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Friday 21 August 2015

Here are My 14 Latest Natural Remedies for Constipation

What is Constipation? There could be various definitions, but I see constipation as a situation where elimination (i.e passing stool) takes longer than 2 to 3 days, and comes hard creating stress at the anal region. Many of us do not consider constipation as a problem, but it definitely is one of those warning signs that all is not well inside. A healthy person taking in food , fruits, and sufficient water is expected to eliminate naturally at least ones or twice a day, better still every other day. When it goes outside this regularity, and continues for up to 2 or 3 days, then there is need to do something fast. One secret with constipation is that the longer it gets to eliminate, the longer it would want to stay. So it is always advised to act fast, before the stool hardens more and becomes more difficult to eliminate. 
Some years back, I remember drugs and laxatives were used in most cases to ease constipation, but as knowledge increased, it is now understood that nature does it better if  you make the right material available, definitely, there would be no need to use pharmaceutical drugs and laxative in order to eliminate. Incidence of constipation do occur amongst children, teens, youth, adult and the elderly. It is however more common amongst the elderly and inactive people. Most cases of constipation amongst children are definitely due to diets, low water or fluid intake and too much refined carbohydrates. This is however not the case with the elderly.
My Experience.
Talking about constipation is something you rarely hear people discuss freely with friends, why ? Definitely because they consider, that it is not a problem. I have heard serious cases of constipation some 3 years back and in most cases I tried most remedies and they rarely work. After series of efforts and with final victory over constipation, I therefore want to state practically that there is no single remedy that really works, it depends on what caused your constipation. It is important to identify your own cause or source of constipation.
Here are a few known causes:
1. Inactivity: This is a major cause of chronic constipation especially in the elderly. If you will experience regularity, then daily exercise must be part of your regular routine. Walking is particularly beneficial in this regard.
2. Too Much Refined White Carbohydrates: These includes white bread, noodles, transfats,
3. Poor Hydration: Intake of sufficient water especially at the right time is a must if you will enjoy regularity. Water therapy is particularly beneficial. By this I mean taking at least 5 – 6 glasses of water upon waking up in empty stomach. Depending on body weight, and allowing it to work for at least two hours before breakfast everyday. It is important to state also that, There is a scientific way to take water. I see a lot of people take plenty of water with meals. This is ignorance, Water is better taken at least 30 minutes before a main meal and not during the meal or immediately after. This habit dilutes and disrupts the hydrochloric acid production and  concentration to help digest the food. Clean Pure Water is a critical point in overcoming constipation, irrespective of age or gender. I have also observed that women after child bearing seem to be more prone to constipation than the men, the reason for this is unknown to me. My investigation and consultations reveals however that the women complain more of constipation than their male counterparts. Children and young people should be encouraged from home to observe the Water Therapy wherever they may be. This ritual helps keep at least 60% of what we call diseases away.
4. Lack of Probiotics: Our traditional culture of including fermented foods like yoghurt, some non gluten grains like millet sorghum , cabbage, soya beans etc are gradually disappearing from our tables and this is one habit sponsoring constipation amongst us.  There is always an imbalance in our gut created by lack of probiotics. Click here to read: probiotics and its health benefits
5. Lack of Raw Food: The role of raw food in our in relieving constipation and boosting our immune system cannot be overemphasized. Fruits are more in this category. Do not overdue it anyway due to sugar in some fruits. Fruits are particularly beneficial especially those of the citrus family and cruciferous vegetables like onions, and cabbage.
My 14 Latest Natural Remedies Against Constipation: Read also:natural-foods-and-tips-against constipation
1. Cold Pressed Olive Oil with Lemon Juice: Check out when my stomach is virtually empty and just take a teaspoon in empty stomach mixed with a teaspoon of lemon juice, preferably first thing in the morning and allowed to work for at least two hours before breakfast. The breakfast must be rich in protein to enable the body push out the waste and use the protein rich food to build new cells.
2. Garlic and ginger water: Crush some garlic and a few slices of raw ginger. Mix with water in a bottle and allow to stay for at least 3 days. Thereafter, take at least 3 tablespoons first thing in the morning if you are weighing up to eighty or less quantity depending on your body weight. 
3. Lemon water with Honey: This is already a popular remedy for constipation but still works. This is mostly beneficially to people that are overweight and trying to loose weight. If you already have a normal weight or need a weight gain. This remedy is definitely not for you. Constipation however is common amongst the overweight individual.
4. Water Therapy: At least 6 cups first thing in the morning upon waking up. Always ensure to have your dinner not later than 7.30pm the previous day. This habit will give you the best result when applying the Water Therapy.
5. Garlic and Honey: This one is definitely new and effective to me. Just a large clove of garlic dipped in honey and chewed in empty stomach first thing in the morning. This must be allowed sufficient time to dissolve the stool in the intestine. About two hrs is usually okay for me. Thereafter, follow with a protein rich meal.
6. Bananas: Raw bananas are great for bulking the stool for easy passage and I have personally used it and it is very effective. This also includes using ripped plantain raw. You must not forget that they work best in empty stomach not when the stomach is already filled the offensive foods.
7. Apples: Apples, especially green apples  are effective for constipation too. Especially in empty stomach. The reason we do not get result most times results from the fact that we do the right thing wrongly.  Green apples contain vitamin C  which helps devolve some free radicals feeding constipation.
8. Vegetables: We all are aware already that vegetables are good in combating constipation, but there is a secret unknown to many people. It is the fact that their chronic constipation was actually caused by vegetables with insufficient water intake, particularly popular vegetables here like Ugu (pumpkin leaves) They cause chronic constipation if not eaten the right way and given sufficient water follow up.
9. Fermented Millet:  This is very effective.  I ferment millet and use for pap or swallow as in eba or foo and constipation cannot stand this one, as this goes down to the colon supplying proteins, B vitamins and fibre for the clean up.  More importantly life cultures to help repopulate the gut.  You can use it to thicken your soup in some cases and still get minimal result.  Best for me is to use for swallow or pap.
10. Good Sleep: If constipation becomes chronic, try a good night sleep, you will be surprised that sleep may fix the problem.
11. Take Sufficient Meal Rich in protein and Fibre:  Many at times, we become so health and diet conscious, we measure everything, calorie and the like.  I did some of these things and they actually contributed to my constipation.  Release yourself when you are hungry and eat satisfactory and the stomach will have no option but to release the stool.
12.  Lime Juice with Honey and Water:  This is also great for me in empty stomach, occasionally, I let it go with green tea.  It works well too.
13. Oats:  Make your oat to have more water and take with either black eye cowpea or other beans, as a main meal after taking some raw fruits and watch your colon bringing all the garbage out.  If you do not make your oat with sufficient fluid, you may get the opposite result. 
14.  Use the Staircase or take at least 30 minutes Walk:   Where inactivity appears to be the  problem,  I go for a 30 minutes walk after applying one of the above remedies.
If you do nothing and allow the constipation for too long, then what we call a disease is already on the way, because the colon failed to function well.   You could go for some bitter herbs mixtures, like those containing Aleo Vera.  They are great for constipation  too.  The aleo vera will also deliver a beautiful skin in addition and settle gum issues as well.
With all the  above remedies,  No constipation can withstand with moderate exercise.
If your constipation however continues after trying one or all of the above, then quickly see your Doctor for thorough examination to rule out more serious disease.


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