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Wednesday 18 November 2015


Cayenne Pepper popularly called  chilli pepper in many countries is a very good source of vitamin A in the form of pro-vitamin A Carotenoids including betacarotene Two teaspoonsfulls of dried cayenne pepper can provide up to 30% of our daily vitamin A.  Cayenne pepper has vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Managanese and K.

The main medicinal properties of cayenne or chillies are the capsaicin.  Capsaicin is being studied for its health benefits in the fight and prevention of arthritis, psoriarisis, inflammation, diabetic neuropathy, cardiovaculary problems, stuffy nose, congested lungs and stomach ulcers.  There have been many encouraging results that show capsaicins effectiveness in treating and preventing these conditions. It is a popular pepper among the Yorubas of Western Nigeria.  Surprisingly, while  they consume it along with other peppers.  Many are not aware of its health benefits.  In my interaction with many who sell and consume this super food, most confessed that they just enjoy, but are not aware of its health benefits.  Its popular name in Lagos is Shombo.  You can find them fresh, dried or grounded mostly sold by the Mallams of Northern Nigeria.  It is a supper food that should be consumed daily due to its no calorie, no fat and 0 Cholesterol content.

Its functions/health benefits includes:

  1. Circulatory Benefits:  Most ailments cannot heal without proper circulation, for it is in the course of circulation that nutrients are moved to the points where they are needed for repair work.  This is one of the most attractive benefit of cayenne pepper.  It is one food that should be in the list of  our daily diet, due to its numerous benefits.  It is available and affordable too in our local markets. 
   2.  Warming:  No doubt, the body's ability to keep warm helps ward off disease, when cold feeling comes, its a sure sign that all is not well inside, cayenne pepper is one good food at all times.  Its ability to carry oxygen to cells helps in achieving this benefit and in doing this, inflammatory diseases like arthritis are kept away by the heat caused by cayenne pepper

3. Relaxes The Stomach and Reduces Gas:  It may interest you to know that when people suffer from stomach ulcers, they are advised to stay away from peppers,  but if you ask me, definitely not Cayenne.
Cayenne pepper is excellent is relaxing stomach, reducing gas and other ailments and digestive issue affecting the stomach.  Surprisingly, it is one sure natural food I recommend for treating stomach ulcers, Yes it worked for me, has worked for others and will work for you too.  It is useful in alleviating allergies, muscle cramp improving digestion, gives more energy and helps wound healing with minimal scar tissue.

4.  A Source of Important Nutrients: 

Interestingly,  Cayenne pepper is a source of important nutrients like B complex vitamins like niacin, pyridoxine, riboflavin and thiamin, it is also a source of iron, copper, pottasium, vitamin A, E and K.  These are important nutrients and antioxidants that help the body fight disease.

5.  Increases Metabolism:  One problem being faced by many as they age is that of metabolism.  It is important at this time to include easily digestible foods in our daily diet such as cayenne.  It reduces the stress of digestion by adding the needed heat that makes digestion easier.

6.  Carminative:  It calms and sends you to a refreshing sleep.  If you suffer insomnia,  try adding fresh cayenne pepper to your dinner and your story will be different the next day.  You can easily add it to any of your cooking.  It is good for the whole family.  It makes your food palatable too.

7.   Heart Benefit:  If you have issues like heart burn frequently or any other heart related ailment.  One natural food that will do you a lot of good is cayenne pepper.  It is effective in supplying additional iron to the body and help in carrying existing ones to where they are needed.  It clears arteries and helps in feeding vital elements into the cell structure of capillaries veins, arteries and helps adjust blood pressure to normal levels. It helps rid the body of bad cholesterol .  According to wwwCayenne pepper info.  "Dr John Christopher, the famed natural herbalist, was persecuted relentlessly by the government for his practice of herbal medicine all the while assisting patients in curing heart  disease, cancer, tuberculosis, infertility rheumatism, leukemia, and every other incurable under the sun.  One of his greatest stories in his long career was how he could instantly stop a heart attack if he could get the patient to drink a glass of warm capsicum water.  He said, " A teaspoon of cayenne should bring the patient out of the heart attack"  While this may not be directly related to capsicum and heart health.   according to him " with internal  hemorrhaging, if the patient can drink a glass of extra warm capsicum water, Dr Christopher  wrote. by the count of ten the bleeding will stop.  Instead of all the pressure being centralized, it is equalized and the clothing becomes more rapid

8.  Anti fungal,  antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties:  These are potent immune boosting properties in Cayenne pepper.  It kills yeast by its anti fungal properties and reduces bacterial load and intestinal parasites as well.  It reduces swellings thereby reducing various kinds of pains due to its anti inflammatory properties.   The fact that Cayenne is hot due to the presence of Capsicum makes  it unfriendly to yeast, and other bacteria in the intestine. It actually a paradox that it heals stomach ulcers hot environment ought to be avoided by ulcers yet, it heals the wound probably due to its circulatory benefit making nutrients available at all points needed.

9.  Source of Antioxidant Vitamin C:  This makes it an immune boosting food, helping to ward  off disease
like cold, fevers and headaches.

10.  Anti Cancer Benefits:  Due to its high antioxidant content, cayenne is one food that does not feed cancer cells or other pathogens,  it is anti inflammatory and a detox food that helps the body eliminate toxins.  By this function,  growth of cancerous cells are discouraged by the presence of cayenne.  Ranging from prostate, lungs and pancreas.

11.  It is beneficial as home remedy in cases of sore throats, took ache, vomiting, cold and fevers.
Cayenne pepper is an ancient is used for various home remedies. Find out more by incorporating it into your daily diet.

Ref: Www.cayennepepperinfo


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