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Thursday 13 September 2018

13 Health Benefits of Pineapple

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Pineapples are members of the  bromeliad family, and one of the few bromeliads to produce edible fruit.  

Pineapples nutritional benefits are as impressive as their anatomy.  Pineapples  contain high amount of  Vitamin C and manganese.  In addition to having high amounts of manganese which is required for Bone health.  It is low fat, cholesterol free and low calorie fruit that helps our body fight and win disease.

The main vitamins and nutrients in this fruit are:  Vitamin A, C betacarotene, , B5, Thiamin, B6, and folate.  Important minerals present include:Potassium, copper, calcium, manganese, magnesium and sodium.  Despite these vitamins and minerals, it is still low in calorie and therefore makes part of  a good weight loss diet.

1.  Eases Digestion

It contains uncommon enzymes known as bromelain.  These function include breaking down protein molecules into their building blocks such as amino acids and small peptides.  Once protein  molecules are broken down, they are more easily absorbed across the small intestine.  People with pancreatic issues will benefit from this fruit.

2.  Possesses Anti inflammatory Properties 

Fresh pineapple is anti inflammatory and helps boost immune system, It also helps our body fight disease.  One nine week study fed 98 healthy children either no pineapple, some pineapple (10) or lots of pineapple (280g) to see  if it boosted  their immunity.

At last, it was discovered that children who ate pineapples had a lower risk of both viral and bacterial infections.  Also, children who ate the most  pineapple had close to four times more disease fighting white blood cells  than the other two groups.  It is believed that these anti inflammatory  properties aid the immune system.

3.  Speeds Up Recovery After Strenuous Exercise or Surgery

Several Studies is showing that the presence of   bromelain  may reduce the inflammation, swelling, bruising and pain that often occurs after surgery.  It also seems to reduce markers of inflammation.  

Strenuous exercise can also damage muscle tissue and cause surrounding inflammation.   Affected muscles cannot produce much  force and may  remain sore for a couple of days.  The presence of proteases like bromelain  helps speed up the recovery of damage caused by strenuous exercise by reducing inflammation around the damaged muscle tissue.

4.  Strong Bones

If  you are working to strengthen your bones, it is important you incorporate fresh pineapple into your diet.  The presence of Manganese and vitamin C helps make your bone stronger.   A 1994 study suggested that  manganese along with other trace minerals may be helpful in preventing osteoporosis in post menopausal women.  This is good news for the mature woman.

5.  Eye Health

It has been found that pineapple  can help reduce the risk of macular degeneration .  A disease that affects the eye as people age.  This is possibly due to the high content of vitamin C and other minerals like  Beta carotene  in the fruit.

6.  Prevent Blood Clots

Those elderly folks at the risk of blood clot can make fresh pineapple as part of their regular diet as it can help reduce excessive coagulation of blood.

7.  Reduce Free Radical Damage

The fruits is rich source of antioxidants that help  fight free radical and reduce damage caused by them.  These antioxidants also protect our bodies from diseases like heart disease, arthritis and similar conditions

8.  Natural Fat Burner

If you are looking for a fruit that will help you loose weight especially the fat around the tummy areas, then go for sweet pineapple.  If taken on empty stomach with mint leaves soaked in water for few hours.  It makes an effective stomach fat burner.

9.  Special Enzyme for Protein Digestion

As for me, I like to take fresh pineapple juice a day or few hours after a high protein diet like beans because of its specialized enzyme for assisting protein digestion.  So before those legumes begins to give you gas, better go for fresh pineapple because prevention is always better than cure.

10.  Toothache and Gum Issues

It is necessary to state that pineapple has properties that kills pain, so which ever, toothache, sorethroat or pains where ever, trust pineapple to give you relief.  I personally feel relief where it hurts, and it works.  It is better to try fresh pineapple if you have access to them before going for painkillers, that will only give temporary relief.  This fruit kills pain and protects you from further inflammations .

11.  Coughs and Cold

It is a rich source of vitamin C and bromelain which helps in treating and preventing respiratory diseases while helping remove mucus.  These two nutrients are connected with the reduction of phlegm and mucus build up in the respiratory tract and sinus cavities.

12.  Regulates Blood Pressure

This fruit is a valuable source of potassium.  The vasodilation action of potassium eases tension and stress in the blood vessels and increases blood circulation to various parts of the body.  When your blood vessels relax, the blood pressure is reduced and the flow of blood to various parts is unrestricted.  Therefore your chance of suffering hypertension is reduced.

13.  Maintains Kidney Health

By aiding digestion especially protein, and by reducing blood clothing, pineapple may help dissolve kidney stones  and keep your kidney safe.  

There are several fruit juice and recipes that goes well with pineapple, such as cucumber and pineapple juice, pineapple and beets with cucumber.  It is better to take it with caution if you are diabetic due to its high sugar content, although with fibre, it is still better for diabetes to indulge in this fruit for vitamin C and other nutrients than other high sugar fruits like watermelon.  Remember that moderation is better.  Too much of pineapple can hurt your tongue,  lips, and some undesirable effects.


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