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Wednesday 9 May 2018

5 Ways Food Ignorance Destroys Your Health

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1. Unhealthy fats
There are key internals organs like the liver and kidney that  must be at their best for you to feel well.  They include your liver which does the work of fat metabolism, producing some form of cholesterol, bile and other agents that help you stay healthy.  When there is excess fat and oil especially processed fat, the liver is overburden and loaded and is not able to do its work.  Unhealthy fats are found in vegetable oils, margarine and fast foods.  when there  is an overload of such oils, we feel weak and unwell.  To help our liver restore balance, remove all processed oils and fats. Click here to read: Soft Drinks? How soft are they?

2.  Breads, cakes, noddles and the derivatives
It is surprising seeing young children complain of ill health and all they could eat is noodles,  whereas, in most cases the problem is acidity, yet more acidic foods are being given to the child.  Oh what ignorance.  Again, some parents are not mindful of  knowledge on these foods as long as they can afford it, all they tell you is that,that is what he or she wants to eat.  When a child feels ill and complains of ill health, the first step to restore the immune system of the child or whoever should be to avoid all processed foods such as noodles.   These are immune suppressors, while the liver, kidney and pancreas are working hard to eliminate toxins, more toxins are coming in.  Oh food ignorance!.You may also like: Ten worst Food ingredients You should avoid

3.  ‘Soft Drinks’
Are they really soft, I was a victim, in those days, whenever, there was no appetite, I go for soft drinks.  These drinks are in effect hard drinks,  they are immune suppressors.  They introduce sugars and flavorings which your body is working hard to eliminate.  They are easy to come by.  Coconut water is natures own soft drink.  Nobody remembers, it has no preservatives or colorings like our so called ‘soft drinks’ These bottled easy to get drinks are immune suppressors and the key organs will work harder to eliminate their waste products.  Oh Food Ignorance!. Read also: How Do I know If my systgem is Acidic

4.  Starchy and High Calorie foods
Whenever our health is threatened, it is a wise thing to eliminate all high calorie foods like yams, cassava products and cocoyams.  It is best to replace them with as much fluid as possible.  The  body assimilates these fluids better and faster too. Incidentally most of these starchy foods are cooked, and the body is not in the best shape to produce all the enzymes to digest these cooked foods.  We have low calorie foods and drinks like Hibiscus flower tea, cucumbers, apples and  that could be taken moderately to help restore our balance.  Instead what I see is that people go for starchy foods, at such times and at times their condition degenerates to high temperature.  Oh Food ignorance.Read Also: Here is exactly what whole wheat bread, sugar and vegetable oil does to the cells of your body

5.  Too Much Sweet Fruits
Are they not fruits, let me eat to my fill, nothing will happen,they are natural foods.  Yes they are but moderation should be the guide.  Sweet fruits in high amount are actually no one immune suppressors.  In fact, suppressing it faster than any other thing you could think of.  I have heard a case of an elderly women, who had crisis in the hospital, I quickly asked, how many oranges did you take, she was surprised and asked how did I know.  I said, by the manifestation.   I told her to stop all fruits, at the moment and a bowl of bland millet be served her and in less than 12 hours, all symptoms were gone.  Oh Food Ignorance!.

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