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Friday 3 November 2023

Here are Some Reasons to Start Drinking Oregano Tea



If you suffer frequent infections by bacteria such as  fungal infections,  typhoid and all kinds of bacterial infections, remember that you get older, it  is important to reduce frequency of antibiotics because of the damage that it does to your health after taking the drugs especially our gut  health, there are other natural herbs that can help to reduce frequent of infections by cleaning  up thr intestine and killing off some of them,  without all the  side effects.  Oregano tea is one tea  that I have desired to include into my regimen and recently I came across this one and began to make tea out of it, having enjoyed the benefits as stated by most of othet writers and researchers, that I went through, I thought also to share my own confirmation of the benefits of this herbal tea. I have also been keeping the essential oil for some time, but only for occasional inhalation.    does not really use it frequently but  the recent  inclusion of the tea has gone a long way to confirm my strong view that Oregano is a very strong antibacterial antifungal tea that we need to endeavour  including  in our diet especially those that need to reduce  toxic activity in the body here are some of the benefits of oregano tea based on my findings and my usage of the tea:

1. It's a calminative:  

There are so many things that tend to put undue stress on us these days and so the choice of this tea is timely, these stress not only affect us but also affects other organs of the body . oregano tea is one naturally  caffeine free tea that I tested recently and found that feeling of relaxation which most older adult will appreciate.   whatsoever, it has a similar effect like thyme and going through some of the studies, I found it  also  contains same thymol found in Thyme which also exhibits that relaxation effect  may be that same special nutrient in oregano tea that makes it to also  exhibit that effect when we consume it as tea.

2.  Helps detox the body of toxins

 The best and most interesting aspect of this tea  is  its ability to  help pull out toxins from the body and this was actually witnessed  during my trial of this tea it actually worked and in a unique way.  I mean  in reducihg  toxins that are being held down for long and so if you noticed that you do not excrete properly  as in most cases with most older adult it is  necessary to continually rid the body of toxins which builds up on a daily basis and so including Oregano tea   will be a great addition to help the body deal with toxins which is one of the biggest challenge that our body faces on a daily basis if only it can get the toxins out of the body, most ailments may be gone.  if only we can help by  teas like oregano occasionally to get it out most of the organs will function well and our body will be will be in good condition.

3.  May aid weight loss: 

Another interesting aspect is its effect on weight loss, those who are aiming to lose weight can also include oregano tea in moderation because it makes you not to have the urge to eat frequently , that urge to want to eat all the time which also is not supportive of diabetes and even high blood pressure so when you take the tea after a meal, or best in between a meal you may not feel like eating anything again until when you want to and this is not only the interesting aspect it also had some essential nutrients  vitamins and minerals and that also supports your well-being during  those hours or  those periods that you have not eaten and another aspect which I also notjced during my study on it is that it's a source of vitamin K and vitamin K is not common in most foods it may support those who have bleeding ulcers or managing stomach ulcers,   vitamin K is also found in green cabbage and helps the blood to clot.   it's a great addition it's something that  ought to have negative efdect considering that oregano is hot and would  have been negative because it is actually hot, most hot herbs are not good for cases of ulcer  but interestingly. It  is a source of vitamin K which helps to balance it up if we take it in moderation.

4.  Kills fungals fungal activities

A  daily challenge especially with older adults even the younger people also face are health challenges posed by overgrowth of fungus that are produced as a result of the sugary foods we eat most of the food we eat produce waste that the fungals feed on.   The waste coming out feeding these bad  bacterias, feeding them and causing them some times to overgrow the healthy gut bacteria and so this also sometimes you can identify them as candida  living around the female private part or around the mouth, tongues  and some other part of the body you can find them on  the tongue also  when you open your tongue you can notice it if it's very white you would know that the yeast  activities in your body is high and if necessary you may begin to consume oregano or other yeast killing foods and reduce processed foods in your diet.   

5.  Fights Constipation

 It is also great for constipation and this constipation goes side by side with toxins because when you get out the wastes frequently there will'll be no constipation and when there is no constipation toxic buildup will not be there and so it helps you to to be regular which is good for us if we take it moderately.

6.  Reduce bacterias activities: 

If you suffer frequent infections bacteria and parasites attack including typhoid,  fungal activities,  it's important to consider a non-caffeinated tea like oregano to help reduce frequency of attacks these  bugs because it has powerful antibacterial properties that can help to fight bacteria and reduce inflammation caused by them

7.  Reduce Bad Cholesterol

 Some studies also have shown that oregano oregano extract helped  to reduce cholesterol this won't be surprising because the tea is a naturally warming tea and its ability to reduce and  remove toxins dissolve toxins in the body will also support elimination of bad cholesterol  during the process. 

8.  Reduce Mucus:  

if you are  observant when you take the tea,  you will notice mucus elimination either by coughing them out or through the nose. You will observe it eliminates gas and the gas elimination is great for our gut health while the lungs is benefited most by mucus elimination though the entire body benefits too, these mucus and gas elimination are obvious signs that the oregano tea is working, its my view though.  showing you that it is  actually breaking them  down  because most diseases normally start with mucus the body produces its own mucus but when we take milk and other mucus forming foods too much, the mucus becomes too much and then becomes  an immune suppressor but Oregano tea  is also able to reduce excess mucus in the body and in this way a boost our immunity.

9.  Naturally Alkaline:

It is  naturally  an alkaline drink,  that is one of the reasons I really think I will retain it over a long period of time because of its alkaline nature,  because one of the challenges we face dail8 is also acids, acid excess acid in the body is,  let us try to bring in some alkaline foods or drinks like oregano tea to help reduce acidity in the body and raise your alkaline level which is always the opposite.  It is better for our body to be more alkaline than acidic.

10.  Supports Respiratory Health

 Those who are  going through asthmatic conditions may also benefit by drinking this tea,  I have actually felt that relaxation and calmness around  the lungs each  time I take the tea.  you know making the your breathing easier and free is desirable  this is an indication to me that those who suffer asthma  will benefit from it and  this quality is also exhibited by thyme as a Spice or whichever way we choose to take the thyme.

11.  Natural Expectorant:

it  is a expectorant, meaning  the quality of wanting to throw things out of the body, especially toxic materials, when you take it and another tea or herb I know that have such effect is mint tea. Or oil.   and most of those herbs with expectorant kind of behaviour are very very good in removing bad things from the body. Those  bad things that are in the body to begin to come out and another thing about such  herbs is  that it is not good to take them when you are vomiting or feeling like vomiting, it will aggravate it.  the Also those who are experiencing her blood pressure also should not take it for long periods because all those have with expectorant behaviour will not give a pleasant feeling to those managing high blood pressure especially if taking over a long period.  those with low blood pressure benefit more in including them in their diet and I think this may be one of the reasons I really enjoyed and still enjoying the  tea since mine is a case of  low blood pressure, not really low but not a high blood pressure case better stated.

12.  Induces Oxidative Stress on Tumour Cells 

A reare  compound called carvacrol found in oregano tea has shown to exhibit  positive effects in fighting a wide range of  fungals such as candida albicans, staphylococcus aurus and several others. One study even shows that It induced Oxidative Stress and inhibiting Melanogenesis and Tumour Cells proliferation as the study stated. 

The unique compound Carvacrol is said to be diuretic in nature and this aspect may support Kidney and bladder function

13.  Anti Inflammatory:

  Oregano tea possesses powerful anti inflammatory properties, it's great for those experiencing pains and other inflammatory conditions  including arthritis.  

How to Take it:

Using the dried ground herb is easy, a teaspoon in a cup and add freshly boiled water, allow to brew, sieve and drink and it taste good too, no need for sugar unless you like to add honey or stevia.

You can also apply the essential oil topical which I do inhale to improve breathing and lungs health especially during cold or when you suspect infection.

You can also mix a few drops with a carrier oil like olive or coconut oil for topical massaging.  Its quite hot and those with bone issues or arthritis will love the effect.  

Remember not to use it daily as it may present unpleasant feelings if used frequently especially those with high BP. 

As for me, 3 days is okay to switch to another oil or take a break if you want continue to enjoy it either as tea or for massage.  Take it this way.


 Oregano tea is naturally caffeine free and you need to try the tea as it also comes with some other nutrients.  Just remember that moderation is our rule.


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