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Thursday, 4 October 2018

Simple Tea To Help lower blood pressure

Incidence of  high blood pressure is a bit on the increase, and this to a large extent could be attributed to ignorance, poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle.   High Blood Pressure affects both men and women especially the elderly folks, however today we hear cases of high blood pressure amongst the younger ones too.

Some common causes are:

Too much processed foods
Hydrogenated vegetable oils
Higher sodium in the blood

Though there may be other unknown causes, such as pregnancy induced, ailments etc.  Whichever one that affects you.  It is not a death sentence and should not cause to worry.

Including more fluids without caffeine will go a long way in bringing down blood blood pressure.  Try this simple tea in the morning after your water therapy on empty stomach to help lower blood pressure:


Two sticks fresh lemon grass
Half lemon
Fresh ginger crush about a teaspoon
Organic honey

Get a pot, put all together except honey and lemon.
Boil for about 10 minutes
Add lemon juice  and honey
Allow to cool and drink

The ingredients contained will not only help detox you of toxins but will eventually contribute to a drop in blood pressure.

It is important however to know that including more protein from plant source are also important in a sustained drop in blood pressure.  Olive oil is better when the pressure is high. Another oil that works if used sparingly is coconut oil.

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