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Wednesday 9 May 2018

Did You Know?

1. That any Liquids taken with solid meals dilute the action of digestive juices, making complete digestion more difficult?  This applies to any drinks, even soup.  The liquids should be taken at least 15 minutes before other foods are eaten and not sooner  than half hour afterwards.
2. Salt  especially refined  table salt is the most common irritant to the stomach.  It causes extreme acidity and irritates the delicate mucous membranes, other irritants include, sugar, pepper, coffee, soda, and alcohol.
3. If food is eaten too soon after a previous meal its normal digestive process is disturbed.  It is usually to allow at least one and half  hours[1 1/2] after a fruit meal, two and half  hours after a vegetable meal and at least 3 – 4 hrs after a combined meal with proteins, carbohydrates and fat. Be especially careful to allow complete digestion of a starchy meal before having any fruit, especially citrus?
4. When food is eaten under stressful conditions, or when anxiety,anger,or other similar emotions are present, digestion is severely disturbed. The emotions cause the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system may prepare for what it interprets as an emergency situation.  Always spend 10 – 15 minutes in some quiet, soothing activity before meals.  Prayer or a few minute so mediation before meals is advisable?
5.  that Deep drying makes any food difficult to digest and may be a factor in the high incidence of stomach cancer in civilized countries?
6.  that stress and other destructive emotions upset the normal digestive cycle, making even the best of food indigestible. Prolonged stress, anger, or worry also create an acidic condition of the entire body


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