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Monday 10 July 2023

Your Kidneys Worst Enemies


Our kidney is another organ that we must safeguard through our foods and lifestyles we must avoid foods that hurt our kidney and here are the top foods that you should avoid or take cautiously in order not to hurt your kidney they are your kidneys worst enemies: 

Too Much Protein

Too much protein in the diet is not good for the kidney and we should avoid too much protein  specially animal protein they  help to produce a lot of uric acid and  the kidney and even the liver also is not spared when we take too much protein in our diet proteins like beans, meat and  other high protein foods.


Another food is caffeine you must reduce caffeine, because of how it affects  the kidney to they are mostly found in foods like  bitter kola, kolanut,  coffee, black tea  and other caffeinated beverages you must be cautious when consuming these foods remember that they are not your kidneys friends so you must take cautiously.  


another food that is also not good for your liver is too much salt is not good for our liver so we must be careful not to consume too much especially refined table salt they are not good for the liver health must be wear of them then 

Too much Potassium

high potassium foods like banana all those food that are high in potassium we must take them cautiously because they are not good for your liver another food is not good for the kidney.
Green Vegetables

Another food is too much green vegetables most of them are also high in potassium so we must consume green vegetables cautiously also there are some that are okay because they contain less of oxalic acid which is the  harmful agents in the vegetable.  We must be careful with them,  Most foods  like  beans leads to the production of  much  uric acid during digestion  and such foods are not good for our kidney health.

Fried Foods and Processed Foods 

If you do not want kidney disease, then you must also reduce frying and consuming highly processed foods.  Foods with flavours, sugars and preservatives.

Excess Body Weight

If you are aiming to preserve and keep your kidney, then it is important to watch and monitor weight gain as the kidney is stressed when we  carry excess body weight.  


Exercising and lots of water are two of your kidneys best friends.  Regular exercise also helps with weight loss.


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