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Tuesday 24 April 2018

6 Wellness Lessons to Learn from Chickens/Hens

Even These Hens Obeys Nutritional Rules More Than Humans:

These hens grew in my very eyes.  In fact I nurtured them.  Right from their chick stage.  Here are Wellness lessons from these lesser being:

1.  Exercise in the morning:. If you have been close to them and observant, you will notice that, they tend to fight, fly, run around immediately, they are released from their cage in the morning, i.e mostly as younger chickens.  Why are they doing this, initially I mistook it to be real fight, only recently did I notice, they were merely exercising their feathers.  It simply teaches that exercise is as important as nutrition and best in the morning.

2.  Concentration on green grasses: The younger chicks usually focused on green grass first, little wonder, they should just jump on their grains and start munching since it's there, No, they will ignore you and move to the natural grasses to detox first.  Have you wondered why we emphasis on occasional detox especially in the morning, to prepare the internal organs for the big work of digestion ahead of the day.  Yet many of us just munch whatever is at sight upon waking up.  No wonder many of us are sick or very often complain of being unwell.

3.  They must pooh especially as they finish their grasses or whatever:.  Why, the best time to pooh is in the morning for a better day ahead.  They seem to understand this Wellness secret.

4.  They must Rest Mid day: Unless you have not observed them.  I have closely watched them.  They must find somewhere to rest under a shade midday and come out to search for food around 4.00pm.  However, some of us use our body carelessly never bothering to take a rest mid day, when even our maker gave us an example by resting on the 7th day, that was to show us the necessity of resting.  Too much stress today, physical, mental, financial, emotional and name it today is the brain behind most degenerating diseases plaguing us today, such as high blood pressure, diabetes etc.

5.  They are selective:. Before now, I used to think, chickens  move about blindly and senselessly eating and pecking on anything, but watching them closely, I observed that they are quite selective, they do not just eat anything, they reject those they know is not healthy for them.  How, why and when did they learn all these wellness wisdom  far above human.  Most of us are not selective, whether the food is high cholesterol, high fat, lack nutrients, we do not care, but WHY.

6.  Finally, they must drink water.  We already aware of the importance of taking sufficient water daily, yet some are still moving about dehydrated.

It is necessary to move closer to these lesser beings and learn more about Wellness.


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