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Tuesday 3 November 2015

7 Everyday Foods You Should consume Less if You are in Your 40s

We advocate prevention in all its ramifications.  As the days, weeks, months and years pass by, you discover somehow that you are also passing along with them in various ways especially in the way your body responds, digests and accepts foods, emotions and life in general.  The need to make food changes regularly in other to prevent or at least delay the onset of some degenerating disease cannot be over emphasized.  One area we consider seriously is the aspect of food choices.  A shift from highly processed and canned foods, to more natural versions will no doubt benefit your health.

Here are 7 Every Day foods You must Eat Less If You are in Your 40s

1.  White Bread:

 This is definitely bad news to many who would not allow a day pass without consuming white bread.  Such was the case of some of us, but where there is a will, there is a way.  If you want to maintained an alkalize pH regularly and by so doing ward of many diseases, then you must decide to remove bread from your list of everyday foods.  White flour is the major ingredient in bread while some are fortified, others are not.  Whichever of the two, it is in your own interest to discontinue daily consumption of white bread if you want to pay less visits to the hospitals in your 40s.

 2.  Sugar and Sweets:


 It is true that our bodies may process sugars differently, some  may have higher risk of diabetes while others may not.  But why wait to be diagnosed of a disease before you take preventive measures,  it does you no harm but good.  Excess blood sugar has been linked to several diseases.  The most offensive ones are the simple sugars found in sodas, regular sugars and other bottled drinks and fruit juices.  If you are in your 40s and still in love with sugar, its time to stop, before it stops you. According to a research as recorded by HUFFPOST.  Sugar can damage your heart.  It noted that "Excess sugar can increase the overall risk for heart disease, a 2013 study in the Journal of the American Heart Association displayed strong evidence that sugar can actually affect the pumping  mechanism of your heart and could increase the risk for heart failure.  The findings specifically pinpointed a molecule from sugar (as well as from starch) called glucose metabolite, glucose 6-phosphate that was responsible for the changes in the muscle protein of the heart.  These changes could eventually lead to heart failure" Among  many ills caused by excess blood sugar are:

  • Promotes belly fat
  • A known silent killer
  • Supports and feeds cancer cells
  • Saps brain power
  • No added nutrients but destroys your teeth
  • Overloads your liver
  • Saps your real energy and suppresses you immune system
  • Can lead to fatty liver
  • Continuous Insulin resistance can lead to type II diabetes
  • Feeds obesity
  • Feeds yeast and candida and all forms of inflammations
With all the above and many more not mentioned, wouldn't you rather start running away from sugar even before you are in your 40s.

3.  Biscuits:


Yes, even cracker biscuits, there are various attractive biscuits out there some are highly fortified, however not without some forms of sugar.  The fact however remains, they are not nutrient dense and does more harm than good if you continue consuming them as you did in your teenage years.  If you want to age graciously, especially as you approach 40s, then less and less of biscuits of all forms must make your regular diet.

4. Carbonated beverages:


 Carbonated beverages and other energy drinks are fast to pick on especially when you are on the go and really need a  boost.  Not a bad idea as long as you reduce the frequency in your 40s,  plain water will do better  in most cases of exhaustion or better still, coconut water if you want something more nutritious.  They are loaded with sugar and gas with no added nutrients in most cases.  So its time to begin to say goodbye to carbonated beverages which you hitherto enjoy,  if you cherish your health.

5.  Hydrogenated vegetable fats:

 Good fats are real source of good and lasting energy, however, most of what we have today are far from good fats, though they are tagged heart friendly, but deep down, we have found that they are part of the enemies of good health especially excessive consumption of them as is the manner of many.  Most of these are found in attractive parks with beautiful commercials, but our message is "Beware of these oils if you are in your 40s.  Good fats include coconut oil, olive oil, natural peanut oil and red palm oil.  There are not many good oils known to me, most are highly acidic.  Various margarine are also in this category to be avoided.

6. Refine Table Salt:

 Yes salt is good for many of our body functions, in fact, it is among the electrolytes meaning that we cannot function without salt.  Did you even know that unrefined sea salt such as celtic salt, mineral salt, Himalayan, sea salt and other natural salts found in saltpan are  said to be the best source of all mineral.    however, many of us are consuming  table salt in ways known and unknown to us, many fast foods are laden with salt and this is in addition to our regular foods at home all containing salt.  Salt especially table salt is a stressor and is not a liver friendly food.  Excess of it, definitely contributes to high blood pressure and other diseases including headaches, muscle cramps at night,asthma, a feeling of faintness or dizziness, avoidance of salt or low level of salt could come up with similar symptoms as well.  If you are in your 40s, better to apply moderation in your salt consumption, which ever form of salt.

7.   Excess Starchy foods and carbohydrates:

  It is no longer news that too much starchy foods and carbohydrates are not your friends anymore as you age.  In this part of the world, Africa and Nigeria in particular,  starchy foods are quite common in the cities and villages alike, common are yams, potatoes, plantains, cassavas etc,  however if you in your 40s, then its time to eat less and less of the starchy varieties again. 

Among other healthy ideas in your 40s is to reduce stress and pay attention to moderate exercise.  This with adequate nutrition will grant you, your  dream health as you age and trust God to help  in other areas, we are cannot help ourselves.



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