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Sunday, 24 June 2018

9 Reasons Turmeric and Ginger Tea is Healthy for You

9 Reasons Turmeric and Ginger  Tea is healthy For you

Variety they say is the spice of life and honestly our body loves it.   We already know that green tea, black tea,  ginger tea etc are all healthy drinks that we can take regularly to hydrate our body without much calorie, but did you ever think that the combo of ginger, turmeric and soghurm is great for you too.?

Just tried it recently,  while searching for a caffeine  free addition to my breakfast, and you won't believe, it was great and since then, been enjoying and thought to share too.

Here are 9 Reasons You should try this combo.

1.  Anti Inflammatory  Benefits:

Turmeric root and Ginger root have powerful anti inflammatory properties.  If you suffer pain and arthritis,  it will be worth trying because,  too much caffeine in the blood  may not help your condition.   The two are powerful pain killers worth trying.  This time with added milk,  and soghurm tea,  looks like a blood builder with disease fighting ingredients.

2.  They both work Together:

Another reason turmeric and Ginger Tea is worth trying is that they both work together.  Absorption  of turmeric is higher with the addition of ginger,  so it makes sense trying the combo with freshly boiled water in the morning.

3.  They are both Anti fungal foods:

Many of us are still not aware that, overgrowth of yeast and fungus in our body play host to many things we call disease today.  If we continue to consume too much acidic foods, including refined sugars, too much simple carbohydrates, and preservatives,  the yeast grows out of proportion and begin to cause problems.  Including combinations like ginger and turmeric as yourtea with added honey and milk will be a good way to keep them under control.

4.  They are Naturally Caffeine free

Caffeine containing drinks and teas are not altogether bad for you,  but too much caffeine do have negative side effects and as we age, it becomes necessary to check and reduce our caffeine consumption.   Making your morning tea with the two combination  will no doubt improve your overall health.

5.  They have antibacterial properties

It is not the best to wait for disease to come before we go look for cure.   One of the most proven ways to maintain  good health is to continue to make food your medicine by including and consuming foods that help fight bacteria and infections such as Turmeric and Ginger Tea.

6.  They Improve Sleep

We are all aware already that  quality sleep itself is one of the best doctors. The combination of Turmeric and Ginger Tea is a good way to relax.   They both aid digestion and reduce the activity of enemies  of good sleep in our  body. Adding a little milk and honey brings this benefit more.

7.  They are both great for Detox:

Detoxing is simply a natural way through which key organs like liver and kidney help remove toxins (poisonous  substance that are harmful by their continual staying in our bodies)  When turmeric and Ginger are prepared together as tea,  they make you sweat moderately which is also healthy.   Such sweating when it occurs in the morning is simply telling you that waste material are going out of your body.   Do not wait for rigorous detox recipe from your nutritionist before you remove those toxic, deal with them gradually by including this into your  regular diet.

8.  Helps With Blood Pressure

People who suffer blood pressure are always conscious of what they eat especially fats and oil containing foods.   This combination are both fat free and rich in antioxidants,  and these are  no doubt requirements to help maintain  a normal pressure in the blood.

9.  Help Improve Circulation:

Ginger and Turmeric Tea are great for good circulation.   This benefit makes them good for warding off cold and similar conditions.  Good circulation also benefits arthritis  and diabetics.   The elderly ones will benefit more from this tea because they are the ones mostly affected by poor circulation.

How to make the tea


One small ginger
One tumeric
Milk ( either liquid or powder)
Hot water
A glass or stainless cup


Crush your turmeric about one teaspoon
Crush ur ginger about one teaspoon or you can use one teaspoon of dried ground ginger if you know  the source.  Put the crushed ginger and turmeric in your cup
Add freshly boiled clean water,  allow to brew for about 3 minutes
Add a tablespoon  honey
Add milk as desired and your tea is ready.

If you have soghurm tea,  add about one teaspoon and your healthy rich drink is ready.


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