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Thursday 15 November 2018

Immune Boosting Foods For Better Health (2)

Here are more foods to help you maintain a strong immunity.  They are everyday foods we see around but art not aware they are beneficial to our health:
1.  Cinnamon:
"If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter."
 Cinnamon is a great spice rapidly gaining popularity in recent times due to more information today.  Pricely about 15yrs ago, not much was known of cinnamon, but today, the story has changed, cinnamon is used as a kitchen spice in foods and other ways to benefit health most interesting  use of cinnamon is its mix with organic honey.
Making a paste of this spice with honey helps in:
- reducing blood pressure naturally
- healthy weight reduction
- reducing yeast activity
- reduce inflammations
- ward off Malaria and
- manage diabetes by improving insulin production and many more.
2.  Honey
Organic honey is one healthy way to help maintain healthy body due to its nutrient density.  Honey goes well with many healthy foods, fruits and spices such as: honey with lemon in warm water
Honey with garlic
Honey with  ginger
Honey with cinnamon
Honey with blackseed
Honey with Tumeric and many others
When mixed with any of the above works as a powerful anti inflammatory antibiotic
3.  Tumeric: 
Tumeric is a super root, that improves health in ever way. Helps heal and restore the liver, reduces pains and inflammations, kills yeast and boost immunity generally.  It is better mixed with ginger or black pepper for full absorption.  I like taking it as tea with ginger and soghurm or just with ginger and honey with milk.  Makes a perfect tonic against Insomnia.
It can be used as a spice to spice up your meals.  Helps keep you warm and remove symptoms of cold.
Sea salt:
including sea salt in your meals, helps ward off many diseases.  Helps with blood pressure as it delivers more organic nutrients without chemicals, preservatives, oils and fat.  It also  brings out the natural taste to your meals. Sea salt is a ready home remedy for most home emergencies including sorethroa, toothache and other health issues.
If you are not a lover of onions., then you are missing out.  It is a low calorie spice that improves health too. Easy to digest, source of iron and other important minerals too.  Anti inflammatory and kills off yeast too.
It is hereby good to remind ourselves not to over do it. As much of everything is bad.


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