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Monday, 20 August 2018

Here are the Secrets of How My Aching Tooth and Receding Gum Healed Naturally

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Just thought to share the secret of how I regained my health, healed my painful tooth and recovered  my  receding gum naturally.  You never value what you have until you loose it.  It is necessary to maintain regular dental hygiene because getting an aching tooth healed with gums is usually not easy It requires a lot of patience, discipline and total change of habit.

The tooth and gum are very important organs doing so much, but very often neglected.  It is our natural grinder/blender from the time we started taking solid foods till death.  It is therefore important to always maintain habits that will promote the health of our teeth and gums;  So many factors could lead to painful tooth and gums, when it occurs in children, we usually attribute it to sugar. Truly speaking, most cases of ache and gum issues are linked to excess sugar or carbs.  When it occurs in the mature adult and elderly, it is usually the same and when it persists, then other suspects will be looked out for, such as diabetes, inflammations etc.

Mine own case was not far from these factors over indulgence in sugars and stress worsen the situation which lingered for about 4 weeks until I took these drastic steps.

Here are the Natural Ingredients and things I did to regain my aching tooth and recover my receding gum:

1.  Temporarily disconnect from Bread, biscuits, pastries and all white Carbs

Yes, one may wonder how come she still consumes all these, at what age mid fifties, yes, Like I always advice friends, no food is forbidden in my list, but moderation must be maintained.  It became necessary to discontinue with these category of carbs temporarily so as to regain my healing first.  Knowledge we are told is power. Until you discover, you may never recover.  You need to discover and believe that most diseases that ail us today are made worse by these category of carbs.   These foods hurts if you suffer pain.  They make your pain worse, no matter the location of the pain whether internally or external.   I had to do away with them first until I get better.

2.  Instituted Strict dental hygiene

This is simply saying that I refused to be careless anymore, brushing after each meal became as serious as the meal itself.  Why was this necessary, it became necessary because I was aware that bacteria and germs feeds on the food we eat too.  So after each meal, they must be starved especially the ones living in the mouth, while the internal organs are fed, these germs around the gums and mouth must be starved.  It is no longer news that most disease will naturally reverse if their food is withdrawn over a period of time.  Same applies to most diseases that ail us apart from the tooth and gum.  These bacteria must not grow fat.  So I made a decision to starve the bacteria living in my gums and ensure they do not have access to sugar and food as this will stop them from growing and will lead to their final death.  The mouth is usually kept germ free with a final rinse with warm peppermint tea after every meal.  This is to starve the bacteria and keep inflammations under control.

3.  I Got Some Essential Oils

Essential oils are gradually gaining more popularity by the day due to their positive roles in restoring health especially among the elderly folk.  Here are the essential oils and other natural ingredients that helped me out:

These are the oils that were employed during the period of tackling the tooth ache that would have sent me to a dentist.

Mint Oil:

 The Mint oil is a very powerful and popular essential oil,  how did I use it, truly there are several home remedies out there on the net but I did not try most of them because, some were not convenient.  The mint oil was used as an inhaler in the mouth to reduce pain and aches when out there  wither at work or shopping, it was handy, occasionally the mint oil was dabbed in a cotton wool and pressed at the point of the pain.

Tee Tree oil

Before now, it was unknown to me that this oil reduces aches and pains. was actually using it with honey for acne and soon discovered it was killing pains and reducing inflammations inside of my mouth where the gum and tooth is,there I go, tee tree oil was included.  Each morning, the oil in a mixture of organic honey was used to press and massage hard on the side of the mouth where the pain is located, it was working to reduce pain and bacteria activity, So it was included and was working.

Cold Pressed Coconut oil

This appears to be the most interesting and enduring of all the remedies, I had to suspend all other oils in my cooking and retained this oil as it was working both internally and on the tooth.  Cold Pressed coconut oil was killing off the yeast build up that was feeding the pains and discomforting me. The cold was reducing inflammations at all levels.  The lauric acid was killing other opportunistic bacteria that were around to aid the infection.  The medium chain fatty acid aided digestion and absorption easy during the period.  Bacteria and yeast infestation was partly responsible for the problem from the onset.  This miracle oil was always the last thing before bed time and usually the first thing in the morning before brushing with toothpaste.  Cold pressed coconut oil is high in saturated fat, but not all fats are bad.  The fat in coconut oil actually is a disease fighter.  It was used usually  once in the morning,  a tablespoon of this oil is used to hold in the mouth for about 7 minutes and later power out.  This rinsing of mouth with coconut oil was actually the first  step in the treatment when the pain was sore.  When you have a gum that huts, almost everything huts except coconut oil.    The disease fighting saturated fat in coconut oil protects and soothes.  It is a soothing oil, it was my first line of treatment and actually the last.   When the tooth and gum hurts so much, acidic foods and drinks, lime etc, infact, most remedies will hurt except coconut oil.


Garlic oil or fresh garlic cloves is a powerful antibiotic which most bacteria are not able to resist.  So, at the time of severe pain which almost affected my sleep,  no analgesic was used throughout the period, instead, a clove of fresh garlic was crushed and inserted inside the cavity which hurts most and there it laid till dawn, if not, the pains and bacteria activity will disturb sleep and if sleep does not take place, healing will be delayed or hindered completely.  So it went, usually waking up refreshed and pain free.  this happened 4 days until the inflammation was abated.  Thanks to the anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties  of garlic.  Thanks also to allicin and its sulphur content.  Above all, garlic is a top yeast killing food that helps improve most pains that are linked to bacteria and fungus.  So never leave garlic out of your kitchen

To be Continued  on Part two,  Other steps that helped hasten the healing will also be shared in the course of this testimony


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