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Wednesday 9 May 2018

8 Proven Ways to Loose Weight and Keep them off

Excess body weight is something to do with having extra fat under the skin in excess of what your ideal weight should be.  Being overweight does not mean the same thing as being unfit.  There are many skinny persons walking around who are actually unfit, conversely, there are many overweight persons who are actually fit.

It is common these days to see many overweight individual around ranging from men, women, youth, children babies and sometimes the elderly.

Why Is Excess Body Weight Now a Problem and 7 Proven Ways to Loose Weight and Stay fit

 1.  Too Much Simple Sugars and Fast Foods:  Probably due to our busy and demanding life activities, fast foods is now a flourishing business, these foods are easy to cook loaded with various sweeteners, flavors and taste enhancers.  Persons in love with these fast foods have greater tendency to add weight especially belly fat.  It is not surprising to see people at restaurants asking for a bottle of coke and other fruit juice to wash down the food.  What ignorance! We did these things during the days of ignorance in college, but today we know better.  It is an unhealthy food habit to attempt to wash down your oily food most likely fried with cheap oils (mostly transfats) tag heart friendly and cholesterol free with a bottle of cold drink.  It does not work that way, what you get is unhealthy fats accumulating deeper the layers and adding to your size especially at the stomach area.  If you want to loose weight especially belly fat,  then stop the habit.

2.  Too Much Sedentary Life:  Too much sedentary life creates more chances of accumulating fats.

3.  Sufficient Protein especially from plan source:  Most people do not care about the protein  content of what they consume.   Too much carbs with less protein contributes to fat deposition.

4.  Cut carbs:  It's not much about carbs but the type of carbs.   Complex carbs are better than simple carbs found in soft drinks,  paps,  rice etc

5.  Include more fibre:  Sufficient  fibre keeps us fuller for longer.   It is necessary to ensure sufficient  daily fibre. this also helps our  regularity.

6.  Moderate Exercise especially walking:  The role of daily exercise especially walking cannot be over emphasised in maintaining  healthy body weight.

7. Do not eat between meals:  Avoid eating between meals.   Snacking on sweets. biscuits and other sugars must be dropped.

8. Finally,  it's important to include healthy fats like coconut,  avocados,  and olive oil in your diet.


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