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Tuesday 28 November 2023

Select Your Clothing Materials Carefully After 50



Our skin is the largest external organ and it also does so much for us,  the type of dress we put on for babies or adult also affects the wellness of the individual.   The younger people always may not really feel the discomfort that comes with wearing wrong fabrics or materials but children definitely do and another group of people are the older adults and so the purpose of this article is to highlight to the older adult of the need to choose their clothings materials wisely because it also has a lot to do with our wellness.   Thr older we get the less we should wear heavy clothings,  that are tight, materials that are heavy and does not allow oxygen to get into our body, materials that can expose us to cold, materials that can put will  not constitute extra load on us while moving around these are the things to have in  mind when buying materials because it also affects us and how well we feel.  In  this short article it is about what you put on for your clothings,  not really about the style you choose to make because we all know that it is how comfortable you feel that matters as you get older and not really how fitted that you should be  concern about.  You should be concerned about  the type of materials you are using to make your clothings.  Using different type of  materials  materials over time have brought broke about the subject.   In my view, the best clothing materials for older adults should consist mostly of pure cotton, linen, poly blends and other lighter materials especially if you live along the hot regions like Nigeria and most other African countries, you will notice that putting on heavy clothings are no longer comfortable whether it is for fashion of whatever reason but the comfort of the older adults is what matters most  so most of the clothing that you may have enjoyed 40 years ago may no longer be interesting to you after several years because your body may no longer be able to carry those weight, that is why the choice of materials you put on becomes so important so also are the styles that you choose in order to protect your health and to preserve your health as well.  

Here are three reasons why the choice of your clothing materials should consist mostly of pure cotton, linen, poly blends and other lighter materials as you get older:

1.   Light curtains linens and poly blends allows your body to breathe, allows your body to get oxygen sometimes you may notice that wearing  certain clothes makes you feel some discomfort and even sick. I have personally noticed this and that is why I thought to put it down that older adults should be careful on what they put on, what they wear during  special occasions, wear  things that makes you comfortable and most importantly choose the materials like curtains that allows your body to breathe because the body is breathing even as you  walk around, sometimes you wear certain things you feel suffocated on the road, you may be wondering why you're feeling that way, some tension around your head,  not knowing that the address you put on is the culprit because we need to allow our body to breathe we need to allow in oxygen, it is one important reason we should use cotton, linen and  other lighter materials for clothings as we age.

2. Our body may not have the strength to cope with materials that are heavy.   There are materials that are quite heavy for us, they may restrict our movement we may not be able to move freely so in order for us to move freely and not feel additional load placed on us it's important to choose a cotton, linen and lighter materials to enable us  not feel an extra burden or load on us while moving about.

3.  One of the reasons of wearing clothes generally is to cover and protect is also from the weather and other harsh conditions and so this clothing material and choice will also keep us from cold and then protect us from hash  wheather without necessarily exposing us to heat.  Specially those that are living in hot climate, the choice of this type of material actually has to do with those living in hot climates like ours because if we are wearing heavy clothes, Cottons and similar materials will not hurt us because some hard  materials may  even inflict injury on the skin.  Cotton, linen and poly blend materials are also cooling and this reduces stress in a way, while alsk protecting the skin from injuries.  It is important to choose soft lighter materials by older adult that not only provides warmth, but cooling .  Achieving this, will reduce overall stress on the body.


It is best also to consider the world and environment where you reside because that also affects in a great way the choice of materials because those living in very cool weather will always find it convenient to wear clothings that covers the body very well but yet they can still have tick clothings that are specifically targeted at the  older adult without suffocating them or preventing them from free movement.  So depending  also on the weather or the environment where you find yourself.  Choose clothing materials that suits that environment and that will also suit your age because the clothing material that is people will convenient may not be tolerated by the older adult and we must begin to adjust to these changes in terms of the choices we make concerning the clothing's we put on and this also affects what we put on as our shoes or foot coverings I will do another post on the foot aspect too.

Photo credit: Tana Lawn liberty


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