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Wednesday 16 May 2018

All about Staying Healthy Naturally Part 3

Our discussion on staying  healthy naturally continues.  

1.  Include Probiotic

What are probiotics?  They simply mean allowing bacterial  to act on certain foods,  thereby improving the nutrient absorption  of that food.   Absence of probiotics in our foods is the brain behind most dreaded diseases plaguing  us today.   Examples of such foods are: yoghurt,  iru (locust bean,) millet,  soya beans etc.

These bacteria help preserve our food,  and have numerous other health benefits like:  healing stomach  ulcers and other internal injury, restoring internal balance by replenishing the gut through the help of life bacteria,  ensuring more nutrient absorption, and helping with detoxification.   In this way,  the addition of probiotics to the meal sends more healthy bacterial  which help with digestion and push out the unhealthy ones.

2.  Get enough 😴 sleep

As much as possible do not compromise  the place of sufficient sleep.   In this case, it also depends on how you have trained your body.   Some are okay with  5 - 6 hrs sleep, while others are never satisfied until the have slept for 8 or 9 hrs. It is actually during sleep that our body heals.   There is no need to emphasize  the fact that adequate sleep is medicine itself, more potent that drugs.   A good sleep settles most ailment.   Let us not be too zealous for anything and cause our organs unnecessary stress arising from lack of sleep. Some have brought upon themselves self induced misery due  to their ignorance and overzealousness.

3.  Daily Exercise:  Exercise  is not just about going to the 💪 gym, all sorts of movement both inside and outside the 🏡 home constitute exercise,  massaging the foot and body are all forms of exercise.   Getting involved in household chores  are all exercise.   Shopping, moving the staircase, going to the saloon, church, mosque are all forms of movement which help our 👶 body function optimally,  it helps increase blood circulation, movement of oxygen in and out of the cells, it helps lower blood pressure.   Some individual  complain that certain exercise made their blood pressure to shoot 👆 up.   This is usually the case when the individual is already used to sedentary  lifestyle.  Regular moderate exercise helps with almost everything ranging from, relieving  constipation, improving appetite,  relieving stress,  improving appetite, maintaining  healthy  weight by increasing fat burning and reducing pains too.   Let us endeavour to move our bodies.  Whenever possible let us trek.   It is no show of affluence to move to any point with car or bike.

Dress Approriately:  Many will be surprised  to hear that the cloths we put on,  sometimes constitute stress to us

To be continued 


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