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Saturday, 19 September 2015

Warning! Most Low Grade Perfumes are Highly Toxic

Your Fragrance Could be making somebody sick

If you are a perfume/deodorant lover or addict, you may definitely not find this post interesting, but no matter, your camp,  the point remains that most low grade perfumes common in our markets are highly toxic, the nature, level and other factors regarding these toxins would only be left in the hands of researchers. How did I  speedily arrive at this conclusion, it was based on series of unpleasant encounters with some perfumes, deodorants and similar products, used in warding off unpleasant body odors and sometimes foul smells in our environment. If you are a teenager, or a younger person reading this write up, you may not readily reckon with it because you may not be as sensitive as some of  the older generation. In that case, you may not appreciate the risk involved and why you must discontinue the use of low grade perfumes urgently before it is late.

Definitely, I use perfumes sparingly on occasions, the only health benefit I can attach to perfumes in my opinion is a feeling of freshness and confidence especially in the public or when the occasion requires, maybe outing with a friend, at parties, or other public places. Apart from these, It will be difficult to convince most people myself inclusive of other health benefits. Yet much monies are spent by this generation especially the youth  buying all kinds of low grade perfumes for reasons that are best known to them.


The above conclusion about low grade perfumes is definitely not unconnected with a recent ugly and life threatening experience outside Lagos, during a recent trip I made, when I had to travel outside Lagos and decided to pass a night with a friend. She had sprayed the perfume innocently in the very room we were to stay together. Upon my arrival, I noticed and smelt the friendly but toxic smell of the perfume, which we both stayed and shared together until she slept off and, I was browsing while still inhaling the smell of the perfume. After about an hour, choking feeling accompanied by respiratory distress, and headache became unbearable, I had to run out of the room to avoid being choked to death. I pleaded with the friend to take me to a nearby hotel. I had thought she sprayed an insecticide prior to my arrival, until  she confessed to me that, it was her perfume. I then pleaded with her to discontinue its use, and that it is highly injurious to her health. To shorten the testimony, I woke up the next day with severe pains on my fingernails, which took days with strict diet to heal.



If addicted to all kinds of low grade perfumes, be warned. The problem may not be immediate, but a "stitch in time saves nine" It is better to prevent the disease than to cure it for Prevention is better than cure says one popular maxim. Stop the use of low grade perfumes now and even the high quality ones should be used sparingly as well. Other house hold items you should avoid as much as possible includes: Insecticides, various odor dispelling mixtures with various flavors, etc are highly toxic.


Check out, that fragrance you spray on  before going to church, mosque, school, party or workplace could  be making somebody sick.  Do not be insensitive,  It is your right to put on any fragrance of your choice, but do not forget that clear air  and a healthy body is everybody's right as well.  Please read and share this message and help create awareness on the urgent need to avoid most perfumes and similar toxic materials  

You can also make your own fragrance,  It is the best way to avoid these toxic chemicals in most perfumes and fragrances.

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