Our life is in our gut.  In terms of  excessively soft stool, check out,  maybe stress is affecting you,  or other worries,  the nutrients are not going in or it could even be gluten sensitivity or other unknown cause, do not ignore it, listen to what your gut is saying before it is late.

3. Is your urine smelling strange or offensive - If you suddenly notice that your urine smells offensive, your body is speaking out, listen to it.  Maybe it needs more water, too much sugar, too much drugs, even supplements of B complex. excess protein, bacteria load, yeast infection or  could be warning sign of diabetes, Do not ignore the color or smell of urine. Your body is speaking and telling you that something is wrong inside.  I knew a man some years ago that complained of sudden yellow eyes and other physical manifest ions and possibly due to lack of fund could not seek medical attention and sooner was diagnosed of Hepatitis, he also complained of mouth odor to the point, he could feel the smell himself.  He later died of prostate enlargement.  Our bodies are uniquely made to report these things manifesting as signs or symptoms before they manifest as disease.  May God give us the wisdom and wherewithal to take preventive steps in avoiding and preventing disease.

4.  Are you Having Pains?  Your body is saying something, inflammations, stress on a particular side of the body and it is complaining. low calcium especially is mature or elderly women, poor circulation, a particular side is not receiving blood or oxygen supplies.  Do not rely on quick fix pain relievers, though they are quite helpful when severe pain strikes, but do not stay on it for long. even mainstream practitioners regularly discourage this except on rare occasions using their discretion.  Listen, your body is smarter than you think.

5.  Are You Feeling Feverish?   Your body is obviously sending a message through the fever.  Not a full blown disease as you may be thinking  Maybe more water, working hard to ward off an infection and needs  your help to help it succeed, may be less calories.  Cooperate with your body after listening and help it do its work by supplying what is needed including sufficient rest and sleep in some cases.

Your body is so miraculously made that even at times, some individual speak of hearing a tingling sound in their ears when a certain news is yet on the way.  Your body is speaking in various ways, its smarter than you. 



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