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Saturday 24 June 2023

6 Blood Thinners to include Daily in Your Daily Diet



It is important to know that there are some foods  that act as blood thinners and blood thickeners when they get into our body.   This knowledge will help us to know when to include blood thinners or blood thickeners, those who are experiencing symptoms of stomach ulcer should endeavor to include more of the blood thickeners such as green vegetables and other food but for the blood thinners it is also a time to reduce their consumption because  they act on the intestinal wall in a way that will increase the symptoms and pains of those experiencing stomach ulcer but for others who are over 40 years or above whether you are a male or a female it is important to include blood-thinning spices daily in your diet to reduce or  avoid cases of high blood pressure,  cases of high cholesterol, cases of diabetes, cases of inflammations,  toxic overload and similar things like that.    I have here six common foods all mature adults over 40 years should be including in their daily diet to help reduce cases of high blood pressure and other complications that may arise from uncontrolled high blood pressure such as stroke: 

1.  Garlic: 

 We all know garlic as one of the most common spices in most homes today it is a blood thinner which should  feature in our daily diet because of its antibacterial, antifungal anti microbial properties and most importantly because of its blood-thinning properties and as an alkaline  food.  Try including this spice lightly  in our meals as  a taste enhancer or for therapeutic purpose by consuming it raw is a great way to keep our blood pressure under control and to reduce thickening of blood which could lead to stroke in some cases.  

2.  Ginger:

Ginger is another powerful anti-inflammatory food and Spice that ought To feature daily in our diet because of its disease-fighting properties women in their menopausal years should particularly be mindful of consuming ginger regularly because of its ability to improve their health, reduce inflammations reduced cases of of arteries getting clogged and then also to help improve immunity generally. Ginger is a powerful blood thinner which should be taken moderately also because it supports liver function it supports detoxification and many other supports it offers to our immune system, as a natural blood thinner.

3.  Onions:  

Onions is popular and common spice in   most homes and is a powerful blood-thinning food.  It  is great for high blood pressure,  good for diabetes as well it is also a disease-fighting food It is naturally  alkaline and  it helps those who want to reduce pain and supports  prostate health, liver, lungs and respiratory health  and many other benefits .  It has anti-inflammatory properties as well supports fight against all kinds of inflammations and pains too.   It is important to know that in adding it in our meals as a natural  taste enhancer we should add it moderately because it is high in sugar and when the sugar is too much it defeats the purpose because sugar is sugar anywhere whether it is  coming from natural foods or  from processed foods, it  is it one of blood thinners we should be including and also increase the consumption as we age to reduce cases of high blood pressure and complications such as stroke .

4. Tumeric

Another food is to tumeric, began trending just few years back even though it had been  existence all these years.   Seem to be making a lot of waves because of its impact on our health very strong anti-inflammatory properties, support liver health, it  is a pain-killing Spice supports  digestion, reduces yeast activity in the body and is a blood thinner which supports both high blood pressure and diabetes because of its anti-inflammatory properties it is also easy to incorporate in our diet, you can add it in your cooking as a natural tasty enhancer daily or you can even crush fresh or dried turmeric and take as tea but always add small Ginger or black pepper to maximize its  absorption as research has shown that it is best absorbed when combined with ginger or black pepper that is how I normally take it combining with ginger. I prefer to combine with ginger most times.  

5.  Cayenne Pepper 🌶 

 Another  food cayenne pepper is fruit we normally shombo around here.  It is  a blood thinner is a great food for those who are managing high blood pressure, diabetics and surprisingly those who are also  managing stomach ulcers surprisingly it also helps to heal stomach ulcers because of its unique effect and impact which is contrary to what we were told that pepper causes stomach ulcer, but not cayenne pepper, it contributes to healing of stomach ulcers.  I use it daily because of its ability to improve blood circulation it helps to support fight against all kinds of diseases and improve health generally .  It is  also a source of important nutrients such as Vitamin A and other nutrients  also that help  supports  digestion.  It is a greater digestive support which is important in maintaining a healthy body.

6. Cinnamon 

body cinnamon cinnamon is also an important spice and should feature daily in your diet to help support fight against  insulin resistance in diabetics and to help support normal blood pressure in the case of diabetics you can use it as it is and can also add it to some of your teas. It is easy to incorporate into the diet and it is a   source of iron,calcium and some other important nutrients that supports heart health and  digestion too. 


All blood thinners must be taken in moderation  if you noticed that you have consumed a blood thinner much  and it's affecting you then you can  include blood thickeners to help balance your gut.   Moderation remains our rule.