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Tuesday 10 November 2015

Dietary suggestions for stomach ulcers

Stage two diet:
The liquid diet of cabbage and carrot juice and others should be followed by the introduction of nourishing, easily digested foods, such as raw goats milk, at frequent intervals, the previous liquids and diets in stage 1 should also be continued in less amounts followed by the addition of the following foods:
1. Ripe bananas
2. Okra lightly cooked as soups
3. Fermented millet as pap
4. Cooked eggs

5. Avocado pear
6. Raw goat’s milk or liquid milk where goat’s milk is not available
7. Riped papaya or pawpaw
8. Cooked yams in small amount with green vegetables
9. Yoghurt
10. Beet root juice
11. Well cooked oats with coconut milk
12. Tiger nuts milk
13. Unrefined whole grains well cooked with vegetables, including extra virgin olive oil and fresh fish
14. Cayenne pepper should be included with a little garlic in all the cooked food.
15. Fresh tomatoes should be lightly stewed with other fresh vegetables, fresh fish and a few slices of sweet potatoes, Moringer leaf powder should be taken as tea in its raw state with a little honey and milk added.
16. Natural Honey is beneficial at all stages due to hits nutrient density and easy digestibility.
Foods to strictly avoid, these include:
1. Sugar
2. Refined foods
3. Refined grains
4. Alcohol
5. Chocolate
6. Caffeine
7. Nicotine
8. Tea
9. Salt especially refined salt should be reduced but not totally avoided or eliminated
10. Hot spices
11. Red meats
12. Coffee
13. Gum
14. Carbonated beverages particularly soya milk
15. Hydrogenated vegetable oils and fats. These are highly inflammatory and will likely aggravate the condition.

Finally, stress must be avoided.
Ensure to eat only fresh foods as much as possible, and chew the food properly, include anti-inflammatory foods as much as possible, and avoid very hot food.


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