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Sunday 3 June 2018

What To Do in Case of Low Blood Pressure

What To Do If It is Low Blood Pressure

The matter  of high blood pressure is usually talked about more often because the number of persons with the case of high blood pressure seem to be on the increase.   Several reasons especially lifestyle and diet are responsible for this.  Another  aspect is that of the low blood pressure, there are some few individual on this side and we are looking at quick and possible symptoms  of Low Blood Pressure and quick home remedies.

Signs of Low Blood Pressure

There are actually no calculated signs as individual  symptoms may vary, however,  the commonest symptoms may Include: 

- Sudden lose of strength and energy
- Fainting
- Palpitation
- dizziness
- nervousness
- headache
- brain confusion
- sudden tension
and similar symptoms

The above symptoms are usually sudden and creating tension at the same time.   Here are a few of the tested remedies including the ones that works for me.  Look for the remedy  that works for you as we are differently wired.

Possible Cause(s) of Low Blood Pressure:

There are various situations that could cause a sudden drop in blood pressure.   They include:

a.  Too much herbal concoctions without the guidance of experts: 

Too any young people are on internet reading and testing remedies without  a guide,  some are not scientifically tested or proven, some do not have dosage and prescription  or the number of days,   too much of such medications without a physician could result in sudden drop in blood pressure.   In that Case,  the person should discontinue immediately  and take more water for possible dilution or in severe cases see a competent physician.

b.   Low Iron in the blood:

Some persons due to dieting, weight loss efforts, poor nutrition, bacteria infections, or other health problems could be experiencing low iron regularly.  The organs responsible for pumping blood round with the help of oxygen may not have sufficient to do its work,  in that case,  the pressure could drop.  In this case, the person should conciously consume iron rich foods like soya products,  beetroot juice,  carrot juice, green vegetables and other iron rich foods in the diet to avoid constant boots of Low blood pressure.

c.  Too Many Blood Pressure Reducing Foods on a Particular  Day:

   Individual who are blessed with normal blood pressure like in my case always between 110/70  and 120/75 should be content with normal foods. Consuming too many natural foods that work to lower blood pressure on a day could lead to a sudden drop. For instance,  I observed that anytime I take fish oil,  take my ginger or green tea in the morning with cinnamon  and honey, then more than five walnuts in the noon,  if cucumber  is added in the evening with any spice like garlic, turmeric etc,  the blood pressure will drop. What do I do, I take cold pressed coconut oil,  and eat one boiled  egg and walk around a little and rest.   Things returns to normal and I get going.   Having observed this about twice, I now avoid such foods same day. It is important for the individual concerned to try to find out the cause of the drop in the blood pressure and disconnect from it.

4.  Posture

Wrong  posture while sleeping or sitting  for other jobs could unconscious leave you with low blood pressure.   If this be the case,  It is important to explore possible cause(s)  of the low blood pressure  where it continues for a long time, it is better to consult a physician and do necessary examination to know the underlying cause of the constant drop in blood pressure.   As a general application,  here are natural foods and things to do   in case of low blood pressure:

1.  Cold Pressed coconut oil:

This actually works well for me.  The saturated fat in coconut oil gives  instant strength and energy with affecting the arteries negatively, the quantity is always used say a quarter  of teaspoon intermittently say twice to totalling half teaspoon,  while a more lasting remedy comes,  I usually follow up with boiled egg, on the few occasions that it occurred and it worked perfectly .  Although further test may  need  to be carried out on this.

2.  Siberian Ginseng

According to, Siberian ginseng is useful in low blood as it acts as adaptogen which helps strengthen your body and increase your resistance to stress.   It is useful for heart problems.   1 to 2  teaspoons  of sliced Siberian ginseng root, boil with a cup of water,  stew for about 15 minutes, strain the water and it's ready.

3. Carrot Juice

Carrot juice before now was used as medicine in most cases and in the case of normalizing the blood pressure,  it had been found to be effective,  about 2 medium carrots juiced.

4.  Rosemary

An unpopular  spice rosemary works also especially when mixed with olive oil.

5.  Lemon Juice:

Lemon juice works for both high and low blood pressure. Especially if caused by hydration,  About two teaspoons of fresh juice in water will work to restore internal balance.

6.  Water:

No matter what it is,  drinking usually play a positive role even if it was cause by insufficient iron, more water will help the colon and the heart.  It is good to test with water first before other remedies.   Drinking could neutralize some excesses and reduce tension.

7.  Caffeinated beverages

Taking a cup of coffee or tea could help some individual, but it is wise to be cautious not to take too much.  Caffeined beverages like coffee or tea have ingredients that elevates  blood pressure. In this instance,  we say they are useful.

8.  Take a pinch of salt in cold water

High blood pressure Sufferers  are often advised against salt,  it is therefore sensible to try the remedy if raising blood pressure is the problem, but with moderation.

9.  Almonds

Soaking some almonds overnight is also said to be helping in raising blood pressure.

If low blood pressure continues for some time,  it is best to consult a physician.

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