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Wednesday 27 June 2018

13 Health Benefits of Thyme

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Thymus Vulgaris otherwise known as thyme is a popular culinary herb in Nigeria.  Many of us cook and season our soups and stews with this medicinal herb just for taste, unkown to  them that the benefits of thyme goes beyond enhancing the taste of your meal.

Thymol is one of a naturally occuring class of compounds known as biocides, substances that can destroy harmful organisms found in  thyme.. it comes from the mint family.  Ancient Egyptians used it in their embalming practices, while ancient Greece used it as incense.  The herb is not great in enhancing taste but possesses numerous health benefits.  Here are 13 Health benefits of Thyme.

13.  Health Benefits of Thyme

- Lowers Blood Pressure
- Threats acne and other skin problems
- Fights Bad Breath
- Relieve coughing and sore throat
- Source of important Minerals
- Stimulates Blood Flow
- Helps fight Fungus
- Relieves Respiratory issues
- Improve Mood
- Helps with Pest Control
- Antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties
-  Hearth Health
-  Food Safety and Preservation

1.. Lowers Blood Pressure

There is growing concern on the increasing number of people with blood pressure cases including young adults.  The reason  for this increase is surely not unconnected with the high rate of salt consumption today.  so many over the counter foods are preserved with salt.  Including more thyme in your cookings will help bring out the natural taste of your meal while reducing your salt consumption.

2.  Threat acne and other skin problems

The essential oil found in the leaves of thyme has been known to help treat acne and various skin problems.

3  Fight Bad Breath.

Candida albicans commonly found in the mouth and vagina is the leading cause of mouth odour and bad bread  including vaginal issues.  Antifungal properties found in thyme  which is in the leaves kills yeast and candida faster that most over the counter drugs.

4.  Relieves Coughing

Thyme essential oil obtained from its leaves is usually used as a natural cough remedy.  In one study, a combination of thyme and ivy leaves helped to alleviate coughing and other symptoms of acute bronchitis.  Next time, you are faced  with a cough or sore throat,  try drinking some thyme tea in hot water.

5.  Source of Important Minerals

You may find it hard to believe but its true, thyme contains iron, calcium, B6,  manganese, copper, and fibre.  These are important nutrients needed to maintain a healthy body.  It is also rich in vitamin A and C and other nutrients .  If you feel a cold coming your way, try thyme tea.

6.  Stimulate Blood Flow

Having good flow of blood round the cells helps in maintaining wellness.  It helps wound heal and ensures strong resistance against infections.  Thyme helps with adequate blood flow.

7.  Helps fight Fungus

No matter, the ailment, too much fungus in the body will make the condition worse.  Thyme is a fungal fighting food.  Adding the leaves to your meals will help keep the growth of fungus under control, thereby improving our overall total wellness.

8.  Reduce Respiratory Issues

Those suffering from Ashma, bronchitis and other respiratory issues will get relief by making a tea from thyme tea to help kill off some bacteria in the lungs, reduce mucus and increase blood flow for quick healing and recovery.

9. Improve Mood

Those who suffer depression will benefit by adding thyme to their meals.  According to  "Thyme essential oil is often used for aromatic and therapeutic purposes because of its active substance carvacrol.  In 2013study, carvacrol was shown to affect neuron activity in ways that boosted the subjects feelings of well being."  So if you cook regularly with thyme, it can help to boost your mood.

10.  Thyme Helps with Pest Control

Thyme is good against rats, mice and other animal pests.  Some studies are showing that thyme extract can repel mosquitoes. In order to get the best pest fighting results, rub thyme leaves between your hands to release the essential oil. 

11.  Has Antiseptic and Anti inflammatory properties

This property in thyme makes a popular ingredients in some deodorants and mouthwash. 

12.  Heart Health:

 Cholesterol and other unhealthy fat plat roles in  most heart issues. Thyme contains nutrients that support normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

13.  Food Safety and Preservation

Thyme can be used for more than taste.  Thyme essential oil is an effective natural way to preserve your food and increase shelf life.

I use thyme in most of my dishes like seasonings, rice, stews, usually towards the end of the cooking.  It really brings out the taste in every dish.  It is however advisable to use it in moderation, because too much of every thing including the good is bad.



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