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Tuesday 21 August 2018

My Testimony, How my Aching Tooth and Cavity Healed Naturally - Part 2

A continuation of the previous post on natural foods and actions that reversed my aching tooth and receding gum.  It is necessary to share this to enable those going through similar condition to get some hints on what to do and to be assured again that no disease is irreversible All  the body is asking for is the right building material.  So Let us go. 

More of the foods that helped me heal:

5.  Clove oil

Yes clove oil is great for tooth ache and gum problems but, it usually does not last for long.  Good enough clove oil was in my custody, guess what?  I used clean cotton wool with a few drops and pressed hard on the gum when it hurts.  Clove oil contains anti inflammatory properties, so it relieved the pain and inflammations, however when I discovered that, it is best for symptomatic relief, it was discontinued, however it has contributed a little in relieving pain and inflammations arising from the aching gum and tooth.

6.  Fresh Ginger and Fresh Turmeric with Sorghum Tea

Now we are all getting the awareness that Turmeric and Ginger are anti inflammatory foods that work best together.  They are great for killing pains.  They were crushed each morning with a tablespoon of  raw honey.  Now what is the place of sorghum in this combo.  The addition of sorghum by me in the hot tea is to provide more B vitamins and Iron.  When tackling a matter such as this, there is need to ensure that your system is getting sufficient iron and B vitamins.  The bacteria that worked to destroy the cavity did not leave the blood out of it, some were destroyed in the process and without sufficient iron from a natural  plant source such as the sorghum tea, it may be difficult for oxygen to be pumped around continuously.

Without sufficient iron, your body cannot win the fight.    Low fat milk is also added for extra calcium to support the teeth and gum, however the mouth is rinsed with warm water having some dried peppermint tea leaves in it immediately after the breakfast to hinder the bacteria from feeding on the milk since they love milk and milk is mildly inflammatory.  This breakfast is energizing and helps me get on during the day.  The idea is that while the ginger and turmeric are dealing with bacteria, fungus, pains and inflammations, the turmeric enriches the blood and strengthens the liver as well. Food is truly medicine.

7.  Green Tea

Green tea is known for its high antioxidants and polyphenols content, though it is also a moderate source of caffeine which is not a friend of pains.  However in considering the positive effect of green tea in preventing plague formation around the gums, though I had abandoned green tea for some reasons, however I had to revert to this low calorie beverage which obviously will do me more good than harm.  Green tea has strong anti inflammatory properties and nutrients that supports gum health.  It became necessary to go back to my green tea, though a little milk and honey was added which usually would reduce its efficacy, but never mind,  its my way.

8.  Avocado Fruit

Avocado fruit is known for its versatility in tackling most diseases,  it is a nutrient dense food and notorious for staffing bacteria and virus, it was not left out, usually employed in the morning so as to provide energy for the day.  Bread was a No No.  All sugary foods were No No, but you wont believe, I still pinched on some slices for my tea with more avocadoes.  Avocados are loaded with healthy fats that helps burn fat like coconut oil,  When tackling any ailments, the type and source of fat must be given serious consideration.  These are the protective membrane and without good fats such as avocados and coconut oil fat, the immune system could be wrecked.  Fats are an important part of any healing regimen for  energy and protection.  If you leave all fats out of your diet, you may never be healed.

9.  Fish Oil :

Not really a fan of supplements, but the inclusion of occasional supplement became necessary because of the need for vitamin and D which are critical nutrients for healing of the tooth and gum,  without vitamin D, even calcium which is needed for stronger teeth  cannot be fully absorbed.  Got me a good fish oil.  but not a daily inclusion but say every other day, as these nutrients were necessary and seemed insufficient. Usually taken in the morning on days, that I considered necessary to take them-

10.  Plenty of water and Hot fluid: 

 The efficacy of water therapy in the morning in helping us regain our internal balance is no longer a new topic.  First thing in the morning, I go 5 glasses of water in empty stomach before brushing my tooth.  Though this has been a long practice observed religiously by the entire family, but occasionally we reduce our strictness on the therapy,  but when you have a matter on hand, then there is need for strict compliance.  No compromise, but this time, it has to be warm.  The difference is that it must be warm, if your tooth and gum hurts,definitely cold water and cold food will make them hurt you the more.  Never attempt iced or cold food if you have issues with your teeth and gum.

To be continued.  In my next post, I want to share just few foods that were loved but temporarily dropped during this period and why they were dropped.  Though, they are healthy foods but in the circumstance, their nutrients were not needed and there was need for them to be out of the way until healing and recovery was achieved.


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