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Sunday 14 February 2016

Here is One Secret Taste Enhancer to all My Dishes in Place of Bouillion Cubes

Fresh Onions, known for their aroma. Yes they make you shed tears at times. Fresh
 onions are also known for their strong anti fungal and anti inflammatory properties.  Many are not aware that fresh onions serves as your best kitchen companion when it comes to enhancing the taste of your dishes.

Onions are available almost all seasons in our local market.  It is a natural taste enhancer with numerous health benefits.   It is easily digestible unlike some greens.  some green vegetables like the pumpkin leaves when too matured  are difficult to digest with some individual myself inclusive.  Fresh onions however does not  possess this attribute.

Fresh onions and fermented seeds like the locust beans was a kitchen companion  most of  our ancestors relied on.  No wonder, they aged gracious and never suffered most of the degenerating disease ailing us today.

Fresh onions is one natural secret enhancer to all my dishes, and you guess, they are usually palatable.
It is hard to believe, yet true that most cooks women in particular cannot prepare a tasty meal without so many taste enhancers, sweeteners and flavorings.

Onions is a natural taste enhancer as well and will add all the taste and flavor to your meal without the side effects  accompanying colourings and other flavorings.

If you are a fan of bouillon cubes,  this post may not interest you, however, it is in your own best interest to use natural taste enhancers and flavoring in your dishes such as fresh onions.  Our ancestors used them and were better with them. 

Remember not to over cook your onions, if you want best rest and to reap all  its numerous health benefits.
Include your onions when the dish is almost ready.   It goes well with garlic when your dish is almost ready to be served.

If you consume too much onions especially at night, it may cause gas.  Try consuming  more  of it in the morning or mid day.

You can add it to your sauce  with fresh pepper and tomatoes, and about two cloves of minced garlic,  add red palm oil with salt to taste and a delicious natural  sauce is ready  for your yams, potatoes and other root or starchy vegetables.


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