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Saturday 14 November 2015

I Had An Accidental Fall Resulting in Pains, Find Out 8 Things That Helped It Heal

Inflammation is a condition where your body attempts to protect itself and heal the pain caused from an injury or infection. Some of the common symptoms of inflammation that may occur are swelling, irritated skin, severe pain and loss of function or full movement of that particular body part.
Chronic inflammation, however, harms rather than heals, because the immune system attack never stops. It’s like being shot by “friendly fire” during a perpetual war raging inside the body, says Dr. Schauer.
Most of us at least up to the age of 30yrs and above must have suffered  pain(s) at one time or the other.  Pain is common especially among young ladies who would  usually, go for paracetamol or other pharmaceutical drugs that will always mask the problem.  Even menstrual pains, but now  we  know better not as if we have conquered pains completely.

Unexpected injuries could occur, in this case there is little or nothing you can do, if it occurred as an accident just as I experienced a severe fall recently while on my high heel shoes, The pain was so severe and almost forced me to go for conventional pain relievers, which I had bade goodbye for some years now, but  thanks be to God that the pain is over now. Of course there were a few lessons also  learned from this experience, which has further strengthened my belief, teachings  and resolve that food can actually be your medicine and that your body's ability to heal is greater than you can even imagine.

According to Yahoo Health many scientists now believe that most chronic diseases that we fear most including heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s are all caused by chronic inflammation.

If You Suffer Pain(s) Here’s What To Do About It!

Poor dietary choices over stimulate the immune system and cause chronic inflammatory responses that deteriorate the body’s overall health, limiting mobility and contributing to painful joints.
There are however, steps you can take today to reduce the likelihood that you’ll suffer from chronic joint inflammation and pain for long period of time. Getting started is as easy as incorporating anti-inflammatory foods into your diet. Fortunately, the list of foods that fight the effects of chronic inflammation is long.

Surprisingly, there are foods that are rich in immune boosting vitamins, antioxidants, flavonoids, phytonutrients, minerals, proteins, healthy fats or complex carbs to help reduce your chronic pains and inflammations.

Here are a few tips that helped me heal the severe pains from the unexpected fall.

Firstly I went very low on carbohydrates especially simple carbs
The first few days, the pain was so severe, I used hot water every night on it, dry clean and massaged very well and deeply with natural shear butter mixed with coconut oil.

2) Avoided temporarily foods containing caffeine in any form weather natural or otherwise:
This I did so as not to aggravate the pains through the effect, gradually I ensured to use the leg as frequently as possible and allowed it to rest so as to avoid stress, because stress makes every condition worse including pains and inflammations.

3) Ginger Became my Favorite Tea
As you are already aware through my previous posts, ginger is a natural pain killer. So I drank more of ginger tea with a little honey and milk to help also improve circulation and allow blood flow to get to the point of the injury.

4) Green-Tea
It is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body, including improved brain function, fat loss, a lower risk of cancer and inflammation-fighting properties. Because green tea is anti inflammatory and also help improve circulation, I did not abandon green tea. It was also part of the fluids I employed to help me out of the pain situation. It may interest you to know that Green tea is also the least processed of all the predominant types of teas: green, black and oolong tea.

5)  Plenty of Water Especially on Waking Up (Before breakfast)
Typically, this is Water Therapy, it is a morning ritual originated from Japan, it is known to relieve and even cure almost 90% of what we call disease.  It is now being popularized in most countries of the world and awareness is also being created by this organization that, Health institutions in partnership with NGOs such as the Grace Ngo Foundation to educate the public on the Health Benefits of Taking Sufficient water first thing in the morning as a way of preventing diseases and managing chronic ones. The Water Therapy ritual also helped me heal
6.  Sufficient Sleep and Rest Especially at Night: If you have chronic pain like I had, then it is advised you retire early to bed and give your body the needed rest required to heal,  if you fail in this area, no matter the amount of drugs or medication, you may never get better.  This knowledge also helped heal the pain, it was strictly observed.

7.  Daily Massage with Natural Shea butter mixed Coconut Oil: This may look like the least,but its actually not. Pain is an inflammation no matter the location, physical massage with oils like shea butter mixed extra virgin coconut oil helped me in this case.  There are other good oils out there that are very good for massage too. However shea butter and coconut oil mixture both  has anti inflammatory properties and helps reduce swelling and ensure blood flow gets to the area.  This method applies to most cases of pains, irrespective of the location.  The pain is your body's way of notifying you that all is not well, it is necessary to discourage further swelling by using these massage creams.

8.  Consumed Raw fruits like pineapple:  Bromelian a unique ingredient in pineapple is beneficial in reducing pains.  This special nutrient is rare but available in good amount in fresh pineapple.  However, care was taken in consuming just small quantity of the fruit, due to its sweet taste and glycemic index  which if consumed in too large amount could raise blood sugar thereby presenting a negative result.  So When next you have pains, do not forget pineapples, there are natural pain killers in pineapple but do not overdo it.   Moderation should be the rule.

Ref:  Yahoo Health


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