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Friday 18 May 2018

16 Health Benefits of Dates

Dates fruits can be found in most Nigerian markets being sold by Hausas from Northern  Nigeria.  It is a fruit often neglected by many probably due to its dry nature making it look unattractive.  It is however a fruit to  be desired  especially due to its nutrients.

Here are 16 health benefits of dry dates

1.  A source of ready-to use energy

This fruit  provides energy in a ready and natural state being a source  of fructose and glucose makes this possible.   People who suffer debilitating ailments  will benefit from this nature's gift.

2.  Bone Health:  Strengthens  bones,  and helps prevent arthritis due to the presence of calcium and vitamin K

3.  Dates are rich source of important vitamins and minerals  like vitamin. A,  B,  E and K also niacin,  Thiamin
They are also rich in minerals like iron,  potassium,  calcium. Selenium,  magnesium,  phosphorus,  copper. Which all boost our immune system.

4.  Good for Skin:  Vitamin A and B5 present in dates works to rejuvenated  the Skin and fix most skin problems.

5.   Good for anaemia:  It provides energy to anaemic patients due to the presence of iron which increases the production of haemoglobin and blood circulation.

6.  Helps with Constipation:  Try consuming  dry dates in empty stomach or combine with peppermint  tea in the morning and see the synergy  of both in loosing stools  in the stomach no matter how long they have been stuck there.

7.  Helps reduce acididy in the stomach:  Excess use of spices in cooking can lead to heart burn,  indigestion, and acidity.   Dates can remove all that discomfort and restore calmness  in your gut.

8.  Boosts the Nervous System:  People who have issues with the nervous system can benefit  from dry dates being a rich source of B group of vitamins.

9.  Good For Cardiovascular  Health :  Dry dates promotes cardiovascular  health by soaking out all cholesterol  from the arteries.   Make a great snack for heart patients.

10.  Increase Sexual Stamina:  An area that many find difficult  to get help is sexual health,  date is high in real energy that boost sexual stamina.  The high content of vitamin E in the fruit may support this aspect.

11.  Helps with healthy weight gain:  So many talks and write ups on weight loss,  only few are aware that some persons need healthy weight gain.   Those in this category will benefit by regular  consumption  of dates.

12.  May help prevent and Manage Abdominal  cancer:  still due to the presence of vitamins A E, K and calcium. These are beneficial nutrients.   Those who fast regularly will benefit  by consuming dates upon breaking their fast to help provide ready nutrients for the body until the intestine picks up.

13.  Reduce Allergies:  These can be very discomforting, consuming dates helps reduce and shorten  their duration.

14.  Reduce Risk of Stroke:  Date is rich in calcium and magnesium.   Inflammation are feeders of stroke, magnesium, calcium,  vitamin. E in dry dates helps check the incidents of stroke.

15.  Good for Hair. Vitamin B5 present in dates helps prevent problems both at the root and ends of hair.

16.  A research on dates showed that consumption  of dates in the last 4 weeks before labour reduced the necessity of inducedlabour and reduced a more favourable delivery.

Finally let us consume date in moderation  because of sugar.  Also ensure you get fresh dates as some may rotten inside unknown to you.


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