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Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Contracting an illness is already a huge mess but there are certain problems and illnesses that accompany with them certain other hidden problems that remain dormant for a time being and with some external trigger rise to the surface to produce and inflict its own harm. How to get rid of dandruff or hair fall or skin issues might seem not much of work but there are a couple of problems that do not appear in the beginning and when they do they are already in quite a stressful stage. When your kid (or often adults) contract chicken pox, there are certain situations when the person is also attacked by a viral infection that usually gets to the surface after the disappearance of chicken pox, or even after receiving a vaccine. The target area for this virus to occupy space, is the spinal area. Plus the symptoms and the infection also appear only on a single side of the body instead of all over. The target areas arise from the side of the spine, like the ribs and/or a shoulder. This particular viral infection is called Shingles (Herpes Zoster). A quick scan of the article will reveal to you what exactly this problem is all about and provide you with one very effective remedy that helps soothe out not only the pain but also the rashes caused by Shingles. One must take in to account that Shingles attack the individual where it finds lack of immunity or when the body is already pre-occupied under the reign of another heavier medication or treatment. The pain caused by shingles arises from the point in nerves where the viral infection has stretched out its camps and travels all the way through till the nerve disconnects or merges.

The rashes under the process of Shingles form an area of clustered blisters and there might be immense itchiness and pain in those blisters. There might be a range of 10-15 days in which the blisters appear, take their peak, turn dry into a scab and finally heal. But the remedy we are here to share not only soothes the pain but tries to reduce this time period as much as possible.

Cayenne pepper and aloe vera gel mixture for shingles:
So the substances we will need to prepare this home remedy to get rid of the pain caused by Shingles are Aloe Vera gel and Cayenne pepper. Why do we choose these two ingredients over the rest is because of a set of goodness they provide. Aloe Vera gel as most of the people know is effective in smoothening of the skin. It is anti-inflammatory which means that it works effectively in order to reduce inflammation in the area affected by the Shingles. The itchiness and pain in the skin/area around the blisters feel a sense of relief after the application of Aloe Vera. This gel thus paired up with Cayenne pepper increases the effectiveness of the remedy to ten-folds. Since, Cayenne pepper is composed of a natural compound known as Capsaicin. This very compound is rich in substance P that is known to target the pain affecting  transmission of the body. Hence, the pain that travels through the nerves during Shingles is targeted with the help of Cayenne pepper.
The logic to pair the two ingredients together is to cancel out each other’s negatives. During the blistering phase, the skin gets exposed and hence application of Cayenne pepper might increase the sensation of pain and burning. Hence, aloe vera gel acts as a soothing agent to reduce inflammation and cancel the burning sensation.

How to prepare the remedy:
·         1/8th tablespoon of Cayenne pepper
·         1 tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel
·         Makes the ingredients well till they are smooth
(Recipe can be doubled according to the need)
The things to take care of before proper application of this gel on to the skin is making sure it doesn’t burn too much by applying it to a small, test area. If there’s more burning sensation then add in some more aloe vera gel to reduce the issue.
You might need some strength to endure the effects of Cayenne pepper but it actually becomes hard for some people, especially kids to actually endure the extra (helpful) pain. For this reason, Cayenne pepper can also be replaced by either Paprika or Turmeric powder (in the same quantities). There might be better benefits under Cayenne pepper but Turmeric would also serve the same purpose.
It is indeed a very tough decision to endure the pain of an already existing problem and then to try and look for a cure that also triggers the sensation of pain ad burning but for the right reasons. Sometimes it is the will power that helps you pass that phase of a disease to help you move towards recovery in a faster pace.


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