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Saturday, 1 August 2020

7 powerful antiviral herbs to help protect us from the flu and viruses including coronavirus

In case you cannot stand to eat it, get the organic purple garlic and eat it like candy, and for viral infections on the skin you can pulp raw garlic and wrap it in a gauze, At other times, I put them under my feet and wear a socks to keep me away from cold while I sleep.

This one has an active compound called cineole, which a common ingredient found as a compound of cough syrups. This plant eucalyptus is an amazing antiviral and decongestant so its function is to help in fighting the cold while also eliminating congestion and reducing the inflammation. It would be very good that you get the eucalyptus essential oil and put it in a diffuser in order to make it airborne for treating your respiratory problems.

This one has similar features that the eucalyptus has and it uses the vapors to treat sinusitis and lung illnesses.

This one in itself contains menthol which is an ingredient that can relax the muscles of the respiratory tract so it makes the breathing easier. Being into a combination with the antioxidant properties of the peppermint and potent antihistamine, menthol becomes some powerful decongestant. This is the one I use most because it is handy.

This herb is also a yet another ancient remedy that has been used in order to treat respiratory tract and bacterial infections like pneumonia.

It is a very useful antiviral and antioxidant, so it is recommended that you take one to two drops of oregano oil and more, you can mix it in a glass of water or juice. What I like is doing most times is to add the dried leaves to other of my tea choices to increase antioxidant. This herb is full of nutrients and also with vitamins.

Another tiny but powerful antiviral herb you can add to your teas and even cooking. I like to add it to my zobo drink with ginger to make a, warming delicious and health benefiting drink.

 Food is our medicine, but moderation is the rule.


  1. This is very enriching ma. God bless you for sharing

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