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Monday 24 September 2018

This Simple Breakfast Truly works for Fat Burning

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If you belong to the group of persons avoiding coffee and you are over 45yrs, then it is time to have a rethink.  Coffee is actually one of the healthiest drinks if taken in moderation.  Besides being a natural and rich source of antioxidants, caffeine in coffee helps your body burn fat.  As for me, I am yet to find a fat burning and yet delicious drink like coffee,

Anti oxidants are linked to a number of potential health benefits, including  protection  against diseases and cancer.  Researchers after analyzing  the antioxidant  content of more than 100 different foods  including vegetables, fruits, nuts, spices , oils and common beverages, coffee came out on top  for other antioxidants per serving size and frequency of consumption.  Did you know that your black coffee if a natural source of important nutrients such as  Riboflavin, pant
Pantohenic acid B5, Manganese,  and potassium, magnesium and niacin B3?

Moreover, a study published in the European journal fo Neurology suggests that coffee may even decrease your risk of getting Alzheimer's disease as much as by 65%.

Thanks to mother nature.  Black coffee with caffeine has numerous health benefits, but latest in my discovery with coffee breakfast is the addition of two ingredients to enhance its anti oxidant and fat burning capability and that is exactly what I want to share in this short write up.

A Study published in the American Journal Clinical nutrition set out to investigate the effects of coffee on the metabolic rate.  Researchers found out that caffeinated coffee stimulates the metabolism in both obese and normal weight individuals.

Here Are My Two Latest Addition to Make My Coffee Better

It is better to try a thing  before talking about it.  Adding  half teaspoon of Cinnamon powder and organic honey into my coffee is what has changed and renewed both my taste for coffee and its fat burning benefits.

All you need is:

A cup of freshly boiled water
half teaspoon of cinnamon
a tablespoonful of honey
add you boiled water and your fat burning drink is ready

We all know the benefits of cinnamon, it is great in heating you up from inside and chasing away cold and similar symptoms, it is a source of calcium and iron and has anti inflammatory properties, helps fight yeast and boost immune system.

Honey on the other hand is a natural nutrient  dense food/medicine possessing antibacterial, anti inflammatory and antiviral properties.  It nourishes you from inside and works with coffee to clear clogged arteries,

It is better to try this drink even if you do not like the taste of coffee, you will love this, before now, I could not drink my coffee without milk but with cinnamon and honey, I have no more need for milk. 

Coffee's benefits are best harnessed when it is taken black or with these two natural additions.

This is fat burning made easy.  Better to start your day with this drink or after any fatty meal.  It truly works for me.

It is better to take in moderation.  Too much may come with its own ugly side effects.


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