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Thursday 21 September 2023

Heal Stomach Ulcer Naturally part 2

We have discussed the issue of stomach ulcers at various forums in this blog, however due to frequency of its occurrence among us, it became necessary to look at stomach ulcer again and to Continue to look at various facets of managing Stomach ulcer naturally.  In this part two, we want to look at it under the following headingOuutline
1.  Introduction
2.  How Stomach Ulcers Occur
3.  Most Common Signs, it may be an ulcer

4.  Common beliefs on what causes Ulcer and how long they take to heal

5.  One important factor to look out for 'ACIDITY'

6.  Signs that your body is acidic

7.  List of acidic and Alkaline Foods

8.  What is eating you or What are you eating?

9.  My Stomach Ulcer Story
10.  Miraculous Cabbage and carrot juice - Remedy
11.  Fermented millet and why it works - Remedy
12.  Cold Pressed coconut oil - Remedy
13.  Your Stomach Ulcer Story - from participants
14.  8 Best Foods  to keep stomach ulcers away by the older adult
15.  5 Foods to Avoid by Older Adult to Remain Free from Stomach Ulcer.
16. Questions and Answers

1.  Introduction.  If  you are battling health issues like stomach ulcer or similar ailments and have been on various medications like anti acids.  Do not despair, such was the case of some of us.  No matter the cause or age of your ulcer, one thing more obvious to me now than ever before is the fact that no disease is incurable, including stomach ulcer as long as you identify the cause, withdraw from it and include proper nutrition. You will heal again and remain healed.

2.  How Stomach Ulcers Occur:

The lining of the stomach is a layer of special cells and mucous. Mucous prevents the stomach and duodenum from being damaged by acid and digestive enzymes.
If there is a break in the lining (such as an ulcer), the tissue under the lining can be damaged by the enzymes and corrosive acid. If the ulcer is small, there may be few symptoms. The wound can heal on its own.
If the ulcer is deep, it can cause serious pain or bleeding. Rarely, acids in the digestive juices may eat completely through the stomach or duodenum wall.
Peptic ulcers are very common. They become more common as people age.

3.  Most common signs you may have an ulcer

Indigestion or frequent heartburn
Stomach pain
Burning or dull pain in the stomach, sometimes described as biting or stabbing
Frequently feeling hungry or improved stomach pain when food enters the stomach
Weight loss that is unexpected
Lack of appetite
Constant burping
Frequent need or desire to take antacids
Symptoms of stomach ulcers can also change over time, or in severity.

4.  I have always heard and believed that ulcers are caused by fasting  or going without food for long periods of time, until recently, It is now clearer than ever that so many factors could be responsible for an onset of ulcer. There are different types of ulcers.  Some are internal, some external, such as diabetic foot ulcers which are usually external. In this seminar however, we are concerned with stomach ulcers which are usually internal.  Under stomach ulcers, there are yet varying names used in defining them such as peptic ulcers, gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers or esophagus ulcers.  No matter the cause or location of the ulcer, It is always an unpleasant experience.   In some cases an ulcer may be in existence internally unknown to the affected person.  Usually a strong trigger comes in contact with the part affected, then the symptoms becomes very obvious and the individual feels the ulcer just started.   Many individuals are moving about unknown to them that the have stomach ulcers until a trigger comes.

There are so many beliefs on the cause or causes  of most stomach ulcers.  It is indeed interesting to note that most of these popular beliefs are actually untrue.  Here are some interesting facts about stomach ulcers, which in some cases are not true.  The points listed below are  made based on my own findings and personal experience:

Popular beliefs on causes/management of stomach ulcers.

1. Fasting or going without food is not the only cause of ulcers

2)  On the contrary some form of fasting are beneficial to ulcers  to give the stomach some rest to enable healing take place.

3)  Eating frequently is also not the only main approach to treating your ulcers, it depends on what you are eating or they contribute to stomach ulcer.

4)  Ulcers are not hereditary or running in families as I was made to believe
5)  Stomach Ulcer could  be eating within unknown to you

6)  Stomach ulcers  are curable with adequate nutrition and knowledge

7)  Many factors are responsible for stomach ulcers, most importantly, insufficient protein intake, too much refined carbohydrates and stress.
8)  some knowledge about nutrition is important.

A lot of people have suffered and are still suffering due to ignorance of what exactly they need to do to get healed.

Uncomplicated gastric ulcers take up to two or three months to heal completely. Duodenal ulcers take about six weeks to heal. An ulcer can temporarily heal without antibiotics. But it is common for an ulcer to recur or for another ulcer to form nearby, if the bacteria are not killed.

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