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Monday 23 April 2018

Yes, Lemon Juice is a Supper Food but, see the Ugly Side

So many good things are said about Lemon juice, yes I agree that fresh lemon juice is a wonderful home remedy for so many ailments and prevention too, Surprisingly, the peels are loaded too.  Infact, I seem to prefer the dried peels which I now make for myself to the juice.  but here are my findings while using lemon juice which you probably have not heard.

1.  Acidic on contact:. You must beware of the sharp acid from this supper food especially if you have a fresh stomach ulcer.

2.  Your Teeth Enamel does not like Contact with lemon juice.  It cause tooth sensitivity not allowing to chew other things with ease.

3.  Too much lemon juice, affects the liver negatively and can even lead to entire damage
4.  Excess lemon juice could cause internal bleeding.

5.  Excess lemon juice could cause sore throat as much as it can treat sore throat.

6.  Excess lemon juice could require probiotics to replenish the gut, as they could be depleted.  What are your own finding, your comments pls


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