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Sunday, 31 March 2019

Natural Foods that Helped me Remove Belly Fat

It is sometimes incredible to believe that there are natural foods that specializes on removing or melting fats accumulated at the stomach region.  Until you try it, you may never believe.  No matter how long your stomach fat has been with you, with discipline and guidance, you can still get your dream body.  I am a beneficiary of what I am sharing here.  Before sharing the secret foods that helped me, here are a few factors that are suspects when it comes to general body fat accumulation and stomach fat in particular:

Emotional Eating – When you are stressed out, you depend on food to feel better.

Aging – Aging slows down metabolism, and as a result, you start gaining weight.

Hormonal Changes – Hormonal changes can also make you store fat in your belly region instead of any other body part.

Genes – If obesity genes are in your DNA, you will be prone to gaining weight even if you do not indulge in emotional eating.

Medications – Certain medications can inhibit you from losing weight.

Depression – When you are depressed and worried, your stress levels go up. This causes inflammation and inflammation-induced weight gain. Plus, you will be prone to emotional eating.

Alcohol – Drinking too much alcohol can also lead to belly fat gain.

Sedentary Lifestyle – If you are not an active person, you will be prone to gaining belly fat.

Having mentioned the above contributors to stomach fat accumulation,  here are the foods that helped me out of stomach fat and has kept it till date:

1.  Pineapple with Cucumber juice:  These two combination, whether juiced or just chewed whichever way.  They are specialized on stomach fat.  I like them together because, Cucumber helps counter the effect of sugar in pineapples.
2.  Apple.  I prefer green apple when taken on empty stomach.  Enough time must be allowed at least 2 hrs before next meal to enable the acids in Apple deal with the fats.  The fibre will keep you full, while unwanted belly fat is being melted.
3.  Oats:  Yes  I love oats in the morning, it must be taken in moderation with low fat milk.  It was my best breakfast, when dealing with fat generally and in particular, stomach fat.
4.  Coconut oil and olive oil:  if you are determined to deal with stomach fat, the let these two oils be your only oil at least for 3 months.
5.  Eggs:  Egg is a nutrient dense, low calorie food specialised on providing the required nutrients for the body to carry on while stomach fat is being destroyed. At least one boiled egg daily
6.  Avocadoes:  these are good foods that helps burn stomach fat.  Though I usually give it more to coconut oil in my own case.  Avocadoes and other healthy fats keeps you full, deals with cholesterol and in so doing contributes to overall fat deposition including belly fat.
7.  All green vegetables especially (ewedu)
All green vegetables are great in this regard, best taken before bed time in good oil to enable fat burning take place.
8.  Sardines:  sardines without the accompanying vegetable oil, after draining it, I add olive oil.  Sardine is a source of rare omega 3 fatty acids which helps in general fat burning including stomach fat.  At least twice a week, one is okay.
9.  Lemons and limes:  these twin foods are great for stomach fat reduction, but must be taken cautiously, because they are high in acid, if not they may help deplete good bacteria in the gut.  Best on empty stomach in the morning at least 3 times a week.  They may also cause tooth sensitivity if taken too frequently.
10. Almonds and cashew nuts:  some may add peanuts, but almonds and cashews are best for destroying Tummy fat.  Besides the instigate less inflammatory response unlike peanut, which is highly inflammatory.
11.  Dark chocolate:  This is also great for burning stomach fat especially when taken without milk or with low fat milk.  I usually add a little  powdered  and honey milk.
12.  Natural Honey:  This an ancient food known for dealing with bacteria and fungus that contribute to stomach fat and supply nutrients at the same.  Could be mixed with other spices such as cinnamon, Tumeric, ginger, garlic etc to achieve better effect.

There are several other foods that has helped people in achieving their aim of reducing stomach fat, but these are tested and they are still working to keep the belly from accumulating further fat.  Additionally, plenty of water especially on empty stomach in the morning followed by exercise is a must if you want to get result. When belly fat is reduced, so many ailments would be gone too.

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