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Sunday 9 July 2023

Eat these 8 Foods Regularly to Help you Detox and keep Your Colon Healthy


One of the easiest way to maintain our health and keep a strong immunity against diseases is to have a clean colon and a clean colon is one that is able to excrete stool on a daily basis or twice a day depending on the individual but as a result of our lifestyle and the type of foods many of us consume, this organ suffers a lot in the sense that majority of people do not take enough water which is needed to clean the colon they do not take sufficient fibre and even when some people take fibre they do not back it up with sufficient water.  then there are some  t foods that have natural ingredients in them to help the colon to move and we must all identify these foods and include them daily in our diet in addition to fibre.   We have heard so much about fibre but fibre alone is not the solution to help in keeping us well cleaned and detoxed from toxins if these toxins are allowed to stay longer in the body they tend to choke other organs and cells   and that is why the longer we keep the stool inside of our tummy the more danger they pose to the cells and organs.  We must therefore endeavor to  clean up the colon daily 

I do not suggest rigorous detox as advertised by some commercial detox merchants using  chemicals and herbs mixed together without you knowing the real content of what you are consuming  to clean the colon,  I do not belong to that group I'd like you  to take something that you know the source and you can determine what is inside and what you want to take.   There are so many detox mixtures out there and too much detox  is not good for your intestine.  It  is also important to know when you actually need a detox and when you do not need it.   if you do not need it and you go takeca strong detox it may also pose a danger to your health and that is the case of many people as a result of ignorance so here are the top foods you should include daily in order to maintain a healthy colon this is in addition to water therapy,  lots of water in the morning on an empty stomach.


Ginger is a popular anti-inflammatory spice that is known for its detox benefits it's a great detox because it helps to stir digestive organ to secrete digestive juice to help in the digestion of food.   Ginger is also great in reducing pain and inflammation generally, it  is one of the detox foods  that you can free take in the morning as tea or combine m with other detox foods to help it to perform its work better.  You can boil it with lemon and drink in the morning. A medium ginger root and half a fresh lemon with the peels and this combination deals well with toxins and reduces  belly fat, I will recommend it for people who want to reduce belly fat.   Including ginger on a daily basis is a healthy way to help the body deal with too much toxins that confronts  it on a daily basis.

Green Apples

 A lot of us consume apples without knowing the potency of this food to deal with deep-rooted toxins in the body   the best way to take this fruit in order to get this  benefit is to consume real green apple on empty stomach and allow it to stay or sit for some hours alone when you do this you are  giving it time to do its work because apple needs time to work very very deep I have observed this with apple especially with green apple  particularly when you consume apple without consuming  other foods with it immediately which sometimes we do in a hurry out of hunger, Hunger or other factors but if you can be patient to wait and allow it especially when you know you have a need of detox, then allow it  to do its work you will notice how the colon will be emptied  when you eventually  go to toilet  and if you can do this consistently for one week taking it on empty stomach you will notice a general loss of weight or reduction in your entire body mass 

Despite the exciting benefit of this fruit I till  do not recommend we take too much  because those who took too much  also had ugly side of their stories.   Just one apple a day as it  is often said may keep the doctor away,  why because of its  ability to remove toxins especially deep rooted toxins.  If only we can deal with toxins  in the system most of our problems and health issues may also be  gone.

Cucumbers 🥒 

 Cucumber is another powerful fruit that is high in fibre and easily digestible is good to include this food on a daily basis in order to avoid toxic overload include one cucumber I like to remove the peels before consuming my cucumbers as often as I eat this fruit  because I find it hard because of so many chemicals sprayed on the on the bark of this lovely food so you can also fill up the back if you feel you can't digest it only Brad is also rich in nutrients but sometimes it causes digestive distance which are usually experience when I consume it with the bark it took me some time to understand how to begin to enjoy this healthy food because each time I consumed it  with the bark  I do have digestive problems and then I continud  to wonder why people are saying that this food is good until I found a way to consume it and enjoy it as well and that is removing the peels and removing the peels has not removed the entire nutrient  from the fruit.

If you should consume this fruit on  daily basis you will likely  have less toxins to deal with and your Colon is likely to be in good health it is also a kidney supporting food and we need to support our kidney  through the foods we eat, because of its water content it  is high in water and such fruits are good for the kidney so if you think you need to reduce toxins in your body then you should include this food to help do it naturally on a daily basis, sometimes you can also blend it together with the apple or pineapple  and that is just the way I prefer it, though  some add celery and other fruits but I do not like too much combinations you can add a lot of other food if you have them or prefer it but, blend  together and take it on an empty stomach allow them time to work you will notice less toxic activity in your body and you will always have a bowel that moves freely even if it's not so free but you will not have too much problems excreting the waste out of your body especially when you back it up with water therapy.  Lots  of water in the morning on empty stomach.


Lemon juice in water specially warm  water is another food that goes very deep into the cells not only to help the liver but ensures  that the cells  have enough fluid but it helps to pull out toxins that are deep  in the come when we are dealing with toxins in our body when there are some fruits that does not have the nutrient to go deeper into the body or into the cells  they can only operate and remove the ones at the top  in the stomach but they may not be able to go deeper than that but lemon is one of such foods if you are trying to deal with toxic overload and that is why such fruits are able also to  tone down blood pressure and deal with a lot of illnesses because some of these illnesses are deep-rooted inside the cells and while we are dealing with the outside  the ones that are  already outside those ones are inside the cells are left unchecked but a fruit like lemon occasionally in your water is a great way to keep the toxins under check and control so that they do not bring your immune system down remember not to overdo it you should really listen to your body and know when you should stop because too much is not good .  It is an immune suppressor  when consumed too much.  In the absence of lemon you can use other citrus like grape in moderation can take orange or take lime in  the absence of lemon.  I   like to take orange but I do not suggest you combine all the citrus together because they are usually  acidic on  contact and  fruits  like  grape should not be taken daily because they are too sharp too and you will not like the result,  have tried it on  some occasions and I tried to take it regularly for weight loss and it was not a pleasant experience I had to throw away the remnants to avoid harming my health.


Before now I  underrated carrot a  lot in the place of detox and cleansing the body and the colon until lately I noticed that the nutrients in Carrot vitamin A being an antioxidant  deals with oxidative damages that are  existing in the body even around the liver I noticed that each time I'm having issues with toxins and I include just one carrot in the morning on empty stomach it always give my system a good clean and that is how I arrived at this conclusion that carrot should be a part of any diet when  you want to prepare for colon cleansing or to help clean your system generally but we must be aware of the sugar content, one carrot should be okay just one medium carrot anything more than that may deliver too much sugar in the body and will not give the result expected should be taking more gently and another way to also reduce the effect if you feel is too sweet for you maybe you are diabetic you can sprinkle some dash of cinnamon powder on your carrot juice if you blend it or you find a way to sprinkle small cinema to avoid the insulin.

Olive oil

Each  time we are experiencing over  load of toxins in our body we often don't feel like taking oil at all and that is how you even ought to know when your system is loaded with toxin since you don't feel like taking oil because the liver is not even ready to do the work of fat metabolism and so if you suspect that it  is too much toxins and you don't seem to be excreting  the waste  then you have to avoid as much as possible avoid oil in your diet and stick to cold pressed olive oil and when you want to use the cold pressed olive oil you take it on empty stomach best on empty stomach you will notice  when you take it, leave it for sometime and allow it to work and that's how most times it  should be taken,  when you take oil give them a little time as much as you can we make the mistake of rushing to eat other food or eat alongside with it but if we can take the discipline to give that oil at least 1 hour or two or more to allow it  to go deeper because all the oil  work slowly to go deeper in order to track the toxins and pull them out olive oil is a good oil and apart from coconut oil, olive oil  comes first by my own experience as the oil that you can use and next is cold pressed when you are trying to cleanse your colon and boost your immunity during. 


Raw garlic is also a great  detox food and is best taken raw on empty stomach and you can use it in cooking your meals to spice them up.  It has antifungal, anti inflammatory antimicrobial and antibacterial properties too to help tackle bacteria and other harmful agent in the body.

Green Vegetables:  

All green vegetables are great detox foods to include in your daily diet.   They provide vitamins, minerals and fibre to help clean the colon.


It is also important to know that sometimes it  is actually a sugar detox we need because when the sugar has been taken consistently for some time and that there is no bitterness in the diet it creates  an environment of inflammations and bacteria striving and a feeling of being unwell and occasionally some of you will observe the taste in the way  your mouth tastes and you feel as if you are sick and you don't have appetite for food it could be you need to detox of your sugar there are various herbs too that can do this but the one that I know is readily available for me is the bitter leaf  or stone breaker , bitter Leaf is okay for quick detox and is always taking fresh you can make the water mildly  and drink it in the morning after throwing away the first water away always emphasize throwing away the first water  because of my experience I do not want you to just wash it and drink it like that unless any other process has been done on it otherwise the acids could be harmful when they are too much it  is one of the few that could be help to calm down the liver and reduce that feeling of sugar in the body and another is  bitter kola, it is great too.   Stone breaker is another food that is great when you need to include Bitters in order to help you detox to move or move your bowel.  Dandelion is also good in supporting the liver when you need detox.


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