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Thursday 28 June 2018

Health Benefits of Ginseng

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Ginseng is actually a wide range of herbs known as GINSENG from different countries of the world probably affected by the soil and other factors that makes its health benefits manifest slight variance in function.  There are more than 5 types of ginseng mostly named and identified by their country, they include:  For the purpose of this write up, only five is mentioned.

1.  Asian Ginseng also known as the Koren red ginseng or south china ginseng
2.  American ginseng  (Panax quinquefolius)mild compared to Asian ginseng but still benefits health
3.  Siberian Ginseng - (Eleutherococcus senticocus)
4. Indian Ginseng (Withania somnmifera)  also known as ashwagandha more popular with Ayurveda
5. Brazillian Ginseng ( Pfaffia paniculata) also known as suma root

Both American and  Asian ginseng have similar benefits of boosting energy, lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels, reducing stress, promote relaxation, manage diabetes and sexual dysfunction among other benefits.

The most popular among the ginseng family is the American, Asian and Indian Ginseng.  Here are the notable health benefits of these  three most popular ginseng mentioned.

1.  Reduce Stress
2.  Anti Inflammatory properties
3.  Good for brain health
4.  Good for liver health
5.  Anti cancer properties
6.  Helps with weight loss
7.  Improves metabolic Health
8.  Enhance Sexual Performance in Men
9.  Lowers Cholesterol
10. Helps Manage Blood Sugar
11.  Prevents Premature aging
12. Supports Menopausal Women
13  Boost Energy
14. Boost Immunity

If you are looking for an addition to your healthy living habit or foods, consider adding ginseng root
An interesting fact about this herb is that it is easy to be added into your diet, it could be taken as  tea, a condiment to your soups and stews or just as a tincture or concoction grounded and taken with water after allowing the root to ferment for a few hours.

Ginseng is particularly beneficial to the elderly folks or young adults, the category of persons who will benefit from ginseng root are mentioned below.

1.  Young Men: 

 Most youth are not careful with what they eat until a problem comes up, the area most young men find ginseng useful is the aspect of fertility, sperm count, mobility and strength.  In which ever way you choose to consume your ginseng as a young man, just ensure not to overdo it and you are  sure to get all the health benefits.  Men who experience premature ejaculate or complete lack of energy in sexual matters can make a tea out of ginseng with added honey to boost their energy and increase chances of conception for the woman.

2.  Elderly Men 

The problem with the elderly, I mean those over 50yrs also goes with lack of energy, depression, Inflammatory conditions, diabetes, cancer, Insomnia, metabolic syndrome, Heart issues, weight gain,
Stress and memory problems.  These are the areas where ginseng comes to help the aged.  If you are entering your inactive stage in life and are battling with these conditions, introducing changes into your diet, such as the inclusion of ginseng  will help improve quality of life for the matured adults.
It can be taken as tea, used as condiments in foods and seasonings.  Better still a dried ground root of ginseng can be soaked in water and taken in moderation best in empty stomach  before breakfast or last thing at night as it helps to enhance sleep. 

3.  Menopausal and Post Menopausal Women

Women are mostly in this category, menopause (cessation of monthly period in women) premenopause, Menopause and Post menopause,  these are difficult periods in the lives of most women, Usually accompanied by unknown  symptoms, completely strange to the woman.  sometimes leading to depression, insomnia, memory loss, and general loss of concentration most times.  Women in this phase of their lives should attempt the inclusion of ginseng root in their diet to help relieve these symptoms and improve quality of life.

4.  Convalescent

Another category of people that may benefit from the numerous health benefits  of ginseng are those recovering from a major illness.  These ones are usually weak and need a boost, both mentally and physically and ginseng is beneficial in both ways.  These ones may also be battling inflammations with may want to cause a relapse to their recovery.   A little ginseng will help keep these inflammations under control during the recovery,  blood sugar increase are also reduced by the help of ginseng.

People Who should Not Take Ginseng

These category of people should avoid ginseng root in any form unless under the supervision of a competent physician:

1.  Children below 6 yrs
2.  Pregnant women
3.  Patients on medication

It is also important to observe our moderation rule to everything to avoid adverse condition.  Ginseng root if taken in excess may do the exact opposite of what it is meant to treat.  It is also important not to continue ginseng supplement for too long a time to avoid your body being used to the medication.
Generally ginseng is a well adaptable root that has help many in centuries past and research is still on going on various ways it benefits our health.

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