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Sunday 5 November 2023

9 Smart Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy

Our heart is the main engine house. If the heart stops working, everything stops too. It is for this reason we must protect it as much as possible to avoid developing heart attack or other heart related issues.

Here are 9 Smart ways to keep our hearts healthy:

Healthy Body weight:

Excess body weight is our hearts worst enemy. Top  agents of fat deposition in the body includes: sedentry lifestyle, too much carbohydrates and unhealthy fat.  If you want to maintain a healthy weight and heart, then you must get moving.  No more sitting and browsing, watching television and movies for hours are the the top contributors to excessive weight gain which places load on the heart.


If you want to loose weight and keep fit, the you must incorporate daily exercise as part of your regimen.  It does not matter much what you eat as long as you are always on the move.  The best for me is walking, going for gym is okay but, you do not need gym if are active and always moving.

Less salt:

Another common habit that is unhealthy for our heart is too much salt.  If you love 
cooked meals all the time and  processed foods.  You are exposing your body to excess sodium which is an enemy of your heart.  Remember the word Excess Sodium and not no sodium at all.  This extreme is equally dangerous.

Enough water:

The importance of sufficient clean water to metabolism, and transportation of nutrients cannot be overemphasized. Ob serving  Water therapy is a healthy way.  Start your day with plenty of clean  water on empty stomach.  It helps with regularity and healthy heart too.  Remember to take you water at the right time in order to maximize it's effectiveness.

Enough sleep:

Not getting sufficient sleep is one of our hearts worst enemy.  It is important to rest and at least get 7 to 8 hrs sleep daily as this keeps the heart and other organs strong.  Sleep is nature's way and time to carry out repairs in our bodies.  So let us endeavour to allow nature do her work for free.

Reduce Gas Forming foods

No doubt when there is excess gas in the stomach, the heart suffers, Let us endeavour to avoid foods that cause gas or irritate our heart.  Caffeine is an irritant, too much beans causes gas, excess pepper is an irritant.  Consuming the right food at the right time will  go a long way in ensuring we maintain a healthy heart.

Reduce Processed Foods

Top on this list of foods that hurts our biscuits especially crackers when taken in excess, they stress your heart because they lack nutrients and the ingredients used are not heart friendly.  Moderation should be the rule in everything.  But if you have issues all the time with your heart, better to avoid them.

Reduce Sugar

Never underrate what excess sugar can do to your heart expecially simply sugars.  We should alway be conscious whether the sugars are naturally occurring or artificial.  The fact remains, sugar is sugar.  Be smart with sugar.  Excess is dangerous especially to our heart.

9.  Take out Transfats: 

 Top on the list of our hearts worst enemies are unhealthy fats, and even healthy fats like those found in peanuts are dangerous to our heart function if consumed in large amount.  If you want to keep your heart healthy, reduces fats in your diet.  Both healthy and unhealthy fats should not br consumed on large amount if we want to preserve our heart.

In summary,

 avoiding stress and not carrying on tomorrow's problem ahead of tomorrow.  For our maker, the creator of the heart warned us in his manual, sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.  Obeying these simple commands, casting your cares upon Him will no doubt support our heart health.


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