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Sunday 7 October 2018

I Found Out by Accident, this Nut Lowers Blood Pressure

Managing high blood pressure nutritionally can be very challenging, considering that most people who suffer blood pressure, are also conscious of their blood sugar.  It is important to ensure that there is a balance internally.  My experience with individuals having blood pressure is that no particular combo or food resolves the issue of blood pressure.

Healthy Living Tips To Help Reduce Blood Pressure

Follow these tips if you are working to reduce your blood pressure.

It is important however to consume more protein from plant source.

More healthy fats

Include non caffeinated natural beverage whenever possible.

Reduce sugar

Reduce high calorie foods

Include foods with potassium especially raw foods such as pineapples, cucumbers, beets, etc

Reduce salt

Reduce processed foods and carbonated beverages

Reduce stress both physical and mental stress and

Choose foods and nuts that naturally Lowers Blood pressure.

Consume all foods in moderation including natural healthy foods

Include moderate exercise.

Here is what I actually found out by accident about Cashew nut and blood pressure.

Was actually looking for something different from peanut, just for variety sake.  Then bought a bottle of cashew nut.  Being so tasty, I began chewing on my nuts, not knowing that nature has given this food as a substitute to blood pressure patients who may not benefit much from peanut. We know that peanut is not a friendly diet when blood pressure is high, more so, it is inflammatory. 

Having consumed much of my cashew nut, the next morning,  I had a feeling that made me feel like checking on my blood pressure being in my mid fifties.  Surprisingly, my blood pressure that shuttles between 110/70 and 115/75 was on 100/70.  The figure was surprisingly low, I therefore decided to stop eating the remaining of my roasted cashew nut to my bubby whose blood pressure was usually relatively higher than mine.

The previous morning, about one hour after consuming some roasted cashew nuts, we checked his blood pressure and there was an improvement.

I therefore conclude that cashew nuts though high in calorie if taken in moderation can lower blood pressure.  More research is needed however to give a stronger  conviction on this finding. It is necessary to to overdo it by consuming too much of the cashew nut as the high calorie effect may give a negative result.  Moderation is the rule even with healthy foods


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