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Sunday 2 September 2018

15 Reasons Occasional Coffee is Good For You From Age 50

If there was any tea, I dreaded for years, it was coffee.  Why, I had an experience in my Higher school days when reading for a particular exam, after taking black coffee as advised by friend to keep me alert, I wrote the paper successfully, but thereafter, normal sleep deserted me for almost 3 days, it took Gods grace for my restoration, thereafter, I vowed never to take coffee again.  That was over 25 years ago, and as I write my about  coffee has changed.

 My next attempt on coffee was about thirty years later and the effect of coffee on me was exactly the opposite.  How?  I have not slept normally for sometime.  Somebody suggested I start taking coffee, but that counsel was thrown to the wind.  Another friend suggested I take occasional coffee to prevent diabetes and it actually angered me.  Somehow, someday I got a coffee gift and decided on a cold afternoon to take  a little of  the coffee tea with a teaspoon of lowfat milk and honey, before long I was deeply asleep on the chair.  I then began my search and study about coffee and old age.

 Here are 15 Reasons I take Occasional Coffee:

1.  A Large  Source of Antioxidants and Nutrients

Antioxidants are our body's friends and solders, they help neutralize free  radicals and keep our immune system strong.  Without sufficient antioxidants, our sells will suffer damage from oxygen derived activities.   As work of digestion, assimilation and absorption goes on in the body, wastes products are released and  antioxidants such as the ones found in coffee helps destroy them before they cause harm.  As we age, the body resistance to cancer, diabetes, pains and several other injuries are reduced, therefore the need to include occasional coffee is a must to help maintain a strong immune system.

2.  Raises Metabolic Rate and burns Fat

As we age, our body's tendency to want to store fat is increased,  where foods ingested are not quickly metabolized, they end up being stored as fat and if fat accumulation continues, then overtime obesity will set in and this may be followed by diabetes and other weight related ailments including arthritis.  Occasional coffee helps speed up metabolism and reduce the incidence of fat deposition in  the tissues.

3.  Helps Relieve Headache

Minor headaches sometimes caused by too much calorie in the body, I have discovered that when the body is overloaded with too much oil and fat, the head bears the brunt and it sometimes ends up in headache.  If you have coffee around you, before the onset of such headache, when you are feeling sluggish, go for a cup of coffee and it may just leave you for good.

4.  Helps With Cardiovascular Problems

Our heart greatest enemy is fat followed by salt.  When the heart is carrying too much in form of fat, go for cup of coffee to help you relieve the heart of the excess load it is carrying.  No other way to remove those fat than an antioxidant, no salt drink like coffee to help out.  This particularly affects the aged folks.  It is therefore necessary to include occasional coffee as you age.  Gone are the days when you were so active.

5.  Protects Liver 

There are few foods that benefits the liver.  The liver is the largest internal organ that does so much.  It is therefore necessary to always have this important organ in mind as we make food selection,  Choose foods that will enhance your livers performance and one of such foods is black coffee.  Remember that bitter foods are good for the liver.  It also helps the liver remove excess fat and oil accumulation which suppress our liver function.  Reduces liver cirrhosis too.

6.  Fights Depression

I have heard occasion to recommend coffee to individuals who complain of depression to me, why? The reason is because it has worked for me.  Coffee contains ingredients that affects our happiness hormones positively, merely smelling the flavour of coffee causes the brain to come out of depression and begins to feel happy again.

7. Quickly Relaxes Your Muscle After exercise

After a strenuous workout or exercise, take a cup of coffee to avoid pains later and to quickly relax the muscle and prevent them from getting sore,

8.  Lowers Risk of Type II Diabetes

One of the most common ailments dreaded today as we approach 50 years is diabetes particularly type II.  So many sweet foods out there, almost everything is sweetened, and this additional sweetness is not usually friendly with our organs at old age.  One few bitter foods out there to help reduce blood sugar spike and good enough this delicious and low calorie drink is one of them.  It is necessary to include occasional bitter foods in our regular diet to help reduce blood sugar spike which if unchecked will lead to type II diabetes.

9.  A Friend of Your Brain

There are few brain foods around and coffee is among them.  The brain is an important organ that must be monitored and nurtured as we age.  Coffee helps  support the memory and lowers Parkinsons Disease risk and also reduces cases of dementia.  All these are associated with old age. Including occasional coffee may help prevent some of these age related problems.

10. Good for Your Teeth

Try a cup of coffee when your teeth hurts.  It works in reducing pain and overall inflammation around the teeth.

11.  Improves Circulation

I love foods that helps with circulation because when there is good circulation, disease and ailments are healed.  Without good flow in and out of the cells nothing will work.  As we age, proper circulation becomes a problem, at times, body massage is employed to help out, but with occasional coffee, the issue of poor circulation is reduced in the elderly.

12.  Yes Caffeine is Not Altogether Bad

Coffee wakes you up and not only are you awake, you are  focused and alert due to the presence of caffeine.  I only advocate that you avoid addiction.  Occasional coffee is a healthy way for the mature adult as you will get going after a cup of coffee and all those sluggishness and dull brain will be off you for good.

13.  Helps Keep Bowel Healthy

Coffee helps with bowel function and with exercise and lots of water will help reduce constipation.  I have personally noticed that when I take a cup of coffee after a protein rich meal,  followed by a cup of coffee with a little honey, few minutes later, I will experience bowel movement.

14.  Reduces Inflammations

Excess body weight are agents of various inflammations, and inflammations have been fingered behind most health crises including stroke, heart attach etc, among the elderly, it is therefore necessary to include occasional coffee during the week to reduce inflammations in the body.

15.  Lowers Stress

No Wonder my second experience with coffee ended up in an unexpected deep sleep.  Why?  If coffee is consumed when general body stress is high, it reduces the load on the body, by burning off the fat and other excesses, leading to reduced stress.   In this case, it works best if taken in the afternoon after a hard workout. 

In conclusion, it is best to take coffee in the morning since it tends to make you more active and alert, taking it at night may lead to lack of sleep when other others are sleeping.  Usually, a little honey and say teaspoon of lowfat milk works to add nutrients to your coffee and reduce the effect of caffeine.  Always buy bitter coffee with the caffeine.  Taking the caffeine out  of it denatures it.  Nature knows why it comes with caffeine and caffeine is what keeps you alert and focused, so I always go for black coffee with all its caffeine, however not an everyday tea for me.  Avoid coffee addiction, too much of it may not be beneficial to the elderly too. A little milk and honey is also advised if you feel coffee is strong for you just black. 


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