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Friday 2 October 2015


That the most important thing to understand about a cold is that the multitude of symptoms usually present are actions,not reactions , by the body in an attempt to establish internal equilibrium.  the body's defense mechanisms are working fast and furiously to re-establish balance.  If this can be seen to be true, then to suppress these actions by the body is not a reasonable course of action.  The original causes of the imbalance that the body is attempting to correct may be multiplied.

and DID YOU ALSO KNOW? that Improper diet is the single most influential factor.  Excess of dairy products and carbohydrates (especially refined carbohydrates} will cause  an increase in the amount and quality of mucus formed by the body.  Body fluids becomes more vicious and acidic.  Reduce dairy if you have a cold and do not take suppressible medications to suppress symptoms.  Understand the common cold.


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