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Sunday, 15 July 2018

Some Popular Essential Oils and Their Uses

The list of Essential oils can go on and on and on, but here are 25 most popular ones and when to use them:

1.  Lavender  Oil
2.  Mint Oil
3.  Rosemary Oil
4.  Castor Oil
5.  Black seed oil
6.  Lemon oil
7.  Almond oil
8.  Sandalwood oil
9.  Rose Oil
10. Tea tree oil
11. Jojoba oil
12.  Clove oil
13.  Pumpkin seed oil
14. Avocado oil
16.  Parsley oil
17.  Cinnamon oil
18.  Chamomile oil
19.  Tumeric oil
20.   Fenugreek oil
21.  Garlic oil
22.  Orange oil
23.  Tumeric
24. Eucalyptus oil
25.  Ginger oil

We have twenty five on the list but the list can continue, virtually every plant, flower, herb, seeds or nuts have their oil version.  We shall discuss briefly various ways which they benefit our  health.  Here we want to look at the essential oils and what they do for. The purpose is to enable us know which of the oils to use at various times and their alternative where necessary.

When You are Battling Cold or allergy:

Peppermint oil
Rosemary Oil
Eucalyptus oil
Lemon oil
Lavender oil
Tea tree oil
Garlic oil
Ginger oil
Cinnamon oil

Poor Circulation:

Black pepper
Black seed oil

It is necessary to state here that most essential oils are so concentrated that merely inhaling them gives result.  A case in point was when my huzy was sneezing continuously and I suggested robbing  a drop or two of mint oil on both palms and inhaling to get relieve, he did and guess what, he got instant relieve but myself lying beside the bed was unconsciously  taking another dose of mint oil inhalation which removed  all pending gas in my stomach out and forced me to go to the kitchen looking for something to munch before retiring finally for the night.   That is the power of essential oils for you.  In view of this I suggest that kids below 1 yr should be taken into consideration when handling these oils to avoid any incidence.  Better still, they are best kept far away from children.  Our discussion on continues in the next post.


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