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Wednesday 30 September 2015

Find Out, Is Stomach Ulcer Eating You? What are You Eating

I have always heard and believed that ulcers are caused by fasting  or going without food for long periods of time, until recently, It is now clearer than ever that so many factors could be responsible for an onset of ulcer. An ulcer is basically a wound either in the stomach (could affect any part of the stomach) or even externally too. For the purpose of this write up stomach ulcer is our focus.   No matter the cause of the ulcer, It is always an unpleasant experience.   In some cases an ulcer may be in existence internally unknown to the affected person.  Usually a strong trigger comes in contact with the part affected, then the symptoms becomes very obvious and the individual feels the ulcer just started.

There are so many beliefs on the cause or causes  of most stomach ulcers.  It is indeed interesting to note that most of these popular beliefs are actually untrue.  Here are some interesting facts about stomach ulcers  The points listed below are  made based on my own findings and personal experience:

1)  Fasting or going without food is not the only cause of ulcers
2)  On the contrary some form of fasting are beneficial to ulcers to give the stomach some rest to enable healing take place.
3)  Eating frequently is also not the only main approach to treating your ulcers
4)  Ulcers are not hereditary or running in families as I was made to believe
5)  Stomach Ulcer could  be eating you unknown to you
6)  Stomach ulcers  are curable with adequate nutrition and knowledge
7)  Many factors are responsible for stomach ulcers, most importantly, insufficient protein intake, too much refined carbohydrates and stress.
8)  some knowledge about nutrition is important.

A lot of people have suffered and are still suffering due to ignorance of what exactly they need to do to get healed.
What is Eating You? If there is an overgrowth of yeast or bacteria in your gut, unknown to you, they may be eating you.   In this case, you may be having fatigue and similar symptoms like ulcer.  When food is eaten frequently  as a way of managing the condition,  it could even  worsen it by allowing the yeast to continue to grow out of proportion thereby increasing the symptoms, especially if they are mostly refined and highly processed foods.  My advise is to find out what  exactly is eating you.  It could even be typhoid bacterias or other infections. which are also worsened by excess refined carbohydrates.


2. Prolonged Fasting It is true to some extent that too much prolonged fasting could cause an ulcer to develop but,  there are other exceptions.  However, if you are in the habit of staying long hours without food, this is strongly not advised, because that could also be eating you.

3.  What about spices?  If you are in the habit of eating highly spiced food, such as strong peppers and irritants regularly, that could also be eating you gradually, until when a wound could eventually result as a result of the habit. Strong spices like ginger, black peppers etc in large quantity regularly could cause an ulcer to develop.

4.   What of refined carbohydrates?  Too much refined carbohydrates could actually be eating on you, when they make your system too acidic by creating an imbalance in your internal flora,  if whole natural foods with  complete proteins are not introduced quickly into your diet to balance the flora,  then the acidic environment created by the acidic foods could be eating you.

See What May Be Eating You

Here are a list of everyday foods and habits that might be eating you.  Truly speaking, these foods are silent killers, they eat on you slowly, they deplete your digestive enzyme reserves, they suppress your immune system, they stress you unknown to you, they make you have pains, general body weakness and pay regular visits to the hospital.  These foods are part of our everyday foods, truly some  of us may not be able to avoid them completely due to some reasons, either finance or non availability  of what they want at a particular time.  The advise is strongly to avoid them when ever possible.  Here are a few of the  list of some everyday foods that may be eating you.

1.  Sugar.  We cannot talk enough on the dangers of excess sugar to our overall health,  As much as has been written on the subject, yet many are still ignorant on the various ways sugar enter our bodies.

Sources of Sugar
– Carbonated drinks
– Fruits
– All simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates
– Corn Sugar
– Sucrose
– Glucose
– Maltose
– Biscuits , Buns, Cakes, Breads, including Wheat
– Dairy products, flavored yoghurts, whole milk etc
– Tomato sauce
– Salad cream
– Sweetened juice
– Honey
– Ice creams

The list can continue. It is however surprising when I discuss with highly respected persons in the society and  some of them  seem to exhibit high level  ignorance that fruits like oranges and pineapples are sources of simple sugars as well.  They argue that they are fruits and that because they are fruits, they are not part of the sugar we are talking about.  In which ever way you are consuming sweets, sugars, remember that  excess sugar is our number one immune suppressor and enemy.  Excess sugar could actually be what is eating you, while you ignorantly run to the hospital to bother the ever ready physicians.   Surprisingly, While, on prescriptions, we still go for a bottle of soft drink .

2. Margarine and Unhealthy Fats:  Yes, while growing up, so much confidence were reposed on butter and margarine, never a day without it.  we considered it a sign of being wealthy and healthy too.   Good source of vitamin A for the eyes, bla bla.  We were told, it makes us more intelligent, and so on, but now, We know better, whether you agree or not, most margarine and other unhealthy fats are the secret behind most health problems plaguing us today, they  cause damage to our blood vessels and arteries.  Real butter with real fat is better, with naturally occurring saturated fats  and fat soluble vitamins.  If you are a fan of margarine like I used to be.  Check, it may be working slowing underneath against you.  Yes without prejudice, Most of these fats are artificially manipulated and, not as healthy as we thought.  Unhealthy fats like those found in margarine may actually be eating you.

3.  Tomatoes Sauce:  Are you a fan of tomatoes sauce?  Well not as much I used to be.  Tomatoes are rich in iron, vitamin A, C and even the rare lycopene, which is known to fight cancer, but you probably have not heard the other side.  They are loaded with Refined sugars, which you already have enough, corn syrup, sodium, preservatives etc.  All these could be eating you gradually unknown you.  Fresh tomatoes contains all the nutrients without the additives.  They are highly recommended.   Truly, there are seasons when the fresh version of tomatoes are expensive, It is better to go for more peppers then.  especially during the raining season, mother nature knows why more peppers are available then.

4.  Excess table Salt:  Salt is great for the  body, as a matter of fact, we cannot function without salt check the post on Sea Salt.    However excess salt, in your  body could actually be eating you.  Many of us have no way of knowing about this excess except when the disease has manifested.  An imbalance of sodium and potassium could also be eating you.  Refined table salt is the worst enemy in comparison to sea salt which is a healthier form of salt.  Of course ulcer patients need not be remind, how  they feel with excess salt.  High blood pressure, heart problems and what have you.  Find out, Are you consuming too much fast foods, burgers, packaged foods,  sandwiches etc, then most likely, you are already consuming excess salt, and that could be eating you too.


No matter how long the ulcer has been with you, there is good news.  Your body has been fashioned in a supernatural way to heal any ailment provided you supply the right building material, it will build again.  Just start supplying and your body starts complying.

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