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Saturday 24 October 2015

I have Personally Tried these two Simple Ingredients to Soften My Hair

Your hair especially the female folk is usually regarded as an addition for your beauty.  However, with our increasing modern busy and hectic life, it is becoming increasingly difficult to come up exactly with something that will make your hair soft and beautiful naturally without resorting to the hairdressers who in most cases fall short of our expectation.  "Hair are called the beauty ornament for women, so keep secure your ornament"

Not until recently, milk and honey was only a delicious food rich food to me, until I tried it on my hair.  A healthy body truly begins from inside.  Milk is not only good for the inside but for the outside too.  Its natural creaminess makes it an excellent conditioner.

Here is the simple recipe that actually worked to soften my hair naturally.


Low fat milk
Natural Honey

What Exactly is Milk:  Milk is a rich in nutrients and creamy in nature helping to lock up the moisture,  Milk adds essentials nutrients necessary for a beautiful hair like zinc.  Milk is also a source of protein.

What about Honey?  Honey is an ancient remedy for almost everything health and beauty.  It has nutrients that benefits the hair

How It Worked

 4 tablespoonfuls of low fat milk (This is my version, Yours could be different) also depending on the size of your hair
1- 2 tablespoons of honey.  Mix the ingredients to form a paste, applied on my hair and allowed to stay for  20 minutes.

The Result was a softer, darker shiny healthier looking hair,  You may wish to try it, its simple with no chemicals, or external heat that tends to damaged the hair  and it works too. 


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